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Will the press run this picture 20,000,000 times
like they ran Bill hugging Monica on the rope line? 

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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Bush: Al Qaeda will Attack 
Iraq none of our business 
'Jeff Gannon' still welcome 
GOP: Go slow on SS rape 
Stop Lying to Us! 
Exit Polls say Kerry Won 
Gannon has GOP/Kerry link 
Hockey Season Cancelled 
Keyes's Hedonistic Daughter 


 Quote of the Day

"People use aliases all the time in life, 
  ...from journalists to actors." 
     --Scott McClellan, justifying the presence of his
        hardon-for-rent good friend "Jeff Gannon", trying 
        to get us to believe that there are other reporters 
        using fake names to hide their sex businesses.

  If just one reporter or news service would say,
 "Would you please stop lying to us?"
  he or she would immediately change the world's 
  opinion of  the pro-Bush press whores who see it 
  as their job to cover up Bush's crimes and mistakes.

  ...but not one of them is honest enough to do that.

Support PO Box 54466 , Tulsa, OK 74155PayPal to

Volume 1498 - Bush lied, I died

Could your web page use more hits?

  Thursday    Feb 17,  2005                                                                                                            Mike Malloy - 10 EST Weeknights on   AAR


"During the Clinton years any White House scandal story that came with the scent of sex attached
  was immediately pushed to the front of the press queue.  But during the Bush years, any White House
  story with the scent of sex is ignored because the D.C. press corps is above that sort of thing, right?"
     --Eric Alterman, Attribution

 I'm so old, I remember a time before when it wasn't the press's job to protect the president and help him
 cover up his mistakes and the outright crimes he and his friends were committing right under our noses.

 I'm so old, I remember when killing 1500 soldiers for no goddamn reason was a scandal.
 I remember a time when stealing $100M a day was considered a crime.

 But as I've said for years, it can't be a crime if it doesn't involve Clinton's zipper.

 .. Comments?

 Bush: Approve my budget or Al Qaeda will Attack
   Bush says Al Qaeda won't attack if he gets the budget he wants

  Click  Here

 Bush's hand-picked intelligence toady and military officials said Wednesday that terrorists
 are regrouping for possible new strikes against the United States. They said the best defense
 was for Congress to pass Bush's military and anti-terror budget. But some in Congress,
 including prominent Republicans, were questioning some of that spending.

 Offering few specifics, as always, Rumsfeld told a House hearing that the government could
 reasonably predict attacks would come from terrorism, WMDs and other means.

 Meanwhile, CIA boss Porter Goss (R-Toady) said the Iraq war was giving terrorists experience
 and contacts for future attacks, and FBI boss Mueller expressed worry that a sleeper operative in
 the U.S. may have been in place for years, awaiting orders for an attack.

 So, all we have to do is privitize Social Security and give the super-rich more money
 and we'll be safe from attack by the people Bush antagonized with his bloody oil snatch?

 How will screwing seniors out of their retirement stop Al Qaeda?

 This is why Bush names appointments by loyalty rather than competence.
 Their job is not  to do their jobs.
 Their job is to follow Bush's lead no matter how insane the orders are.

 If only a Democrat or semi-sane Republican would speak up!
 Why are they letting Bush destroy America?


 New Iraqi government is none of our business
  by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 As near as I can make out from the ayatollahâs English-language Web site
(, for example, temporary marriage is OK, except that "due to
 probably committing sins [it] is not permissible" to actually talk to the girl first.
 The decisionâs up to her father or brother. Veils are mandatory. Also, no music,
 no dancing, no chess playing. Sistani sounds like James Dobson on crack.

 ha ha

 Islamic canon law also offers scant consolation for boosters of American-style
 free enterprise. But you know what? Thatâs none of our business and never was.
 Sistaniâs admirers depict him as a scholar of judicious temperament who, like
 Thomas Jefferson, believes that clerics holding power corrupt both church and
 state. Itâs anticipated that heâll seek an Iraqi constitution respecting minority
 rights in the hope of avoiding a civil war. Then itâs further anticipated that Iraqâs
 new government would ask Americans to leave. If it takes an ayatollah to bring
 that off, then more power to him.



"With the Bushies, if you're their friend, anything goes.
  If you're their critic, nothing goes."
       --Maureen Dowd,   Attribution

 If you like Bush (no pun intended) you can be a male prositutute
 with pictures of yourself naked on the Intenet and still keep your job.

 This may be a dumb question, but isn't prositution illegal in Washington DC?
 Could "Jeff Gannon" sell cocaine online and still get his White House pass?


 No Changes in Getting White House Press Credentials
  Gay Hookers will continue to be Bush-McClellan Favorites

  Click  Here

 Don't expect major changes to the White House press-credentialing process any time soon.

 Following a meeting today between the leadership of the White House Correspondents' Association
 and Scotty McClellan, neither side seemed to be in a hurry to alter the current system, which has
 drawn criticism amid the recent "Jeff Gannon" scandal.

 After a 30-minute sit-down with McClellan, WHCA President Ron Hutcheson said he believed the
 current system was fine and hesitated to have the correspondents' association play a bigger role in
 distributing press passes. "I'm not sure we need to do anything," Hutcheson told E&P. "I'm not
 comfortable in passing judgment on who is a journalist and who isn't. My overriding view is that if I
 am going to make a mistake, it is going to be on letting people in rather than keeping people out."

 So if guys who post pictures of their hardons-for-rent on the Internet are allowed in,
 who the hell are you trying to keep out - Democrats?


 GOP senators: Monkey, go slow on raping Social Security

  Click  Here

 House Speaker Denny Hastert (R-Sweaty Wrestler) told his Monkey the public would not
 support legislative changes in Social Security until it believes there is a crisis, saying
"you can't jam change down the American people's throat."

"You can't get ahead of the American people on this," echoed Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-Diebold)

 Added Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-Maine): "We can't just rush to act precipitously," as the
 White House scrambled to explain to Bush what "precipitously" meant.

 Even Sen. Jon Kyl (R-radical Nazi) chimed in: "We have a lot more work to do in discussing the issue."


 Subject: alleged son of "Piece of my Heart" writer

 Bart --

 That song was written by Jerry Ragovoy and Bert Berns.
 Ragovoy is responsible for many tunes Joplin would later cover, such as "Cry Baby,"
"Get It While You Can," and the aforementioned "Piece of My Heart." Berns wrote or co-wrote
"Twist and Shout," "Under the Boardwalk," and Brown Eyed Girl," among many, many others.
 So no matter which one of them is Mark's father, he should take a look in the family album
 and see if he still wants to curse American music.

 Of course, that's a moot point, since Mark is lying to you.
 Berns died tragically in 1967, far before his time, but did nevertheless have two children, Brett and Cassie.
 Ragovoy never married.

 Cassie's a singer/songwriter in Nashville. She's actually not too bad,
 but you'd expect that if there's anything to genetics:

 In any case, Mark's lyin' like a Bush.
 Besides, anybody who knows so little as to say  "all American music sucks"
 was surely not the son of anyone like Berns or Ragovoy.
 They'd have raised the boy to know better.

 Irish Danny



"The Gannon 'scandal' would be laughable, were it not for the fact that Gannon's
  personal privacy has been invaded and his mother, in her 70s, had to endure
  harassing telephone calls from those on the political left trying to dig up dirt.
  The campaign against Gannon demonstrates the paranoid mentality and
  mean-spirited nature of the political left."
      -- Cliff Kincaid, a customer of "Jeff Gannon's?"   Attribution

 ha ha
 The fact that "Gannon" was caught illegally renting out his "manhood" to every Tom, Dick
 and Hairy with a modem hasn't caused his sainted mother any problems, it's the phone calls
 asking about Jeff's illegally renting his manhood out.

 Jesus, do these idiots realize what they're saying?
 If only America had a press that was willing to print the f-ing facts!

 If you had told me two weeks ago that my opinion of the American whore press was about to get worse,
 I would've laughed in your face and said, "There's no way that could happen," but I'll be damned if it didn't.

 I used to joke that Bush could probably murder a woman with his bare hands on live TV
 and the press would spin things his way, but I was only being extreme to make a point.

 ...but not anymore.

 If Bush were to strangle some woman on live TV, the Washington Whore Press would explain how
 the woman attacked Bush's hands with her throat and all Bush did was react like any Monkey would.

 Isn't anybody going to be brave enough to say,
"Enough is enough! Stop lying to us!"


  Click  Here  to leave a tip.

  Click  Here  to subscribe and make the hammer hit harder.


 or you could send a check via snail mail.
 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK  74155

 Seriously, it's my job to hammer away at these lying bastards, but  is still unknown.
 At least 99.8 percent of Internet readers have never heard of a "bartcop."

 Will you help us get the truth out?
 Will you help us grow?
 Somebody has to fight back.


 Subject: Malice

 My criminal law professor wrote on the chalkboard:

"Malice is not   _______ "

 Then he had us guess the answer. We couldn't. The phrase completed was:

"Malice is not MALICE".

 You have committed murder if you thought about killing someone and you went ahead
 and killed someone (unless you are excused or justified). Hate or ill will has nothing to do with it.
 You just have to know you ain't 'sposed to do it. My 9 month old granddaughter can't form malice
 because she doesn't know murder is wrong.

 Ever hear of a MASS murderer?  One human being one murder. Two human beings, two murders.
 100,000 human beings, 100,000 murders.  He truly  is the giggling murderer. No doubt.

 Keep that hammer swinging.


 A Corrupted Election
  The exit polls showing a Kerry win were right

  Click  Here   (Thanks to OneCitizen for finding this link.)

 The report states that the difference between exit polls and official tallies was far too great
 to be explained by chance ("sampling error"), and that a systematic bias is implicated.

 Recall the Election Day exit polls that suggested John Kerry had won a convincing victory?
 The media readily dismissed those polls and little has been heard about them since.

 Many Americans, however, were suspicious. Although Bush prevailed by 3 million votes in
 the official, tallied vote count, exit polls had projected a margin of victory of 5 million votes
 for Kerry. This unexplained 8 million vote discrepancy between the election night exit polls
 and the official count should raise a Chinese May Day of red flags.


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Your ad seen by dozens...

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 "Gannon" scandal shows GOP and Kerry link
   Did John kerry throw the election?

  Click  Here

 ...for the chair of the RNC (even though Gillespie officially took "unpaid leave" from his firm
 to work on Bushâs 2004 campaign) to be just one degree removed from the Kerry campaign,
 casts a shadow of suspicion regarding possible collusion between the Democratic and Republican
 parties. At the very least, it represents an obvious conflict of interest.

 For those of us who find the entire manner in which the Kerry campaign was conducted "odd",
 including Kerryâs abrupt concession, this is simply more evidence to support the suspicion
 that Kerry threw the 2004 election.

 I'm not saying I believe this - it might be true it might be false.
 But something has to explain Kerry's decision to lay down and let Bush win.



"The real reason Howard Dean is assumed to be such a radical is that the national press corps
  has a fixed image of what a Democrat is supposed to be: meek, uncertain, accommodating,
  afraid of Republicans, unwilling to stand up for his or her beliefs. When a candidate comes along
  demonstrating evidence of a spine, the conclusion is that he must be some kind of ideological extremist."
      --Paul Waldman,    Attribution

 Well, there's that and there's the fact that the DC press whores and the networks work for Bush.
 They'll savage any Democrat who stands up, and Dean dared to do that so they had to destroy him.

 Fuck the press.


 Subject: war with Iran soon to come

 The war with Iran will happen because the Republicans need a new war for political cover
 for the 2006 elections. With the Republican Party poised to destroy social security they will
 need a serious distraction in order to hold onto power in the next election.

 How will the Republicans distract America from putting old people out on the street and
 record borrowing and deficits? They need a new fresh war. And since war seems to be
 necessary for Republicans to get elected on a record of failure - they will have to start
 another war for their political survival. And Iran is next on their list.

 Marc Perkel
 San Francisco, CA



Hi Bart!
First of all I want to thank you and your readers
for making the NOT ME! Campaign a huge success!

Iâve even received orders from the graphics department of a
major cable television station and two popular national magazines.
It seems a lot of people are anxious to disassociate themselves from this fascist regime.

That being said, I want to extend this offer to your readers:
From now until the end of February when you order
wristbands from my website I will double your order.
Order 1 get 1 free, order 5 get 5 free, etc.
Thanks for your help, and keep swinging that hammer!

We've got the right books by the right authors.

 Subject: 1000,000 dead in Iraq

  Ryan certainly brought up an interesting point.  143 dead civilian Iraqis is a brutally high number.
 The 'bulldog' media, always wanting to uncover the truth, SURELY would be reporting all civilian deaths,
 so that number can't be right.  Well, according to the Lancet, the british medical journal, that is an accurate
 number.  That number IS based on a study though.  The study was carried out by Les Roberts of the Johns
 Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore.  Here are some links:,2763,1338749,00.html

 This is a real study and a real story.  Bart you are using an accurate number, based on a study.
 I don't think it is your responsibility to check to see if John Hopkins University got it right.
 This should raise the question of WHERE THE FUCK IS THE MEDIA?

 As Ryan said, it isn't being reported.
 Are they playing the role of puppy dog press AGAIN???


 Hockey season cancelled on account of Greed
  Grown men making big money playing hockey want more

  Click  Here

 The NHL canceled its season exactly five months after the lockout started.
 Now there's no telling when there will be games again.

"We're planning to have hockey next season,'' NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said Wednesday.

 Hmmmm, that sounds a lot like, "We plan to win the peace in Iraq."

 For the first time, a major pro sports league in North America has lost an entire season to a labor dispute.
 The resulting damage could be immeasurable to hockey, which already has limited appeal in the United States.

 Then there is the parade of aging stars -- Mario Lemieux (39), Mark Messier (44), Steve Yzerman (39)
 Brett Hull (40), Ron Francis (41), Dave Andreychuk (41) and Chris Chelios (43) -- whose playing days
 could be ending on someone else's terms.


 Alan Keyes's daughter says she's a lesbian

  Click  Here

 During NaziCon-2004, Keyes gave a radio interview where he said homosexuality is ''selfish hedonism."
 The interviewer asked Keyes if that meant that Mary Cheney, the lesbian daughter of Dick, was also
 a selfish hedonist. Keyes said: ''Of course she is. That goes by definition. Of course she is."

 The next day, Keyes added: ''If my daughter were a lesbian, I'd look at her and say, 'That is a relationship
 that is based on selfish hedonism.' I would also tell my daughter that it's a sin and she needs to pray to the
 lord God to help her deal with that sin."

 That addition was very peculiar to his daughter. Maya Marcel-Keyes said her parents had already told her she
 was a sinner after finding out she was gay near the end of high school. ''It was kind of strange that he said it like
 a hypothetical," Maya told The Washington Post in a profile published Sunday. ''It was really kind of unpleasant."

 The lying sons of bitches.
 They keep saying being gay is a choice, but if that's true, why did Keyes raise a lesbian?
 Why didn't he teach her "decent moral values" while she was growing up?

 Why did Newt's sister learn any moral values from her family?
 Why didn't Mary Cheney learn any moral values from Daddy Dick?
 Why didn't Phyllis Schaffley raise her daughter to have good values?

 The truth is clear:  Being gay is something that "happens," even to "good families."
 They can't admit the truth because they need money from the religiously insane to get elected.

 How can the religiously insane send money to Newt, Keyes, Cheney and Schaffly if they
 didn't even have the decency to raise their kids with any moral values?
 Keyes calls his daughter "a selfish hedonist," but isn't that how he raised her?

 The right wing are whores that turn on their children political money.
 The lying sons of bitches.


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Bush's U.S. soldier body count in Iraq

1461, 1464, 1469, dead soldiers under Bush

They got 5 more since just yesterday.


Their families will never see them again
because Bush had to steal that oil.

How long will we accept losing 5 soldiers a day?

 West Wing 1163
 Debate rules and the chicken outfits

 Did you see last night's West Wing?
 My good friend Brad Whitford followed the BartCop Rules for Real Debate.

"Thanks, Bart!"

 His candidate insisted on a real debate, not the handjob follies charade that Kerry and his friend Bush put on
 for the voters last October.  Josh insisted on a real debate, where candidates could ask real questions and
 get real answers instead of the pink-tutu Kerry rules where each candidate mouths his standard bullshit answers
 no matter what the question is so the weaker candidate can hide his abject stupidity from the voters.

 And when the others refused to play this game, what did Josh do?

 Since we know he reads  (He wrote in 2003) he knew what to do. He put two dudes in chicken outfits
 and chased the other candidates around and that forced them to join the real debate and guess what - I predict
 Josh's candidate will win, just like Kerry would've won if he'd listened to me and confronted Bush instead of
 letting him off the goddamn hook every time they "debated."

 Why didn't you want to win, John?
 Why did you want Bush to rape America for another four years, John?
 Why did you lie to us John?

 If you want to win, use the BartCop Rules for Real Debate - unless you're a brain-dead Monkey.
 If you're a brain-dead Monkey, use the Kerry rules so the stupid slug can beat the smarter candidate.


 Subject: 100,000 dead civilians

 Hey Bart:
 You said this figure was from the Red Cross/Crescent, but my recollection
 was that it came from the highly esteemed John Hopkins University:

 More than 100,000 civilians have probably died in Iraq as direct or indirect consequences
 of the March 2003 U.S.-led invasion, according to a study by a research team at Johns Hopkins
 University's Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore.

 I think this source maybe adds a little more credibility to the claim.
 And, of course as you know, this was there LOW estimate.
 As I recall they said it was very likely closer to 200,000 when you take Falluja into account.

 Give 'em hell,

 Phred, I agree the evidence says John Hopkins came up with that figure, but they have
 no people in Iraq, right?  I still think they got their raw data from the Red Crescent who are in Iraq,
 where the 100,000+ bodies lie in the streets - but I could be wrong....



"For $1200, you could spend the weekend with Guckert, who has got a nice body although
  he's got an odd, clumpy penis/balls combination. For $200, you could have an hour.   And one
  imagines that getting access to the President would make one's price go up. Guckert could now
  put out an ad wherein you could pay $350 to (party with) the mouth that asked Bush a question.
  For an extra $50, you can slap him around and call him an "enabling little bitch."
    --  Rudepundit   Attribution


 ÎLiberalâ Media Silent About Guckert Saga
    by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 Proof that "the liberal media" is but a figment of right-wing mythology has now
 arrived in the person of one James Guckert, formerly known as Jeff Gannon.
 Were the American media truly liberal÷or merely unafraid to be called liberal
 ÷the saga of Mr. Guckertâs short, strange, quasi-journalistic career would be
 resounding across the airwaves.

 The intrinsic media interest of the Guckert/Gannon story should be obvious to
 anyone who has followed his tale, which touches on hot topics from the homosexual
 underground and the investigation into the outing of C.I.A. agent Valerie Plame to
 the political power of the Internet. But our supposedly liberal media becomes quite
 squeamish when reporting anything that might humiliate the Bush White House and
 the Republican Party.


Call the

You have two minutes to record your message.

 Bush lied, I died


  Click  Here

 A California couple who created a national uproar last week by hanging in effigy
 a U.S. soldier on its home with the message "Your Tax Dollars at Work" now has
 a new message with the hanging uniform: "Bush Lied. I Died."

 In reaction to the latest message, pro-war groups will hold a candlelight vigil tomorrow
 night to harrass Steve and Virginia Pearcy for wanting fewer soldiers dead.

 The three-hour vigil, slated to begin at 7 p.m., is designed to show support for the never-ending
 killing of U.S. troops and "register our opposition and disgust with those who want fewer dead soldiers."



 Subject: Bush supporter

 What's the problem? 5% unemployment rate, economy is good,
 We don't have Monica Lewinsky roaming the whitehouse.

 Sure we had to take out a few thousand sand niggers, what is the big deal?

 Why is it wrong to torture a prisonerof war?

 How do the sand niggers and ragheads sleep at night after cutting off heads and other amputations.
 These people are from a totally different set of morals and values than us.

 We are on their ground thenm they make the rules.
 Kill em all and let God sort them out.

 Ken Cromer  who could be Bush's Secretary of State with those ideas.



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four cents from each dollar.

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