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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Bush, Saudi talk Ameri-Gouge
Lobbyist paid for Delay's trip 
The politics of blinking first
Bush and GOP clash
Musclehead loses invincibility
Here to stop the count 
FOX spells out strategy
Bad Religion, Bad Politics 
They'll hate Fonda forever


 Quote of the Day

"I'm enjoying the relationship and to be 
  honest with you I didn't think I would."  
   --Bush the Smarter, after being charmed by Big Dog


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Volume 1540 - Swaggering dry drunk


Investment Real Estate
The easy way!

         Mon-Tues    April 25-26,  2005                                               Mike Malloy - 10 EST Weeknights on   AAR


"We could not encase men in sufficiently strong armor to deny any enemy success.
  The tragic loss of our men does not necessarily indicate failure - it is war."
   --Lt. Gen. James Mattis explaining why Bush sent men into battle without armor they needed   Attribution


 Bush-Saudi Talks Focus on Long-Range Oil Plan
  Entire world gets "jobbed"by the two biggest thieves on Earth
  Maniacal cackling and hooting was heard a mile from his Crawford ranch prop


  Click  Here

 The BFEE and their former Saudi masters got together at the boy's "ranch" to look into
 ways their families could rape the world less - because they now have enough money.

 No, that's not what happened.

 I'll tell you what they're doing.
 When Bush survived that hard landing, he made a deal with "God."
 He promised to follow "God's" lead without question.

 Turns out, "God" is the little boy who lives in his mouth.
"God" told George that it's the end of days, and we're talking years, not decades away.

 That's why they downplay fouling the environment - who cares?
 We'll all be dead.
 That's why they downplay the deficits - we won't have to pay that money back.
 We'll all be dead.
 That's why they downplay the importance of America's reputation - who cares?
 We'll all be dead.
 That's why they downplay the billion-dollar blocks of debt they're selling China and the Saudis.
 We'll all be dead.

 Bush is governing like a man who's been told he's going to die.
 Bush was told this by that little boy who lives in his mouth.
 The decisions he's making are all "tomorrow doesn't matter" decisions.

 Why doesn't anyone else see it?


 Subject: Jane Fonda

 The story that ANY US soldier was EVER spit on upon returning from Vietnam
 is an old, tired, urban legend. Look it up. It NEVER happened.

 God bless Jane Fonda and her kind, generous heart.

 Fuck the assholes that continue to vilify someone that made one stupid PR mistake.

 Frank Blau


 DeLay Airfare Was Charged To Lobbyist's Credit Card
  Is it time for the Bug Man to fade away?

  Click  Here

 The airfare to London and Scotland in 2000 for Tom DeLay was charged to an AmEx card issued
 to Jack Abramoff, a Washington lobbyist at the center of a federal criminal and tax probe, according to
 two sources who know Abramoff's account number and a travel invoice displaying that number.

 DeLay's expenses during the same trip for food, phone calls etc at a hotel in Scotland were billed to a
 different credit card also used on the trip by a second registered Washington lobbyist, Edwin A. Buckham,
 according to receipts documenting that portion of the trip.

 House ethics rules bar lawmakers from accepting travel and related expenses from registered lobbyists.
 DeLay said he had no way of knowing that any lobbyist might have financially supported the trip,.


Used with permission

 Poker and the politics of blinking first
  If only ther Dems could play poker like the BFEE

  Click  Here

 The battle over Bush's judicial appointments has all of the trappings of a high-stakes poker game,
 with each side continuing to raise the ante, while daring the other to go "all in." Senate Democrats
 seem determined to continue their filibusters of the president's most extreme nominees, while
 Republicans are increasingly threatening to employ the so-called "nuclear option," simply abolishing
 the 200-year-old right to filibuster, although only with regard to judicial confirmations.

 When it comes to poker, however, the Republicans have thoroughly outmaneuvered their opponents.
 It is surprising how bad the Democrats, led by Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada, have played their hand.

 If the Democrats really want to [win], they would not wait. ...they would start tomorrow.

 But they won't because they're too scared.
 This guy is right - if they wanted to win, they'd go "all in" before the fascists did.
 Going "all in" is a bold and gutsy move - calling an "all in" bet is often what losers do.

 I've been saying it for years - to win at anything - you have to know how to play poker.



"We had just left the base. He was walking in the middle of the road, and all
  I remember is hearing a big explosion and seeing a big cloud of smoke."
     --Cpl. Toby Winn on the death of Cpl. Bill Wiscowiche, who was killed
        in an explosion while sweeping a road for makeshift bombs because his unit
        didn't have the electronic device they needed to block detonations,    Attribution

"To the American people, "Marine" is shorthand for 'can do'." 
     --The Oil Man who sent Bill Wiscowiche to his death because he was in a hurry to steal that oil  Attribution

  Uh, ...Monkey?  Is that "Can do" or "Can die?"


Can't these two get a room?

Thanks to Buck


"There's a misunderstanding that if you did not marry, that you somehow
  do not have a life. I've read that, you know, about myself from time to time."
     --Kinda Sleazy Rice, who has referred to Bush as "my husband" in public,   Attribution


 Subject: Wes Clark

 Bart, I can tell you that your support for General Clark is right on the money.
 A teammate of mine got to meet him (redacted military talk - don't want to be another Geraldo)
 a few years back and gave him the SEAL of approval.

 Said he was a 100% stand up guy. The real deal.

 I like the General.
 I think he has the best chance of any male Democrat to replace The Monkey.



"All I saw was sandbags, blood and dead bodies. There was no protection in the back."
    --Staff Sgt. Jose Valerio, motor transport chief, on soldiers who died when the unarmored
       Humvee they were riding in was ambushed en route to assist other marines under fire, Attribution



 So good it was held over

 Bush probably killed more people as governor than all 49 other governors combined,
 but Ratzo ignored that so he could focus on Kerry and abortion.

 Bush probably killed more Iraqis in the last two years than Saddam did in his last ten
 but Ratzo ignored that so he could focus on Kerry and abortion.

 Bush lied to start his phony oil war, but Ratzo ignored that
 so he could focus on Kerry and abortion.

 Maybe the new pope is confused about the truth..


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"Bush long ago turned his back on a group of American POWs tortured by Saddam during
  the Gulf War, and now the U.S. Supreme Court has, too. Its refusal to hear their case today
  kills the vets' last hopes for reparation. In campaigning to have the case thrown out, it's not
  surprising that Bush isn't interested in taking a stand against state-sponsored torture."
       --Mark Follman,    Attribution


 Subject: John (roll over at the drop of a repug hat) Kerry

 Bart, my friend (figuratively speaking),

 You have never been more right!
 My heart is still heavy and I'm still pissed that I was given
 only Kerry to vote for on the Democratic ticket.
 But, had I voted for any other party, my daddy would have
 come back from Demo Heaven and whipped me with a piss-elm switch!

 I would support almost anyone over Kerry in '08.  I say almost because
 if Joe Leiberman is still around it would be a horserace for the bottom-feeding spot.

 Jack the Okie


 Clashes Growing Between Bush and GOP Moderate

  Click  Here

 Conflicts are multiplying between congressional Republican moderates and the
 White House as Bush pursues his hyper-aggressive conservative second-term agenda.

 The unexpected resistance to Bush's nomination of John R. Bolton from several Senate
 Republicans marks the latest, and potentially most intense, clash. But battles over Social Security,
 Bush's budget proposal and ending the filibuster for judicial nominations also are raising tensions
 inside the party, but the divisions do not appear as pronounced as the ideological divides among
 Democrats during Clinton's presidency.

 The Republicans would never turn on Bush the way the yellow Democrats stabbed Clinton.
 That's how they lost the House, the Senate and the presidency - by stabbing Clinton in the back
 and agreeing with the fascists that Clinton was a crazy president who had to be stopped.



 Subject:  Donation

 Bart, sign me up for two years of BartCop Radio

 Kevin A


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 Musclehead loses aura of invincibility

             "I love to smoke da reefa..."

  Click  Here

 Musclehead is is discovering that he is in not in the movies, anymore.

 In recent weeks the action-star-turned-Republican-governor has confronted
 angry members of several unions, including teachers, nurses and firefighters.
 The backlash has come in his effort to reform "politics as usual" as he promised
 to do during his campaign for the state's top job.

 Turns out Musclehead borrowed money from the California Teachers Association
 and now he says Kully-fornia is too broke to pay them back so the teachers are
 dogging him and protesting when he speaks.

 Maybe Musclehead should deal with teachers the way Frank Keating (R-Insane)
 suggested at Oral Roberts University a few years ago: Homicide



 Bad Religion, Bad Politics

  Click  Here

 These are scary times. The nation is in the control of extremists who want to merge
 church and state.  A line is crossed when religion demonizes politicians of certain
 religion--or no religion--and when the church-state separation is breached by people
 believing that their God is better than another God.  Extremists are attacking an
 independent judiciary and checks and balances, both fundamental elements of a democracy."

 Frank Zappa said it best in Dumb All Over:

 To arms! to arms!
 Hooray! that's great
 Two legs ain't bad
 Unless there's a crate
 They ship the parts
 To mama in
 For souvenirs: two ears (get down!)
 Not his, not hers, (but what the hey? )
 The good book says:
 (it gotta be that way!)
 But their book says:
 Revenge the crusades...
 With whips 'n chains
 'n hand grenades...
 Two arms? two arms?
 Have another and another
 Our God says:
 There ain't no other!
 Our God says
 It's all okay!
 Our God says
 This is the way!

 It says in the book:
 Burn 'n destroy...
 'n repent, 'n redeem
 'n revenge, 'n deploy
 'n rumble thee forth
 To the land of the unbelieving scum on the other side
 'cause they don't go for what's in the book
 'n that makes 'em bad
 So verily we must choppeth them up
 And stompeth them down


Marty's Entertainment Page

 FOX spells out strategy
   saw it on fauxnewschannel.com


  Click  Here

 The owner of FOX News has thrown down the gauntlet.

 Reacting to charges his prized possession, the FOX News Channel, has a Republican bias,
 owner Rupert Murdoch proclaimed, "we're no more biased than NewsMax, the New York Post,
 or Rush Limbaugh."  Murdoch, who feels he's beyond such accusations, is moving on to broader horizons.


 Subject: Hillary vs Kerry

 We must not let Mr. Kerry shill for the rebugz again.
 He did make a deal with Skull & Bones; he caved when he had no RIGHT to do that.

 We tried to make him president, and he did not want it.
 He was a decoy and he did what he dealt to do.

 If he's still in the Senate, I can't help it -- I live in Texas.
 Pray for me.



 "I'm John Bolton, and I'm here to stop the count"
  Why is the BFEE always on the wrong side of "One man, one vote?"


  Click  Here

 This isn't meant to distract or detract from the dozen or so serious investigations into Bolton's
 manipulation of WMD intelligence or his truly beyond-the-pale retributions against intelligence
 officers and any others who dared disagree with his chosen pronouncements -- perhaps even to
 the point of running his own counterintelligence operations against government officials.

 It's just a reminder, because people have expressed incredulousness at the lengths the White House
 will go to arm-twist fellow Republicans into supporting this Benard-Kerik-style walking disaster:

 Loyalty, young grasshoppers. Loyalty to The Movement over all else. They don't care what he's done.
 Or, more to the point, they like what he has done, and want him to continue doing it.

 The Democrats have given the green light to every anti-democratic SOB Bush has sent up.
 I wonder why they're so focused on Bolton?


 Subject: spit in Jane Fonda's face

 You'd actually have to be a Veteran, actively serve in the military,
 or even be a decent human being with scruples (a profile obviously NOT
 befitting your fans) to understand Vietnam Veterans' anger at Jane Fonda.

 Do you know any sane vets who could explain it to me?

 You see, when an American citizen whores herself out to the PR department
 of your enemy, it tends to upset you (the Veteran).

 And what about traitors who swear they did not give futuristic weapons to terrorists,
 but then get caught lying about it - who then pardon the guilty bastards before the trial
 to bury the truth forever - do they disgust you, too?

       This is what the BFEE was doing before you opened your eyes.

 Reagan and Bush did such a good job burying their crimes, you didn't even know about it.
 (Check last issue for more of Brandt's humiliating ignorance)

 Why do you feel so strongly about things you know nothing about?

 The way I see it, Fonda has about 57, 999 more loads of tobacco juice due her.

 Brandt, my friend, you have stepped in the stinkiest dog poop.
 You picked 58,000 because that's how many lives Fonda tried to save.

 Without the anti-war movement, your comment might've been about 68,000 or 78,000 deaths.
 Without the anti-war movement, we could've lost 100,000 men in Vietnam, or 150,000 men.

 The surviving soldiers owe Jane Fonda a debt of gratitude.


 Subject: Reagan the Liar?

 what fucking 'terrorists?'

 Are you old enough to drive?

 In 1979, a cabal of Hezzbollah, Ialamic Jihad, the Ayatollah in Iran and members of
 every other off-their-hinge Middle East handjob religio-crazy offshoot-reject took over 100
 American diplomats hostage in Tehran and those hostages were threatened with donkey trials.
 Some wre later released, but 50 endured over a year of being blindfolded, handcuffed, etc.
 A fucking year of that - and maybe you're thinking these aren't terrorists?

 Reagan and Bush made a deal with these fuckers.
 Reagan and Bush said, "If you keep them blindfolded and handcuffed a few more months,
 we'll give you some of America's finest war toys," and then they shook on that deal.

 It was all about the BFEE getting the Reagan puppet to hide their crimes.
 That's how the bastards wiggled their way into power and Ollie North call that
"A work of art," screwing democracy and the America voter that way.

 Now, the BFEE is openly murdering thousands and stealing billions.
 And the good-puppy press knows that they need to "watch what they say."

                         "Arf!!   Arf!!"


 Subject: for the gals

 hey bartcop,

 For the girls in your party building efforts,
 I suggest pictures of David Sirota.
 Very handsome!!!!


..David Sirota

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Dilbert explains Bart's Laws #4 and #5

 TV Stuff

Sunday's Cold Case was about a group of friends in Philly who couldn't find jobs.

"I looked everywhere - there just aren't any jobs out there - nothing at all," said one dude.

 They said it was 20 years ago - 1985 - when Red Ink Reagan was bankrupting American families.
 Kids today are told that Reagan was this amazing champion who saved America, but those of us
 who were there know what Reagan and hios two faces did to this once great country.

 Reagan was a disaster - not as bad as Bush is today - but still a f-ing disaster.
 The guy in the story died because his frustration at not finding a job drove him crazy.

House repeats a strong episode tonight.
 Watch and see why some call this the best show on TV right now.

The Shield - Will Vic have to murder another partner on his crack police squad?
 Shane has been out on control - way out of control - all season - and poses a threat.
 Is this a "clear cut case of him or me" for Vic?  Seems so.
 ...and we won't even mention what happened on 24 last night when
    the 'dove' president decided torture is always wrong in every case.

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"I think Senator Frist may have made as big a strategic political blunder in embracing Justice Sunday
  as he did in the Terri Schiavo case. The people he's dealing with are not going to rest until there's a
  constitutional Armageddon in which the religious right controls all three branches of government."
     --Barry Lynn on Bill Frist's claiming Democrats are blocking judicial nominees because they have religion  Attribution

 The bottom line with these religio-maniacs who have hijacked the GOP is "God likes George W. Bush
 God likes Bush's wars and Bush's murders so voting against Bush is voting against God."

 ...and the poor helpless Democrats can't figure out how to counter anything.


Bush's U.S. soldier body count in Iraq

1562, 1567, 1574, dead soldiers under Bush


Bush got another seven killed since last issue.

Remind me - why did we invade Iraq?


 Subject: Reagan the Liar

 Where is your proof?

 This is all a bunch of made up lies, just like everything that comes off your website.
 Let me guess some left-wing news paper interviewed someone who made these claims
 and you all post it as the truth.  Your news sources are as credible as CBS.

 Darren P

 I can only imagine your shock at seeing the true facts for the first time.
 ...and on a tequila treehouse website, no less...

 Do you think I photoshopped this headline?

 By the way, your accusations could almost be considered a "dare."
 Sometimes dares are accompanied by friendly wagers - uhmmm. ...are you a gambler?
 With some time that I don't have, I'll bet I could assemble the proof on videotape/mpg.
 Would you believe Reagan if you saw a clip of him saying the things I said he said?

 Ya got an gamble in ya, ...punk?

 ha ha

 Once I prove it's the truth, your first question should be,
"Why have my news sources been lying to me?"

 If I produce a tape of Reagan proving every word is true, and Rush and Hannity and FOX News
 still give you their Nancy Grace guarantee that it never happened, will you believe the people
 who are paid millions a year to lie or the dearly departed Saint Reagan?

 I look forward to your subscription donation.


Help save the 

Put yourself on the next radio show.

Challenge me, scream at Bush or do a 2-minute rant.
BCR is listened to by dozens, so get your comments out there.

You have two minutes to record your message.

 Subject: Fonda vs North

 One other minor point:

 There is no documented report of any soldiers being spit on.
 That is an urban legend promoted by the same folks who say to the vets,
"What, your service is done?  No hospital for you, has-been!"

 What your correspondent conveniently forgets is that the 'leftists' were right.
 Had they been heeded in 1963 we'd be able to read all the names on the Wall without taking a step.

 Unfortunately the right needs reminding, every twenty or so years, that all the power in the world
 does no good if the hearts and minds aren't swayed.  Bullets can stop the hearts and minds,
 but those left still beating, still believing, are only pushed farther away.

 Peter BY

 Being right is a guarantee they'll hate you for it.
 Look what they did to Martin Sheen.


 Photos Show Pitt, Jolie Together in Africa

  Click  Here


 Subject: Pope and Hitler youth

 Many people are excusing/defending the pope for being a member of the Kids for Hitler.
 The pope spent a relatively short time with the Kids, but then again, the boy was a fast learner.
 You hear, 'b-b-b-b-but everybody was doing it.
 Sure thing.
 I can just hear some German mother say to her kid,'
 Do you always have to follow the pack?
 Just because that Ratso boy joined up with the Hitler Kids, do you have to?

 Some of the lessons took.

 Chief among them? ...hatred of homosexuals, women, democracy and liberalism.
 But then, there is a history within ;

 Immediately following WW2, the Catholic church assisted in the formation of  the so-called ' Rat-Lines'
 ,,,,,escape routes from Europe for fleeing nazi criminals. Many would settle in South or North America.
 The rat-lines foretold the future in an insidious manner. Who could have guessed that the same strategy
 of concealment would be utilized to safely harbor that most despicable of  criminals?  ,,the genre of men
 who crimes are so vile that they are routinely murdered by prison inmates often at the behest of guards.

 pope Ratzo knowingly concealed the priests-who-rape-children.
 He provided safe harbor for class of men whose very existence is an affront to humanity.


 My mind tells me they're all in on it - it's the only thing that fits.
 My heart doesn't want to accuse "God's hand-picked spokesmen" of hiding and aiding serial rape.


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