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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
The BFEE's Favorite Terrorist
Kansas's Fails to Evolve 
Not all media bias is liberal 
Feds Probe Martha's Party
Tony Blair is a war criminal 
Iraqi assembly member killed 
Search for Iraqi WMDs ends 
Bush Hides the Truth 
Suicide Okie-style


 Quote of the Day

"'God's Rottweiler' says he prayed not to be 
   elected Pontiff. If God won't answer his prayers, 
   what chance do the rest of us have?" 
           --Maru,                Attribution


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Volume 1541 - Punk Verdugo

         Wednesday    April 27,  2005                                            Mike Malloy - 10 EST Weeknights on   AAR


"...despite unanimous Democratic misgivings about Bolton's rigid ideology and
  undistinguished record, he would be on his way to Turtle Bay by now -- except
  for the serious doubt and strong dissent expressed by Republican legislators
  and diplomats about his conduct, competence, honesty and temperament."
     -- Joe Conason, who did not call them "pink tutu Democrats"   Attribution


 The Bush Family's Favorite Terrorist
  saw it on  consortiumnews.com

  Click  Here

 While the Bush administration holds dozens of suspected Muslim terrorists on secret
 or flimsy evidence, one of the world's most notorious terrorists slipped into the United
 States via Mexico and traveled to Florida without setting off any law enforcement alarms.

 Though the terrorist's presence has been an open secret in Miami, neither President
 George W. Bush nor Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has ordered a manhunt. The U.S. press
 corps has been largely silent as well.

 The reason is that this terrorist, Luis Posada Carriles, was a CIA-trained Cuban whose
 long personal war against Fidel Castro's government is viewed sympathetically by the
 two Bush brothers and their father. When it comes to the Bush family, Posada is the
 epitome of the old saying that "one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter."

 The Bush administration - which has imprisoned Jose Padilla and other alleged Muslim
"enemy combatants" without trial - has taken a far more lenient approach toward the
 77-year-old Posada, who is still wanted in Venezuela for the bombing of a Cubana
 Airlines plane in 1976 that killed 73 people. Posada also has admitted involvement
 in a deadly hotel bombing campaign in Cuba in 1997.


 Subject: Who said it?

"God is on my side.God told me to invade that country
 before they attacked us with their terrorists."

 George W. Bush--Yes. Good guess
 Adolph Hitler--Yes, After the Invasion of Poland.

 Hitler used Terrorists as his reason.
 God uses strange people to accomplish his good deeds??

 clarence swinney


 Kansas Board Taking Up Evolution Debate
  Continuing our backwards slide towards ignorance

  Click  Here

 The Topeka West High School teacher does not discuss the biblical story
 of creation or "intelligent design," just "the big e-word," as she jokingly calls it.

 Classrooms like Volland's have come under scrutiny ÷ again ÷ in Kansas'
 seesawing battle between left and right over the teaching of evolution.

 At a minimum, conservative groups like the Discovery Institute want to see
 science lessons in Kansas include more criticism of evolution.

"We don't think any textbook is good in presenting the scientific weaknesses,"
 said John West of the Seattle-based organization.

 Eighty years ago we thought we'd won the battle with "The Monkeys."
 But under Bush, America is more violent and less educated.
 The damage Bush is doing will take decades to reverse.


Used with permission

 Iraqi assembly member assassinated
  Another day in Bush's paradise

  Click  Here

 Iraq's transitional National Assembly suffered a difficult setback Wednesday when
 gunmen shot and killed a lawmaker on her doorstep -- the first assembly member
 assassinated since the assembly was voted into power on January 30.

 The slaying follows recent unsuccessful assassination attempts on two other
 assembly members -- Mish'an al-Jabouri, near Tikrit; and Allawi, in Baghdad.
 There is not a clear procedure to fill a vacant National Assembly seat.

 Maybe you guys should develope a proceedure to fill vacant seats.
 I have a feeling you're going to have a lot of tham.



"If Jesus were alive today, would he be a TV evangelist like Jerry Falwell who spreads hatred
  and fear to the ignorant masses? Would he ride in limos, fly in private jets and own diamond mines
  in South Africa like Pat Robertson? Would he bethrone himself at the Vatican, reigning over a
  religious empire that is mired in the past, subjugates women and incites the global population crisis?
  Not bloody likely."
       --Jon,    Attribution


 Subject: Ratzo

 Bart, you wrote,

> Maybe the new pope is confused about the truth..

 What about Catholic Jeb Bush, who could have personally intervened to stop
 the deaths of 21 humans on Florida's Death Row, and has chosen not to?
 Should he be allowed to eat the body of Christ?
 Ratzo is silent on this.

 Jon G

 Jon, if he writes a big enough check, he can do whatever he wants.

 Sidebar: Changing Gods because you fell in love is a nutty thing to do.



"It's a sign of respect and affection -- nothing sexual whatsoever"
    -- Nail Jubeir, on Bush and Prince Oil holding hands like love sick schoolkids, Attribution

    Wrong picture - this is Bush licking his dog's hair.


 Not all media bias is liberal
  by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 Seeing Coulter's accuracy praised sent Somerby to work on another suspect passage
 from "Slander." Here's the entire paragraph as it appears in her book:
"After Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas wrote an opinion contrary to the clearly
 expressed position of the New York Times editorial page, the Times responded with an
 editorial on Thomas titled 'The Youngest, Cruelest Justice.' That was actually the headline
 on a lead editorial in the Newspaper of Record. Thomas is not engaged on the substance
 of his judicial philosophy. He is called 'a colored lawn jockey for conservative white interests,'
'race traitor, ' 'black snake,' ' chicken-and-biscuit-eating Uncle Tom, ' 'house Negro' and
'handkerchief head,' ' Benedict Arnold' and ' Judas Iscariot. '"

 Now anybody who's read three New York Times editorials, as Coulter's defrauded readers
 clearly have not, would realize immediately that such racial slurs never appeared there.
 (Notice the cunning use of the passive voice: Thomas " is called. ") Indeed, some reviewers
 noticed that Coulter's footnotes led readers elsewhere. Somerby tracked them down.
 Guess what? The offensive phrases didn't appear in those places, either.


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"It's just not credible for the army to keep investigating itself and keep finding itself innocent."
    --Reed Brody, "Getting Away with Torture?"  Attribution


 Subject: I also see it

 When Bush broke his campaign promise to combat global warming with
 mandatory carbon emissions caps, I knew we were all in deep, deep, trouble.

 That single act pronounced a death sentence on planet earth,
 and ended all hope of ever keeping climate change manageable.

 Laura D

 Laura, we're not dead yet.
 Hang in there, try to blow off as much steam as you can on weekends
 (safe sex, drugs and alcohol) and be ready to fight again late Monday morning.

 Remember the old saying:
 The strong take from the weak
 and the smart take from the strong.

 All we gotta do is play it smart.
 ...and hell,  ...we're fighting insane people!

 We should be winning easily, but the Dems are scared.


 Feds Probe Martha's Party
 Osama still free but bastards chase Martha?

  Click  Here

 Is Martha Stewart just having too much fun for a house arrestee?
 Bush's bastards seem to think so.

 Martha is currently under investigation from federal probation officials who say
 she may have violated the terms of her house arrest. The event in question was
 a magazine party held in Manhattan last week

"We are looking into whether Martha Stewart violated the conditions of her release,"
 Chris Stanton, the chief probation officer of the Southern District of New York,
 confirmed to CNN regarding Stewart's attendance at Time magazine's "100 Most
 Influential People of 2004" issue party. Martha made the list.

 Stewart, who is under house arrest until August, says the party was strictly
 work-related, which would be allowed under the terms of her release. .

 The New York Whore Post is taking credit for snitching on the suspected Democrat.


 Subject:  Donation

 Bart, it was great talking with you.
 You can't imagine how shocked I was to get the call.


 Cliff, your donation was most generous.

 If you send a donation - it wouldn't hurt to send your phone number.


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 Or snail mail to

 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK 74155

 Suicide by crossbow
  Here's how we do it in Oklahoma

 Floyd Morris, armed with a crossbow, entered the Okmulgee hospital with the weapon
 pointed under his chin and fired it, killing himself Sunday morning, police said.

 Morris walked into the emergency room about 2:30 a.m. Sunday and approached an attendant,
 who called for a nurse, Police Chief Edgar Best said.

"When the nurse came to the front, he said, 'I don't want to die,' and then he pulled the trigger
 and shot himself underneath the chin, and the arrow went up into his head," Best said.

 Morris was taken by helicopter to St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa, where he was pronounced dead.


 Reagan's Record

  Click  Here

  First to turn America into a DEBTOR nation
  First to double the deficit in just eight years
  First to have HOME LOAN INTEREST RATES as high as 16%
  First to testify "under oath" 130 times that "I DON'T REMEMBER" .
  First to invite the Pope to visit the White House and "BRING THE WIFE AND KIDS"


Marty's Entertainment Page

 Tony Blair is a war criminal
  Bush doesn't own the British press

  Click  Here

 Tony Blair has been the worst prime minister since Neville Chamberlain, a figure with whom he shares
 a number of significant characteristics. Chamberlain was a supremely confident and arrogant politician,
 an excellent speaker and a deeply religious man with a hotline to God. He had an unassailable majority
 in parliament, was popular in the country and presided over a cabinet stuffed with nonentities. Blair has
 followed in his footsteps, and is destined for the same place in history's hall of infamy. Like Chamberlain,
 he is an arrogant and God-fuelled appeaser, the unseemly ally of an unbridled country that presents a
 global threat similar to Germany in the 1930s.


 Subject: 24

 Chloe ROCKS!

 For those who didn't see it (24 or the secret message) Chloe is an office agent ONLY so she
 protested when her boss sent her on a mission in the field. When her armed guards were quickly
 shot and killed, she found herself running from a hail of enemy gunfire without any training at all.

 By phone, the office gave her the combo to the box in the CTU car that held an assault rifle.
 Chloe turned into Dirty Harriet and sent the bad guy straight to to hell.

 That 24, it's a pulse pounding show.



"If we get rid of the moon, women, whose menstrual
  cycles are governed by the moon, will not get PMS.
  They will stop bitching and whining."
     -- Cal Gov. Musclehead on Howard Stern

 Kully-fornia, are you happy with your Bush think-alike?


 Subject: no soldiers were spat on?

 That is a lie.
 I was spit upon in the Oakland Airport in 1969.

 It  happened to others, too.
 Tim A

 Tim, obviously one can't say, "Nobody was spit on" unless one knew "everybody."
 But sometimes the pro-war side likes tyo make it seem as tho soldiers had to run
 a gauntlet of spitting hippies at every airport and THAT certainly isn't true.

 Sorry that happened to you...



 You have a great site. I really enjoy your comments.
 I'll send you some money when I can.
 Being 100% disabled Nam Vet with a very young family does not leave much extra.

 Tim, thanks but don't send any money.
 Spend that on your family.

 In Oakland back in 69 what happened was this young girl spit on the guy in front of me.
 He ducked to one side and I got it. As I recall there were quite a few anti war people there.
 Name calling and all that.

 Peace Brother
 Tim A

 Dude, sorry you had to go thru that.


 Subject: RE: hey from bart

 Hey Bart,

 I stopped subscribing because you never replied to the question I sent to you
 regarding the irritating misuse of the term "radical" to describe the Rightwingers
 when the proper term for them is "reactionary".


 Frank, thank Koresh.
 I was worried that people were cancelling for frivolous reasons.

 I plead nolo contendere, which is Altar Boy for "I'm going to lose, anyway."
 I believe you when you say I failed to answer your e-mail.
 You had every right to cancel your subscription over that.

 ...and I do appreciate the feedback.


 Subject: Wait a minute...!


 I thought that if we can't find WMD, that just means that
 Saddam is hiding them, not that they don't exist.

 Doesn't this article just mean that it's time to get tougher on Sadam?
 Maybe he just loaned them to his good friends the Iranians?

 Note:  My God, what an amazing trip, not using one's brain at all.
 Now I understand what the religio-fascist movement is all about, and why they fought so hard
 to keep Terri Schiavo alive.  I'm slipping further· further· KILLING = Christ-like!
 Two men who love each other = work of Satan!
 No·direction· W, command me!

 Sailboat Jimmy

 Weapons Inspector Ends WMD Search in Iraq

  Click  Here



Investment Real Estate
The easy way!

 TV Stuff

 On a personal note, do you know what I hope I don't read?

"Bart, did you see Shirley and Garbage on Letterman last night?"
"Bart, did you see Shirley and Garbage on Jay Leno last night?"
"Bart, did you see Shirley and Garbage on The Late, Late Show last night?"
"Bart, did you see Shirley and Garbage on Ellen's show last night?"
"Bart, did you see Shirley and Garbage on Conan last night?"

 If I miss her/them, I'll just have to waste valuable page inches begging for a tape.

 What I want to read is,

"Bart, don't forget Shirley and Garbage on Carson Daly tonight."

 Together, we can make this work.
 If you see Shirley/Garbage in your TV listings could you send me an e-mail?
 And if they're doing Hello, LA which doesn't play in Oklahoma, could you tape that?

 Dan in Raleigh sent me a CD of Garbage in San Fransisco a week or three back.
 I was surprised at Shirley's new vocal arrangements to old songs.  Ordinarily I hate that,
 when a singer changes a song I like, but Shirley can do whatever she wants and I'll like it.
 Thanks, Dan!

 BTW, if you  Click  Here   you can search for and watch the Garbage video, "Why Do You Love Me?"

 You might not like it - it's a video of Shirley waking up and getting dressed.
 When she gets to the pouty turtleneck part....

 Shrl - do Tulsa!

 You've played Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa, remember? - for Garbage 2.0?
 You guys blue the roof off the dump.


 Tell you what - play Tulsa and I'll cook Train Station Chicken  for the whole band
 - but no agents, no lawyers, no suits, no cops, no Republicans and no (sorry) kids.


 If you come in July, I'll feed you guys Bixby corn - you can't get that in Edinburg,


 play The Hard Rock in Vegas and I'll throw down a tequila clinic at the Pink Taco.


 Subject:  You're Pathetic!

 Bart, relative to the effluvia (what?) you wrote,

> "The surviving soldiers owe Jane Fonda a debt of gratitude."

 Let me say that I'm one of those soldiers who sweated it out in nam along with Brandt and countless others.

 Brandt's Vietnam service has not been verified.

 You obviously have lost the little brains you were born with.

 You're not the first person to tell me that.

 You're one squeak in the roar of combat vets who fought and died so you could utter trash like that.
 CC in FL

 CC, the Viet Cong tried to take away my right to speak?
 I don't think so.
 Why would you try to sell me that crazy idea?

 You wanted that bloody war to keep going?

 If you had your way, would the war still be raging today?
 Or would you have wanted someone to stop it?

 Did you enjoy "sweating it out" with countless others?
 You can't have it both ways.
 You can't say "War is hell" and hate the people who tried to stop it.



 "Miller" in PittsburgH - thanks for the Dr Younger Polio Special videotape.
 I owe you but I lost your address.

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"I believe divorce is a sin. Guess what? I've been divorced.
  Guess what? Jesus talks about divorce more than homosexuality.
  I know why they obsess over it. Because they get votes bashing gays."
     --Joe Scarborough, on Bill Maher   Attribution



 Subject: New Garbage CD

 Hey, Bartcop -

 Did you check out the new Garbage CD yet ?
 Of course, it's pretty good.

 I bet you wish you could be Shirley's "Bad Boyfriend", huh ?
(Well, actually - who wouldn't want to be that ?  Ha ha.)

 Later, man · Keep up the good fight ·
(Not the Carl you went to the Mexican prison with)

 Carl, I can't let Shirley see this, but I haven't had time to listen to it yet.
 Some days I don't have time to think :)


Bush's U.S. soldier body count in Iraq

1562, 1567, 1574, dead soldiers under Bush



Remind me - why did we invade Iraq?


 Bush Hides the Truth
    by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 Generals Sanchez and Miller are among the officers whom the Army inspector general just exonerated;
 and, of course, the President has publicly praised (and rehired) Mr. Rumsfeld, while awarding the Medal
 of Freedom to Mr. Tenet. To restore honor and integrity, Human Rights Watch recommends appointment
 of a special counsel and independent commission to investigate torture, apportion responsibility, report
 findings and prosecute when warranted.

 As for State's annual terrorism report, which has been issued every year for decades, the department's
 spokespersons insist that Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice omitted the usual numbers about incidents
 and casualties for purely bureaucratic reasons. Those numbers will henceforth be compiled and analyzed
 by the National Counterterrorism Center. But the spokespersons couldn't say when or whether those
 figures will ever be released to the public and the press.

 The real reason for withholding the numbers, according to independent experts, is that they don't
 support the boasts of the Bush administration. Larry C. Johnson, a former counterterrorism official at
 the C.I.A. and the State Department, reported on his Web log that the raw data already has leaked
 out÷and didn't look very good.


 Subject: the Pope's 'Hitler youth"

 Let's give the Pro-Nazi-Pope their arguement that he was forced into Hitler's army.
 Let's say that the Pope had no choice in the matter and should be excused.
 What about the millions of women who were "Forced" into being born women?
 Why are female Catholics not eligible to become Pope or a priest?

 Prejudical treatment is already in place in the Catholic Church.
 If this pope is truly looking for legitimacy, he MUST work toward reforms in the church
 which will greatly expand inclusiveness within the ranks of the church.
 Otherwise the obvious fact that the church promotes sexism and anti-Semitism is firmly in place.


 When I was a very young Catholic, I thought it was exteremely unfair that they
 hung "Original sin" around my neck when I hadn't done a damn thing - yet.

 Plus, Jesus died on the cross for me and now I owe Him BIG-time?
 Who asked him to do that?
 Not me.


 Save the 

Put yourself on the next radio show.

Challenge me, scream at Bush or do a 2-minute rant.
BCR is listened to by dozens, so get your comments out there.

You have two minutes to record your message.

 I got a call on the BartPhone from a lady worried about a soldier who was punished
 for calling (or e-mailing) home that things weren't going well in Iraq and he was punished.

 We can't begin to shine some light on that without the fellow's name.
 Please send that to us and we'll see if we can help.

 Subject: Jane Fonda

 Hey Bart,

 Frank's letter was offbase in one way - I was a young soldier just back from Viet Nam, and going home.
 A girl spit on me in the Seattle airport, and me in my brand new uniform, no less.  I went to the bathroom
 and changed into some ratty tropical clothes I had in my duffel bag and put the uniform in the trashcan.
 It happened, believe me.  It happened to others too, and it's no urban legend.

 However I never paid any attention to what Jane Fonda was doing except the movies she made.
 She was a pinup girl for GI's in Viet Nam, did you know that?  Lot's of us liked her.
 For god's sake, I still think she's cute, don't tell my wife!
 I'm like a lot of veterans who got over the war and got over the strong feelings of the 60's,
 and got on with their lives.  Some didn't, and I'm sorry for them.

 Regards, Don the Day Trader


 Lindsay Lohan's House Burgled
 She suspects her 'friends' - I'd look at the Dad


  Click  Here


 Subject: screw Jane Fonda

 One stupid mistake? Is it not Bart rule #2 that states that "if one makes a mistake
 and makes lots of money, one will continue to make the same mistake"?

 You think that mistake made her money?

 Jane made a mistake, and it did not hurt her one bit, she advanced her career
 and made millions after she sat on that North Vietnamese AAA gun.

 I protested the war but Fonda really did piss me off with that stunt, why I should forgive her?
 Screw Jane Fonda, she does not give a shit about anyone but herself.


 Tman, it's be my guess she made millions despite her big mistake
 but you're certainly entitled to your opinion.


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