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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Bush, with the Candlestick...
Conyers demands answers 
Catholics - Confederates?
Downing memo gets a look  
Bush Ignores Reality
Aristocracy on the rise in US   
Anne Bancroft Dies at Age 73 
Congrats to David Swanson 
The anti-Cruise backlash


 Quote of the Day

"52 percent of Americans disapprove of 
  the job President Bush is doing overall."
        ABC News poll      Attribution

  If America had a free press, 
  that number could be 32 percent or lower.


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         Wednesday    June 8,  2005        Visit  RichardPryor.com       Mike Malloy on   AAR


"Hannity appeared on the View to talk about 2008 nominees. Rosie O'Donnell was
  a guest host and got into a fight with Hannity. She called Bush a war criminal, talked
  about prisoner torture and Koran abuse. Bush should be tried. Hannity's only defense
  was "isn't the world safer without Saddam?"
    --MellowOne,    Attribution

 Poor Rosie, she's lost control of her brain and her mouth.
 She loves Clinton - she hates Clinton.
 She loves Bush - she hates Bush.

 She can't remember if she likes gay bashers or not.
 She hates the people who were wounded in battle (Clinton) for her,
 and she loves the people who think her marriage is an abomination.

 Poor Rosie, she's lost her mind.


 Bush, with the Candlestick...
    by Robert Parry at  consortiumnews.com

  Click  Here

 The clues are falling into place, pointing to the incontrovertible judgment that
 Bush willfully misled the US into invading Iraq, in part, by eliminating
 the possibility of the peaceful solution that he pretended to want.

 Many of the clues have been apparent for three years - and some were reported in
 outlets such as our own Consortiumnews.com in real time - but only recently have
 new revelations clarified this obvious reality for the slow-witted mainstream U.S. news media.

 The latest piece of the puzzle was reported by Charles J. Hanley of the AP in an article on June 4
 describing how Bush's Undersecretary of State John Bolton orchestrated the ouster of global arms
 control official Jose Bustani in early 2002 because Bustani's Organization for the Prohibition of
 Chemical Weapons [OPCW] was making progress toward getting arms inspectors back into Iraq.

 If Bustani had succeeded in gaining Iraq's compliance with international inspection demands,
 Bush would have been denied his chief rationale for war, even before U.S. military divisions were
 deployed to the Persian Gulf. Bustani had made himself an obstacle to war, so he had to go.

 Note: Do you see why Consortiumnews.com is the most important site on the internet?


 Downing Street memo gets a look
  US media forced to stop cover up, admit memo exists

  Click  Here

 Reuters correspondent Steve Holland asked Bush and his Poodle Blair
 about a memo that's been widely written about and discussed in Europe
 but banned in the American media to assist Bush in his never-ending world rape.

 It was the most attention paid by the media in the USA so far to the "Downing Street memo,"
 first reported on May 1 by The Sunday Times of London. The memo is strong evidence that
 Bush decided to 'play Patton' and then looked for evidence to support his decision.

 None of the stories appeared on the (American) newspapers' front pages. Several other major
 media outlets, including the evening news programs on ABC, CBS and NBC, had not said a
 word about the document before Tuesday to help Bush fool the people once again.
 Today marks USA TODAY's first mention.

 USA Today, thy name is whore.

 You sat on this life-and-death story like EVERY big media whore to protect your boy Bush!

 I'm so old, I remember when newspapers protected the people FROM bad government.
 But the minute Bush stole the 2000 election, you sellouts turned into good little Bush puppies,
 rolling over whenever you needed a cookie from your masters, Rove and his Monkey.

 You're not reporters, anymore.
 You're all Pat O'Briens - (not a compliment) whoring trash for cash for the lowest denominator.

 Shame, shame shame on every for-sale "news outlet" that helped Bush to cover up the facts
 so he could start a war to steal Iraq's oil and send 1700 (or 9000?) soldiers to their graves.

                          January 2003


 Subject: Blame the chainsaw?

 Hey, Bart,

 I'm following this debate with great interest.
 I think your latest  exchange with The Brew illuminates a point I tried to make:
 I think the soldiers are not to blame, but they bear some responsibility for the results.

 That's an intelligent statement.
 So many have tried to hang, "You excuse their crimes" on me, which is crap.
 The guilty should be tried and punished. Only a loon would argue with that.

 I'm so old I remember what happened to the guys of my generation who came back from Vietnam.
 I worked with them, I listened to their stories, and I can tell you, without a shadow of a doubt, that
 most of them bore psychic scars that will never heal because of what they saw and did over there.

 That's what I mean when I say soldiers bear some responsibility for the things that happen in a war,
 not that they're to blame for them. Anyone with half a brain knows who lied us into this, who heedlessly
 sacrifices these young  men and women, who's raking in all the profits from Iraqi oil. As  always,
"the rich get richer," and the poor are left with the mess.

 The dilemma of the soldiers is that they bear the responsibility without seeming to have the power to
 change what's happening. Shelby  Foote, in discussing the Battle of Gettysburg, pointed out that the
 Confederates who participated in Pickett's charge are often called  "brave," but that it was a charge
 that should never have been made, and the real brave man would have been the one who said,
"Hell, no, Marse Robert, I ain't goin'." Yet even General Longstreet, who knew the charge would fail,
 in the end did not have enough courage to refuse to give the order. He wrote in his memoirs that,
 when asked to give the order to go, he could not speak, but only nodded, and began crying.
(This theme is also explored in the movie "Gallipoli," where  thousands of Anzac troops were
 sacrified in useless charges in the face of murderous machine-gun fire.)

 Still, it is a myth, but a powerful one, that soldiers are helpless to take collective action.
 History is replete with examples of soldiers refusing clearly immoral orders - one particularly stunning
 example is the refusal of the Wehrmacht troops stationed in occupied Denmark to prevent or interdict
 the rescue of Denmark's Jews, or to participate in shipping them off to certain death in the concentration
 camps. But many soldiers, because of loyalty or training, feel incapable of doing what they know is right.
 The guilt-racked veterans of Vietnam are proof enough of that. If past experience means anything,
 the veterans of this conflict will need  more, not less, support.

 But if "support the troops" is to mean more than a sticker on the back of an SUV, we who support them
 must match our words with deeds.  For starters, go to your congressperson's web site (especially if they're
 Republicans) and let them know how you feel about their shameful action over Memorial Day weekend in
 denying health benefits to National Guardsmen and Reservists serving in Iraq. If your congressperson is a
 Democrat, urge them to re-introduce the legislation, and to keep introducing it until it passes. Tell your
 congressperson that, regardless of party, if he or she keeps denying  these veterans the benefits they have
 so richly earned, that you will do everything in your power to defeat him or her in 2006, and then DO  IT!

 Ann in Philly


 It's a shame that the evil, greedy Republicans are lining their pockets with tax cuts
 while denying benefits to those who sacrificed their limbs and lives for this country.



"It's not that they live in a world that doesn't really exist.
  It's that they really don't actually know what the word 'progress' means.
  They think it's something bad."
     --Jon Stewart, after playing clips of Bush and Cheney praising "all the progress" in Iraq,


 Catholics - Confederates?

  Click  Here

 In Saint Mary Parish the Confederate battle flag is causing a "flap" in Charenton, LA.
 Some African Americans are starting a petition drive to have the flag removed from the grounds
 of Immaculate Conception Catholic Church.    The church has no plans to take it down.


 They don't care if they offend descendents of slaves,
 they don't care if they offend women,
 they don't care if they offend the parents of crime victims...

 Is this the Catholic Church or the Republican Party?


Democratic war hero George McGovern,
(with a BartCop sticker)
who was "sap" enough to fly 46 bombing missions
over hostile German skies 59 years ago.

Shot of Chinaco Anejo to you, Senator.

 Rep John Conyers demands answers
  A Dem with a spine - if only we had 300 more like him

  Click  Here

"I am asking you to sign on to a letter to the President requesting he answer
 the questions posed to him by 89 Members of Congress.

"I will personally insure that this letter
  is delivered to the White House."

 You can read the letter here and sign on at the bottom of that page.

 Randi Rhodes says Conyers is "going to create a stink."

 If they handled this right (I won't say it) the press will be there and everyone will ask
 about the furor (Or is it furhor in Bush's case?) and make more people aware that
 Bush lied about this war so he could
 play cowboy and steal Iraq's oil.

 You have to sign up for this or you like Bush - it's that simple.



"I tell you an interesting ethical dilemma that the President has to deal with. And that is,
  if you're in my shoes, and you thought Abu Farraj al-Libbi had planned an attack on America,
 would you use any means necessary to get the information from him? And the decision I have
 made is 'No, we will not.' And let's just pray he doesn't have that information. And when I told
 the American people we're not torturing, we're not torturing. But try that on for an interesting
 ethical dilemma as the President of the United States."
    --Dubya, the lying torturer, lying again about torture   Attribution



 Subject: under-reporting the war dead

 I saw the link on your page today regarding over 9000 dead as a result of this war
 and came upon this about Vietnam, where they apparently didn't count over 20,000
 additional deaths because the soldiers died of their wounds elsewhere...:


 Keep hammering...



"A new White House memo excludes CIA director Porter Goss from National Security
  Council meetings.  Bush's one-page mem o is viewed as a kind of eulogy for the CIA.
  The CIA director is no longer automatically welcome at the President's (NSC) meetings.
  Bush loyalist and Iran-Contra felon John Negroponte has taken his chair."
       --Timothy J. Burger, "Sidelining the CIA",   Attribution

 I'll tell you what happened here:
 Goss refused to take the blood oath to the BFEE, and Bush can't fire him after claiming,
 Goss is the right man at the right time for this right job" so he stripped him of his power
 and gave it to long-time sword-faller-onner Negroponte, a loyal capo in the BFEE.


white house ho reporter.asp

 Subject: Democrats aren't anti-soldier

 Hey Bart,
 Contrary to what Sean Hannity says the Democrats are not anti-soldier!
 We aren't the ones cutting veterans benefits -- or closing bases for that matter.
 The people who are writing to complain about the soldiers may not be democrats.
 Maybe I'm not a democrat.
 I want to find a party that is against the republican agenda -- a party that wants to
 rebuild America and protect it AND has balls -- any suggestions?
 Marie in Bangkok

 Marie, we need a "Party of BartCop."


 As Casualties Mount, Bush Ignores Reality
   by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 Although the ongoing carnage in Iraq no longer gets the headlines reserved for exhibitionist celebrities,

 even the flickering attention paid to death's daily drumbeat is too much for certain war enthusiasts.
 A conservative columnist for The New York Times has suggested that the media simply cease coverage
 of suicide bombings. This was a strange proposal from someone working for one of the world's most
 important news organizations, but one that aptly reflected current attitudes in the White House,
 the Defense Department and much of official Washington.

 Both Bush and Cheney evidently believe their own uplifting rhetoric and brusque dismissals of criticism.
 They won't let reality-based analysis intrude on their faith-based perspective.


 Random thought...

 Why is the religion lobby so behind this war?

 Pope JP said he was against it, but apparently didn't mind Bush using him on abortion
 while launching the War of Lies on the backards country of Iraq.

 Joey Rats seems to have a BFEE connection, so he'll help by staying out of it and
 urging his bishops to attack pro-choicers instead of warmongering opportunists.

 Meanwhile, your Falwells, Robertsons, Dobsons etc are all "Rah Rah, hit 'em harder,"
 for this war and the religio-crazies just follow whatever path these psychos chart for them.

 Is that what Jesus would do?



 Subject: Hello

 ...while I don't agree with you on Afghanistan, I see your points, I understand,
 I enjoy reading what you write about your  perspective, and what you write is good-stuff.
 I just don't agree.

 So far, this is like the perfect letter!
 Can he continue his hitting streak?!

 Not agreeing doesn't make me anti-Bart.  It doesn't make me anti-military.
 As a pro in humanitarian assistance in "conflict areas", I'd have to say that I'd like to
 see alot less warlike stuff in general - but that doesn't make me anti-military, either.

 Since you've been in several "conflict areas," I'll bet you can extra-appreciate the value
 of having a superior good army to confront the inferior bad army when they get off their hissy.

 Since those "conflict areas" where I've worked include Afghanistan, I can't help but saying that
 it's more complicated than one perspective or the other - how so, is hard for me to explain.
 At any rate, I enjoy reading your stuff on this subject as well as others -

 Cheers and best,

 Damon, I understand.
 Maybe when you have more time, you could write (and format?) 2,000 words on that?

 As for me, I cringe when I hear lefties trashing "those evil soldiers."
 Yeah, those "those evil soldiers," who spend Christmas getting shot at because they never
 imagined a criminal president would actually make their wives widows for a few dollars more.


Marty's Entertainment Page

Used by permission mnftiu.cc/

 Aristocracy on the rise in US
   by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 Between 1980 and 2001, the number of families worth more than $10 million grew by more than 400 percent.

 According to Johnston: "From 1950 to 1970... for every additional dollar earned by the bottom 90 percent,
 those in the top 0.01 percent earned an additional $162, according to the Times analysis. From 1990 to 2002,
 for every extra dollar earned by those in the bottom 90 percent, each taxpayer at the top brought in an extra $18,000."

 Can you belive that?
 For every dollar the poor man made, the hyper-rich made $18,000.
 Yet somehow, Kerry couldn't convince the nation to vote their pocketbooks last year.



"Howard and I have been saying the same thing about this for years. Hear that?
  The same thing. For years. Have I ever put it some way that Howard wouldn't agree with?
  Probably. And he put it in a way, once, just the other day, that I can't agree with.  Howard
  and I are committed to a 50-state strategy that will reach out to the voters..."
       --Sen. John Edwards, trying to undo the damage he cause by dissing Howard Dean   Attribution

 Why can't our side ever get it right? 
 If Edwards had criticized Bush as quickly as he does Howard Dean, we might've won last year
 - but Edwards is too nice to criticize a greedy, lying Republican with blood on his hands.


 Subject:  yeah, but...

 did you like her (Hillary, I'm guessing) vote to nominate rice for sec of state..?

 Dwick, at first glance, ...can't say that I did.

 Sometimes in poker, you make all nicey-chat with some mark to get him off his ball,
 and then you swoop in and smack him with Thor's baddest hammer to knock him out.
 So if it was a poker move that puts Hillary in the White House in '08, count me all in.

 She voted for Bush's nasty war, too, but then again, if the CIA assured Sen. Bart that Saddam
 could launch any minute, and would I vote to stop him, my answer would've been,
"OK, but if you're lying to me, I'll get my revenge from the Oval Office."

 I think Hillary and Bill are a dozen moves ahead of everybody.
 I hope she and he are twice as cunning and conniving as the Nazi right says they are.

 I'm real, real tired of our team sleeping thru game day.

 I can't guarantee a Hillary victory, but I can guarantee she'll fight harder and smarter than
 any candidate before her, because they'll be even better than they were in '92 and '96.

 As far as I know, I was first to use the terms, "42/44" and "Clinton 44."



 Subject: I'm glad I contributed

 Jeez, I'm sitting here at my computer and overhearing that Geobbels-for-hire bastard
 Chris Matthews on Leno spinning lie after lie -- and Leno, the weasel whore, isn't calling
 him on anything, just nodding and sucking up, providing the son of a bitch with a nice
 comfy platform for his propaganda. Christ! Er, I mean Koresh! I can hardly type for the rage I feel!
 But there are a few antidotes. One is doing what i can to help spread the truth.
 The other thing is to listen to BCR...ah, relief is only a swallow away!

        "Will lie for food."

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 Anne Bancroft Dies at Age 73
   I always liked her and I feel bad for Mel


  Click  Here

 Anne Bancroft, who achieved great fame as the seductive Mrs. Robinson in "The Graduate," has died.
 She was 73. She died of cancer on Monday, a spokesman for her husband, Mel Brooks, said Tuesday.


 Tonight's debate

 I hesitate to promote these debates because they rarely come off as "big events."
 The person I nicknamed "Tara" is known to some of you as "Naskar" (?) and seems to be
 a nice person, not some wild-ass ditto-monkey with his/her hair on fire, which further reduces
 the odds for some great fireworks - but who knows? ...maybe The Brew will show up :)

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 We plan to start at 10PM Central, so if you've never been there before,
 it wouldn't hurt to try it ahead of time incase you run into something unexpected.

  ...and if you miss it, and it has value, we'll have a transcript next issue.


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 Congrats to David Swanson

 My good friend David Swanson from democrats.com made the USAToday - Page 8A
 David offered $1000 to any reporter who would ask Bush about the Downing Street memo and
 the whore USAToday quoted him as saying, "We want what the Michael Jackson, Paris Hilton
 and Star Wars stories have gotten: endless repetition under people hear about it."

 Go David!


 Subject: Clinton's performance

 Matt Lauer's assessment of Bill Clinton says much more about the failing's of the press
 than about Clinton's failings. Clinton WAS a brilliant and effective politician. No "journalist"
 or "historian" worth a shit can look back on the Clinton sex scandals and not conclude that
 it is the PRESS that has been in deep trouble for many years.

 How much time did the press devote to OJ, Michael Jackson, and Clinton bimbo eruptions?
 Without doubt, the most important black mark on the Clinton presidency was his failure to do much
 of anything about Rwanda! Clinton acted late in Kosovo, but he did finally take the lead in stopping
 the butchery there - and his lateness can be at least partially excused by the fact that   Europeans
 should really have stepped in without reliance on American leadership. But in Rwanda, genocide
 could have been largely, if not entirely, headed off by a relatively modest application of US muscle.
 Tim the Aggie Prof

 Tim, one thing to remember - they were GOING to impeach Clinton, no matter what.
 They could've impeached him for "war crimes in Rwanda" or for "senselessly putting
 soldiers in harm's way," or anything but they were GOING to impeach him.

 Had he made different decisions than those he made, he might've been pushed from power
 while he still had years to go in his damn successful presidency.


Bush's body count in Iraq

  1672, 1677, 1683, dead soldiers under Bush

6 more died in the last 24 hours, but shhhhhhhhhhh!!
Bush and his media want you to look the other way.


 Chicago Pokerfest 2005

 Note: We want someone to "call" the big poker game for BCR.
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 Days Inn Lincoln Park North

 4 PM Saturday, July 16th with a party on a tall roof Friday night.

 If you want in, PayPal or snail mail $104 to bartcop@bartcop.com
 That will pay for two $50 tournaments, which last about 2 hours each, with $4 going to PayPal.
 If you snail mail, just send $100 but you have to do it right away because we will sell out
 and we can't accomodate last-minute players.

 Also, we're adding $20 per person to help with the cost of the room, so for $124, you will
 be in two tourneys, but surely more games will occur. We plan to stagger the games. maybe
 start 8 or 10 players at 4PM, then start another tourney at 4:30.  We expect side games to
 break out, for those who prefer a "regular" game instead of a tournament.

 For the first time, we'll try to accomodate non-players, if you chip in $20 for the room.
 This is bring your own beer, wine, booze, whatever - (must be 21 to drink). We will have
 ice, cokes, 7-Up etc, but not fringe mixers like Cranberry Juice, milk or tomin water.

 We have the room all evening, so the party will start at 4 with the first deal.

 Where to stay
 The Days Inn Lincoln Park is sold out  BUT
 we have some rooms reserved with a password.

 We work out further details (by popular vote) at the game.
 Maybe we'll do $25 tourney's instead of $50s, it's up to the players.

 If you plan on coming, don't wait.
 If you have to snail mail - do it today.
 Once we fill the tables, more players just isn't an option.
 If you want in, PayPal or snail mail $104 to bartcop@bartcop.com
 No money will change hands at the Fest.
 Winners will be paid the following week or two.

 Comments?  (Put 'Poker' in the subject box)

Call the 

...as heard in BCR Show 75

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Challenge me, scream at Bush or do a 2-minute rant.
BCR is listened to by dozens, so get your comments out there.

You have two minutes to record your message.


"I'm confused where God is: He's everywhere.
  If we did this in a parking lot of Wal-Mart, God would be there."
     --TX Gov. Rick Perry, (R-Fascist) claiming that liberals banished God from somewhere,   Attribution


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  Hollywood braces for anti-Cruise backlash


   Click  Here

 Several Hollywood publicists say Paramount Pictures, which is releasing "The War of the Worlds"
 this month starring Tom Cruise, is worried about whether negative stories over Cruise's manic
 confession of love for Holmes on The Oprah Winfrey Show will hurt the nearly $130 million film.

 During the interview last month with the talk show host, Cruise became giddy when asked about Holmes.
 He jumped onto Oprah's couch, pumped his fist in the aiur and played the buffoon, then ran backstage
 to get his girlfriend and bring her out, all the time screaming, "I love this woman."

 ha ha

 Nobody believes him - because he can't act.
 Is Katie just a publicity-generating a beard for Cruise?


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