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  In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Bush wins, America Loses
Hopes for a Better Bush
Bart's Draft Lies
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Daschle Loses Top Seat
Blacks Stick with Kerry
Oil Prices Go Up Again
FOX Catches Drudge Lie
Wall Street Reacts


Quote of the Day

"The draft is white people sending black 
  people to kill yellow people to protect
  the country they stole from red people."
     -- Jerome Ragni


Support PO Box 54466 , Tulsa, OK 74155PayPal to

Volume 1435 - Kerry Gives Up

  Black Wednesday    Nov 3,  2004                                                                                                                        Mike Malloy on AAR weeknights


"Will we decide to fight in 2008, or should we just drop the two-party charade?"
    -- Bart, taking the loss hard

 Europe Hopes for less-of-an-asshole Bush

  Click  Here

 As Bush edged close to an election victory, France, Germany and other European countries
 Bush told to "Fuck off" during his first four years promised to work with the new fascist administration.

 Some European leaders expressed hope that Bush would reach out to the continent in his second term.
 But others gloomily forecast no major tack in White House policy and continued trans-Atlantic bickering.

 Bush the global criminal will never have to face voters again, so expect the worst, Europe.
 He was the most irresponsible bastard in history before he had to face voters again - so watch out.

 Had Kerry won, the BFEE would've probably been satisfied with the hundreds of billions they've stolen,
 but the voters want Bush to have four more years to steal and kill, so you guys have to live with him just like us.



"If you're not careful, the sun in Florida will tan you too dark to vote."
     -- Jon Stewart last night


 Subject: Your lies

 I read your site every now and again, it's a bit much for me but hey, everyone's entitled right?
 However this is really amazing to me:

 You wrote:

> "I want you younger people to listen to me. Bush has a plan for you - he's going to draft you
> at gunpoint in the prime of your life and send you to die in Iraq to make more billions for Halliburton.
>  I have no such plan, and I need your vote on November 2."

 Maybe you missed the fact that is was Charles Rangle who brought the draft up for a vote
 and that he had 14 democrats support the bill which was not supported by a single republican.

 Talk about lying to the people. Pathetic.

 Marty G
 USAF Pararescueman
 Not fighting for Halliburton

 Marty, my people know about Rangle.
 They also know Rangle introduced that bill to shock people
 into realizing a draft was coming because Bush is hiding that fact.

 Of course the GOP won't support that - until after the election.

 Have you done the math?
 We need many, many more troops in Iraq, and 90 percent are there now.
 Do you think volunteers are lining up in America to be beheaded in Iraq?

 I told no lies.
 My readers are ahead of the curve, they know what's what.

 If you're in Iraq I hope you come home in one piece,

Get your bartcop stickers!
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PO Box 54466
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 Unstable Bunning wins KY senate race

    Jim Bunning           Rep 861,424 - 51 percent
    Daniel Mongiardo Dem 843,011 - 49 percent

 In Kentucky they are so conservative,
 they rather have an ubstable Republican than a rational Democrat.


 Kerry Overpowers Bush on Black Vote
  But white people refuse to vote for one of their own

  Click  Here

 Bush was doing as poorly with blacks as he did in 2000, getting only about 10% of their votes,
 exit polls indicated. His performance with black voters in 2000 was the worst for a Republican
 presidential candidate since Goldwater got 6 percent in 1964 in his race against Lyndon Johnson.

 Kerry also led among Hispanic voters, but the gap was closer


 Subject:  Why Kerry will beat Bush?


 As it stands, Bush is poised to win the election as I write this.  I doubt any type of last minute miracle will save us.
 You were soooooooo right about the Democrats.  They really fucked up this time and seemed to learn very little from 2000.
 So, the wife and I are seriously talking about Canada being our home for the next four years or longer.
 Not sure how we will accomplish that, but time will tell.

 JFCHRIST!!!!  How can the country be this fucking clueless???!!!!!!

 I was talking with a Bush supporter today who told me, "I don't put much sway in science".....with a straight face, totally serious.
 I asked him if he would prefer the dark ages where others told him what to think and believe, rather than having others provide
 data that he could evaluate on his own.  He was incapable of understanding what I was saying.  "It can never prove anything."
 I left it at that, as obviously, he is an ignorant slave.

 There is a civil war coming in this country.  It is building, and I doubt anything will be able to stop it.
 We are on the slippery slope to internal combustion.  The soldiers of the imaginary cloud being can be convinced of anything, and they
 are so eager to believe in anything that tells them, you are right, and destroying your "enemies" is right, anything you think, do, or say is
 o.k. with God.  I saw Spartacus today, the new one, boy did that have a lot to say about what we are witnessing in this country.
 I am so, so, so very heart broken over what this country has become and where it is going in the next four years (probably longer).
 Where are we now...

 Thanks for all you have done.
 You have tried very hard to tell the truth.
 I'll be drinking one for you sometime soon.

 Glenn M

 Glenn, the truth continues to be very expensive.
 This morning's mail brought more subscription cancellations than any previous single day ever.

 Apparently, Democrats are holding  responsible for Kerry's loss.


 Oil Up to $50 as Bush Wins Again
   America wants war, wants $50 oil, wants Patriot Act

  Click  Here

 Oil prices rallied back above $50 a barrel on Wednesday, boosted by projections
 of an early electoral lead by President Bush in the tight U.S. election.

 Early speculation of a lead by Kerry took prices lower, but network exit polls
 showing Bush with an electoral count lead helped reverse the losses, dealers said.

"Prices have gone back up because it's looking more likely that Bush will win,"
 said one London-based trader with a major international bank.

 Why is higher oil prices a good thing?
 Why does Wall Street "rally" higher prices?


Click  Here

Get involved, write your thoughts down
and send them to  Alan Sports

 FOX says Drudge report bogus

  Click  Here

 Fox News debunked another lie sending shockwaves across the Internet from Drudge,
 which said 2,000 votes were found on voting machines in Philadelphia before the vote began.

 District Attorney Lynn Abrahams told Fox that the 'extra' votes actually referred to the 'lifetime totals'
 of all votes ever made on the machine, which would include testing, much like an odometer records
 all miles traveled in a car and a specific counter records miles traveled for a single trip.


 Subject: Pull your head out of your ass on Israel

  Click  Here

 Another "friend" loses her head over Israel


"November 2 is the day we've been waiting for all our lives.
  Nixon was nothing compared to these bastards. This is the
  most important election of my lifetime, including my own race."
    -- George McGovern, calling Hunter S.Thompson,    Attribution



"Have been beset by sporadic depression over last week
  Bush message is simply and brutal - Kerry is a weakling, whereas Kerry ridicules the President
  for multiple failures without beating him down for the personal slanders and personal cowardice.
  Kerry seems to have brought a knife to a gun fight, and it does beg the question "If he can't handle
  a junkyard dog like Bush, how can he handle OBL?"

  It was dueling commercial animals: wolves vs eagles, but where was the LIAR ad showing the snickering
  Bush looking under a lecture table for the WMD's, "are they under here?". With Bush's disasterous decisions,
  Kerry should be 5-8 points ahead at this point. The great evildoer himself weighed in with a suprisingly
  diplomatic message that had everyone scratching their heads. 'We don't attack America because we hate
  your freedom', he said, 'but because you attack us'. He seemed to offer almost a truce if we would desist,
  very different from his earlier stark ultimatums. Unclear was his Presidential preference, but his lack of
  election day threat argues against Bush. Think his appearance was a wash in effect- "keep the same horse"
  balances "punish the incompetent Pres who didn't catch him".
    --  Attribution

 Suzanne R the Pillar

 My thank you for your donation was returned as undeliverable.
 It said, "recipient storage full."

 You must be getting a lot of e-mail :)

 Pigboy Debunked by David Brock's firm

  Click  Here

Limbaugh, Morris, and Charen falsely claimed that only three tons of explosives were missing from Al Qaqaa

Conservative pundits forwarded discredited Wash. Times article blaming Russians for missing explosives in Iraq

Poll vaulting: To back Bush, Hannity selectively cited polls and Limbaugh ignored them



"How did you get your job? It is apparent to most of us in broadcasting
  that your father got you your job. And yet I really don't think you're
  qualifgied to be the fead of the Federal Communications Commission."
     -- Howard Stern, calling in to a radio show when Michael Powell was a guest,

 Kerry Almost Doubles Bush's Recount Funds

  Click  Here

 Under Federal Election Commission rules, both candidates are allowed to use remaining funds
 from their primary election committees to conduct recount activities, which in Kerry's case amounts
 to just under $45 million. That compares to just more than $16 million left over in
 the Bush/Cheney primary election committee's coffers they play hockey in short pants?



  Your post-election feedback

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    PO Box 54466
    Tulsa, OK  74155


 Subject: BCR Show 58

 Oh, shit, what a shitty morning.

 Anyway, Part 2 of show 58  won't download, and Part 1 cuts off before it is done (2.5 mb size, too small?).
 I need me my bartcop to get me through the day...


 Brian, sorry about that.
 Yesterday was a traffic nightmare and the server had problems.
 I'll reload Parts 1 and 2, they should work fine by the time you read this.


 Subject:  Damn it now, Bart

 I probably came to your site for the first time shortly after the whole 2000 heartbreak thingy.
 I don't recall precisely now, but I do know that I was getting heavily into politics and the web
 at about the same time during the Gore campaign.  So it's been something like 4 years.
 What a...there just isn't a word.  What a ...that.

 Imagine my surprise to discover a voice of sanity in the wilderness of fundamentalist-inspired horseshit
 that America so often has appeared to be in recent years, from a republican stronghold in my very own
 damnass knuckle-dragging state of Oklahoma (you, that is).

 Well, you can't imagine.  So in lieu of that (or, in secret code, "in lieu of other things"--think LePetomaine),
 take a hundred bucks instead.  I've tossed some bones your way every now and then, as circumstances or
 inclination dictated, but throughout all of these very nerve-wracking (and worse) 4 years, you've been there
 day in and day out regardless of inclination or circumstances, giving some hope to the rest of us that we're not
 just imagining things when our intuition tells us it's time to throw our highballs at the dumbass on TV.

 We can't predict the next 12-24 hours, whether they'll give us the keys to a sensible, sane new century/millenium,
 or if instead they'll just give us a more finely-attuned sense of heartache, but damn now, things look pretty good, don't they?
 But fuck it.  You've been true throughout, and today I want to give you a vote of confidence no matter what news
 this most monumental day in all of human history brings (gawd I hope those Skull-n-Bones dudes are wrong).

 Bart, here's to you.  I flatter myself to be a pillar of your site.  I might even be.
 But you are (shut the fuck up, Lee Greenwood) a pillar of America itself.
 Many happy returns, and a window to throw it out of.

 And whyfor you ain't in the chat room?

 If ever anyone should ask, you look them straight in the eye and tell them,
 "They read BARTCOP in Taiwan."


 HZ, I was in the chatroom some, but I was blogging most of the night.

 Wall Street Reacts

 All the Stock Market links are frozen today.
 I guess the super rich are checking their portfolios, but according to CNN:

Defense stocks are up because more expensive, bloody wars are coming
Energy stocks are up because there's no limit on the price gouging now.
Pharmacueticals are up - ditto on the price gouging
High-end retail is screaming - need to trade in last year's Bentley?

  So, you blacks, you gays, you poor, you immigrants, you sick and you old,

  ...just knock it off, OK?

 Marx Brothers Classics On DVD
  Nov 9, Cocoanuts, Animal Crackers, Monkey Business, Horse Feathers, Duck Soup

  Click  Here

 Pigboy says he declined Russert's offer to appear on NBC
  NBC needs a disgraced, drug-addled racist Pigboy calling election night

  Click  Here

 CBS Yanks Lowe's Truly Awful 'Dr. Vegas'
  Rob Lowe left the best show he'll ever be on

  Click  Here

"CSI" Investigates New U2
  They're on SNL Live and three episodes of CSI

  Click  Here

 Kim Delaney Lands Ex-Flame Gig on 'O.C.'
  Fired from "Blue" and CSI," maybe she'll work at "O.C."

  Click  Here

The best books by the best authors

 GOP Topples Daschle, Widens Senate Lead
  Maybe kissing Bush's ass was the wrong move, Tom?

  Click  Here

 Tom Daschle lost his Senate seat Tuesday night in a political upset that left Democrats reeling and Republicans rejoicing.
 While Democrats mourned, Republicans were jubilant at the fortunes of their candidate, who two years ago lost a bruising
 race to South Dakota's other Democratic senator, Tim Johnson, by just 524 votes.

"I think everyone's got a little celebrating to do," Mr. Thune declared to his cheering supporters at about 3:30 a.m., after
 Daschle had called to offer his congratulations. To which a supporter yelled out, "You go, Senator!"

 The outcome will strip the Senate of its most powerful Democrat, raising questions of who will lead the party.
 Daschle has spent 26 years in Congress-18 of them in the Senate-and has been the Democratic leader for 10 years,
 two years longer than his most famous predecessor, Lyndon Johnson. Until Kerry emerged this year as the nominee,
 the soft-spoken senator from South Dakota was the party's de facto national spokesman.


Marty's Entertainment Page

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 We are BACK and we are shipping shows!

 BCR 56
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"If, as seems likely, the President follows the neo-conservative agenda and takes
  his war of "liberation" beyond Iraq -- Syria and Iran seem to be the next targets
  -- the transformation of the GOP will be complete: it will become the imperial party.."
        --Justin Raimondo, "The US will now be ruled by the imperial party"  Attribution

 It's Mourning in America

  Click  Here

 This is what I have learned these last two years. That the tragic thing about our public life is not that we are led by liars.
 It is that they have turned us into a nation of liars. For every time a leader whom ordinary, decent people want nothing
 more than to trust as a source of authority - a president, a minister, a leader of an outfit like the Maryland Family Values
 Alliance - says something untrue, it gets repeated by these decent people as truth. That feels like civic death to me."

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

  1105, 1111, 1120, 1124,  dead American soldiers.

"The U.S. invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq
will be studied for years for their brilliance."
    -- VP Snarl, bragging about their great success  Attribution

Voters tell us they wants more war,
and more soldiers killed.

It's a sad day for our military

 I don't understand last night

 Millions of lower and middle class people validated Bush's illegal and bloody war.
 Millions of lower and middle class people voted to co-sign for more loans for the super-rich.
 Millions of lower and middle class people voted for highes taxes for themselves.
 Millions of lower and middle class people voted for $50 gasoline fill ups.
 Millions of lower and middle class people voted for more Treasury looting by the BFEE?
 Millions of lower and middle class people voted for skyrocketing health care costs?
 Millions of lower and middle class people endorsed a smirking idiot who doesn't know the issues.
 Thousands of military families voted to keep Daddy in Iraq longer than necessary?

 It makes no sense, and the most frustrating thing is there's not one conservative in America
 who's willing to step into the live chat room and explain why they voted the way they did.

 It makes no sense.

 It's like being too hot, then turning the thermostat UP.
 It's like being the victim of a robbery, then not locking your door when you leave home.
 It's like going to a car lot and dickering for a higher price.
 It's like being shot, then driving away from the hospital.

 I know Kerry was a terrible candidate who refused to fight- even a little - but why would
 people punish themselves and their pocketbook because Kerry wouldn't put up a fight?

 True the form, the GOP and the media are piling on, saying we lost because of "values,"
 as tho gay marriage means more to their daily lives than the massacre in Iraq or having a job.

 It makes no sense.

 People saw Bush in Fahrenheit 9/11 and said, "I love this guy, give me more?"
 People listen to Al Franken, Randi Rhodes and Mike Malloy and said, "They're all wrong?"
 People saw the lies in Outfoxed and said, "There's a fair and balanced network?"

 Is it loneliness?   Do people sit alone in their homes and listen to Rush, Hannity and Savage
 and consider them to be "good friends" who they want to help on election day?

 Or do the Democrats need to run an AWOL drunken deserter who can't speak or think?

 Anybody have any clues?


Call the

You have two minutes to record your message.


"Kerry conceded already?
  Isn't that a kick in the teeth to people who stood in line for ten hours to vote?
  Isn't that a kick in the teeth to people who worked for free for months to elect him?"
    -- Mrs. Bart, not in a good mood today

 Why did we lose?

 Pick any of the last 100 issues and choose a reason.

 I listed the reasons every day why Kerry was blowing it.
 Those truths cost me a great many subscribers.  I lost so many subscribers,
 I'm once again able to thank each PayPal subscriber individually.

Biggest reason - Kerry refused to fight. Convention week, he said, "No Bush bashing."
    That was a hueueuege mistake.  NaziCon2004 was four nights of pure Kerry bashing.
    Democrats always play nice, and that's why the voters wouldn't trust us to handle Osama.
    It seems like Kerry had no desire to win.

Kerry took the summer off.  I wonder if he regrets throwing that time away.
   Kerry had a chance to change history, but Kerry went windsurfing instead.

"I would've handled Iraq the same as Bush, even if I knew Saddam had no WMDs."
    A dagger in the heart of his campaign.  How stupid can a man be to say he's "just like" his opponent?
    It seems like Kerry had no desire to win.

Kerry insisted on getting in every Dukakis tank he could find.
   Again and again, Kerry posed for pictures that made people laugh out loud.
   Again and again he did this, apparently totally unable to learn from his mistakes.
   Every day, Bush looked presidential, beating the podium promising to "fight terra,"
   and then they'd switch to Kerry, acting like a teenager on dope for the cameras.

Kerry's last and best chance to save this was the debates. When he told Vernon Jordan to agree
   the rule that the candidates couldn't ask each other questions, he lost the election that very day.
   That guaranteed that Bush would never be asked any tough questions.
   How could Kerry give Bush a get out of jail card?
   It seems like Kerry had no desire to win.

Kerry refused to speak like a normal man. He always talked like a Harvard pinhead.
   How could he make a mistake this big?
   How could he make a mistake this big, again and again and again and again?
   Night after night, Jon and Dave and Jay and the others made fun of his stiff style,
   be he stayed stiff, month after month - he never even tried to speak to the people.

His refusal to fight back. Like Gore, he told us 1,000 times how much he was going to fight,
   but when it came time to fight, he laid down and went to sleep.
   They ran thousands of Swift Boad ads, and kerry refused to answer those thousands of ads.
   Kerry thinks you fight fire with dignified silence.  How naive can a career politician be?
   It seems like Kerry had no desire to win.

He allowed Karl Rove to describe him, and he let others use Rove's description all year.
  "The most liberal man in the senate?"  Not even close, but since Kerry refused to deny it,
   and he refused to ask on what that lie was based, people assumed it must be true.

  This is extra hard to take for so many reasons:
Our side is right, the facts are on our side, but Kerry adamantly refused to state the facts - why?
Kerry lost to the worst candidate in history.  This candidate Bush is twenty times worse
    than the candidate Bush that Gore ran against, and Kerry got his ass whipped b y this loser?
In BCR Show 58, I said Kerry had 100 attacks to use against Bush, he used maybe ten of them,
    and even those he barely mentioned, in a whisper, only on occasions when it didn't matter much.

 In the back issues, again and again, I wrote, "If only Kerry would mention THIS or THAT,"
 but Kerry refused to fight and I wish I could tell you why.

 Don't say:
The media was against him. They were, but they were agianst Clinton, too.
The GOP had more money, because money wasn't a factor.
The incumbent is tough to beat - look at Al Gore.

 Bottom line: Kerry didn't want it enough to fight for it.
 He wanted to win playing polite and playing by the rules like Democrats always do.

 You want to know a secret?
 We're going to lose in 2006 and 2008 and every election after that until we start to fight back.

 America was afraid to trust our safety to a non-fighter.

 Think of the signal this send to the rest of the world:
 "America loves Bush, America loves killing Arabs, America loves stealing your assets."

 God, that makes me sick.
 Our worldwide reputation just took another nosedive.

 Last thing: Before you write to say, "Fuck you," address the reasons why we lost.
 I'm not a genius and I'm not always right - but I am this time.
 If I'm wrong, show me how I'm wrong instead of screaming insults.


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and they'll send
four cents.

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