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Another American Kidnapped
Debt Ceiling to be Raised
Clinton/Edwards 2008?
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Voiceless Victims of Bush
Bush Years Might Bring...
Rigged Election is over... 
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Quote of the Day

"War is like love. It always finds a way."
    --  Bertolt Brecht


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Volume 1436 - America, how could you?

  Thursday    Nov 4,  2004                                                                                                                        Mike Malloy on AAR weeknights


"We're in Iraq at their invitation."
   -- Smirk, rewriting a fake history for your kids to read and learn in the future

 Iraq Gunmen Seize Second American in Week
  We rewarded the Monkey for dragging us into this never-ending mess?

  Click  Here

 Gunmen kidnapped a Lebanese-American businessman - the second U.S. citizen seized this week
 in Baghdad - and new video showed the beheadings of three Iraqi National Guardsmen and an Iraqi officer.

 Elsewhere, a U.S. soldier was killed and another wounded in a roadside bombing 12 miles south of the capital.
 A suicide driver detonated his vehicle at a checkpoint near Baghdad airport, injuring nine Iraqis. Gunmen killed a
 senior Oil Ministry official, Hussein Ali al-Fattal, after he left his house Wednesday

 The violence served as grim reminder of Iraq's rapidly deteriorating security situation, which President Bush
 told America during ther debates was getting netter and better all the time.

 Well, there you have it, America.
 You sat down at the table and ordered the "George Bush" and that's what you got.
 You're safe from married gays, but you may be beheaded by the end of the week.

 That's what you wanted, right?



"Over the last few years, we plainly got our asses kicked. We have been painted as unpatriotic,
  treasonous, French, weak or whatever the fuck they say. But for some reason, we have been pussies
  and taken it. So much so that the word liberal has become a bad word. Hey, we don't mind paying taxes,
  want health care for everyone and peace by the most practical and objective means -- and yet we are bad
  mother-effers. Throw that old playbook out, get some balls and don't take shit no more."
      --Kevin Criss, at   Attribution

 Sooner or later, it seems, everyone will agree that we need to toughen up and fight back.
 But why did it take two Bush wins for the Democrats to get the message - assuming they have?


 Subject: Does anyone have a clue?


 You have been framed.  You think out loud as if the voting wasn't rigged.
 You look for causes where there are none, you look to blame the innocent.
 Strangely you, dare I say it, puss out just like the DLC.

 Please stop tying their shoes.


 Truthpedal, first, throttle back on the "know-it-all" attitude, OK?.

 Second, every poll in America showed Bush tied or ahead by a point or two.
 Bush ended up winning by a point or two - so where's your smoking gun?

 I'll buy that conspiracy stuff sometimes, when there's suspicious circumstances, but since
 every poll showed Bush barely ahead and he won barely, what fuels your conspiracy?

 If you (or Bev) have an evidence, why not show it to us?

Get your bartcop stickers!
Then send in your digital pictures.

Send a stamped envelope to
PO Box 54466
Tulsa, OK  74155

But if you send a small tithe...
we will not be offended.

 White House: Debt Ceiling Must Be Raised
   Borrowing billions for the super rich that your kids will pay back

  Click  Here

 Republicans have proposed that the debt ceiling be raised by $690 billion to $8. trillion,
 an amount that would get the government through next September, when the 2005 budget year ends.

 Democrats (very quietly and meekly) blame the surging deficits on Bush's tax cuts, while Bush
 contends the tax cuts provided critical economic stimulus to help lift the economy out of the 2001 recession.

 We've been given this same trillion dollar handjob for four years - and he's still in negative jobs.
 But America decided they wanted to work harder so the super-rich can pocket those extra benefits
 without having to bother to higher anybody - way to go, America.


 Clinton and Edwards have their eyes on 2008?
   We gotta go with a Southerner in 2008, or two Southerners

  Click  Here

 The day that dropped the curtain on the 2004 presidential race raised one for the 2008 contest,
 with Hillary and John Edwards jockeying for advantage among Democrats and cat killer Frist
 the first on the stage for party of liars and bigots.

"You can be disappointed, but you cannot walk away. This fight has just begun," Edwards
 said in Boston in a speech that could qualify as the leadoff stump speech of the 2008 campaign.

 The Democratic decks are cleared with John Kerry's defeat, and Edwards and Clinton start off
 as early favorites within their party for 2008. Not that they are talking about any plans so soon.


 Message from

  Click  Here

 It strikes me that the ONLY way to keep our democracy is to have a trusted voting system.
 I have no problem with eVoting, but it HAS to be auditable. If something seems wrong, we need
 the ability to go back and verify manually. I get a receipt with my ATM withdrawal.    Hell, I even get
 a receipt when I fill up my gas tank. Gambling machines in Vegas are regulated up the ying-yang.
 But no receipts for voting?   No audit trail?   No way to go back?   It seems unthinkable.

 Remember: Trust, but Verify.

 Reminder: If you buy a loaf of bread from the 7-11, you get a written receipt.
  Why can't we get a receipt when choosing the leader of the free world?

 The voiceless victims of Bush's misadventure
  U.S. media ignores human toll of 'shock and awe'

  Click  Here

"In an election year when no topic was too trivial or too stupid to engage the rapt fascination of journalists
 and politicians, there was one matter that drew no attention whatsoever until the last week. It was a subject
 that has been treated as taboo by the U.S. government and most media sources: How many Iraqi civilians have
 died as a result of the war in their country? From the moment when our forces began the "shock and awe"
 bombing campaign last year, the policy of the White House and the Pentagon has been to refuse to discuss
 this sensitive issue. As Gen. Tommy Franks explained before he retired, "We don't do body counts."
 For the obedient mainstream media, the story ended there."

 America elected this heartless bastard KNOWING he killed 100,000 civilians in Iraq.

 How many did Pol Pot kill in Cambodia?
 And didn't we agree that he was a madman?


"I will reach out to every one who shares our goals."
   --America's mass murderer

 "...and anyone who disagrees will be bulldozed and destroyed."

 Subject:  Everything


 The next four years are more important than ever, if we don't want to kiss this democracy goodbye.
 Unlike the first time, the world isn't giving Bush the benefit of the doubt any more.
 More than ever, we need to watch him like a hawk.

 Use this time to build YOUR base, just like Rush and Fox did under Clinton.
 Work on the radio - we have to get to Air America one day, we have to build a lasting presence.
 The people are shocked right at the moment, but for once, they're TUNED IN TO POLITICS.
 We (the people) can win this, we're not as easy to put one over as we used to be.


 Tab, thanks for that.


 What Four More Bush Years Might Mean

  Click  Here

 "- Chief Justice Ted Olsen - Associate Justice Newt Gingrich
  - 3,000 more American soldiers dead - 20,000 more American soldiers maimed
  - 200,000 dead Iraqi civilians - 800 terrorist acts.
  - Social Security Privatization Act - The draft returns
  - Purity in Entertainment Act - War with Iran"


 Subject: shitstorm


 61% of Ohioans told a poll that their state's economy was going down the tubes.
 Then they turn around and elect the jerkoff that put their state IN that state.

 I feel sorry for the stupid bastards who voted for the Puppetman, especially the middle class voters.
 They'll be the first ones bitching when this economy really hits bottom and the rest of their sons and
 daughters have to fight a war that we have no goddamn business starting. The way I see it, if you didn't
 vote for Bush, nobody in your family should be forced into a draft. Fuck that, I'll pack up my whole family,
 grandkids and all and move to Canada before I let that commie bastard send my daughters somewhere
 with a f-ing gun in their hands.
 Damn Bart, that felt good. I never thought I, a 50 yr old grandmother, would be bitching to the high heavens
 (Damn, and I don't even believe in god)!  But trust me, if Bush's men pull his puppet strings the way I'm afraid
 they will, it'll be (as Mulder so eloquently put it) the shitstorm of the century!

Click  Here

Get involved, write your thoughts down
and send them to  Alan Sports

 Subject: I'm sticking with you, Bart

 You're one of the few web people who has kept me sane all these years.
 And I hope you'll continue to do so for the next four. at least.

 Charles Chaplin wrote a song that Jerry Lewis stole, about smiling though your heart is aching.
 You've helped me to do that. And anyone who doesn't see that - who cancels their subscription,
 or who doesn't subscribe - is entitled to all the heartache that you have helped ease, Bart.

 By the way, my opinion why Kerry lost was that the party picked him as a standard-brand politician.
 They didn't believe they needed a dynamo, a Clinton, an FDR, a JFK to beat Bush.

 And frankly, anyone currently contributing to the Democrats should contribute to Bartcop instead.
 He's doing what the party didn't; speaking truth to power.

 Tom R

The Last Liberal Outlaw,
by former prisoner Mike Palecek

Published by New Leaf Books of Chicago

"We haven't had a writer like this since
Kurt Vonnegut was at his peak."
- Chuck Gregory,

 Reminder: The Bush-owned networks are going ga-ga about the Emporer's "imense popularity,"
 after the election, but would it be OK if I reminded everybody of a very simple fact?

 This president can't go anywhere unless everyone in the crowd is pre-screened in advance.
 If you are withing shouting distance of "President Popular," you have to sign a statement
 that you endorse him and his ideas or you're not allowed to even be in the same arena with him.
 Contrast that with President Clinton, who regularly misxed with the voters everywhere he went.

 No matter how much the media tells you America loves George Bush, it's a lie.
 Every photo op was a manufactured event, and Bush relied on the stupidity of the people.
 There's a report by a respected think tank (I forget the name, but it their acronym is PIPA (?)
 Al Franken and Joe Conason talk about this study all the time on AAR.
 In their study, they asked Bush backers why they liked him and the replies went like this:

We like Bush because he caught Saddam, the guy behind 9-11.
We like Bush because he found and destroyed the WMDs IRaq had
We like Bush because he's good with the environment and balanced the budget.

 It goes on and on like that.
 Bush's followers are so stupid, they have no idea what he stands for or what he's done.
 Even after Bush admitted Saddam wasn't behind 9-11 and that there were no WMDs in Iraq,
 his faithful and devoted followers don't have the slightest clue that he's been lying to them.
 I wonder - do the families of the military dead think the same way?
 Are they bothered that 1124 soldiers have died for Bush's imaginary Iraq threat?

 If only we could've gotten Kerry to mention some of these facts during the campaign.


 Subject: donation

 I hope this makes up for some of the subscribers you lost.
 Keep the faith.

 As a friend of mine said after watching an episode of "Angel" -
"We're in the middle of Armageddon and this is a fight between good and evil."

 You're fighting the good fight.
 Keep hammering!

 San Fran

 Someone suggested I not take the cancellations personally,
 that some people may have been so disgusted with Tuesday that they
 wanted to cut ties to all things political - I guess that's possible.

 Thanks for that, it means a lot.

 Now that the rigged Election is over...
  here is what I see in our near future

  Click  Here

 3.  Social Security will be privatized, and eventually abolished.  Right-wing extremists have always seen this as a
  'Social Welfare Program'.  They need massive amounts of money for the huge 'Corporate Welfare Program' that is
  now their main focus, for the wealthiest Americans.

4.  The tax rates will gradually increase for those making under $500,000 a year.  Like the gradual increase in the water
  temperature it will come to a 'boiling' level with the 'Flat Tax' now being readied.  The middle class must pay more for
  the 'wars for money' that are now being planned, as well as the 'Tax Cut' giveaways to the fortunate wealthy taxpayers.


 Subject: election

 George W (wacko) Bush was elected because of the ignorance of the American people.
 He was elected for no other reasons than religious reasons, and this is no reason to vote for anyone.

 He definitely was not elected on his record because he has done nothing.
 I am sure Osama bin Laden is happy.
 If I should commit a murder, and the officer in charge of hunting me down would turn his attention away
 from me to a person who was disturbing the peace, I would certainly wish for that officer to keep his job.

 This next four years scares me.


 Dude, good point.
 Osama bombs New York, ...Bush goes after his old enemies instead of Osama?

 You're right.
 I'm sure Osama appreciates the 3 year vacation Bush gave him.


 Subscription Drive

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  They'll play anywhere - in your computer, in your car, in your home CD player.


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    Or send a check with your e-mail address to:
    PO Box 54466
    Tulsa, OK  74155


 So I'm channel surfing late last night, and ran into an old Sienfeld.
 It was the one where George's fiance died because she licked her wedding invitations
 which had old, poisonous glue on them because George was trying to save a buck or two.

 But it turns out that when jerry heard George was getting married, he proposed to his girlfrriend
 at the time, but then Jerry felt cheated when he found out George wasn't getting married as well.

 Do you remember who Jerry's fiance was?


 Subject:  it's the values

 Listen Bart, I was raised in a total christian right fundamentalist home.
 8 hours of church on sundays, church on wednesday and friday nights for the first 17 years of my life.
 After all of that ,needless to say, I have not stepped into church since.

 My family is still living the life and I and one brother are out in the "world".
 I can tell you that it is definitely about values for these people.

 They HATE gays.

 The thought of having gay marriages far out weighs the loss of sons and daughters at the hands of a murderous president.
 Abortion is a sin, death penalty is good

 My father ( a minister) believes in so many democrat ideals but loves Bush and votes for Bush because he hates gays
 and George talks to God.  George talks their talk. I hear it in him as I have heard it from my family and it is scary.
 I can tell you this is just the beginning. This is like the second coming to them and all us "worldly" folks are going down!

 Jersey Girl (living in a smart blue state)

 Subject: Chin up, Bart

      This sucks, I'm not saying it doesn't, but in the end, maybe it's for the best. If the current tutu's refuse to fight,
 if they insist on "bringing a knife to a gunfight", so be it. Daschle's gone, maybe the Dem's will get someone in there
 who actually owns a spine (I know, I'm not holding my breath either), and maybe we can begin weeding some of
 the other worthless pansies out of the party as well.

      As for the rest of the idiots who get pissed at you for suggesting you "tone it down", I have a question:
 at what point do your convictions merit taking the gloves off and getting into a bare knuckle brawl? Because, people,
 that's what it's gonna take to turn this around. How long are you willing to stand and say "That's not nice" as the Repukes
 level insults, slurs, innuendo's, and outright lies at you? How long are you willing to lose as long as you're able to say you took
 the moral high road and didn't stoop to their level? If you're always going turn the other cheek, why bother to field a candidate?

       Bart's not saying anything that you shouldn't already know. It's time for you guys to grow up, grow a pair, dig your heels in,
 and start to give as good as you get. Nobody wants to fightif they don't have to...but sometimes you can' avoid it. If you can't
 do that, if you're not willing to take the fight to them (as Bart has suggested time and again, only to see subscription cancellations
 come his way), then screw don't deserve the prize to begin with and should stop wasting everybody's time.

      Chimpy McHardon i's going to keep doing what he's been doing: take more oil from Iraq, give more money to his already
 super-rich buddies, and giving lip service to the plight of the middle class in America. More of our young men and women in
 uniform will pay the ultimate price for his stupidity and arrogance. And millions of people will love him for it.
    It may be a terrible cliche, but they say,"Sometimes it's darkest before the dawn."
 I hope so, really. Because I don't want it to get any darker.
   Give'em hell, Bart!
    Doc 365

'Brain' in a dish flies flight simulator
  Is this how Smirk was able to fly a plane?

  Click  Here

 Elizabeth Edwards Has Breast Cancer
  Yesterday was a bad day at the John Edward's house

  Click  Here

 Deliberations Resume in Peterson Trial
  Judge added 2nd degree after the state failed to prove First degree

  Click  Here

 Arafat dies, rises from the dead
  Miracle raises the hopes of the Palastinians

  Click  Here

 'The Simpsons' Starts 16th Season Sunday
  Still going strong after a decade and a half


  Click  Here

The best books by the best authors

 Troops tell of watching Iraqis loot ammo dump
  Eyewitnesses back claims the military failed to secure site

  Click  Here

 In the weeks after the fall of Baghdad, Iraqi looters loaded powerful explosives into pickup trucks
 and drove the material off the Al Qaqaa ammunition site, according to a group of U.S. Army reservists
 and National Guardsmen who said they witnessed the looting.

 The soldiers said about a dozen U.S. troops guarding the sprawling facility could not prevent the theft of
 the explosives because they were outnumbered by looters. Soldiers from one unit -- the 317th Support
 Center based in Wiesbaden, Germany -- said they had asked commanders in Baghdad for help to secure
 the site but received no reply.


 Subject: did the Democrats want to lose?

 As election day approached, I read your postings with increased fear.
 The Democrats clearly did not have the intention, or perhaps abilty, to win against Bush.
 Time after time, Bush left himself open to attack, where his own words could have been used against him,
 but time after time Kerry and the DNC gave him a pass.

 They didn't have to even research, the Daily Show was prompt in picking them up.
 But they clearly weren't up to the challenge.

 As a Canadian, I mourn for America following this election, both for my American friends, and for the world as a whole.
 Perhaps four more years of wars, a drained economy and a looted Treasury will wake Americans up..

 This is the first day I've fought back the nausea long enough to read the news.


 PS We still have lots of land and opportunities up here, as well as universal health care. Bring your snowshovels.

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"After Operational Clark County, I suggest Operation Rock the Voter - well-meaning Guardian readers
  volunteer to visit America, and are assigned a single Bush voter, who they then shake violently and slap
  around a bit, and point at any given 5 second video clip of Bush and scream, "Look! He's a fucking moron!
  Can't you see that? Everyone else on the bloody planet can, what the hell is wrong with you?"
  Followed by some more violent shaking."
         --posted by TEye on Guardian Talk     Attribution

 The Red Zone
  by MoDo the DQ

  Click  Here

 W. doesn't see division as a danger. He sees it as a wingman.

 The president got re-elected by dividing the country along fault lines of fear, intolerance, ignorance
 and religious rule. He doesn't want to heal rifts; he wants to bring any riffraff who disagree to heel.

 W. ran a jihad in America so he can fight one in Iraq - drawing a devoted flock of evangelicals,
 or "values voters," as they call themselves, to the polls by opposing abortion, suffocating stem cell
 research and supporting a constitutional amendment against gay marriage.

 Mr. Bush, whose administration drummed up fake evidence to trick us into war with Iraq,
 sticking our troops in an immoral position with no exit strategy, won on "moral issues."

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

  1105, 1111, 1120, 1124,  dead American soldiers.

"The U.S. invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq
will be studied for years for their brilliance."
    -- VP Snarl, bragging about their great success  Attribution

Voters tell us they wants more war,
and more soldiers killed.

It's a sad day for our military

Call the

You have two minutes to record your message.


"With a bigger majority, we can do even more exciting things."
      --  Tom DeLay, (left in picture)    Attribution


 Subject: why we lost

 As for "Why Kerry lost", I think all of your points are valid.  I'd also like to add:
 1)  The choice of Edwards brought nothing to the Electoral map.  Nothing.

 I kinda like Edwards but true, ...if he can't even deliver his home state...

 2)  Kerry should have owned the "war hero" debate, not vice-versa.
 True, he handed his medals over to Bush and lost the war hero vote.

 3)  Kerry's collapse on the Iraq vote issue.

 I agree 100 percent.
4)  Lastly, I didn't think he did as good in the second debate as other Democrats do.
     A lot of Americans like the way Bush carried on in that debate with his macho cowboy act.

 Yes, they love a swaggering prick who bullies and kills for no reason - it's what Jesus would do.

 Thanks for all you do!

 Subject: Peter jennings tells a funny

 Ha Ha
 Peter Jennings just said that Bush would not have an easy time
 getting his agenda through as it was never easy when you have a free press.
 Ha Ha
 what an imagination
 I think I'll send him a dictionary.
 Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
 Excuse me, Judas Maximus just came on;
 I'm feeling a little ill and have to leave the room.


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