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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

More Abu Ghraib photos 
Fight over Terri's funeral 
Schiavo & the Right-Wing
Claim to hold Zarqawi Aide? 
Exiles: Iran Seeks Nukes 
Frist: Is Terri Schiavo Dead?
Pat Buchanan Attacked
Halliburton - war profiteer 
Fake News Promote Bush


 Quote of the Day

"Bush is as absolutely convinced he’s doing 
  the right thing. Even if we have another 
  thousand body bags, it won’t deter him. 
  This is where he is. With regard to Iraq, 
  he thinks it’s going well." 
      -- Seymour Hersh, saw it on  buzzflash.com 

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Volume 1525 - Life is cheap 

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  Friday   April Fool's Day,  2005                                     Mike Malloy  - 10 EST Weeknights AAR

 Last minute VCR Alert

 Bill Maher tonight  -  Bill O'Reilly (R-Sex Addict), Alec Baldwin and Whoopie Goldberg
 If they're on together, I think massive fireworks will be seen.

       "Got falafel?"

If O'Reilly gets called on his string of lies and sex perversions, he could go all "fallujah" on live TV.
If Baldwin ever runs for the senate, tonight will be the first night of that campaign.
Whoopie - ha ha - Quit it!    I'm sure she won't use the F word more than about 30-40 times.

 I'm going to watch.


"Why start a war if you can't make hundreds of millions of dollars in profit?"
      -- Bart, after reading a while on halliburtonwatch.org

..  ....


 The second round of Abu Ghraib photos
   ...why you can't see what your tax dollars are paying for 

  Click  Here

 The images, Rumsfeld told Congress, depict "acts that can only be described as blatantly sadistic, 
 cruel, and inhuman." After Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga.) viewed some of them in a classified briefing, 
 he testified that his "stomach gave out." NBC News reported that they show "American soldiers beating 
 one prisoner almost to death, apparently raping a female prisoner, acting inappropriately with a dead body, 
 and taping Iraqi guards raping young boys." Everyone who saw the photographs and videos seemed to 
 shudder openly when contemplating what the reaction would be when they eventually were made public.

 Officials have given two legal reasons for suppressing images of prisoner abuse: "unwarranted invasion 
 of privacy" and the potential impact on law enforcement..

 But we all know the real reason - if people see what Bush's bloody invasion has caused, even the right-wing, 
 "Bush till the Rapture" super-Christians might agree that murder and raping young boys is wrong.

 Can't have that.


No Boondocks cartoon today
Is ucomics.com playing an April Fool's joke on us?
If so, it's not that funny.

 Now, let's fight over her funeral 

  Click  Here

 After an autopsy, Michael Schiavo plans to have his wife's body cremated and her ashes brought 
 to Pennsylvania, where she grew up. Scott Schiavo said the ashes would be buried in a plot left by 
 an aunt and uncle, but the family does not plan on providing the specficic location for the burial
 — underscoring the bitterness of the dispute. 

 Her parents, Bob and Mary Schindler, had fought for years to prevent her feeding tube from being
 removed, and they opposed cremation and wanted her buried in Florida. 

 Schiavo's Family Plans Separate Funerals 

  Click  Here

 The Schindlers, Catholics, wanted their daughter's remains buried in Florida, where they live. 
 Michael Schiavo, however, has custody of the body and plans to have his wife cremated. 



"If Kofi Annan's critics demanded the same level of accountability from Bush they 
  profess to want from Kofi, Bush would have been impeached in his first week of office. 
  And if Kofi were president, we be a healthier, safer, saner and far more honest nation." 
      --Eric Alterman,     Attribution

 The UN's oil for food program, however flawed,
did not drain $11 trillion (and counting) from Social Security 
did not kill 1550 American soldiers
did not blow the limbs off of several thousand American soldiers
did not kill 100,000 Iraqi civilains
did not make the Bush Family Evil Empire hundreds of billions of dollars richer
did not ruin America's reputation all around the globe
did not make America more feared and hated than Al Qaeda
did not rig the American elections to make all this possible

 ...so, of course, the American whore media,on Bush's orders, goes after Kofi Annon.



 Subject: BCR Show 71

 Bart, just finished listening to show 71 --- it was great! 
 You really do just keep getting better and better at this. 

 I couldn't agree with you more on the Bill Maher thing ... when these conservative 
 buttheads tell blatant lies like that, someone needs to stand up and say "Where the hell 
 do you get that crap?  Prove it!" and not let them off the hook until they admit they made it up. 

 Just wanted to let you know I think you're doing great!

 Pam, thanks for that.
 BCR Show 72 is up, (all but section 4) and you might like it, too. 



"Rather than starve her to death, why not shoot her?  Why not put a bullet through her head, 
  or chest, or whatever? Why pretty it up? Why not shoot her? Or take a chainsaw and behead her?"
    -- no, not Rush the vulgar Pigboy Limbaugh, it was Pigboy copycat Jay Nordlinger,    Attribution


"Some people get off on death. So many people do, folks."
      -- that's our Pigboy  Attribution

"Rush is right!
 Some people get off on death!"


 Coalition Forces claim to hold Zarqawi Aide 
  ...but they refuse to give his name, so who knows?

  Click  Here

 U.S. forces in Iraq are holding a senior operative of Zarqawi who holds joint 
 American-Jordanian citizenship, defense officials claimed Thursday.

 He is the first American known to be captured fighting for the insurgency in Iraq 
 and officials are considering options how to proceed with his case. 

 His capture represents a thorny legal issue for the military. It is uncertain whether 
 he will be turned over to the Justice Department for investigation, or to Iraq's new 
 legal system, which has handled the prosecution of other foreign fighters who came 
 to Iraq to fight the U.S.-led occupation and new Iraqi government. 

 For whose benefit is his name being withheld?
 Surely Zarqawi knows who's not answering his pager.


 Subject: Christian "Heaven" vs. Terri's "Life" 

 As I looked at one of the pictures of her before her death, limbs all contracted, head extended back,
 facial features frozen, etc., I reflected on the heaven that I was told about as a child.  I thought then 
 that heaven was a grand place, worth trying to make it in. 

 As my sense of time began to mature I did have some doubts begin.  Now I see all of these prominent, 
 self proclaimed Xtians trying to make everyone else believe that Terri was better off alive, in the state 
 she was in, than in their heaven. I'm absolutely convinced that I don't want to go there. 

 It is too bad we can't get all of them there now.
 jim (in Sausalito)

 Jim, I agree - same for the Pope.
 They're all so sad that this very old gentleman is "about to meet God" - why?
 Shouldn't they be rejoicing in the life he lived instead of wallowing in the doom and gloom?


 Exiles: Iran Seeks Nuclear Warheads
   Is Bush stupid enough to fall for the same trick twice?

  Click  Here

 Iran allocated $2.5 billion to obtain three nuclear warheads last year, an exiled opposition 
 group said Thursday, without saying whether Iran had secured any of the warheads.

 The group, which has given accurate information in the past on some of Iran's nuclear facilities 

 This writer doesn't know that - it's what somebody told him and he elevated it to a fact.
 Are we really going to repeat the same mistakes that killed 1500 soldiers - again?

 The group (Was there anyone named Chalabi in this group?) also said Iran was speeding up work 
 on a reactor south of Tehran which could produce enough plutonium for an atomic bomb by 2007. 

 Washington and European countriesBush and his Poodle fear Iran could use its nuclear plants to produce bombs. 

 Bart's Law #2
 Any time a person or entity makes a "mistake" that puts extra money (or power) in their pocket, 
 expect them to make that "mistake" again and again and again

 So expect Bush to invade Iran, spill tankers of blood, steal their oil and watch the Democrats applaud 
 like trained chimpanzees while Bush continues his global crime spree as the world lays there, helpless.



  Subject: feedback

 I think that they are up to something. 
 They don't give all this media coverage, and congressional grandstanding without some agenda. 
 My guess is they want to say  "see how evil the courts are?"  "See how powerless we are against them?" 
 We have to put all our judges in there to make sure this doesn't happen again. That's my guess at what 
 they are up to. But it's just a guess it could be something else.

 I think you're 100% right.

 And they had to choose someone who would divide people passionately.  In Terri they found someone who 
 obviously wasn't brain dead, some one who's eyes were open, some one appeared to have some emotional 
 response to her parents, SOME ONE WHO SMILED A LOT, because if she were just lying there with her 
 eyes closed and her tongue  hanging out , it wouldn't have elicited the emotional response they needed.


 Bytheway, I haven't read you for a while because I was mad at you for not going far enough. But even then, 
 I knew that you must have your reasons that maybe I didn't understand.  I have come back to reading you 
 because you are just soooo good.  The cartoon you carried  "Bush adusts his brainfeeding tube"   was just too funny. 

 Sharon, I lose most subscribers for going too far.
 I'm trying to strike a balance and still put food on my family.


Terri Schiavo Has Died
  Bill Frist - "Not So Fast. Let's not jump to conclusions."


  Click  Here

"Never you mind what the 'medical community' says; we're not buying it." 
 Poised to flex his medical muscle in defiance of the onslaught of obviously biased media reports, 
 Frist has submitted a bill to force medicinal leeching of Terri’s body.


 Screened Audiences, Fake News Promote Bush
   by  Helen Thomas


  Click  Here

 As he travels around the nation to make his pitch that Social Security is in a crisis, 
 the president is limiting his congregation to screened, sanitized audiences. 
 Why does he sermonize on the subject only to carefully selected audiences?

 Asked why the president speaks only to his supporters, Scott McClellan said 
 Bush's intention is to "educate" the people. He probably meant "indoctrinate."

 The New York Times on March 13 published an in-depth report on how the administration 
 is cranking up its public relations campaign to manipulate broadcast news by distributing 
 pre-packaged videos prepared by several federal agencies, including the Pentagon.

 These videos use phony reporters to tout the administration's position on major issues. 
 This practice is far over the ethical line. 

 Helen Thomas - she's nobody's whore.


 A shot of Chinaco Anejo for you, Helen.

"She thinks she's so special..."


 Terri Schiavo & the Right-Wing Machine
   by Sam Parry as seen on  consortiumnews.com

  Click  Here

 In the Schiavo tragedy, leaders of the Christian Right and the Republican Party marketed themselves 
 as the defenders of life and painted their liberal adversaries as intellectual elitists lacking compassion for 
 a defenseless woman. Conservative leaders also hoped to rally their base around the need for more 
 conservative judges who would defend the so-called “culture of life.”

 With stunning bravado, the Right played on the Schiavo story’s appeal as a round-the-clock cable TV drama: 
 a life-or-death countdown; grieving parents; a husband who could be made into the heavy; supposedly 
 insensitive judges; Republican leaders rushing to the rescue, including both Jeb and George W. Bush.

 But then the results of early opinion polls rolled in. 

  consortiumnews.com  is the most important site on the internet



"I am deeply saddened to hear that Terri Schiavo passed away because 
  all efforts to reinstate her feeding tube were unsuccessfulthe Bush brothers 
  reneged on their vow to save her after Karl Rove showed them the latest polls.
  I want to express sympathy to Terri’s family in this most difficult time. 
  My prayers are with her family in the days and months ahead."
  until this can no longer be milked to death as a political issue." 
     --Senator Rick Santorum, (R-Self-aggrandizing prick)   Attribution



 Halliburton in Australia
  The publicly funded war profiteer

  Click  Here

 Halliburton is the No. 1 corporate beneficiary of the war against Iraq, raking in US$18 billion in contracts 
 (Those are just the announced contracts, not the total.)  pto rebuild the country's oil industry and providing 
 logistical services to the US occupation troops, according to the US-based Corpwatch's 2004 alternative 
 annual report on Halliburton, Houston, We Have A Problem. 

 The details of many of these contracts are kept confidential by the government, but it is known that KBR 
 provides construction management, educational, computer, professional and other services to a wide range 
 of army, navy and air force operations, including Australia's Baghdad military facilities. The Defense 
 Department refused to grant security clearance for details of such projects — including at least one in Iraq 
 — when approached by Calacouras and Bacon. 

         "It's ours - it's all ours..."


 Pat Buchanan Doused With Salad Dressing 

   "What, no croutons?"

  Click  Here

 Pat Buchanan cut short an appearance after an opponent of his Nazi views doused him with salad dressing. 

 "Stop the bigotry!" the demonstrator shouted as he hurled the Blue Cheesed at Western Michigan University. 
 The incident came just two days after another Nazi, Bill Kristol, was pied during an appearance in Indiana.

 After he was hit, Buchanan cried and went home saying, "Thank you all for coming, but I'm going to
 have to get my hair washed." 

 I always liked Pat Buchanan.
 He hates the BFEE, he hates this bloody war the MOnkey started and he's one of the only Republicans 
 honest enough to look you in the eye and say, "I'm a crazy Nazi bastard and I'm man enough to admit it."

 Prediction: The sons of bitches are going to go on and on about the "Lawless attacks from the left,"
 but when they do - throw it right back in their f-ing face (metaphor) and counter with the cold, hard facts. 
 When we "attack" our political opponents, we use salad dressing and pies. 

 Ask JFK, MLK, RFK, John Junior and Paul Wellstone if they think Democrats are too aggressive.


 Subject: Wouldn't it be Great?

 Wouldn’t it be great if these protestors crying and fawning for the media 
 over Terri Schiavo, who was brain dead for 15 years, would once – just once
 – show the same concern for ONE of our soldiers in Iraq?

 Larry the Liberal


 U2 review from San Diego
    by a loyal U2 and bartcop fan/member

  Click  Here

Marty's Entertainment Page

No Lc Cucaracha cartoon today
Is ucomics.com playing an April Fool's joke on us?
If so, it's not that funny.


"Tom DeLay pulled the plug on his own father 16 years ago, even though he 
  has been calling Michael Schiavo a 'murderer' for trying to do the same thing.
  DeLay insists he wanted to spare his dad the excruciating pain of seeing him 
  become the nation's foremost hypocrite." 
    --Jake Novak,    Attribution

"I'm nuts about a
 good old double standard!"

 Subject: end of month special

 It's about time I contributed to my favorite site...your offer was one I could not refuse. 

 Thanks for turning me on to Mike Milloy, the two of  you are the clearest, 
 most sensible voices of reason in any form of the media today. 
 Keep swinging the hammer. 

 Phil in DE

 Phil, I signed you up for 6 months of membership
 and your CDs are on the way - thanks. 


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Bush's body count in Iraq

1525, 1528, 1533 dead soldiers under Bush

Five more deaths on Bush's conscience

How many can we afford to let Bush kill?


 Britney Spears: I'm not pregnant 
   I've just gained a few pounds


  Click  Here

 Tired of pregnancy reports, Britney Spears is lashing out at tabloid magazines.
"Do you, desperate magazines want employees who are honest, or those who are liars?" 
 Spears writes on her Web site addressed "Dear False Tabloids." 


 They're back!


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"His reputation has taken such a hit, that someone saw him 
  on the street today and yelled, 'hey, there's Bill O'Reilly!'" 
      --Craig Ferguson, on the Pat O'Brien sex tapes,   Attribution   (see below)

No Doonesbury cartoon today
Is ucomics.com playing an April Fool's joke on us?
If so, it's not that funny.

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