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Weekend-Monday  Nov 19-21, 2005  Volume 1659 - Crocker croaker

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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Woody's Tipping Point
Bush cools hate talk
Biden: Bart's Right 
Random Thought... 
Jewish Leader v R.R.
SONY Bastards backlash 
FEMA: Drop Dead
GOP HJs War Vote 
Micsha Bartonipple 


 Quote of the Day

"Bush came here when he needed votes. 
When the marines were killed, there was 
 no sign of him.  He wasn't here for the death 
 and the pain, why is he here for the glory?" 
    --Peggy Logue, a soldier's Mom   Link


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They might have what you need


"Republican lawmakers say that ties between Rep. John Murtha (D-War Hero) 
  and his brother's lobbying firm may warrant investigation by the House ethics committee." 
     --John Bresnahan,  on how the BFEE News Network handles truth-tellers  Link

"I always figure when somebody goes after your motives, they're on their last leg, 
because they actually think you're doing something good that's gonna have good consequences. 
Attacking somebody's motives is the last refuge of somebody who's on the short end of the stick." 
     --Bill Clinton, the best political tactician we have,   Link


Woodward's 'Tipping Point'
 by Robert Parry as seen on  consortiumnews.com


This gradual but unmistakable shift in the ethos of Washington journalism marked a hard-fought victory for
conservatives who invested billions of dollars over the past three decades in building a media/political machine
for gaining as much control as possible of the information flowing through the nation's capital to the American people.

Journalists who bucked the trend confronted ugly attacks from right-wing media "watchdogs," almost inevitable betrayal
by news executives, and dashed careers. Journalists who played along were rewarded with fame, money and access.

Today, no journalist personifies this transformation more than Bob Woodward, who made his name unraveling Richard
Nixon's Watergate cover-up but now has been caught misleading the public while protecting the Bush administration's
cover-up of a scheme to smear an Iraq War critic.

Yet the entanglements of Woodward - and Judith Miller - in advancing propaganda themes from Bush's White House
also have tugged Washington's Establishment to the edge of what might become a historic tipping point.

Note:  consortiumnews.com  is the most important site on the internet


Bush cools hate talk


After fiercely defending his failed Iraq policy across Asia, Bush abruptly toned down his attack
on war critics Sunday and said there was nothing unpatriotic about opposing his strategy. 

"People should feel comfortable about expressing their opinions about Iraq," Bush said, three days 
after agreeing with his Dick that the critics were "reprehensible."  No doubt, Bush was screaming
"that mother-effer" constantly behind closed doors like the snot-nosed, spoiled little monkey he is.

Realizing he was on the wrong end of an unpopular argument that he can't win, Bush also did a
flip-flop and praised Rep. John Murtha (R-War Hero), as "a fine man" and a strong supporter 
of the military despite Murtha's call for troop withdrawal as soon as possible.

Der poor Monkey - some days he's the bug on the windshield, other days he's the bug on the windshield.
His entire presidency will be defined by risking his legacy on the biggest blunder since Pearl Harbor

For decades, we'll be measuring "the comeback since Bush."
Under Bush, America is achieving the poorness of New Orleans and the stability of Fallujah.


Subject: your poster in Tokyo

The monkey was in town Tuesday, and look what we had to greet him. 

It was a small demo, but as it was at a major intersection, we had a pretty good impact.

Keep it swingin'!

Tom, you did good - thanks for sending the picture,



"They say Bush is the liar, when they are the ones who voted unconditionally
  to authorize preemptive action against Iraq and now deny they did." 
      --David Limbaugh, clone of his brother, the vulgar Pigboy   Link

David, who is denying the way they voted?
It's in the record, in black and white and can't be changed,
so who is lying about the vote they cast - can we get some names?

Or is it those unnamed "liberal Democrats" who are doing it?


Subject: I agree with April on 9-11


Why did Rumsfeld leave his office and all of his secure communications equipment and play hero, carrying the wounded and so forth?
He should have been on the phone or video conferencing, immediately, unless he knew that the attack was over.

No one will ever convince me that the Towers and building 7 were not imploded, with pre-set charges. The twisted steel from
the structure would have shown signs of damage caused by an explosion. That metal was gathered and shipped off to China as 
scrap steel before the dust settled, by a company that specializes in controlled demolitions and, of course, the clean-up.

The security system, including the security cameras were turned off the weekend before 9/11 so that some work could be done. 
This was a rare occurrence, but it would be a perfect time top plant explosives.

Why was Mohammed Atta's passport lying conveniently atop the rubble? 
Sort of reminiscent of the pristine bullet that killed JFK, eh?


Subject: Hillary

As I mentioned in a comment you refused to print because it made too much sense
(and like the other comment I sent we made equally good sense), none of us are "blinded by Hillary Hatred."

Dude, I'm not sure you can speak for everyone.
And any reader of this page who'd rather see the BFEE win than Hillary is blind/crazy/drunk.

That sort of verbiage makes you sound a lot like Dick Cheney, Bart.

See, that's the kind of horseshit I often don't print, but then weenies write and complain,
"You edited my e-mail because you knew it made too much sense and you can't handle the truth."
Why not try to make a valid point instead of taking those silly-ass cheap shots?

But you seem to choose the letters of Hillary's most troubled potential supporters
to bolster your undying Clinton support. Why is that, Bart?

That's pure crap. I can't even figure out what it means.
I print loser e-mails that agree with me?  Why would I do that?

For that sentence to have any meaning, you would have to have read the letters I didn't print.
Since that's not possible, I fear you've exposed yourself as one who is guessing.

Is it because you've gone on record early on as a Hillary supporter and you can't lose face now
with your readership, even though you are beginning to have doubts?

ha ha
You see me having doubts about who's going to win in 2008?
Dude, I'd enjoy playing some high stakes poker with you.

All things being equal, Hillary is THE top Democrat and all the polls are telling us the voters want
anybody but a Bush ally in 2008.  Last I heard, the margin was 58-39, meaning the Democrats
are 19 points ahead. Sure, "a Democrat" could blow a 19-point lead, but Hillary won't.

Rats are deserting the good ship Iraq in droves these days, and Hillary is one of them, although her irritation
with the situation will forever remain couched so she doesn't offend moderate Republicans (who might vote
for her) as being too "liberal." Her husband used the same tactic in 1992.

I think you're proving I only print letters from nutty anti-Hillary types.

And Bart too is facing a dilemma of whether to continue to support Hillary in the face of bold truths,
or whether (and when) it would be politically expedient to run back to Clark on the way to someone
who proves to be a real Democrat between now and then.

Dude, we really gotta play some poker.
You're certain of that which isn't true and you can't read sign posts along the road.

...and what are these "bold truths" that I'm afraid to face?

So what's it going to be, Bart? Are you going to go along to get along with the Hillary political hawk?
Or are you going to stand up and demand that no more of our children should die or suffer wounds
that will shape the rest of their lives?

I reject the question as asked.
You want Hillary Fonda to stand up and set her hair on fire, but she's not going to do that.
If the BFEE wins again we're going to lose a ton more soldiers because they love wars.

Until something changes, I'm sticking with Hillary because I'm tired of losing with wimps.

By the way, I don't hate Hillary. I actually shook her hand once. But because of her
cold political calculation, I doubt very much I would vote for her even for my local school board.

Happy turkey day, turkey.

Daman, that underlined part?
Expect a Thank You note from Karl Rove.


Dozens   will see your banner

With Bush falling apart, hits are up.
Now's a great time to advertise on  bartcop.com

Jewish Leader Blasts 'Religious Right' 
 "Hitler hated the gays, just like you..."


The leader of the largest branch of American Judaism blasted conservative religious activists in a speech Saturday, 
calling them "zealots" who claim a "monopoly on God" while promoting anti-gay policies akin to Adolf Hitler's. 

Rabbi Eric Yoffie, president of the liberal Union for Reform Judaism, said "religious right" leaders believe 
"unless you attend my church, accept my God and study my sacred text you cannot be a moral person."

"What could be more bigoted than to claim that you have a monopoly on God?" he said during the
movement's national assembly in Houston, which runs through Sunday.

The audience of 5,000 responded to the speech with enthusiastic applause.


 Chapter Seven
An elite Republican cabal conspires to fix the
2008 presidential election, but its plans to embezzle money
from the RNC are uncovered and lead to murder.
Democratic congressman Jack Stibik and his mentor,
Professor Gar Reynolds, reunite. Marty's, Jack's twin brother
and Delta Force veteran, visits Annapolis.
  Congressional hearings begin on the disasterous Islamic war.

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FEMA to Katrina Victims:
What part of "Drop Dead" don't you get?


More than 100 tired Hurricane Katrina evacuees furiously assailed a FEMA official who showed up at 
a Queens hotel Friday to say that federal funds covering their rooms are drying up at the end of this month.

The bitter reception given the FEMA official wasn't much more welcoming for a city assistant commissioner 
of homeless services, who suggested that evacuees in the five boroughs always can relocate to a homeless 
shelter as a last resort. Those in the packed ballroom erupted in jeers.

Homeless shelters?
Bush said the missing $11 trillion went to emergency planning.
If FEMA has nothing for disaster victims, where'd that $11 triillion go, George?

It's a good thing (for you) the Democrats are afraid to ask...



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Subject: that's just crazy talk!

Stanfield Turner and McCain -

"Admiral Turner's remarks were echoed by Republican Senator John McCain, himself a victim of torture in Vietnam.
He said torturing to get information was immoral, was not effective and encouraged potential enemies to do the same to Americans."

Keifer Sutherland should straighten these guys out!

Jimmy the Sausalito lawyer

Who is McCain to lecture me on torture?
Just kidding...

You anal-retents have poor memories.
It was McCain that first used the phrase "one in a million" that I agreed with.
That's why I can't understand sane, long-time readers asking,
"So, you want Bush to torture children?" like that's what I've been talking about.

The phrase one-in-a-million means something.
Can Jimmy the Lawyer see the difference between "one-in-a-million" and "all the time?"


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Is this a Christmas ad?
No, it's too early for a Christmas ad.

GOP Handjobs War Vote
 Playing games with soldiers' lives


The Republican-controlled House spurned calls for an immediate pullout of troops from Iraq in a vote
hastily arranged by fascist dogs of the GOP that Democrats vociferously denounced as politically motivated.

"To cut and run would invite terrorism into our backyards, and no one wants to see troops fighting terrorism
on American soil,"  squealed Dennis Hastert, R-(Delay Tool)., said Friday night after the House, as planned,
rejected a GOP-written resolution for immediate withdrawal. The vote was 403-3.  Democrats accused
Republicans of a political stunt that prohibited debate on the issue, and nearly all voted against the measure.

Murtha said, "We need to get out as soon as it's practical."
So the GOP calls for an immediate vote that reads:
"Who agrees with Murtha, that we should leave tomorrow?

But Murtha never said we should leave tomorrow.

It's just another example of how they have to lie to appear to win.
Those soldiers need honesty and logic and wisdom.
They didn't need a handjob from the sweaty wrestler, Denny Hastert.

CNN Poll show  85 percent agree  with Murtha - out in six months


Subject: no wind in their sails

Dude, thank you for being an important part of my balanced breakfast.

Rude Rich said that he couldn't pick a good argument anymore in that American Legion bar.
I've had a similar experience with the wingnuts I used to mix it up with.
I almost feel sorry for them...almost.

Keep hammerin' my friend!

Dude, send me some radio snippets thingys. Maybe some provoca-bumpers like,
"We'll be right back after Bart scrapes the Monkey off his boot," kinda stuff.

Or those bullet things, those are good, too.



Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Subject: If Hillary is still for the war...

.....does that mean that Chelsea is going to sign up for the military?

ha ha
Dude, you didn't really ask that, did you?

It's a fair question, given that we have been asking the same of Bush.
And I guess an irrelevant one, now that Bill has come out and said the war is a mistake. 
Is Hillary far behind?

It's a fair question if you can't tell the difference between Hillary and Bush.
Are you sure you want dozens of people to think of your political cognitive skills that way?

By the way, your citing the lies of Bush to justify Hillary's on-going support of the war 
(when we all KNEW that they were on a rush to war, with no evidence, and just lies) 
is disingenious, and intellectually dishonest.

You can make that claim if you want, but you just said it was OK to gamble with 150M lives.
You just said it was wrong to believe the CIA when they said Saddam was ready to launch.

Do me a favor - don't gamble with mine, OK?

Put up a Hillary debate page, and the rest of us can "educate" you.
Best regards,
Neil in VT

You're going to explain why risking 150M lives was a good idea?
I'd like to see that.


SONY Bastards backlash


Foobar of Borg writes "The Associated Press describes how backlash from Sony's Rootkit CDs is causing
problems for the music industry. The problem is two-fold: (1) the inherent technological problem of trying to 
prevent anyone from copying anything and (2) letting lawyers make technical decisions when (from the article)
'Lawyers don't have any better understanding of technology than a cow does algebra.'" 

More from the article: "'I think they've set back audio CD protection by years,' said Richard M. Smith, 
an Internet privacy and security consultant. 'Nobody will want to pull a Sony now.'

Those SONY bastards should donate a year's profits to Bush victims for pulling this crap.
Whoever approved it should be fired and blackmalled from entertainment for life.

Putting that back-door virus on your computer - then tracking you - is kinda like some valet
parking your car, making a copy of your damn house key and then selling it to his druggie friends.

Shame on SONY the Whore, stealing privacy and safety from their customers.



Subject: donation


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I look forward to clicking on bartcop.com every day. 
Keep up the great work. 

Mike, (age 57) 
Shoreline, WA

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Bush bullies hiding  bartcop.com  from you?

Surf anonymously
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"Congressman Murtha is a fine man, a good man, who served our country with honor and distinction.
He is a strong supporter of our military, but we turned our slime machine on him anyway.  And I know 
his decision to call for an immediate withdrawal of our troops was done in a careful and thoughtful way. 
I disagree with his position."
         -- President Liar, Murderer and Thief,   Link

But Monkey - he never said that!
He said, "Withdraw the troops as soon as it's practical."

You had to change that to "immediate" to outrage your base and make him look stupid.
If you had to change his words, that means his words were right.
Maybe that's why your approval dropped from 37 to 34 percent.

How much lower can you go, George?


Halliburton violated pension laws 
  ...according to the U.S. Labor Department 


"Oh shit, each day is worse than the last...
 Any man, under this pressure, will drink. 
 Oh, shit - there goes my bad eye, again.
 It only twitches when I'm in real trouble.
 It's never twitched this bad before..."


Is your  bartcop.com  subscription up to date?

Random Thought...

If Bird flu breaks out in New York, what will Bush do?
Is he going to quarantine the entire city?   Nobody in or out?

If you think Bush screwed up Katrina, wait until he screws up Bird flu.


Woodward - guilty and decadent


Whatever impact Traitor-gatey has on the Bush administration, it continues to spread 
through the Washington press corps like a toxic plume.   Yes!  Hang them all!

As it does, it discredits not only individual reporters and damages their news organizations
but also an entire style of reporting that has come to dominate the way Americans are informed
or misinformed concerning their government's conduct.

This week's casualty was the once-respected Bob Woodward, who has concealed for 17 months 
the fact that a Bush administration official he still refuses to name treasoned Plame's name to him before
"Scooter" Libby  treasoned the name to Judy Miller and others.

Woodward's disclosure was motivated not by a sudden pang of conscience, as it turns out, but by the
sudden necessity of testifying under oath before a federal grand jury. Along the way, he incidentally revealed 
that he had gone on several television shows to trash the special prosecutor investigating the affair. Worse,
it now emerges, the reporting that went into his last whore book, "Plan of Attack," involved the submission 
of written questions in advance to Cheney, a fact he never bothered to share with the book's readers.

Woodward is a proper Bush whore, and now the world knows it.
He'll tell any lie to help Bush cover-up his fake war and his crooked agenda.



"Congressman Murtha is a respected veteran who has a record of supporting a strong America. 
  So it is baffling that he is endorsing the policy positions of Michael Moore and the extreme 
  liberal wing of the Democratic party." 
    --Scottie the Underbear,   Link

 "I get paid to lie."

 Scottie, have you seen the numbers?
 Thirty seven percent agree with you.
 That means sixty three percent, the vast majority," is against you.
 You guys have screwed up the whole world so bad, the "Michael Moores" are the majority.


Biden: Maybe Bart is Right
 Filibuster more likely, says Tutu Joe


Joe Biden says the views that Samuel Alito expressed on reapportionment 20 years 
ago could jeopardize his Supreme Court nomination and provoke a filibuster.

"The part that jeopardizes it (Alito's nomination) more is his quotes in there saying that 
he had strong disagreement with the Warren Court particularly on reapportionment
one man, one vote," Biden told "Fox News Sunday."

If you're against one man, one vote, you're a Republican.

"The fact that he questioned abortion and the idea of quotas is one thing. The fact that 
he questioned the idea of the legitimacy of the reapportionment decisions of the Warren 
Court is even something well beyond that," Biden said.

Joe, hit Bush when he's weak.
If you don't use the filibuster now, you could lose it for a lifetime.

Don't screw this up.

Bush is cut around the eyes - so aim for those cuts.
Open them up, make the ref stop this damn fight for humane reasons.

But whatever you do, keep "Cave in" Joe locked up, OK?


Subject: Where is the outrage?

If it weren't for you and people like you, the G would have succeeded in keeping this entirely hidden 
from the American people, although the European news sources are carrying it in graphic detail. 

Is this what we've become?  Stolen elections, illegal wars, secret concentration camps, torture of prisoners,
a police state at home,  naked corporate pillage of the treasury, natural disasters ignored, betrayal of CIA operatives, 
none of this is sufficient to galvanize people against this evil JUNTA of corporate vampires?

Please, Bart, keep telling the truth!  I don't know what it takes to prod the Dems in Congress into action, 
but maybe enough people screaming "Impeach them all!" might get their attention. 
We ended one war, and drove a corrupt president out of office once, we can do it again!
Sheila H

Shiela, as long as our elected Democrats see no problem with Bush, why should the people?
If the Democrats raised a little hell when Bush murders for fun, the people might get enraged.
But Democrats yawn when Bush commits atrocities, so maybe people figure it can't be helped. 

A criminal will continue to commit crimes until someone says "Stop."
We can only hope the moderate Republicans get fed up, cause the Democrats won't.

They don't even have the brains or courage to attack when Bush is at 34 percent approval.
You see, it "wouldn't be fair" to attack an opponent when he's weak - that how our side thinks.

       "We love Bush and he can do no wrong in our eyes."


Call the 

...listen for it on Bartcop Radio

Defeated in Iraq


The war begun by President Bush has been lost.
The war begun by President Bush with such bravado and so little braino, which was designed to convert him
from a dismal president to a crisp and awe-inspiring commander-in-chief, has been lost. The nearly 2100 
Americans who have died so far to help the president get re-elected, to make him look like a leader, and to 
provide cover for his criminal executive power grab, have died for nothing. An unorganized bunch of insurgents 
armed with nothing but raw guts, aging Soviet-era rifles, and home-made explosives, have routed the most 
powerful military machine the world has ever known.

The facts are the facts.
We can wait weeks, months or years to stop making mistakes, 
we can stop making mistakes today.


Subject: Letter to Bush

Dear Mr. Bush:

I would like to extend my hand and invite you to join us, the mainstream American majority.
We, the people -- that's the majority of the people  -- share these majority opinions:

1. Going to war was a mistake -- a big mistake. Link

2. You and your administration misled us into this war.  Link

3. We want the war ended and our troops brought home.  Link

4. We don't trust you.  Link

Now, I know this is a bitter pill to swallow. Iraq was going to be your great legacy.
Now, it's just your legacy. It didn't have to end up this way.

This week, when Republicans and conservative Democrats started jumping ship, you lashed out at them.
You thought the most damning thing you could say to them was that they were "endorsing the policy
positions of  Michael Moore and the extreme liberal wing of the Democratic party."

Is that the best you can do to persuade them to stick with you -- compare them to me?
Why not cut out the name-calling and the smearing and just do the obvious thing: Come join the majority!
Be one of us, your fellow Americans! Is it really that hard?

Your loyal representative from the majority,

Michael Moore


 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is  $57.21 a barrel
makes $114,420,000  Bush stole just yesterday

2085 2095 have died for Halliburton

They got TEN over the weekend
but that's OK because they were "volunteers."

Does Bush care?  Does Exxon care? No, because...

They make over $100M profit each day,
...and by the way, fuck the poor.

"...if you get cold this winter,
and don't want to pay our price for oil,
get naked and make a manpile - that'll keep you warm!
Heh heh..."

Bush brought in a gusher of blood.


The Specter of Vietnam
 We've this this movie before


The American public's souring mood over the war in Iraq is something US military leaders 
have seen before and learned to dread. In Vietnam, it foreshadowed a humiliating defeat.

Steadily mounting casualties, anti-war protests, crumbling public support and the open political 
warfare that erupted this week in Washington over Iraq have only heightened the sense of deja vu.

"This is following a political trajectory very similar to Vietnam," said Loren Thompson, 
a military analyst with the Lexington Institute, a Washington think tank.

"What happened in Vietnam was that as key legislators began to fall away from the president's agenda, 
military officers began to wonder whether they should be risking their lives for a waning cause," he said.

What's the rationale behind dying for Halliburton?
Because of 9-11 and Bush's war, the BFEE made trillions of dollars disappear to parts unknown,
and we're not any safer today than when we had Clinton's $11 trillion surplus to argue about.


W stands for wanker.

Bungling Fuck-Ups

I saw Murtha on TV, almost in tears, talking about a wounded soldier he met at Walter Reed
He said the soldier had lost both hands and he was blind after being wounded in Iraq.

Murtha asked what he could do for the soldier. His Mom said, "Get him a Purple Heart.:
Startled, Murtha asked why he didn't already have one, and the soldier said,
"They told is we were friendly-bombed, so we didn't deserve our Purple Hearts."

Murtha said he called the kid's Commandant and told him,
"If you don't give this kid a Purpel Heart, I'm giving him one of mine."

The kid got his Purple Heart but now his life is triple-screwed because he didn't know
the President would conspire with other oil men to lie us into a war to steal Iraq's oil.


Subject: November Special

Mr. Bart,
As part of your November-Special, you offer 3 months of BartCop Raido.

Question - can I listen to this any time? 
I work during the day (one of those few Americans who still is employed) so can't tune in
just any time, so can I listen at whim and will?  If so, how does this work?

Thank you for responding
T Quigly

T, the files are sitting there, waiting for you to listen or download any time in that 90 days.
You should have enough time to download every show.


Locked doors thwart Bush's bid to duck question


Irked by a reporter who told him he seemed to be "off his game" in Beijing, President Snotty
sought to make a hasty exit from a news conference but was thwarted by locked doors.

"I was trying to escape. Obviously, it didn't work," Bush quipped, facing reporters again 
until an aide rescued him by pointing to him towards the correct door. 


Click Here to Search Bartcop

Libby the Lone Leaker
  by Faun Otter - Bartcop wire services

Former Vice Presidential aide Doreen "Scooter" Libby has confessed that he acted alone 
in outing Valerie Plame as a CIA covert operative. A senior administration official, speaking 
on condition of anonymity, confirmed Libby's statement was made during cross-examination 
by lawyers for Dick Cheney and Karl Rove. Bartcop has obtained a transcript of the interview, 
which took place at an undisclosed location late last week.

Attorney One: Did anyone direct you to reveal Plame's occupation to reporters?

Libby: Yes. Aaaarrgh! I mean no. I only spoke to Dick and Karl about it once. Aaaargh!

Attorney Two: Please confirm for me, did you ever speak to other White House staff 
about your plan to 'out' Valerie Plame?

Libby: I told you, I spoke to... Aaarrgh!, oooohhhh!, Help! My testicles are on fire! Ohhh, oh, oh. 
No, no, no I never spoke to anyone about anything ever. Please, please get a fire extinguisher!

Unidentified Voice: See, I told you torture worked.


Subject: gotta love those Republicans

The U.S. House of Representatives voted to cut $700 million dollars from the food stamp program 
cutting off 235,000 people who will now go hungry.
But more shocking is that the $700 million is less than the tax cut that Bush gave Bill Gates. 

235,000 people are going to go hungry so that a single individual can keep billions. 
Gotta love those Republicans!

Marc Perkel
San Francisco, CA. 

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Mischa Barton - nip slip on "O.C."
 Said to have flashed nipple in love scene

Can America survive two nipple flashes in the same decade?



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Faux News Channel, and interesting sites like the Church of Reality - a religion based on believing in everything that is real.

Our motto for this year is - "No Anti-Bush Site Left Behind". So - if you have an anti-bush site and you are 
choking on hosting fees or dealing with threats - let us know and we'll help keep you online. 

 We also have that strongest server side spam filtering on the planet. 
Check out Marx Mail for info on how you can have a Spam Free Email Account.

Perkel's new Church

If it's Real - we believe in it!
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BCR Show #84

Always listen to the BCR shows first
before you let someone like your parents,
your co-workers or your kids hear it.

Click Here to Listen to Part 1 of Show 84
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Click Here to download Part 4 of Show 84

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