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Fri-Sat  Nov 25-26, 2005   Volume 1662 - iburiedpaul

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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Dissing Fitzgerald 
HAL worker sentenced
Abramoff probe broad 
Random Thought... 
Iran-Contra bastards 
Looking for Bigfoot 
President Feingold? 
Legal Gag on Brits 
Katie Holmes trapped 


 Quote of the Day

"I will not vote to give one more soldier 
  to the Bush/Cheney war machine.  I will 
  not give one more dollar for a war riddled 
  with conspicuous profiteering."
      -Rep Cynthia McKinney   Link


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"I wouldn't have used Congressman Murtha's name."
       --Rep. Jean Schmidt, (R-Slut) who called a decorated war hero a coward while
          defending President Chickhawk's solider-chewing war-for-no-damn-reason,
          when asked if she would change anything if she could do it over again, Link


 Dissing Fitzgerald & Prosecutorial Politics
    by Robert Parry at  consortiumnews.com

One of the harshest critics of Patrick Fitzgerald's Plame investigation has been former independent
counsel Joseph diGenova, who examined earlier allegations about the Bush Family's political abuses.
But unlike Fitzgerald, diGenova bent over backward to avoid finding wrongdoing -- raising questions
about his criticism of Fitzgerald's more aggressive style now.

Note: Consortiumnews.com  is the most important site on the internet


Halliburton worker sentenced
 Took bribes to steal money - who knew?


A former Halliburton Co. worker was sentenced to 15 months in prison after pleading guilty
in Illinois to taking more than $110,000 in kickbacks from an Iraqi company in 2004.

Glenn Allen Powell, who worked as a subcontracts administrator for Halliburton's KBR unit,
will also pay $91,000 in restitution for directing a U.S. government contract worth $609,000
to an unnamed company in 2004 to renovate a warehouse.

Oh Please - that "unnamed company" is a shell corp owned by the BFEE. Reminds me of the
"unnamed staffer" Rush fired for flashing the Chelsea picture on his failed TV show.
Dog and pony my ass, why don't you?

How can those silly-ass, gelding Democrats allow Cheney and Halliburton to engage
in this pattern of gouging and looting again and again and again and again?

The kickback was discovered by KBR during an internal investigation.

Yeah, because Halliburton stands for truth, honesty, justice and accountability.

"When the issue was discovered, KBR claimed they removed the "unnamed company" in question
from consideration for any future work as a subcontractor. KBR also issued the government a credit
for the amount of the improper payment," Halliburton spokeswoman Melissa Norcross said in a statement.

Bullshit - you bastards got f-ing caught.
You guys have been caught more often that Rodney King, Darryl Strawberry and Russell Crowe combined..

If only the New York Whore Times cared 1/10th as much about Halliburton's stolen billions and Bush's
fake war (2100 dead) as they did about Clinton's $30,000 Whitewater loss, but nooooooooooooooooooooooo.

The NYWTimes is an Old Grey Whore who can't be trusted.


Subject: World Trade Center Resiliency


I am a civil engineer and a licensed architect, and I worked at the Port of New York Authority during the close-out
of the North tower of the WTC.  I can attest to the fact that the towers were indeed designed to withstand the impact
of one or more Boeing 707 jets.  There is no way that the weight of a plane could collapse the building.  The heat from fuel
combustion could weaken steel columns, but those columns were clad in fireproofing material.  And even if the columns
were weakened, they would never have collapsed in the manner that occurred.  Those buildings collapsed symmetrically
into a small footprint.  They didn't topple over onto adjacent buildings.  Cutter charges would have created such a collapse.
Such charges do not create a noticeable explosion, but consist of cords of high explosive that are wrapped around columns.
Notice the effect as described on this web site: http://www.rense.com/general63/cutt.htm

There is the phenomenon of "progressive collapse", as might occur with a stack of weak balconies being progressively loaded,
but the weight of the aircraft was not enough to exceed the design safety factor that would have generated a progressive collapse.
As I said, progressive collapse due to the weight of an airliner was taken into account.

I strongly believe that the collapse of the towers was engineered.  It was just too well controlled, as if a demolitions expert
had designed it as an intentional demolition.  In addition, the smaller building, Number 7, collapsed in the same way as those
taller towers, but it wasn't impacted by the towers, nor was it impacted by an airplane.

With what we know now regarding the dishonesty of the Bush administration, I think it is safe to say that those bastards would
have planned this disaster.  Look at the positive consequences it had on a presidency that was already a mockery.  Look at the
TV show 'That's Our Bush' that was cancelled after the 9/11 disaster.  Those bastards staged the whole thing.

There are too many coincidences in the destruction of those buildings.  I know for a fact that they were designed to withstand
aircraft impact.  The reason for this sensitivity was due to the impact of an airplane on the Empire State Building.  On July 28, 1945
a U.S. Army bomber B-25 crashed into Empire State Building; 13 dead.  After that incident, no structural engineer in his or her
right mind would have failed to design a skyscraper without considering the impact and weight of an airplane.

Please keep my name out of it.
Thanks Bart.

A Concerned Engineer.



"First and foremost, I support the troops.
  They dodge bullets and bombs while I duck only hateful words."
       --Rep. Jean Schmidt, (R-Slut) who called a wounded soldier a coward   Link


Subject: protest song 'Bushwacked'

Howdy Bart,

When I found this, I sent it to every one else I know and thought, "Better send it to Bart"

Happy Holidays----

I'm an American Veteran (Infantry Hospital Corpsman, USMC/USN) and a songwriter opposed to Bush's war.
Thousands of empty chairs today but 2100 in particular will remain empty. Please feel free to share my links.

High res. 9.3 MB

Low res. 4 MB



Subject: Dipshit

That's the weakest, lamest, most equivocative, cynical crap that's ome out of your mouth, Bart.

This guy has what's called principles and ideas; you have the same cynicism of Bush/Rove, except in reverse.
No wonder you like Boan-O


Alvin, clearly, one of us is crazy.

I'm the crazy man with 10M people saying "Thank you."
You're the crazy man with 10M people asking, "Why did you kill my family to save Mohammed Atta?"

I can live with my insanity.


Subject: your site makes me happy

Mr. Bartcop,

     I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed your website over the years.  I can't say I read it every week,
but I do check in frequently, and since I'm not at all a bloggy kind of person that's really saying something.
They're usually endless and not quite entertaining enough.  But you've got it all right; I really agree with you,
and your site is done beautifully.

     I love the Democrats and think they can do it if they pull their shit together and stop walking away from
the fight as soon as the big knives come out and then patting themselves on the back for being the better person.
This conservative trend is utterly terrifying--and if you want to talk utterly terrifying, think about the Supreme Court
our kids/grandkids/great-grandkids are going to be saddled with.

     Thanks again for all your hard work, for fighting the good fight, and for being one of the few vocal,
unapologetic, talented good guys.



The Phoney war against war critics
   by sometimes lefty Michael Kinsley


"One might also argue," Cheney said in a speech on Monday, "that untruthful charges against the commander in chief 
have an insidious effect on the war effort."   That would certainly be an ugly and demagogic argument, were one to make it. 
After all, if untruthful charges against the president hurt the war effort (by undermining public support and soldiers' morale), 
then those charges will hurt the war effort even more if they happen to be true. So one would be saying in effect that any 
criticism of the president is essentially treason. Lest one fear that he might be saying that, Cheney immediately added, 
"I'm unwilling to say that" -- "that" being what he had just said."

They're going to continue to lie until somebody calls them on it.
Bush & Cheney will tell any lie - any lie - because they know the gelding Dems are too scared to say something.
Just today, Saturday, Bush repeated the lie that we fight there to avoid a fight here - but that's crazy.

The only thing that can prevent Al Qaeda from hitting us is orders from above not to hit us.

Who gave the order not to hit America? 


Why would they?
Why would they want Bush to get credit for keeping us safe?


Subject: bartcop stickers and WPE sticker

Hey Bart,

I have one of those stickers on my computer, and whenever I'm having a tough day, I get a laugh out of
"Worst President Ever" and so does Mrs. Day Trader.  And all my friends who use my computer once in a while.

I think you're going to come around on Hillary.  Maybe not.  But these "legacy" candidates, the swelled hatbands,
the elitists, the crème de la crème candidates - they've up to their chins in Iraq.  They're just too stubborn, and
too stupid, to come out of it.  Who cares if Hillary or the others follow the crowd, and wait till the polls tell them it's safe?

Is that leadership?  Somebody who won't admit they can be wrong - remember how we trashed Bush for the same thing?

We can do so much better, Bart.  Really.  With three years to go, we may find some better candidate rising out of the pack.
Remember how Jimmy Carter came out of nowhere?  It happens, and it should happen, because America is
the land of opportunity, not the land of the "usual suspects."

Don the Day Trader

Don, your opinions seem perfectly valid to me - I just think Hillary has the best chance.
If someone comes along who looks better, I'd go with them.

But the person who comes from out of nowhere - don't they need to make some noise now?
After five years of silence, who can we trust to suddenly convert and say, "Bush is evil and so is this war?"

Surely nobody in congress (besides can't-speak-yet Hillary) maybe an anti-war Governor?
I'd be interested in seeing some names, but I think it'd be a mistake to attack our front runner.

Remember, any bad remarks about Hillary will be used against us in the '08 race.


Chapter Eight 
Democratic Congressman Jack Stibik's mentor,
Professor gar Reynolds,  testifies on comprehending 9-11
and the Islamic War in light of The Saecula

Click to Enter


"I don't want to be interjected into this. I wish she never used my name."
    --Danny Bubp, the marine Jean Schmidt (R-Slut) says called Murtha "a coward,"
       who says "I would never call a fellow Marine a coward.", Link


Abramoff probe broader than thought
  So says the Whore Street Journal


The U.S. Justice Department's probe of Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff is broader than previously thought,
examining his dealings with four lawmakers, former and current congressional aides and two former Bush bastards.

Prosecutors in the department's public integrity and fraud divisions are looking into Abramoff's dealings with four
Republicans -- Tom DeLay,  Rep. Bob Ney of Ohio, Rep. John Doolittle of California and Sen. Conrad Burns,
citing several people close to the investigation.

Round them all up - clean house - convict the guilty and throw the bastards in jail.



Please visit our longest running sponsor

Random Thought...

Who are the crazies who insist we call a Christmas tree, "a holiday tree?"
Why do we have to get on the wrong side of another meaningless battle?

I heard the talk radio Nazis screaming, "They won't let is sing Christmas songs at school."

Since I know how much they lie, I just assume they want to force kids to sings songs about Baby Jesus,
(who died for our sins so the least we owe him is a lifetime of religious insanity) and they know perfectly
well that they can sings like Frosty the Snowman or White Christmas, but that's not what they want.

These nutty Christians lie about the issue to make us look bad because the truth won't serve their goals.

So I repeat - who are the crazies who insist we call a Christmas tree, "a holiday tree?"

Can somebody straighten me out on this?


Subject: slapping a terrorist

Bart, Brian nailed it. You need talk no more about it.
Torture should be outlawed, but if you find yourself in that 1 in 10 million circumstance
and you think torture might save lives, well, just be willing to pay the consequences for being wrong.

Shit Bart, even with an IQ of 64 you should have figured that out.
I can be excused because mine is only 63.

End of tortuous debate!

JLR, well put.


The Katrina files



"If you listen to the American left, the worst enemy this country has is the Republican Party.
We on the Republican side think it's al-Qaeda and the terrorist networks around the world.
So in order to get the left to see the insurgency the way we see them, we simply call them Republicans.
Make them Republicans
       --Rush, the vulgar junkie Pigboy

 But Rush, Al Qaeda already is Republican.

 Who do you think gave Osama his seed money to get started?
 Yep, it was Poppy Bush, whose father was Hitler's banker.

 Yep, it was Poppy Bush, who armed Osama and Saddam.

Yep, it was Poppy Bush, who armed Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah, then got caught.


 Don't act like terrorism is our fault.

 We didn't arm Hitler, Osama, Saddam and the Ayatollah.

 Repubblicans did that.


Random Thought...

What if your doctor agreed that marijuana made your last illness bearable?

And what if your government said you couldn't have your medicine because religiously insane
people vote, and their superstitions say that The Invisible Cloud Being doesn't like it when
people smoke the flowers that help, ...so they made your medicine illegal?



Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Subject: Thanksgiving

I am thankful on this Thanksgiving Day that Bush has finally been revealed as corrupt and incompetent.
He had many Americans fooled for a long time. The Katrina disaster started the truthful revelation.
We saw Bush sit back on vacation and do nothing while thousands perished even 5 days after the disaster struck.

It wasn't enough that Bush and his inner circle cooked the books of intelligence in order to lead us into a war.
That fact didn't come out until we saw how vindictive this inner circle got with voices of dissent (Joe Wilson).

It wasn't enough that Bush went AWOL when he had the chance to server his country.
No, Mary Mapes and Dan Rather were demonized for telling the truth about the "Chickenhawk War President."
Yes, we have a lot to be thankful today that we now know just how incompetent and corrupt this president is.

The only thing saving him from Impeachment is all those suck up Republicans in Washington.
But, we will have something to say about that next year.

We will remember in November.
Diego in Michigan


President Russ Feingold?
 We could do a whole lot worse...


America's best Senator, since Paul Wellstone's death.
Defeated an incumbent to earn his Senate seat despite spending just $1 per Wisconsin voter;
co-sponsored the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform law.
His politics couldn't be better, in every measurable or imaginable way.


America is turning blue...

Only the third world states still have faith in him.
Even Texas hates the bastard.


Subject: donation


I don't know how your head doesn't explode.
Jacqueline B

It does, about twice a day...

You can donate with PayPal...or  snail mail.

 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK  74155

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Book review 'Looking for Bigfoot'
 Written by our good friend Mike Palecek

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Looking for Bigfoot is about fighting back, it's about making choices.
How can we make a difference in the face of incredible corrupt power?
Do we use violence or do we avoid violence?
Who shall we adopt as hero or role model: John Brown or Mahatma Gandhi?
How far are we willing to go in our fight and how far is the other side willing to go?
Who will win? Who will survive?



"Mr. Speaker, in south Mississippi tonight, the people who have electricity, who are living in 
two- and three-man igloo tents waiting for Congress to do something, have absolutely got to think 
we have lost our minds. The same Congress that voted to give the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans 
tax breaks every time ... after taking care of those who had the most, we have got to hurt the least... 
Folks, this is insane. ... This is the cruelest lie of all, that the only way you can help the people who 
have lost everything is by hurting somebody else." 
     --Rep. Gene Taylor, whose district was ravaged by Katrina, on the House passing $50 billion 
       in budget cuts -- including reductions in Medicaid, food stamps and child-support enforcement,   Link

The real idiocy here is that we keep losing elections to the fascist bastards who hate the weak and the poor.
We should win every election by 30 points, but we just don't want it bad enough to fight for it.

    "But fighting is always wrong - no matter what the reason..."


NBC Didn't Report Accident During Parade 
  You can depend on NBC to fake the news


During its live coverage of the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, NBC did not tell 
viewers that a giant balloon had caught on a street lamp and injured two sisters. 

At the point in the broadcast when the "M&M's Chocolate Candies" balloon was supposed 
to have crossed the finish line, Katie, Matt and Al Roker stuck close to their scripts and the 
network ran footage of the balloon from last year's parade.

NBC puts the "W" in "whore."


Is your  bartcop.com  subscription up to date?

Legal Gag on Bush-Blair Conflict
 Blair stopped Bush from bombing Qatar - an ally


The attorney general last night threatened newspapers with the Official Secrets Act if they revealed the contents
of a document allegedly relating to a dispute between Blair and Bush over the conduct of military operations in Iraq.
It is believed to be the first time the Blair government has threatened newspapers in this way.

Under the front-page headline "Bush plot to bomb his ally", the Daily Mirror reported that Bush last year planned to
attack al-Jazeera, which has in Doha, the capital of Qatar, where US and British bombers were based.

Richard Wallace, editor of the Daily Mirror, said last night: "We made Blair fully aware of the intention to publish
and were given 'no comment.' Suddenly 24 hours later we are threatened under section 5 [of the secrets act]".

Under section 5 it is an offence to have come into the possession of government information, 
or a document from a crown servant, if that person discloses it without lawful authority. 


Subject: More 9-11 Conspiracy Evidence


Welcome . . . and congratulations for your willingness to look at the proof about 9-11.
No matter how painful the facts raised by this site may be, we must look at the evidence for ourselves.

This website provides links to credible sources, so that you can easily check the information for yourself.
Just read and click. And then make up your own mind.


Hoofer, I've never been unwilling to look at the evidence, I just think I'd need a degree in architecture,
plus the original building blueprints, plus a list of all applicable NYC building codes and all inspection reports,
plus subpoena power and about four years and maybe about two million dollars plus somebody a whole lot
smarter than me to put it all together and form a logical conclusion.



"This Christmas, toy sales could be a bloodbath."
   -- Kurt Barnard of Bernard Retail Consulting Group,
       because Bush's oil prices and Bush's heating oil prices are so high,
       they're forcing toy prices lower so nobody makes any money this Christmas


Three who see the war clearly


Only three Democrats voted on the issue of the Iraq war, last Friday. The rest followed Nancy Pelosi's directives,
a continuation of her "strategy" of insulating the pro-war wing of the party, centered in the DLC, from the wrath of the
party's base, which is now overwhelmingly anti-war. For the DLC's sake, Pelosi smothers the party's progressive wing
- of which she was once a proud member. Thus, she maintains the fiction of a united House Democratic front, to disguise
the flaccid reality: the pro-war faction has veto power over Democratic policy - a veto exercised by Pelosi, herself.

Of the 42 Black Caucus members in the House, only one dared buck Pelosi's discipline: Cynthia McKinney (GA),
joined by New York's Jose Serrano and Florida's Robert Wexler.

The three (took) advantage of the only chance available since October, 2002 to express an unqualified NO to the Iraq war.


Subject: thanks

Hey Bart,

It's Thanksgiving, a holidy I don't give much thought to generally... I hate turkey, so I cook a steak
instead, and go out of my way to be alone instead of going to a big gathering.

However, I got to thinking I ought to say "thank you" for providing one of the best web sites on the Internet,
along with a killer radio show.  Beyond that, you have been the best "return of investment" in any Democratic cause I've given to.

I gave to Kerry last year, got nothing but a concession.  I've given to Howard Dean, the DNC, and Barbara Boxer.
I get a nice form letter in the mail, but when a Jeff Gannon shows up in the White House briefing room, or Bush has
a 60% disapproval rating, all I hear from these folks is silence.  (I still think these are worthy causes, Howard and Barbara
DO come out and attack, I just wish they would do it *MORE*)

You, on the other hand, are ALWAYS cranking out another page, addressing every issue.  The radio shows are getting
consistently better.  And, dude, your signs are going worldwide.  Everywhere the monkey goes, it seems there's a WPE poster
following him.  I'm glad I've been able to give to that effort, I can actually see results with you.

Anyways dude, I just wanted to say thanks and keep the hammer swinging!

T the P

Dude, that was nice - thanks.


 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is  $58.71 a barrel
makes $117,420,000  Bush stole just yesterday

2102 2107 have died for Halliburton

They got Five more while we ate turkey

Do evil oil men care care?

"...if you get cold this winter,
call Martin Sheen
- then go screw yourself -
 that'll keep you warm!
Heh heh..."

Bush brought in a gusher of blood.


French Gov hunting Bloggers?


The readers of Barry's Blogs have probably noticed that the sending of my progressive news
journal has been erratic the last couple of days. The reason for this is because Freedom of the
Press and Freedom of Speech seem to be dying a rather hasty death in France.

Bloggers were recently arrested in Paris for daring to write that they were sympathetic
with the social plight of the young people who were rioting at that time.
The last I heard they were being taken to jail...


Subject: Cheney is for torture


Darth Cheney is for torture. Great.
Let's start with Scooter Libby and find out the truth about the Valerie Plame outing.


Ellen, I'm with you.
Plus, we gotta see if Rove knows anything too :)


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"I suspect that the American forces are not going to be needed in the numbers
 that they are there for all that much longer because we have an election coming up
 and this quagmire is as popular as Bird Flu."
      -- Condi, lying again, this time on CNN,   Link


The Iran-Contra bastards


Poppy Bush, Khashoggi, North, Cocaine, Reagan, Negrpoponte, Abrams,
Poindexter, Whitewash Lee Hamlton, The Contras, the Moonie Times and more.


Star Wars Ep. III
When the Sith Hits the Fan

Click to Order

Subject: the coming cold winter

This coming year is likely to be one of the coldest winters in decades. Cold can be measured several ways.
What I'm talking about is the average temperature inside of homes of people over 65 years old.
The cost of gas and heating oil is expected to go up over 50% while oil companies rake in record profits.

As the temperatures inside the homes of old people gets colder one has to ask themselves this holiday season,
"What kind of people do we Americans want to be?
Do we want to put oil company profits ahead of giving old people a little heat in the winter?" I vote no.

Marc Perkel
San Francisco, CA.

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Katie Holmes gets a sonagram machine
  They watch the fetus so it can't escape from the cult

      "We've never had a successful escape from Womb 13."



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