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BCR Show 87 is done, but it may be a few hours before we can upload it, or it might be tonight.
Meanwhile, I'm working on BCR Show 88

Weekend-Monday   Jan 21-23, 2006  Volume 1693 - Tramps like us

Quote of the Day

"One way people can help, as we're coming down 
  the pike in the 2006 elections, is remember the 
  effect that rhetoric can have on our troops in 
  harm's way and the effect that rhetoric can have 
  in emboldening or weakening an enemy." 
       --Dubya,    Hiding Behind the Troops

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
The Bush Imperium 
HB's Dirty Water 
Get Up, Walk Out 
LA Cops cheated 
George Met Jack 
NBC Kills West Wing
Pimping Bush
Who is Jennifer Berry? 



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"How important is the new Osama bin Laden tape? The last time we got a tape from Osama was
  right before the 2004 presidential election. Now here we are, four days away from Bush wiretapping
  hearings and up pops another tape from Osama bin Laden. Coincidence? Who knows."
       -- Jack Cafferty and the dawn's early light,   Link


The Imperium's Quarter Century
  by Robert Parry  as seen on consortiumnews.com


The origins of George W. Bush's imperial-style government can be traced back to the extraordinary moment
a quarter century ago when Ronald Reagan was sworn in as President and 52 Americans hostages were
simultaneously freed in Iran. Americans were swept up in a surge of patriotism and many bought into the idea
that Reagan's tough-guy image had scared Iran's fundamentalist Islamic government. The reality of that fateful day
now appears to have been quite different, but the cover-up of a Republican scheme that bordered on treason
remains an important state secret even 25 years later.

Note: consortiumnews.com  is the most important site on the Internet.


Pimping Bush


In May 2001, Jack Abramoff's lobbying client book was worth $4.1 million in annual billing for the
Greenberg Traurig law firm. He was a friend of Karl Rove. He was a Bush "Pioneer," delivering at least
$100,000 in bundled contributions to the 2000 campaign. He had just concluded his work on the Bush
Transition Team as an advisor to the Department of the Interior. He had sent his personal assistant Susan
Ralston to the White House to work as Rove's personal assistant. He was a close friend, advisor, and
high-dollar fundraiser for Tom DeLay.  Abramoff was so closely tied to the Bush Administration that he could,
and did, charge two of his clients $25,000 for a White House lunch date and a meeting with the President.
From the same two clients he took to the White House in May 2001, Abramoff also obtained $2.5 million
in contributions for a non-profit foundation he and his wife operated.


Halliburton Held Contamination Facts


Troops and civilians at a military base in Iraq were exposed to contaminated water last year and employees
for Halliburton couldn't get their company to inform camp residents. Halliburton, Cheney's company, disputes
the allegations even though they were made by Halliburton employees and documented in company e-mails.

"We exposed a base camp population to a water source that was not treated," said a July 15, 2005, memo written
by William Granger, the Halliburton official who was in charge of water quality in Iraq and Kuwait.

"The level of contamination was roughly 2x the normal contamination of untreated water from the Euphrates River,"
Granger wrote in one of several documents.

Think if Clinton's former company was making billions off a war he lied to get us into.
And if that same company was screwing our troops on the battlefield - and making a profit doing it?
It's not that they made a mistake - no, they withheld the facts about the dirty water from the troops.

Making our soldiers on the battlefield sick?
Why isn't that treason?

Clinton would've been voted guilty of high crimes years ago,
but the sacless Democrats are soooooo afraid to raise their voice.

               "We follow the orders of Mr. Rove..."


Subject: awesome

Great site, just ran across it.
Keep up the good work for the true patriots.

An older but wiser Viet Vet: Thank You

Wow - a positive letter in my mailbox?
That was unexpected.


When George Met Jack


As details poured out about the illegal activities of  Jack Abramoff, White House officials sought to portray
the scandal as a Capitol Hill affair with little relevance to them. Peppered for days with questions about
Abramoff's visits to the White House, Scottie the Underbear said Abramoff had attended two huge holiday
receptions and a few "staff-level meetings" that were not worth describing further. "The President does not
know him, nor does the President recall ever meeting him," McClellan said.

The President's memory may soon be unhappily refreshed.

TIME has seen five photographs of Abramoff and the President that suggest a level of contact between them
that Bush's aides have downplayed. While TIME's source refused to provide the pictures for publication,
they are likely to see the light of day eventually because celebrity tabloids are on the prowl for them. And that
has been a fear of the Bush team's for the past several months: that a picture of the President with the admitted
felon could become the iconic image of direct presidential involvement in a burgeoning corruption scandal

But, since there is big money to be made protecting the illegal bastard - we may never see those pictures.


Subject: Jill Carroll

Goodbye Bart,

I can respectfully agree to disagree with you about many things: Hillary, guns, torture, etc.
But for you to continue making sweeping statements about how all journalists are whores,
and then condemn reporter Jill Carroll for doing her job, well, what is there left to say?

I didn't say she was a whore.
Why are you building this into something it's not?

Here's what *I* said:

> She chose to enter a kidnap zone and that's crazy.

> You and I weren't kidnapped because we're smart enough to stay away.
> I blame Bush.

I won't be coming back. From now on, I'll stick to the Rude Pundit.

There I go again - having opinions without getting permission first.

BTW, it must be getting damn crowded at Kos, Atrios and Rude Pundit.

  I can answer that, bart


"I don't care what George Bush tells you, our military's been run into the ground. More than half of our troops
are there for a second time, the divorce rates have doubled, ...recruiting numbers are in the toilet... Bush has
really destroyed our military, and that will have long-term effects for our national security for decades." 
      --Combat veteran Paul Rieckhoff , of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America,


Subject: serious question

Hey, Bart.

You sometimes hear people wonder about leaving the country.
They ask,  "when will we know that it's time to leave?"
I guess one answer would be, "any time before we can't."

The story about the Bush plan to require all people crossing US borders to
carry passports or similarly "secure documents" brought this to mind.
Conveniently, this is supposed to be implemented by Dec. 31, 2007.

Why then?  Is that the prelude to martial law and suspension of the
2008 election "for national security?"

Is it just a matter of time before we begin reading about people being
"shot while trying to cross the border illegally (escape)?"

What do you think, Bartcop?
Seriously, and hyperbole aside, do you think it really could become
like Nazi Germany where we are prisoners in our own country?

Your fan (almost always),

I've said for years that the BFEE will not allow a Democrat to be president.

That's why Bush is pushing so hard to make the presidency omnipotent and unchallegeable.
Bush will hand-pick his successor, or just say, "Fuck the Constitution" and declare martial law.
When that happens, the Repubs and the media and the Democrats will say,
"That's OK because Godly Bush just wants to protect us," like they're doing now.

The difference is the 200 million guns that Democrats hate with all their soul.

200 millions guns makes us hard to control, that's why they'll use the media to convince us 
that Bush is a great guy, taking away our rights, "for our own good."

When Bush puts tanks in the streets "to keep order," it'll be too late to buy a gun.



"Halliburton is a joke. I can't even list the problems with their service, but I guarantee they
  do not receive less money based on how many of the showers don't work, or how many of us
  won't eat in the chow hall often because we get sick every time we do. I wish every American
  could see this for him/herself.   There should be jail terms for this."
      --  email to Paul Rieckhoff from an officer in Ramadi,   Link


Democrats: Get Up and Walk Out
 by William Rivers Pitt


Bush's State of the Union address is January 31.   It is my strong belief that every Democrat should,
at a predetermined moment, stand up and walk out. No yelling. No heated words.  Simply stand and leave.

Crazy, I know.
Crazy, and possibly the best idea ever put before a body of Democrats since the New Deal.

Damn, wish I'd thought of that...


Subject: Not dumb, insane

I'm very  worried. I am worried most I think about the media in this country,
it is almost as though they have become a part of this frighteningly stupid new government.

Do you remember what the President said on TV when confronted with the fact that Saddam
had no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. He said this: "Well but he could have"

.....and the press... the media just  blinked and shrugged.





Subject: Why I use Google

One of the reasons I use Google to search the web is that Google has a stronger commitment to
civil liberties than Microsoft's MSN and Yahoo do. MSN and Yahoo turned over search information
to the Bush administration to support their policy of spying on The People.

Google stood up for our rights and said No to Bush. So I'm going to stick with Google
because I want to support companies who understand that freedom is important.

Marc Perkel
San Francisco, CA.

Not only that, but Yahoo and MSN gave that info to Bush and kept it quiet.


 Chapter Fourteen

An elite Republican cabal, led by the Vice President, conspires
to steal the 2008 presidential election. Confronted with devastating
poll numbers from the disasterous Islamic War, it sets in motion
the ultimate October Surprise, a terrorist attack upon the nation.

New Chapter next issue

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Subject: Google


"...ta daaaa..."

How about EVERYBODY search "impeach bush" or "impeachment" or "how to impeach bush" about ten times a day!!
...get tens, hundreds of thousands to do that every day...every time EVERY one goes online...just takes a second!

That should give the exec. branch some good idea of what Americans are really searching for...
would change the political culture overnight.  whaddya think?

B, sounds good to me.


Have you made your TV signs yet for Bush's State of the Union speech?


"Iraq was a totalitarian dictatorship run by mass murderer, but it functioned for most people.
  It no longer does.  We seem to have made Iraq a worse place than it was before..."
       --Eric Alterman,    Link


"Head-On" is now listed with iTunes and is
rebroadcast Tues-Fri at radiopower.org from 3-6 pm. ET.

Subject: 'die nigger' flag?


You been slippin' away, boy.  That's a little too much.
What the fuck?


I might have to apologize for that one.

I didn't see the "die," and I assumed the other part was commentary
on the disproportionate number of low-income blacks who were dying in Iraq.

I took it down - something I rarely do.
Sorry if anybody was offended.


LA Cops to Pay $1.1M for cheating


A judge has ordered LA cops to pay $1.1 million in legal costs to the family Notorious B.I.G. as sanctions
for intentionally withholding evidence during the family's civil lawsuit trial.  The judge didn't give the family
the $2 million originally sought, but she left open the possibility of an additional $300,000.

"It's pretty clear from the ruling that the judge understands this is a significant and difficult case,"
said Perry Sanders, lead attorney for the rapper's family.

Judge Cooper declared a mistrial last summer in the family's civil lawsuit after finding that a police detective
hid statements linking the killing to two crooked LAPD Officers. She also ordered the city to pay their legal costs.

Shame, shame on the crooked LA cops.



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Subject:  Google

Why can't Google simply take the words for the child porn and give the "administration" numbers behind those words?
Oh, probably  because that's not really what they are after anyway, eh?  Idiots!!!!

My suspicion is that they really don't care a whole heck of a lot  about what they'd find anyway in the Google search
-- that it is another way to bully anyone they choose into submission.  Well, I  say, Google, FIGHT BACK!!

linda mcg


Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.


"If administration officials want to boast that their policies have kept America safe,
  are they willing to accept the blame if another attack takes place?   After the bombings
  in London and Madrid, who can say there won't be another attack on U.S. soil?"
       -- Howie Kurtz,    Link

Howie, you poor, ignorant slut.
Bush and Cheney can give that guarantee because they gave the order, "No more attacks on US soil."


Subject: global warming

Last night a moth flew around my backyard light.
I reached out and she landed on my hand.

I was amazed and then horrified because it is January in Chicago.
She whispered, "I'm screwed and so are you".





Tom DeLay (R-Texas). John Ashcroft (R-Mo.). Arlen Specter (R-Pa.). Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.).
Ernest Istook (R-Okla.). George R. Nethercutt Jr. (R-Wash.). Jim Bunning (R-Ky.). Richard C. Shelby (R-Ala.).
Dan Burton (R-Ind.). James Pissquik Inhofe (R-Okla.).  Bob Ney (R-Ohio). Elizabeth Bag-o-Hairspray Dole (R-NC).
John Cornyn (R-Texas).  Saxby Osama Chambliss (R-Ga.). Ted Stevens (R-Alaska).  Spencer Abraham (R-Mich.).
Bill McCollum (R-Fla.).  George Allen (R-Va.).    (The list is much longer...).

Notice anything similar? Each and every name has an (R) after it.


Subject: Chickenshit

Hi Bart,

I have seen several posts recently with refererences to your health having something to do with the way you think.
That is really chickenshit.  It's pretty fucking low for anyone to use that against you on this board.
So I say to those who stoop to that kind of discourse, if that's all you've got, shut the fuck up!


Ray, want to know what's funny?
My stalkers have been real nice about the subject.
It's my "allies" who take the cheap shots.


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Subject: temps

Goddam, Bart, we nearly hit 80º here today.
I mean, I know I live in Florida, but it's WINTER, f'chrissakes.
Been here 35 years. Never seen anything like it.

Global Coincidence, tho'.

Sunny Palmetto


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Subject: Osama's truce

Hate to say it but this truce thing makes sense to me.
No one is ever going to win this thing, no one.

The innocent will just continue to die and the f-ing war machine will just keep making billions.
 Jersey Girl

JG, if the Bush family would stop invading Muslin countries and stealing their oil
maybe they'd have no incentive to sacrifice their lives to hurt us.



Fewer people unsubscribe on days when there's no new page.
I even had people scream, "GFY" over that "best guitarist" thing.


"I tell lies for personal profit!"

 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is  $68.48 a barrel
makes $137,960,000 Bush stole just yesterday

2222   2229 have died for Halliburton

We lost seven since Friday.
Bush is willing to pay that price.

Bush's gusher of blood.


NBC Kills West Wing
 It's Sheen's fault for being right


NBC is strangling their Emmy-winning political drama.
"There's a point when you look at the ratings and say, it feels like it's time," Reilly said.

The series finale will be May 14, preceded by a one-hour retrospective.
The campaign to President Bartlet will be settled, NBC said.

They fired the best writer on TV for "late scripts."
But they pre-empted West Wing so many times, why did scripts need to be on time?
If they were only going to run two new shows a month, why was it so important for Sorkin
to have his scripts done at a certain hour of a certain day?

Admit it, NBC, you killed this show because they told the truth.



"Democratics are hurting themselves by dwelling on the wiretap issue. Americans don't fear giving
  their government the power to monitor conversations between Americans and foreigners even if no
  warrant sanctions the intrusion - we're more afraid of al Qaeda than of our own elected officials."
       -- Dick Morris,    Link

 Dick, we didn't "give" Bush a goddamn thing.
 He stole our right of privacy and tore up the Fourth Amendment.

 Is it the official GOP position that the Fourth Amendment was no good?
 Could we please get a list of the Amendments and laws Bush plans to break in the future?

 And what makes you think there's a different between the BFEE and Al Qaeda?


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