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Sept 10-12, 2005     Volume 1618 - Arabians

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Power of Nightmares

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Bungler 'Brownie' removed
"GFY" Patriot arrest 
Ophelia scares whites
Bush falls to 39 38 %
No pics of the dead
Bush lifts wage rules
Wacky on the junk
The unfeeling president
Dr. Jennifer Morrison


 Quote of the Day

"I understand that politicians put cronies 
  and cupcakes on the payroll.  I just wish
  they'd stop putting them on the Homeland
  Security payroll."
      -- MoDo, the Dragon Lady


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"Come on, Mr. President, this can’t be fun for you anymore.
You can’t spend any of our money because you used it all up. And you can’t
start another war because you’ve used up the troops. The cupboard’s bare,
the credit card’s maxed out and no one’s speaking to you — mission accomplished!
Now it’s time to do what you do best: lose interest and walk away, like you did with
your military service and the oil company and the baseball team. Time to move on
and try the next fantasy job. How about cowboy or spaceman?  You’ve performed
so poorly you should give yourself a medal.” 
--Bill Maher, and that's why I like him


 Bungler "Brownie" removed
   Why did Bush put a horseman in charge of disasters?


FEMA fraud Michael Brown is being relieved of his command of Bush's Katrina onsite efforts,
Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff announced Friday.

Remember how loud they screamed when Clinton allowed friends and contributors to sleep over
in the Lincoln Bedroom?  Bush put an unqualified (but intensely loyal) friend in charge of
protecting America from disasters and who knows how many thousands will die as a result?

With Bush, we always have to wait until hundreds or thousands of people die 
before the press or the gelding Democrats dare to question Der Monkey.

When they said "Bush doesn't need to be the smartest person in the room?"
they also said, "Because he'll surround himself with esperts."

"Brownie" is an expert at registering Arabian horses and as a result,
  thousands of poor, black people are dead on the Gulf Coast..



"It would be wrong to let Michael Brown be the scapegoat for FEMA's sins.
Turns out that a raft of FEMA's top leaders have little or no emergency
management experience, but are instead politically well connected to the GOP
and the White House. This is a scandal, a real scandal. How is it possible that
four years after 9/11, the president treats a federal agency vital to homeland
security as a patronage prize? 

   -- Rod Dreher   Link  


Maybe Bush has Osama's guarantee that they won't strike again on US soil..
That one notion explains a whooooooooooooooole lot of things.


 "GFY" Patriot arrest by Cheney's goons


Ben Marble, a young emergency room physician who plays in alternative rock bands
and does art on the side, needs our help. Since he was the one who told Dick Cheney
to "go fuck yourself" on Sept. 8, that's the least we can do.

          Free speech patriot Ben Marble

Marble  is a complex guy, to say the least. Some of the lyrics he writes can be considered
harsh by some – personally what I've heard is very much on target - but he has a softer side
as an organizer of breast cancer fund-raisers, not to mention an ER doctor.

When he, like thousands of others, lost his home due to Hurricane Katrina last week,
it was the single most traumatic week of his life. That led to his Sept. 8 confrontation
with the man who best represents the heartless, shittiest administration in U.S. history.

In The Godfather, at the hospital, right after McCluskey broke Michael's jaw,
he was going to arrest the Corleone 'detectives" when Tom Hagen spoke up.

"These men are private detectives. They are licensed to carry firearms.
If you interfere with their jobs in any way, you'll have to appear before
a judge in the morning and show just cause."

I realize that was a fictional story from the late 1940s, but I believe the principle is valid.
Cheney can't just travel around the country and arrest people for speaking.
In every case, the charges are dropped a few days later but they can't do that.

Why can't a Democrat go before a federal judge and ask him to issue a restraining order
forbidding these fascist goons from arresting people for speaking, wearing a t-shirt or
standing on the side of the road holding a sign that says "F-W."

And if there's some Patriot Act horseshit that does give them the right to arrest people who
aren't a threat, then the Democrats should shame them into stopping this illegal practice.

       "Bart, you're always trying to stir up some trouble..."

Back when we had a leader elected by the people, goons like Rush and Hannity reported every
verbal assault on Clinton inspired by them, and back then they claimed it was proof that Clinton
was "hated by the people."    The vulgar Pigboy even said the Independence Day audience
cheered when the White House blew up because, "Clinton acts like a dictator," remember?

So the next time someone says, "How dare you call Bush & Cheney fascist, Nazi bastards?"
just remind them that speaking, wearing a shirt and holding signs are all illegal under the regime
of the never-elected, Bush Family Evil Empire sons of bitches.


 Ophelia headed towards the rich, the white
   Watch out - hundreds of relief trucks heading to coast
   Where will Bush find a darkie to hug?


Hurricane Ophelia parked off the coast of the southeastern United States on Sunday
and could hit North Carolina later in the week, forecasters said. Ophelia was not
expected to strengthen in the next day but could grow stronger after that.

They expected the hurricane to begin drifting west-northwest by Monday,
with the center on or near the North Carolina coast on Wednesday.



Subject: bartcop.com blocked at work

Ah Bart, they went and done it, the man has blocked your site at my work.
Now when I click on the top link in my "favorites", I get a big fat "ACCESS DENIED
- SEX/ADULT MATERIAL". Can you believe that shit?

They use Websense, I googled it--it is supposedly the most up-to-date web filtering
(employee productivity) program out there. Here is the catergory breakdown:


I wonder what category you used to be in...

Well goddamn it dude, updates on the site were what got me through the afternoon,
now I am going to have to actually work. This sucks. I spent my free time listening,
I used to get paid to read your site...it don't get any better than that.
Ah well, I enjoyed it while it lasted.

Keep hammerin' the BFEE is starting to slip.
Phil in DE

Phil, we'll fix that.
Maybe I can claim bushistruthisgod.com and mirror  bartcop.com  there.
Freedom wins every time, or so the Monkey says.
They can't hide the truth for very long..
Besides, you know what they may be trying to hide?

The Dr. Laura pictures


"And so many of the people in the arena here
were underprivileged anyway, (giggles)
so this is working very well for them."

Is this why Der Monkey is such an uncaring slug?
Because he learned morals and values from this "woman?"

Butcher's Rating Dips Below 40


Bush's job approval has dipped below 40 percent for the first time, reflecting widespread
doubts about his handling of gasoline prices and his going AWOL for Hurricane Katrina.

Bush is now at 39 percent. That's the lowest since the the poll was started in December 2003.
The public's view of the nation's direction has grown increasingly negative as well,
with nearly two-thirds now saying the country is heading down the wrong track.

America - what the hell took you so long?
Bush has been defecating in the center of your living room for almost five years
and now you're starting to think maybe your house is starting to smell bad?

This ain't good.
It's all starting to crumble.


Subject: Four years later

It's been 4 years since the World Trade Center terrorist attack and two wars later,
Osama bin Laden is still free. And we aren't really going after him.

Maybe we need a president who isn't business partners with the bin Laden family.
We are still a nation with our eyes closed and believing our own lies.

Marc Perkel
San Francisco, CA.


The art of Sandra Flood

Please support our sponsors


"I've been a supporter of President Bush, but I just got to come back to the fact
that this is a failure of leadership and I'll tell you I'm personally angry....and I don't
want a president who is taking six week vacations anywhere when Americans are
dying..whether they are dying in Iraq or Lousiana."
--Ret. Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, an avid Bush supporter,  Link


Bush stole an election,
then he went to sleep.

Then he woke up,
played some golf,

...made some money...

...then he went back to sleep.

Evelyn Turner cries for her husband, Xavier,
who died Tuesday in New Orleans.
Bowie, who had lung cancer,
died  when he ran out of oxygen.

...and the networks and newspapers
say Bush is doing a GREAT job.

How much more of Bush
can this country take?


 Subject: the Sept 24 protest signs

Bart, I recently contacted Bart about signs but have not received any.
I want to be in DC for the march.

Please send 2 my way,

John, first, thanks for your support.
I have a bad knee, myself :)

We're shipping signs directly to DC, Los Angeles and San Fran.
In a few days, we'll contact everyone who signed up (or maybe just put an announcement
on the page) about exactly when and where to meet in each city.

You want to protest with dozens of other  bartcop.com  readers, right?


 Subject: the Cheney heckler

yoa Bart

The Cheney 'heckler' was an ER doctor from NO who lost his home
and was forced into a half hour round a block detour to get back to
his 1 month old baby by Cheney's dog and pony show in his neigborhood!

He heard Cheney wanted to hear from 'locals' so he went down to speak to him!



 No pics of the dead
  Media censored to protect Butcher


Cadavers raise questions. When people see them, they wonder, how did they get dead?
When a lot of people see a lot of dead bodies, politicians begin thinking of damage control.
Echoing a Defense Department policy banning the photographing of flag-draped coffins of
American troops, FEMA said on Tuesday that it didn't want journalists to accompany
rescue boats as they search for storm victims, because "the recovery of the victims is being
treated with dignity and the utmost respect." An agency spokeswoman told Reuters,
'We have requested that no photographs of the deceased be made by the media.'"

And, of course, the media didn't object to being blindfolded and gagged..


"Find out if she lost her family in the hurricane
or if she lost a son in Iraq so I know
whether or not she deserves my sympathy."

Newsweek has Bush at 38%

In Katrina’s wake, the president’s popularity and job-approval ratings have dropped
across the board. Only 38 percent of Americans approve of the way Bush is doing his
job overall, a record-low for this president in the NEWSWEEK poll. (Fifty-five percent
of Americans disapprove of his overall job performance.) And only 28 percent say they
are “satisfied with the way things are going” in the country, down from 36 in August and
46 in December, after the president’s re-election. This is another record low and two points
below the Abu Ghraib scandal. Fully 2/3 are not satisfied with the direction of the country.

What we need is a Democratic House.
What we need is a Democratic House with courage.


Random thought...

Next time you hear them say, "The Democrats are playing politics with Katrina,"
remind them that Tom Ridge has admitted that, while he was running Homeland Security,
the Bush bastards raised the terror alert when they thought it might help them politically.

He f-ing admitted that.

So the next time someone says, "The Democrats are playing politics with Katrina,"
remind them about Ridge before giving them Cheney's famous  "G.F.Y."



Wednesday, August 31
Jefferson Parish Emergency Director says food and water supply gone:

“Director Walter Maestri: FEMA and national agencies not delivering
the help nearly as fast as it is needed.” [WWL-TV]

80,000 Believed stranded in New Prleans:
Former Mayor Sidney Barthelemy “estimated 80,000 were trapped in the
flooded city and urged President Bush to send more troops.” [Reuters]

Condi takes in a Braodway show:
“On Wednesday night, Secretary Rice was booed by some audience members
at ‘Spamalot!, the Monty Python musical at the Shubert, when the lights went up
after the performance.” [New York Post, 9/2/05]

FEMA DIRECTOR "Brownie" claims surprise over Katrina's size:
“I must say, this storm is much much bigger than anyone expected.” [CNN]


Subject: Bush and Katrina (last issue)

I am glad somebody said what I was scared to say.

Thank you Darrow.

Scott in Kerrville, Texas


Subject: The NYTimes and "Clinton's crack baby"

Dude, they have these places called "libraries."
These places keep hardcopy (and microfiche, etc) of all sorts of books and newspapers.
And they have copiers, too!

If they really published such, you could do us all a favor by visiting a library,
copying the article, and putting it on your webpage.
Nothing to lose but time...



Koresh knows I've got plenty of that...


is a

...and the BFEE makes a

at it.

Join the tens of thousands
on September 24
Who Will Call for Impeachment
Gather at the White House at 12 noon

BIG Protest March

Sept 24

We're having some signs made. 

         Those are our "Worst president ever" signs

Thanks to your help, we are exceeding our goal.

We can fit more protestors with more signs.

What we've done so far

(Thanks to Chicago Jim for compiling)

Click  Here  to sign up to carry a sign

Click  Here  to donate to the sign fund 

So far, we have $2945 in the sign fund.  

Do you have any extra cash for signs?

It's not tax deductable, but
think of the money you'll lose 
if those bastards win again. 


 Subject: donation

Aloha Bart!
Here's a little something from our Ebay sales last week.
We'll actually be on the Mainland visiting family and doing a little "hammerin'" of our own.

We can't wait to see the protest on National TV, which it should be considering all
the other bad press the BFEE has been gettting lately. It's about time! But is it "in time"?
We can only hope.
Michelle and Brian


You can donate with PayPal...or  snail mail.

 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK  74155

  Click  Here  to subscribe or donate 



Beating Around the Bush

Kurt Vonnegut, Art Buchwald, Paul Krassner, and Barry Crimmins.
Wise and incendiary political satire at its best.

Oct 6 in New York


A reminder of how much trouble we're in...

...and that's before Bush butchered the Gulf Coast.


"Helping localities do what they needed to do to mitigate damage
- that philosophy governed FEMA during the Clinton administration.
  It obviously was rejected by this administration."   
        -- Clinton 44     Link


Subject: Rescue Me

Dear Bart,

In this time of Survivor, American Idol and CNN I wanted to throw my TV out the window.
Then Rescue Me came along. I've admired Denis Leary's work for so long.
He is pure genius.

I wish the networks would get a clue that there is an audience that appreciates
good drama that has nothing to do with cops and crime scenes.
What a powerful performance in last week's show.

Being a former Catholic girl, Mary Magdalene is my favorite character.
Keep telling the truth.

Gerrie in Portland

A couple of shows back, "Tommy" gave mouth-to-mouth to save a little kid
he pulled out of a burning building. When he was done, another fireman told
him to check his lips.  He did that, and found some of the burnt kid's skin on his lips.
I'll bet that's a true story.
Then, a minute later, they do something to make you laugh out loud - hard.

Watching it makes me want to hand a $20 bill to the next fireman I see.
"We never get a raise, because the politicians have us by the balls
   because they know we'd never go on strike."

Season finale Tuesday Night: FX Channel, 10PM eastern



 Subject: You

Well you have certainly seized on the disaster
and have taken full advantage of other people's misery,
but then what the hell, that's what libs do.

ha ha
Yep, that's what liberalism is about.
We hate black people.
Gays, too..

Folks, this is Roger, my least violent stalker!
Dude, you've been with us for how long, 5 years?

Of course, you have this all wrong.
You say I "seized on" Bush's negligence? ...that maybe killed 10,000 negroes?
That's like Bush drove drunk and killed a city, and I "seized on"
the chance to call 911.
How do you spell "Duh!" on your planet?

Good luck in trying to get Bush, nothing else worked and this won't either.

You see him on a winnin' streak, eh?
I think that's why they call it "faith."

Are you hoping his
winnin' streak extends to even more success in Iraq,
success with the economy, and more success saving lives in natural disasters?

Are you having another convention in Vegas soon?

Funny you should ask, because I have half-a-mind to throw another Vegasfest.
We threw a Fest in Vegas in 2002 and some people had a good time.
We'll talk about that after the New Year.

Very truly yours,

Rog, you're a half-decent guy.


 Rehnquist - wacky on the junk


For the nine years between 1972 and the end of 1981, Rehnquist consumed great
quantities of the potent sedative-hypnotic Placidyl. So great was Rehnquist's Placidyl
habit, dependency, or addiction—depending on how you regard long-term drug use
—that by the last quarter of 1981 he began slurring his speech in public, became
tongue-tied while pronouncing long words, and sometimes had trouble finishing his thoughts.


Marty's Entertainment Page

Marty is on Erin Hart's show  on KIRO
Sunday nights at 9pm Pacific 

 Bush lifts wage rules
  That's OK, they're nderprivileged anyway, (giggles)  


Bush issued an executive order Thursday allowing federal contractors rebuilding in
the aftermath of Katrina to pay below the prevailing wage.

In a notice to Congress, Bush said the hurricane had caused "a national emergency" that
permits him to take such action under the 1931 Davis-Bacon Act in ravaged areas of
Alabama, Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi.

The Davis-Bacon law requires federal contractors to pay workers at least the prevailing
wages in the area where the work is conducted. It applies to federally funded construction
projects such as highways and bridges. Bush's executive order suspends the requirements
of the Davis-Bacon law for designated areas hit by the storm.

Here we go again:
Bush gives those multi-billion contracts to Halliburton, who will farm them out to other
who will pay $2 an hour to the darkies because, as the Queen Bitch says,

"...this is working very well for them."

Are the Bushes even human?


Call the

...as heard on BCR 80

Put your 2-minute rant on the next radio show.
BCR is listened to by dozens, so get your comments out there. 

You have two minutes to record your message. 


Random thought...

New Orleans had a rather large zoo, right?
What happened to all the lions, tigers, snakes and gorillas?

For that matter - what about prisoners?
Did they evacuate the hundreds or thousands of prisoners who were
caged like animals or were they just allowed to drown?

...or do I not want to know?


 Today's oil theft total

 2,000,000 barrels of stolen Iraqi oil,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade) 
 times today's oil price which is   $64.08 a barrel 
makes $128,160,000  Bush stole just yesterday

Republicans and religio-crazies
say losing thousands of soldiers in
Bush's bloody war is acceptable.

1895  1896 have died 


 Subject: just asking

The families of victims of 9/11 received settlement of over 1 million dollars.
(Some held out for more.)

The victims of Katrina were supposed to get debit cards worth $2000. but there's
difficulty with administration of the program so they haven't received anything yet.

$ 1,000.000.00 vs. $2000

Why the difference?

Just asking.

Could be rich & white vs poor & black.
Remember, Republicans decide...



 Subject: protest signs

Going to the march in San Francisco, would love to carry a sign.
Do you have to send money for the sign?


Kathy, no.
We intend to provide signs for at least three cities - DC, LA and San Fran.
In the next few days (the 24th is less than two weeks away) we will
publish a meet-up time and place for people who want to carry a sign.

Details to come...


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'House' returns Tuesday Night 
  Is Jennifer Morrison the cutest TV doctor ever?


'House' got Emmy nominations for:
Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series - Hugh Laurie
Outstanding Writing For A Drama Series
Outstanding Casting For A Drama Series
Outstanding Main Title Design
Outstanding Music Composition For A Series (Dramatic Underscore)



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