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Sept 15-18, 2005     Volume 1621 - V.I.P.

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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Powell's credibility gap 
When dragons attack 
Jeb's son public drunk 
Bruce Yurgil-fest 
Downloadable POSTERS 
BIG OIL pissed at Monkey 
Stewart at the Emmys
Weekend with Shirley
Kate Moss likes coke 


 Quote of the Day

"Conservatives don't believe that. 
  And to hear a purportedly conservative 
  president say that is unprecedented...
  And I think it's going to annoy the 
  hell out of his base." 
    --Tucker Carlson, on Bush helping 
        the poor blacks in New Orleans 



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"On Thursday night President Bush spoke to the nation from my city. I am not a Republican.
I did not vote for George W. Bush -- in fact, I worked pretty hard against him in 2000 and 2004.
But on Thursday night, after watching him speak from the heart, I could not have been prouder
of him and the plan he outlined to empower those who lost everything and to rebuild the Gulf Coast."
      --Donna Brazile, Al Gore's campaign manager, throwing gas on the GOP bonfire    Link

Are Democrats inherently weak?
Are Democrats incapable of thinking?
Why are Democrats surrender-happy?

Rush will spin this into, "Even Donna Brazeal is thankful that her candidate lost.
Even Donna Brazeal admits Bush is the greatest President ever."

Why do we insist on fighting the GOP's battles for them?

Do you see how badly they need me in Washington?


Powell's Widening Credibility Gap
  by Robert Parry at  consortiumnews.com


...readers, including former CIA analysts, challenged Powell's comments as disingenuous because
they are certain he knew how thin the WMD evidence was at the time and how aggressively the
administration was stretching it.

Indeed, Powell may have been one of the best positioned officials to know that the threat from Iraq
was being exaggerated. In February 2001, Powell personally cited the effectiveness of the UN
sanctions in crippling Saddam Hussein's military capabilities.

"Frankly, they have worked," Powell said of the sanctions."He [Hussein] has not developed any
significant capability with respect to WMDs. He is unable to project conventional power against his neighbors."

After the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks, however, the Bush administration began zeroing in on
oil-rich Iraq as a target of opportunity. Whereas before, Powell and other officials downplayed
the Iraqi threat; now they were playing it for all it was worth.


 Jeb's son - public drunk
  The nephew of the Butcher of Baghdad


He appeared to be drunk, so police detained him and tried to handcuff him.
While they put the cuffs on young Bush, he ended up suffering a cut on the chin.

A spokeswoman said: "Governor Bush and First Lady Bush are concerned about this incident.
This is a personal family matter which they are dealing with privately."

(GOP problems are "nobody's business," where Demo problems are "national security.")

It is not the first time one of the governor's children has had a run-in with the law.

Jeb Bush's daughter Noelle was sentenced to 10 days in jail in 2002 after cocaine
was found in her shoe at a court-ordered drug rehabilitation program.
Jenna and Barbara were both charged in 2001 with drinking underage.

What about Kneel Bush banging those Thai hookers for defense contracts?
Why isn't that on the list?


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 When dragons attack


All Andrew Jackson's horses, and all the Boy King's men could not put Humpty Dumpty together again.
His gladiatorial walk across the darkened greensward, past a St. Louis Cathedral bathed in moon glow
from White House klieg lights, just seemed to intensify the sense of an isolated, out-of-touch president
clinging to hollow symbols as his disastrous disaster agency continues to flail.

In a ruined city - still largely without power, stinking with piles of garbage and still 40 percent submerged;
where people are foraging in the miasma and muck for food, corpses and the sentimental detritus of their lives;
and where unbearably sad stories continue to spill out about hordes of evacuees who lost their homes and
patients who died in hospitals without either electricity or rescuers - isn't it rather tasteless, not to mention
a waste of energy, to haul in White House generators just to give the president a burnished skin tone and
a prettified background?


Subject: your WPE sticker


I put my Worst President Ever sticker on my car window this morning.
I went to lunch and when I came out there was a lady standing by my car
waiting to find out where I got my sticker.  She said lots of her friends would want one!
I wrote it down for her, BARTCOP.COM

Keep workin'

Don, thanks for doing that.


(Now with correct link!)

Subject: the Dowd problem again


All I'd ask is that you read the last few MoDo columns. Genius stuff.
Surely they make up for her previous transgressions.

Thanks for your work.
Tears of laughter almost every time.

Kevin in Arcata

Dude, I can forgive, but she hasn't changed.
Suddenly, she has decided Bush is fair game for her barbs and cut-downs,
but she can't wait to tell more lies about Hillary (why won't she lie about W?)

By the way, when's that festival you guys have in Arcata?
Can I sleep on your couch for one night?


The Monkey asks his babysitter (Condi)
if he can take a potty break at the UN meeting 9/14.


"Condi, I think I might need to wee wee - is that OK?"


"Life is precious ... except dead black babies
  in the New Orleans Convention Center."
   -- GOP bumper sticker spotted by Donna


 Subject: troops killed in Somalia were sent there by Clinton

A quick check of the men who were actually killed in Somalia discloses the undenialble facts
that a number of them were deployed to Somalia in August 1993 by President Clinton.
Men were sent into combat and died under President Clinton.

Angry Dave

Dave, I've never denied that Clinton was president when the 18 died in Somalia.
I'm saying it wasn't Clinton's idea to send un-armored troops into Al Qaeda territory.

When Clinton inherited Bush the Smarter's Somalia mistake, his choices wre to "turn tail"
or "feed the starving," and choosing life cost the lives of 18 men that didn't need to be there.
Those soldiers were sent to Somalia because Bush lost the election to Clinton a month earlier
and he wanted to appear human for the history books written by the various alumni of FOX News.

Why, reading your words makes me wonder if Johnson played a role in Vietnam...


from our old friend Kevin at  politicalstrikes.com

Subject: Del Castillo in Washington DC

Hi Bart,

I've officially moved from Bangkok to Washington DC now.
I caught Del Castillo Saturday in a free show at the Kennedy Center.
They were great!
The Harlem Gospel Choir also performed, and they were fantastic!

I'm looking forward to the big protest on Sept. 24th.  How can I help?
(no longer in Bangkok)

Del Castillo rocks and...
you could carry a sign Saturday - details coming any hour now.



Click for more info

The immortal Bruce Yurgil - in person!
Is it even possible to pick a favorite Bruce Yurgil graphic?

There's an art show in Sausalito, north of the Golden Gate Bridge.
Bruce will be exhibiting his cartoons there and hopefully selling a few.

 He'll have a booth in Jefferson Park, San Francisco, on Saturday, Sept. 24,
That is where the march ends up and the rally begins.
He will have plenty of toons on display and for sale. Maybe a few T-shirts too.

If you're at the San Francisco rally next weekend,
look for Bruce's booth and help a starving artist starve less.

 Download and print your own protest posters 
   If you can't get to DC or LA or SF and you need a anti-Bush protest sign...

   Link  to get poster-quality 1.5 Meg  downloads

    (Don't download these to reproduce - they're tiny and not poster-worthy)   Click on the link

...plus Worst President Ever by squeakywheel graphics and Making a Killing by c@

 It's possible the just-waking whore media might like a story about Bush unrest in the streets.
 Copy these 1.5 meg PDF's to a CD and take that CD to Kinko's.
 Have them print as many signs as you have friends to carry them.
 Ask Kinkos for sticks or tubes to hold the signs, too.

 Years from now, when your grandkids ask,
"What did you do to stop the BFEE when Dubya was on his killing spree?"
 you can pull these old posters out of the closet.

 September 11th,
 His bloody Iraq quagmire,
 his double Katrina bungle...

 What does it take to get you into the streets?


Subject: Gatemouth Brown


When I still lived back in Manchester, CT my buddy's dad owned a bar called O'Reilly's.
I don't know how he arranged it, but Gatemouth would drop by whenever he was in the area
and play a couple of sets.  We could always tell when he was there because his bus would
be parked in front.  My friends and I would say, "Hey, Gatemouth is playing!" and stop in.

The first time I saw him, here was this what appeared to be small black man with a guitar
playing old blues tunes.  Until he stood up.  He was actually a pretty tall guy, at least 6 feet tall.
I talked with Mr. Brown on several occasions.
He was always very nice and would chat for a few minutes.
I always enjoyed listening to him play.  He will be missed.


LJ, that reminds me:
Donations by check or money order may be mailed to:
Gatemouth Brown's Disaster Relief Fund
(c/o Celeste Biles)
3529 Cannon Road, Suite #2B, #611
Oceanside, CA 92056

Just guessing, Gatemouth probably got screwed by whitey like all the old greats.

On HBO, Tony Soprano has a mobster/friend/record producer who insisted on
a writing credit for every song he produced, meaning he got maybe 40 percent of
the profits from a hit record, compared to the 15 percent he had coming to him.

What was a black musician in the fifties gonna do?
Sue the white producer and have the all-white jury decide?

Some call it theft.



is a


...and the BFEE makes a

at it.

Join the tens of thousands
on September 24
Who Will Call for Impeachment
Gather at the White House at 12 noon

BIG Protest March

Sept 24

March with Cindy Sheehan 

We had some signs made.

         Those are our "Worst president ever" signs

Click  Here  to sign up to carry a sign

Click  Here to donate to the sign fund

So far, we have $3345 in the sign fund.

The total printer bill was (I think) $3500 and change.
(He's printing up our new bumper stickers, too)

We gambled BIG that we'd have a hueueueuge turnout,
and that was BEFORE Bush screwed New Orleans.

We expect that every sign made will get carried Sept 24th..

Do you have any extra cash for signs?

It's not tax deductable, but
think of the money cities we could lose
if those bastards win again.


 Subject: donation

Bart, I would like to make a request that you link to the Veterans For Peace
website who are trying to help evacuees in LA by supplying goods to people.

Thanks for everything you do!

Your friend,
Mike D.


Mike, you got it.

You can donate with PayPal...or  snail mail.

 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK  74155

  Click  Here  to subscribe or donate



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Bush allies keeping you from reading  bartcop.com at work?

Start surfing anonymously by entering bartcop.com HERE

There's too much at stake.
We can't let the bastards win

Subject: Keep Tommy when you hit the big time?

Bart ole boy,

I thought you are in the big time now?

No, I'd have to murder someone to make the news.
Yes, it's possible a full one percent of politi-surfers know what a bartcop is,

And yes, Tina Fey did mention our "Worst President Ever" signs
on SNL back in January, but we'd have to get ten times bigger to even be "Bart Who?"

Put another way, Kathy Griffin is bigger than  bartcop.com
Kathy, it's a joke - love you long time!

 Oil companies angry with President Duncil

 Gas in Tulsa is all the way down to $2.50.
 If Bush had done a decent job handling Katrina, it wouild still be at $3.20.

 Bush's stupidity cost them seventy cents per gallon times 200 million fillups a week.
 If Bush had a brain they could continue the gouge, but now they're afraid.

 If only Bush had a brain...


Subject: Mogadishu

Never gonna give up on that out-right bullshit fabrication, `eh Bart?
I educated you on this before, with simple facts, and an even more simple tool....a calendar.
Bush 41 out in January, Rangers ordered in in September.....by Clinton.
The Rangers sent into Mogadishu were sent in directly by Clinton, |
in addition and above the troops already there under Bush and the UN.
Apsen denied their additional armor.
They got whipped, and Clinton tucked tail and ran.
Got this from a guy who was there, by the name of Eversman.

Your bullshit is mainly just pathetic, but this hurts a little.

Leave this one out of your bullshit routine, and keep it factual for once.
Bush 41 had nothing to do with those brave men who died.


You mean, besides sending them there without the armor they needed?
How partisan - to suggest the mission's author and director had no role in the mission.

I'll ask you like I asked Angry Dave - did Johnson played a role in Vietnam?


Subject: underestimating taste


It was H. L. Mencken who said
"Nobody ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public."

He also said
"In this world of sin and sorrow there is always something to be thankful for.
As for me, I rejoice that I am not a Republican."



Subject: September 24th

Hi Bart!

I'm from philly, and my fiance just got deployed for the second time this past monday,
and will likely be stop-lossed at least 6 months past his 5 year commitment.

I am going to go to DC to scream my f-in head off.
Do you know anyone I can  hook up with?

101st airborne

Kate, I sure do.
The only thing on my mind this week is the Sept 24 protest march.
We're going to publish when and where to meet to assemble signs and protest Der Monkey.
We'll have more than enough signs for everyone and their cousin to old.


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 Weekend with Shirley

I was not under oath when I wrote this. Trip reports are meant to entertain.
If the IRS ever asks why you subscribe to bartcop.com , of course, it's for the cool trip reports.
If you ever get a chance to have the biggest, left-leaning, uncencored tequila treehouse on the internets,
    take it because sometimes good things happen.

Mrs. Bart is psychic
We've been wanting to see Garbage live this tour. The band had been releasing tour dates with the
regularity of a leaf-chewing, Bolivian llama herder with IBS.  Unlike U2, who released their late-2005
tour dates in February, Garbage tended to give 30-40 days notice.  I was content to catcth them when
they came to Dallas, Tulsa (Don't laugh, we saw them here the first time), St Louis or Kansas City.

But Mrs. Bart said, "Do we have any frequent flyer miles available?"  We did, so she said,
"We need to go to that Vegas show on September 15th.  Call it your birthday present."

Quentin Tarantino flash forward:
The first words Shirley spoke were, "Welcome to the last American show this year."
I realize it's illogical to believe that Mrs. Bart can see into the future sometimes, but after 35 years
of her being right, I know enough to trust her when she says we need to do something a certain way.
Besides, ignoring the evidence wouldn't be very logical, would it?

So we made plans to go to Vegas that day, last Thursday.
(Cue eerie theramin music)

Then we found out that the fella who sent us to Hawaii (we'll call him "Scott," so I don't have to keep
typing that the fella who sent us to Hawaii) told us that his band was playing the same weekend in Vegas.
Then he said he could make me his "assistant" for the weekend, which meant our rooms were free.

So we land in Vegas and there's Enrique the limo driver holding a "Bartcop" sign.
ha ha

We haven't been in a limo since before there was a  bartcop.com
I come from a funerals-only kind of limo economic background, so it was a hoot acting like rock stars.
Being a friendly guy, I asked Enrique if he'd ever driven any celebrities around Las Vegas and he said
he had George Foreman in his limo once, and some country singer (who was a man so I didn't care),
and then he said, "Paris Hilton sat right where you are, right in that spot." So I rubbed my butt
into the limo seat a few times, getting a little closer to Paris than I ever thought I might.

So we pull up to one of the three biggest/newest properties on The Strip.
(Identities must be protected, you understand.)
We met Scott, and he checked us in as "VIPs," which meant we had a per diem with the casino.
ha ha

As a good little altar boy, I knew what that Latin phrase stands for.
It stands for "Go crazy with the other guy's money," and I'm all about that, as the kids say.
Plus, this is casino money, so there were no pressure to spend that per diem wisely.

Then Scott was due for a soundcheck, and after breaking the law, we went to watch them set up.
There was an open bar in the same room so I sipped on some Patron anejo (sacrifices had to be made)
Mrs Bart got her favorite - a Corralejo anejo margarita on the rocks - and they were both free because
I slipped a $5 into the little countertop poker game embedded in the corner of the bar.

So we're sitting there, and three Mexican gangstas sat down on the other side of our corner.
I don't know much about Mexican gangstas but they were definetely Mexican gangstas.
They had the offricial uniforms and everything.

So I made a mental note of where to dive in case gunfire broke out, then I went back to my drink.
Suddenly, the closest Mexican gangsta tapped me on the shoulder.

"Koresh!" I'm thinking. "Is this a hit?"

So the Mexican gangstas says to me, "Do you smoke?"
The wheels started turning in my head:    How to answer that?
I feigned stupidity and gave him my best George Bush face.
Sensing I need further clues, he leaned in and says, "Do you mind if I smoke?""

I'll de damned - he was asking for permission to smoke - at a bar in Vegas - from Ol' Bart.
He wadn't no Mexican gangsta.
He was a nice young man with more manners than was called for.
Next up - some per diem at the restaurants in the casino. (The per diem was alcohol-free.)

We had a few more drinks - and then it was getting close to showtime for Garbage.
We took a cab to the Hard Rock, and headed for The Pink Taco.
We knew from previous Garbage tours that the band likes to get near the venue and drink
a few beers before taking the stage, so we figured this would be a good place to stalk them.

We got the catbird's seat, right next to where they make the sopapillas, so we could see everyone
as they came and went.  I ordered a shot of God's finest Chinaco, Mrs Bart got her Corre-gita.
In came Duke, the Garbage guitar player who's not Steve, and Butch, their drummer/producer.
Shirley calls him, "Bootch," like the sexy cabdriver in Pulp Fiction.

They sat at the bar, which is different than sitting at a table or a booth, right?
A barstool is more approachable, don't you think?

I walked over to Duke and gave him a Bartcop sticker and asked, "Could you give this to Steve?"
Duke looked me up and down and decided I probably wasn't a threat, so he said, "Give this to Steve?"
I said yes and I was outta there - no harm, no foul, unlike the time when we met Robert Plant.

Soon it was showtime, and I never heard from Steve, which is OK because a rich rock star
has better things to do in Vegas than sit around and talk politics with a tequila-fueled Okie.
The show starts and the band is in extra-fine form, but shortly after announcing that this was
the last night of their tour, Shirley asked her off-stage minions for "that killer scotch."

Like a rookie roadie for U2, a fella came scrambling forth with a glass that wasn't see-thru. Shirley did a shot
from the glass and said, "Damn, that's good," while somewhat gasping, as straight liquor does to women.
Then she asked for and received another shot and they started the next song.
Yep, it was "Party time - last night of the tour in Vegas" and Shirley was having a good time.

Not sure why, but then she brought a lady onstage to have her head shaved. She was a "hardcore fan"
who'd been traveling gig-to-gig with them.  Shirley mentioned something about "good health," but I'm not
aware of any medical situation in whichthe odds got better of you shaved your head, so I remain confused.

While Shirley was shaving her friend, (that sounds so nasty) she told the band, "You boys play something."
The boys seemed unaware that this was coming, so hey played snippets of songs ( I heard some Stairway
from Steve) while Shirley continued to play barber.  After that, a few more songs, all of which were perfect.

Whatever the effects of the scotch between songs, when the song started Shirley was all business, showing
a confidence that I'd never seen in her. Her attitude seemed to be that of an old time movie star - maybe Garbo,
but that's just a guess because who knows what Garbo was like?  She knew that every move she made was
being swallowed by every man in the house, and most of the women. She was posing like a runway model.

They played over two hours, which is tough to do when your songs are 4 minutes long, but Shirley kept saying,
"I don't want to stop, I want to sing all f-ing nite," so the band kept playing.

Then, (Did they run out of songs?) Shirley asked for requests, and the "hardcore fans" were screaming
obscure song titles from the past, and Shirley was adamant about wanting to deliver, so she asked for
"the binder" and that same U2 roadie guy brought her a binder so Shirley could remember the words
while the band did their best to remember songs that they had played on past tours.

Eventually they played almost every song you could think of except "Special." Hell, they even played
the Tally Briggs theme song from "La Perspective Femme," also known as "Number One Crush."

Then they said goodnight, which was cool because they have no seats at The Joint, and we'd been
standing for three hours after the hours we spent at The Pink Taco.

The next day we went to see our host's band perform and I can't give out too many clues,
but I gotta say that I think their singer has the best voice in music today.

Oh, and another thing happened.
This Scott fella saw a link on  bartcop.com  from a week or two back, so he decided to fix me up
with a bottle of Chinaco Aged 30-years, it's called "Chinaco Emperada."  He ordered a bottle
online to be delivered to this big, fancy new multi-billion dollar property, but they lost it.
They knew it was somewhere, but they couldn't put their fingers on it, so they sent us a "Candy basket"
(I suppose) and a bottle of Patron Anejo as their way of saying, "Sorry we muffed it."

They're going to Fed-Ex this best Chinaco of all times to Casa de Bart on Tuesday.
Imagine - instead of 3-4 years of soaking up the flavors from the baked apples, the papaya, the mangoes*
and the wildflowers - this is thirty years worth of flavor enhancement.  Poor Scott - he spent that much
on a birthday gift for Ol' Bart and he never even got a sip.

Note: At Mandalay Bay's Border Grill, they sell shots of this stuff for $90.
I told them that was crazy - nobody pays $90 a shot for tequila - but the bartender said,
"Dude, don't talk to me, my last name isn't Mandalay."
He had a point.

So, that second night we also had a damn good time. We killed that bottle of Patron while telling lies
and watching some old bootleg videos I found during the big move that the band had never seen.

Thanks to Scott, who's on-track to win the title, "Mister 2005."
And Shirley, your performance the last night in Vegas was one we'll never forget.

x   x   x   x   x   x   x   x   x   x   x   x   x   x   x   x   x   x   x   x   x   x   x   x   x   x

After that was written, I did some surfing and found this

Have Garbage Split?

Following rumours of a split earlier this year, it now appears that Garbage
may have finally called it a day, with an announcement that all European dates
on their 2005 world tour have been cancelled.

A statement released on Friday (the day after their 'last show') placed the blame
for the cancellation on the band's heavy workload and in particular their touring in 2005.

Did Mrs. Bart know something like this was coming?
Her eerie pshychic powers have made the difference so many times.
Of course, if any Garbage band members want to write and confirm or deny, please do.

I hope we didn't see the last of Garbage last Thursday at the Hard Rock.


Marty's Entertainment Page

Jon Stewart at the Emmys

After Dave said, "Johnny gave us our start, we looked up to Johnny because
    he was The Man," Jon said, "Dave, you are our generation's Johnny."
Jon lost "Best Variety Show" to the night Hugh Jackman hosted the Tonys.
    No, one night of TV showtunes doesn't equal the 90 days Jon works each year.
Jon did a bit that was "pre-censored" by Bush lovers at CBS, so each time Jon
   screamed "Asshole!" into the camera, it came out as "We love our Fearless Leader."

Several stars mentioned "Wish we had good political leaders" and "Bring the boys home."
It was almost like Hollywood was getting back a piece of their conscience.

Plus, ...have I told you lately how hard it is to do political comedy and commentary?

Almost every day, I see or hear the work of Jon Stewart and Randi Rhodes.
Do you know how bad a fella feels when he and Jon Stewart do the same thing for a living?
Do you know how bad a fella feels when he and Randi Rhodes do the same thing for a living?

I feel lucky just to have food on my familiy.


Subject: feedback


Don't know how you continue after all these years.
I have been a very regular reader since somewhere around Volume 42.
Can't even remember how I found the site.

BTW, anyone who has not read Volume 42 should visit the archives.
Great stuff.
Not that you have lost it, but the early days had even sharper edge to them.

Keep hammering,
Bubba Okie


Call the

...as heard on BCR 81

Put your comments on the next radio show.

You have two minutes to record your message.

Explanation: For BCR 81, I recorded 21 phone calls.
To save time, I erased each call after it recorded, but when I was done,
I noticed I had the plug in the earplug hole instead of the mic.
Sorry about that - some of those calls were good.

 Democrats Poker Party
   ...does David Mamet read  bartcop.com?


In a must-read Los Angeles Times piece, Glengarry Glen Ross author David Mamet argues that
Democrats can learn an important lesson by playing cardspoker.. "In poker, one must have courage:
the courage to bet, to back one's convictions, one's intuitions, one's understanding. There can be no victory
without courage. The successful player must be willing to wager on likelihoods. Should he wait for absolutely
risk-free certainty, he will win nothing, regardless of the cards he is dealt."

Old poker proverb:
If you never get caught with your hand in the cookie jar, you're not playing poker.

"For example, take a player who has never acted with initiative -- he has never raised,
merely called. Now, at the end of the evening, he is dealt a royal flush. The hand, per se, is unbeatable,
but the passive player has never acted aggressively; his current bet (on the sure thing) will signal to the
other players that his hand is unbeatable, and they will fold.

"His patient, passive quest for certainty has won nothing.

"The Democrats, similarly, in their quest for a strategy that would alienate no voters,
have given away the store, and they have given away the country."

We need the scared bunnies to read the last 500 issues of  bartcop.com
Hey - don't laugh - could they be doing a worse job?

When Democrats only lose 20 House members, they throw a victory party.


 Subject: American Idol/INXS

Idol is crap
But who gives a shit about INXS?


Dude, INXS isn't the point.
The point is the best unknown rock singers in the world don't get watched
while posers singing showtunes get the most commercial money on all of TV.

It reminds me how Clinton was paid $200K to give us peace and prosperity
while Der Monkey gets $400K for giving us September 11th, Iraq and Katrina.


 Today's oil theft total

 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is  $63.00 a barrel
makes $126,000,000  Bush stole just yesterday

Republicans and religio-crazies
say losing thousands of soldiers in
Bush's bloody war is acceptable.

1897  1900 died for Bush greed,
soon we'll be at 2000


With Bush's approval in the toilet, I think the
greedmeisters decided to throttle back on the gouging.

Subject: re: confused okie

Bart, come on.  I know I can't write that well, but you don't trump me (a leftist)
by reminding me that Mondale, Dukakis, and McGovern lost elections.

So far you centrists have Gore and Kerry, all you need is one more and we are even.
Yes, obviously the losing margins were smaller.  But that is deceptive and dubious.

You're looking at the record from a funny angle.
Gore won and Kerry lost by what, 2 percent?
Dukakis lost 72 states, Mondale lost 99.

Lets talk about the one you won: Clinton.  As I pointed out in my last email,
Clinton's presidency was a net gain for the right, not a loss.

Rush says that, too.
He says Clinton was the best thing that ever happened to the GOP.
Do you think he means that?

Or must they continue to pound on Clinton's dead horse,
lest someone realize that Clinton's peace and prosperity is
preferrable to Bush's endless war, death and resession?

Please stop with your

"control the White House,
the senate,
the House,
the military,
the courts,
the media and
American's foreign policy."

You see, my Tulsa "democrat", your problem is that none of that happened with your centrist president.
The congress went rightward on his watch, remember?

I remember clearly.
They say, "When you have your health, you have everything."
Clinton tried to give Americans "their health," and the GOP knew that if Clinton "gave them everything,"
there'd be no reason to ever elect a republican again so they screamed "That's socialism run amuck,"
and the pussy Democrats agreed and refused to stand with their president and his medical fix.

Health insurance IS socialism.
It's the group carrying sharing the costs of the individual.
Congress has a socialistic medical plan, but they demonized their own plan for the rest of us.

Instead of explaining that to the idiot American voter, Democrats agreed with the GOP
that the Clintons were power-hungry socialists whose power needed to be checked..
...and that's why they lost their power.

Funny that you remember that differently...

The Military fucking hated him!

He never sent a man into battle who didn't come home,
and Bush lied 1,900 of them into their graves for personal enrishment.

Don't ask me to explain why a soldier would rather die at 19 for Hallibutron
than serve under Clinton (he had sex.) and watch their granchildren grow up.

And Clinton drove them all nuts by co-opting *their* issues.  See, Bart, you guys don't get it.

If I was smarter, I'd share your opinions, right?

You keep moving America to the right, and keep setting the stage for Republican disasters.
All the while convincing the cynical bloc of non voters (which has the potential to turn the tide decisively)
of what they are wont to believe already -- i. e., that "they all suck".

That paragraph shoulda been <snipped>

The only way you are going to grab that important group of non-voters is to move left
and get tougher on the rich and the corporations who are selling us down the cliche'd river.

The out-of-power crowd is going to "get tough" with big money?
I say we seize power, then make big money crawl and beg for mercy.

What good is taking away an election from the right wing, if it only results in passing
the important parts of their agenda anyway? That is a direct question for you, Bart.

You can frame any question any way you want, but it still boils down to two choices:
We can have four more years like the last eight or we can return to the Clinton sanity of the ninties.
You can slice it 500 different ways but the only question on Election day 2008 is,
"Do you want more of the BFEE or do you want a change?"

I say Hillary is our best shot, but that's probably because I'm stupid.

I'd love to get you to see the absolute futility in your bid to save our country, Bart.
Until then, I remain,
-- Fern

You're asking me to stop fighting the BFEE?
My answer is no.


|Checkmate in 6 days:
Fire George on 9/24


Spread the word: www.firegeorge.org

Bushville, DC and the 9/24 March will join in an

Act of Nonviolent Civil Disobedience

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Kate Moss likes cocaine

  "So?   I want less government up my nose..."


 ...and Tom Delay likes 12-year old scotch.
 ...and I like tequila that's been aged in an oak barrel for several years,
 ...and Bill Bennett likes to gamble millions while drunk in his underwear in Vegas,
 ...and Jenna Bush will chug a Cuervo bucket if her friends chant, "Betcha can't!  Betcha can't!"
 ...and the vulgar Pigboy likes to chew 30 Oxycontins and preach morals on the radio,

 I agree with Kate.

We need the government to get the hell out of our daily lives.
Why can't this big, bloated government dinosaur worry about Osama and not Kate Moss?



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