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Tuesday  Nov 22, 2005  Volume 1660 - 1 PM local time...

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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Bush Accountability
McCain: GOP in Trouble 
DeLay Aide: Guilty 
Random Thought... 
Cracking JFK's Murder
The JFK Mystery 
If Bush ate a baby...
The Buck is Stopping 
Nicole waisting away 


 Quote of the Day

"When they make the movie about Traitor-gate
  Woodward won't be played by Robert Redford." 
          --billmon,   Link

 James Woods will do it.
 Ron Silver will do it.
 Dennis Hopper will do anything.


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"You wonder what life's going to be like. Can I wear heels again? Can I run again?
 Freedom isn't free. If that's the price I have to pay for freedom, I'll give my other leg."
    --Amputee Melissa Stockwell, ready to sacrifice more limbs for Cheney's stock options    Link

Even tho he claims he has no connection to Halliburton, Cheney has over 400,000 shares of HAL stock options.

HAL stock was at 9 when they started this war - for no reason.
HAL stock is now at 60 or so,
That might mean Cheney can buy 400,000 shares of stock at $9 each (that's $3.6M, small change for Cheney)
then sell it five minutes later for $60 a share which comes to $24M which makes Cheney $20M in one day.

That's why Melissa Stockwell lost her leg.


2006 - Bush's Accountability Year
 by Robert Parry as seen on  consortiumnews.com


Finally, the prospects are brightening that Bush and his neoconservative allies might face some accountability for their
endless deceptions, their high-handed governance of the United States and their repeated trampling of international law.

As unlikely as it might have seemed just a few months ago, the mid-term congressional elections in 2006 are shaping up
as not only a pivotal political moment but a referendum on what Bush has done over the previous five years.

It's a chance for Americans to say No to "preemptive wars" fought for trumped-up reasons; No to torture and other
violations of civilized behavior; No to record federal budget deficits; No to rampant cronyism that has become business
as usual - from Halliburton's contracts in Iraq, to Jack Abramoff's lobbying of Congress, to the mismanagement of
Hurricane Katrina and other federal emergencies.

Poll after poll reveals a political awakening across the United States, a shaking off of the drug-like sleep of propaganda.
Americans are demanding the truth. They want to know how their great country was led so far off course.

Note:  consortiumnews.com  is the most important site on the internet


McCain: GOP in Trouble


With the war in Iraq, higher energy costs, breakneck government spending and a Monkey in charge,
the GOP faces a tough road in 2006 unless things change, says John McCain (R-Tortured Crazy).

The party must show "progress in Iraq, we need a comprehensive energy package and we need to
stop this profligate spending,'' he warned.

``But we can recover,'' McCain said. ``Reagan recovered. Clinton recovered. We can recover.''

John, repeat after me:
Reagan recovered because he fired everybody and swept house.
Der Monkey can't fire his baby sitters - who'd cut up his pretzels for him?

And Clinton was a political genious who didn't commit any crimes.
It's easy to recover when you're innocent - too bad Bush isn't.


Subject: What depths would you go to to save millions of lives?

What depths would you go to to save millions of lives? .
Even if they were absolutely guilty, would you lynch a black person?
Would you gas a Jew?
Would you make a Vietnam POW play Russian roulette?

Are we talking about slapping a guy or killing him?
I'll slap a guy to save New York and 10M people, I guess that makes me an evil man.

Some things are so horrible and un-American that the lives that they save won't make up
for the desecration of millions of lives already lost; courageous lives lost fighting since the
birth of our nation against perpetrators of the exact same evil crimes.

Wait, the 10,000,000 lives saved won't do what?

Here's my advice: stop wasting your time on this.

Remember where this 'debate' was supposed to go?
I assumed people would allow the slapping of the guilty to save the 10M lives,
but the (just guessing) radical left said, "No, we'd rather lose New York and 10M lives
on principle than see a certainly-guilty man get bitch-slapped to save them."

We never got to steps 2, 3 and 4 because the left was willing to sacrifice 10M New Yorkers.
That surprised me.  I thought we were going to draw lines, and say, "I would do this,
but I wouldn't go so far as to do that," but we never got past slapping to save the 10M.

The hypothetical situation you described and keep defending will never occur.

"Never occur?"  
I don't think you're being logical or scientific.

So, just let it go: it's a pointless discussion, and it makes you look bad.

Matt, I'll stand with logic, math and science any day, and if someone thinks
logic, science and math are bad things to run away from, I'll figure it's their problem.

New attempt:
Say you're alone in a small air traffic control tower. (Don't write and say it's not possible)
Big storm, low visibility, two planes declare emergencies and both need the lone runway right now.
One plane has 10M people on it, (Don't write) the other plane has just the pilot, a terrorist.

Do you let the 10M people die because it's "not fair" to the terrorist?
I would save the 10M and assume logic and math will get people to agree with me?

What some people will do is pretend they can't see where I'm going and refuse to answer.
"But Bart, you can't fit 10M people on one plane."

The reason they'll pretend is because if they answer the question, they'll be forced to agree with me.
Out of 100 logical people, all 100 should vote to save the 10M, ...but not our Democrats.

My mail tells me a lot of Dems would let the 10M die, "to be fair."



No sense blogging for a few when you can blog for dozens.

With Bush falling apart, hits are up.
Now's a great time to advertise on  bartcop.com


"Murtha served 37 years in the Marines, and has Purple Hearts to his name. He visits wounded 
soldiers at Walter Reed every week. Three years ago, he won the Semper Fidelis Award of the
Marine Corps Foundation, the highest honor the Marines can confer. Every time you think these 
Republicans can sink no lower, even after their vile smears against Kerry's service last year, 
they keep going. They make me sick to my stomach."  
      --Andrew Sullivan, who's been blowing Bush since he heard he hated gays,    Link

Andy, you've been lying to yourself so long, you can't recognize the truth anymore.
Bush has been an evil bastard all his life and you knew that.
He's been the worst president in history for four years and you knew that.
He's a heartless bully and a cowardly shit - and you knew that.
He's always hated blacks, gays, the poor and minorities and you knew that
Yet you stood up for him and carried his water 1,000 times while fabricating outright lies 
against the Democrats, the people who accept "abominations" like yourself, you snotty little ingrate..

Screw you, Andrew Sullivan.
You've been Bush's apologist for half a decade (while calling yourself a liberal) so don't try to switch teams now.
Stay on their side - we don't want you. 
Spend the rest of your life playing "I luv W" with Hitchens, Dowd, Guckert, Woodward, Russert, 
Judas Maximus, Scheiffer, Hume, O'Reilly, Hannity, Matthews and the vulgar Pigboy, Rush Limbaugh.

The Democrats are full of gutless, sacless whiners and ask-permission crybabies.
We don't need to add traitors to the mix.

You're going to hell, Andrew - with the other oily-slick robber barons.


Subject: The WTC Conspiracy

Sorry to deflate the story on the WTC attack, but as an eye witness, I walked down Broadway past the South Tower 
before it collapsed. I looked up and to me it was beginning to buckle, I had no doubt it would collapse. Think about the 
weight above the crash, that was 1/4 of the entire building.  I returned to work and told people I was going to Battery Park 
which would be far enough away if it fell over.

While there, I stood next to a man who turned out to be an engineer. I told him what I saw and he said it was the outer skin, 
that supports the structure, breaking off from the floor joist beams. He agreed that it was a matter of time before enough of 
the outer skin fell away that the building would fall. Within 30 seconds, it collapsed.
The North Tower had less weight to support, the fire burned longer before it gave way.
Imagine trying to coordinate putting explosives into two secure buildings (you needed to get a pass to get in),
on different floors, then have two planes hit both those buildings so you can detonate your explosives.  
Does that sound like a good plan? Not likely. Then try to pull it off.
These professors who throw these theories out are merely looking for funding for their department.
Charles P.


Texas sues Sony bastards
 Jailtime, and make them pay a $1B fine


Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott filed a civil lawsuit on Monday against the greedy Sony bastards
for hiding "spyware" software on its compact discs in a bid to thwart music copying.  Software included 
with the SONY sons-of-bitches media player "remains hidden and active" after installation, the AG said, 
and makes users vulnerable to security risks and possible identity theft.

They should come down on those greedy-as-oil-company bastards with all they have.
Let the next pack of greed-meisters think twice about stealing your house keys and giving copies 
to every crackhead in the neighborhood.  SONY does make some decent electronics, otherwise 
I'd be calling for the corporate death penalty for these motherless huns.

In the old days, when someone brought this much shame to a Japanese Corp, they were expected
to lock themselves in their office and do that Harry Carey bullshit - but that's not good enough.
I want to see their suicides on a live webcast.


Chapter Eight 
Democratic Congressman Jack Stibik's mentor, 
Professor gar Reynolds,  testifies on comprehending 9-11 
and the Islamic War in light of The Saecula 

Click to Enter

Subject:  Hillary haters


You seem a pretty reasonale dude for an okie with an IQ of 64  :-), 
but it puzzles many why you wish to support Hillary at all.

That's my fault for not explaining it enough times...

Sure, she's the best opportunity for the "Democratic Party" to win the presidential election.
But that's not YOU winning, Bart, nor the American people, nor the leftists, nor the liberals, nor the children of the world.

I'll be OK either way.
I'm white, male, straight, not too old, not too sick...
You're seeing "twins" when there is no such thing.



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Subject: Bart takes over the DNC

I don't know if you saw this letter, but it sure looks to me like they are finally taking your advice

To: The Honorable George W. Bush 

Although it is too early to judge Libby guilty, it is not too early for you to reassure the American people 
that you understand the enormous gravity of the allegations. To this end, we urge you to pledge that if Libby 
or anyone else is found guilty of a crime in Traitor-gate, you will not pardon them. 

Please, I'm begging you,
Harry Reid

No, too much such ass in that letter.
My idea demanded that Bush not pardon anybody before the trial,
with a guarantee of impeachment if he does, and a shutting down 
of the government if the racist GOP bastards tried to stop Justice.

How can every Democrat be soooo pussy-whipped?
Isn't there a single, solitary fighter in the whole goddamned Democratic Party?

Bush doesn't respond to "Pretty pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease."
He responds to brute f-ing force, or a big-ass hammer, like any terrorists does.

The poor, pitiful Democrats - they just don't want to win.

I need a drink...


Get Mom a Kitchen Toy this Christmas

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Is this a Christmas ad?
No, it's too early for a Christmas ad.

DeLay Aide Pleads Guilty
 He must be giving them something...


Michael Scanlon, a former partner to lobbyist Jack Abramoff, pleaded guilty Monday to conspiring
to bribe public officials, a charge growing out of the government investigation of attempts to defraud
Indian tribes and corrupt a member of Congress.  Scanlon, a former aide to Tom DeLay(R- Squirrel),
entered the plea and agreed to pay restitution totaling more than $19 million to the tribes.
Abramoff and Scanlon were paid more than $80 million between 2001 and 2004 by six tribes with casinos.

Scanlon, who is expected to cooperate in the investigation of Abramoff and members of Congress, DeLay
could face up to five years in prison.  Outside the courthouse, Scanlon attorney Plato Cacheris said his client
"is regretful for what happened to the tribes" and is trying to do what is right by cooperating with the investigation.

Frog march, frog march, frog march, frog march...


Subject: Mike Malloy

Hey Bart--did you catch Mike Malloy last night, he was on f-ing fire, bitchslapping Rummy.  
Why don't Malloy clips ever wind up on the radio show?  
You've been hitting your stride lately yourself, eagerly awaiting BCR 85
You should mention the extra show 83 clip to subscribers who may have missed the heads up on the site.

Keep hammering them BFEE sons of bitches

Phil in DE (who just folded down 2-5 of hearts on a party poker hand where the flop was 3-4-6 of hearts...ouch) 

Dude, unless the bet is big, I almost always stay for the flop.
Too many times I've folded a weak-ass 9-4 to have the flop come 9-9-4.
That's when you can ruin somebody who's proud of their pocket Aces :)

You're right, I should steal more from Malloy
He's fun as hell to listen to.



Random Thought...

Have the Democrats taken ANY steps to fix the Diebold problem?

Or are they going to wait until after the next election, until after they see their
10-point lead turn into 2-point losses before they remember the machines are fixed?

Why can't our side think?
Why can't we remember 2000, 2002 and 2004?
Who do we make the same dumbass mistakes year after year?

John - shut up!

Just fix it, dammit!

Don't explain it to me, OK?
Just fix the crooked voting machines...


Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Subject: Murtha and the lying news media

Bart Dude, you wrote:

> Murtha said, "We need to get out as soon as it's practical."

When I watched what I could on C-Span about this Friday night,
I do recall Murtha saying that or something very close to that.

But when I watch any news, be it local, network or cable, all the liars for
the gop news keep saying that Murtha called for an "immediate withdrawal."

A majority of Americans do not waste their precious time watching C-Span,
so they wouldn't know the truth, so they hear the lies from the nightly gop news.

No wonder we can't possibly win.
The lazy pink tutu cowards we voted for won't push for the truth to be told either.

Liberal news my ass.....

Dude, it's worse than you think.

Nancy Pelosi declined to endorse Murtha's call for withdrawal Link

I can't find the quotes (piss me off!) but Boxer rushed to cameras and microphones to say,
"Jack Murtha does NOT speak for me," and Harry Reid said something like,
"Immediate withdrawal is a non-starter" and, of course, John Kerry piled on, too
- and none of that was needed.  What's wrong with are crazy, suicidal Democrats?

The crazy, back stabbing liberals had to slap Jack Murtha around for telling the damn truth.
Those three ran to Bush's aide, to give him corfort while they shit on Jack Murtha.

I need another drink...


Vatican: Sexually Active Gays Unwelcome 
 Butt serial-raping little boy straights are A-OK


The Vatican says homosexuals who are sexually active or support "gay culture" (Democrats?) are 
unwelcome in the priesthood unless they have overcome their homosexual tendencies for at least three years.

"Those people find themselves, in fact, in a situation that presents a grave obstacle to a correct relationship
with men and women. One cannot ignore the negative consequences that can stem from the ordination of 
people with deeply rooted homosexual tendencies," the medievally-correct statement said.

Why did God make "God's abominations?"
Why would God condemn some of his children to their only lifetime as "those people?"
Why did God make women inferior, so they couldn't participate?
Did God have a self-loathing problem in the old days?


Flashback Quiz from Volume 0059

Rush, Newt and Clarence Thomas were looking for a cheap motel room with a single bed in Slidell, Louisiana.
Newt said it was Rush's turn to pay, so Limba waddled up to the front desk. The manager trainee said the room
was $30. Rush gave the clerk a twenty and a ten.

When the manager returned, and found out his idol was in the hotel, he decided to give him a discount. He saw Rush
at the snack machine and said "Mr. Limbaugh ..big dittoes. You can have the corporate rate, so here's $5 back."

Rush saw a chance to make a profit on his ...friends. When Rush got back to the room, he told Newt and "Slappy"
about the billing mistake, and that the room was only $27, and gave them back a dollar each.
This left Rush with a two dollar profit.

But, if Rush, Newt and Clarence only "invested" $9 each, for a total of twenty seven dollars,
and Rush stole two dollars, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE OTHER DOLLAR?



Subject: donation - 1 yr for me, the rest to support military subs

Bart, Please send me WPE stickers, or larger, thanks.

Use the excess to provide subscriptions for low ranking enlisted personnel,
who may have to use food stamps to support their families...they shouldn't have to 
use their money to gain access to information vital to their understanding of what is going on in the world.


NoPiker, that's a cool thing to do - thanks.

So if YOU are a low-ranking enlisted person who wants news and comment NOT
approved by Karl Rove, send me an e-mail with your .mil (or similar) address.

Sign me up, Bart

Get your WPE sticker!    Free with your donation,

Plus two bartcop.com ovals and"I Miss Clinton" bonus sticker.
Four stickers for one donation!  (If you don't miss Clinton, I'll send the others)

You can donate with PayPal...or  snail mail.

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Bush bullies hiding  bartcop.com  from you?

Surf anonymously
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"This is not a war of words. This is a real war, where people are getting killed."  
     --John Murtha, wasting his breath on the American voter   Link

John, this country doesn't care how many thousands of soldiers die for Cheney's stock options.
This country wants the wall between Church and State torn down so Bush can dicate religion at 
gunpoint and they want a wall build between two men in case one of them tried to kiss the other.

2100 Dead soldiers?
Who cares?


Halliburton hires slaves for Katrina cleanup


KBR's cleanup contracts currently amount to $124.9 million. This writer observed "squalid trailer parks where 
up to 19 unpaid, unfed and undocumented KBR site workers inhabited a single trailer for $70 per person, per week." 
(That's $1500 per week, $6500 a month - to live in a crap trailer?)  Many suffer from work-related health problems, 
including diarrhea, sprained ankles and cuts and bruises acquired while working for KBR. 

At one point, many undocumented workers were thrown off the job and forced to live in the streets of New Orleans after 
Halliburton refused for two months to pay a subcontractor. Seventy-four workers filed a complaint with the Department 
of Labor seeking $56,000 in back pay. 

A Halliburton subcontractor even threatened several Latino workers with deportation if they left the Belle Chasse 
military base in Louisiana, where an estimated 500 immigrants are employed. 

"Oh shit, Unka Dick said we wouldn't get caught
 Each day is worse than the last...
 Oh, shit - there goes my bad eye, again..."


Is your  bartcop.com  subscription up to date?

Random Thought...

Is there anyone - of an advanced age - who sees "Nov 22" and doesn't flash back?

For older people, Nov 22 is a lot like Sept 11.


No Closer to Cracking JFK's Murder
 75 percent say we never got the truth


WThe conference was optimistically titled "Cracking the JFK Case," but it was widely noted that many of
the speakers and members of the audience had grown gray hair or lost much of it while looking for the answers.

One of the presentations at the three-day session revived doubts about the famous "single bullet theory" that the
House Select Committee on Assassinations thought it had resolved in the late 1970s. Another demolished
persistent claims that the Zapruder film -- the "clock" of the Kennedy assassination -- had somehow been altered
or contradicted by other photographic evidence. Still another speaker demonstrated how the sounds on Dallas
police tapes showed that four and perhaps five shots had been fired -- meaning that at least one other person
besides alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald had squeezed a trigger.

Every four years when the Democrat hold their convention, I always remember that we don't get to hear
great speeches from JFK, RFK and MLK and others because they were murdered by "conservatives."

Meanwhile, racist Republicans, Reagan, Thurmond, Helms - they always die of old age.


 Click  Here  to listen to Jack Ruby explain why the truth will never be known.

 He says those who arranged JFK's murder were "in government, high up," 
 and since they had "too much to gain," he was certain the truth would remain buried.
 Ruby was right. 

 Was Lee Hamilton on the Warren Commission?



The Enduring JFK Mystery
 by Robert Parry as seen on  consortiumnews.com


The assassination of John F. Kennedy was one of the darkest moments in modern American history. But one of its 
most pernicious legacies has been the notion that average Americans must be shielded from what really happens on
matters of national security, even something as important as the murder of a president.

Since the Warren Commission probe of the JFK assassination, other investigations of serious government wrongdoing, 
one after another, have been truncated - CIA abuses, Iran-Contra, Contra drug trafficking, Iraq-gate, misuse of Iraq War 
intelligence, Abu Ghraib - supposedly because the full stories would undermine morale or otherwise not be "good for the country."

Ultimately, of course, this loss of a true history is corrosive to the concept of a democratic republic, and it has been one of 
our goals as a publication to flesh out the facts of those failed investigations. In that light, we are publishing a report from 
JFK assassination expert Lisa Pease on a recent historical conference in Washington:

Great article - I hope you have time to read the whole thing.


Subject: What if you're 74 and broke?


Bart, I am a small Senior lady of 74 & 1/2 years on a small SS and SSI income.  They are barely enough
to get by on but not enough to cover expensive emergencies.  Every month my income buys less and less.
Two months ago my hot water heater broke and flooded my house and I have not been able to afford to replace it.

It really is miserable having to heat water to do dishes and bathe in a bucket, especially in the cold winter weather.
Heating oil has nearly tripled in price so I only keep the temperature set to 66 degrees and the bathroom never
gets that warm.


Call the 

...listen for it on Bartcop Radio

GM to cut 30,000 Jobs
 Bush continues his "Murder America" tour


By announcing plans to cut 30,000 workers and close multiple US factories, General Motors Monday sent 
a warning that ripples beyond the automotive industry: Working-class jobs with generous benefits are slipping away. 
The current woes of GM and other automakers merely follow a pattern long visible in other old-line industries, 
from steel to airlines. When overseas or nonunion competition rises, the result is cutbacks in jobs, pay, and benefits. 

Bush is screwing America by borrowing overseas to enrich the already super-rich. The middle class is getting 
Bush-fucked but that's OK because they "wanted to have a beer with Bush,"  more than a qualified Democrat.

What do you do when people are too damn stupid to vote their own interests?


Subject: don't even read this, Bart

I read your site daily. Agree with most of your views.

Like: You always blast Repugs for lies or framing the questions so they can look better. 
Foxnews is great for this. 
But isn't that the same as you saying "Do you want a BFEE goon in 08 or Hillary?" 

That's the way I see it.
If I'm wrong, show mke where.
FOX lies to steal money from the stupid.
If I'm lying to make a buck, why am I on the side of the penniless?.

It is not a black or white issue. 
The Repugs are dropping 'W' faster than the Dems. 
Are they scared enough to bring someone left leaning in 08. 

Not sure, but if that's a question, I'm guessing the answer is "no."

I don't hate Hillary. I do expect her to DO HER JOB NOW! 
I also expect that I will judge her for the jobs she does over her tenure,
not just four months before the election.

Hillary is the only Democrats in the senate who must remain silent or muted.
She'll come out when the timing is right.

The "torture" issue, you phrase your side in such a way it is impossible to argue. 
Like FoxNews. This is not constructive for debate.

You want me to say, "Torture is good, we should use it often?"
That's not what I believe, so I refuse to say that - but - my way 10M people get to live.
I'm surprised the 10M dead people side has any takers at all, but they do.

I think this is why you have such high confidence on your debate skills. 

Oh, there was a time, but have you seen me bragging in the last 6 months or so?
I used to be real proud of my debating skill, then I got taught that hard lesson.

Either you are right or the fight is rigged from the start. 

No, either I'm right OR the other guy has to show me where I'm wrong.
Saying "I don't know what the answer is but you are wrong" doesn't hold much water with me.

Refuse to loose mentality I can respect.  I find that I do the same thing. 
It is very fustrating when we disagree.

It's impossible to agree on everything.
Apparently we agree on most.

Thanks for the tangle...


 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is  $57.70 a barrel
makes $115,400,000  Bush stole just yesterday

2095 2097 have died for Halliburton

They got TWO since yesterday
but that's OK because Fallujah needs a Bush democracy.

Does Bush care?
Our boys are drowning in their own blood

...while Exxon-Mobil is drowning in profits.

"...if you get cold this winter,
call Michael Moore 
- then go screw yourself -
 that'll keep you warm!
Heh heh..."

Bush brought in a gusher of blood.


If Bush ate a baby....by Ann Coulter
  by Brian Nowhere


After reading Ann Coulter's latest "article", which makes a downright acrobatic attempt to somehow
blame Gannon/Guckert on the Democrats, I once again was forced to wonder what kind of "article"
she might write if it was discovered, irrefutibly, that George Bush had finally gone and done something
so horrible, that it could no longer be denied. Like if he ate a baby.

Would Ann finally have to admit that the mighty teat she's been suckling the sustenance from for oh so long,
had finally gone and dried up? Would she realize that all this time she's been shilling her integrity away for a madman?
Or would she simply belly up to the keyboard and pen something like this:

Good stuff, this excerpt was just the set up.


TV Stuff

Ted Koppel says "Goodnight"
 Was respected until he turned whore like the rest


American Music Awards
 Which oldie will Grandpa Mick bore us with?


Oprah Agrees to go on Dave Dec 1
 He's been trying to get her for many years



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The Buck is Stopping
  a Baltimore Sun Editorial


The most charitable thing that can be said about the self-styled "war president" is that he was so certain of
the rightness of his course he must have felt safe in disregarding the abundant intelligence and analysis that
cast doubt upon his plans. If he misled the nation, perhaps he also misled himself.

Today, Americans are paying for that deception. Two or three U.S. soldiers are killed every day. Iraqis are
bombing, shooting, executing, mutilating and torturing each other. (Mr. Cheney said, in that 2002 speech,
"The streets in Basra and Baghdad are sure to erupt in joy.") Baghdad is heading for a crack-up. Rep. Murtha,
a Marine veteran from Pennsylvania, says it's time to get out because no good is being served by staying - and
it's hard to find the flaw in his logic. The president is furious, because he can't allow himself to face up to the
deceit that launched a war.Former


Subject: Cheney wants to exempt CIA from torture ban

Although Bush has loudly declared "We do not torture!" Bush and Cheney are still working hard to get an exemption 
allowing the CIA to torture people. This would essentially legalize torture and then they can claim that what they are 
doing is within the law. When you put this together with the Patriot Act that allow Bush to declare anyone an enemy 
combatant, it means that they could pick up anyone off the street, give them to the CIA who would haul then to a 
secret prison camp to be held indefinitely and tortured. Between the CIA torture exemption and the so called "Patriot Act" 
war protester like Cindy Sheehan could be picked up and hauled off to Republican controlled concentration camps. 
The government wouldn't be seeking this kind of power if they didn't intend to use it.

There are a lot of reasons the civilized world has banned torture. If our country allows torture then when US soldiers 
are captured it is easier for the enemy to justify torturing them. It also acts as a way for our enemies to recruit support. 
Abu Ghraib fuels the insurgency. The CIA exemption would be perceived as an endorsement of Abu Ghraib. 
Torture reduces America's stature in the world community from the leader of the free world to dangerous barbarians. 
The reason McCain is trying to pass the anti-torture bill is to stop Bush from becoming a Hitler and we need to 
support his effort so that we don't become the enemy of the civilized world.

Marc Perkel
San Francisco, CA.

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I realize I'm late with some BCR, but I'll have to skip a day doing the page just to get started.
I plan to do radio tomorrow, maybe I can get a lot of BCR 85 done in one day - it'll be tough.
I may have to do short pages Thursday and Friday, but I've got to get some radio in the can

Wish me luck, hope I'm funny...


Nicole Ritchie a 'Nervous Wreck,' Dad Says 
 She knows what she did, too - guilt made her lose the weight

Can somone give the girl a sandwich?



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