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Friday  March 10, 2006   Volume 1723 - Murder Inc.

Quote of the Day

"It's breathtakingly cynical. Faced with a 
  president who is almost certainly breaking 
  the law, the Senate sets up a panel to watch 
  him do it ...and calls that 'control'. "
       --NY Whore Times Editorial,   Link

  Did they read that on  bartcop.com?

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Oversight by Capitulation 
Congress Hates Bush 
Monkey Falls to New Low 
Warner: Pull Out?
Ports "Deal" Sellout
$25K to Meet Bush 
Murtha = Courage 
Pentagon Spying 
Evangeline Lilly Rugs 




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"Earlier today, Bush flew to New Orleans. There was an awkward moment 
  when he looked around and said 'Oh my god, what the hell happened here?' "  
        --Conan, who's in Finland tonight


Oversight by Capitulation
 by Robert Perry as seen on  Consortiumnews.com


By setting up a toothless review process for warrantless wiretaps of Americans, the Republican-controlled
Congress is handing Bush another major victory in his consolidation of virtually unlimited executive power.
The plan -- promoted by "moderate" Republican senators -- may even allow for more wiretapping by
broadening the scope to any American deemed to be "working in support of a terrorist group." Given Bush's
view that you are either "with us" or with the terrorists, that could cover almost any administration critic.
As part of this deal, Congress also is moving to scuttle any investigation into the legality of Bush's
wiretapping in this latest case of oversight by capitulation.

Note: Consortiumnews.com  is the most important site on the Internet


Novak: GOP Congress Hates Bush


When Democrats criticize Bush, Republicans accuse them of hating the president, 
which is the same as hating America. Robert Novak chronicles the growing tide of 
Bush-hatred among Republican members of Congress:

Republican congressmen are tired of being bullied and ignored by a heavy-handed executive, 
and they are playing hardball with their President. Given his unpopularity, many of them find it 
useful to distance themselves from Bush anyway. In short, Bush has little leverage left within 
his own party, and his transformation to lame-duck status is all but complete.

But to be fair, (and what is  bartcop.com  if not fair,) everybody hates Bush now.
Why pick on the Republicans in Congress?


Monkey Falls to New Low


More and more people, particularly Republicans, disapprove of  their Monkey's performance,
question his character and no longer consider him a strong leader against terrorism.

Nearly four out of five Americans, including 70 percent of Republicans, believe civil war will
break out in Iraq, the bloody quagmire upon which Bush has staked his presidency.

(Note how they call it "Bush's war," yet the cowardly Democrats refuse to say that.)

Nearly 70 percent of people say the U.S. is on the wrong track, a 6-point jump since February.

"I'm not happy with how things are going," said Margaret Campanelli, a retired Republican.
"I'm particularly not happy with Iraq, not happy with how things worked with Katrina."

 "Lookie me, Pickles - I don't care about black people..."


Subject: disrespect

I just wanted to ask why you find it ok to run images of fallen U.S. soldiers to prove your point.

It might be easier if you said what was wrong with it.

It just seems a little crude and incredibly disrespectful not only the fallen solider's memory,
but mainly to his families, and other loved ones.

Where is the disrespect, and what images are you talking about?
Do you think their sacrifices should be hidden and covered up?

I just think you can make whatever anti-Bush claim without disrespecting
someone who gave his life for something you don't understand.

Where is the disrespect?
You did get one thing right - I do not understand why they were sent there to die.
Maybe you could explain it to me?



"All this port opposition was about was who could be the first to say, 
 'I killed the port deal! I did it! I did it! Look at me! I killed the port deal!'" 
        --Rush the vulgar Pigboy 

 Now we need to hear,  'I brought down the crooked president! 
 I did it! I did it! Look at me! I brought down the crooked president!"  


Subject: Imp

Bart, you wrote:

> More nukes for hot-headed India - so Der Monkey can claim a "victory."
> GOP, isn't it time you took some action?

Can you explain why you described India as "hot-headed"?

Indian and Pakistan came damn close to a nuclear war.


Warner: Time to Pull Out?


The U.S. should pull its forces out of Iraq if that country descends into a sectarian civil war, 
said  Sen. John Warner, R-Va., a strong supporter of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, on March 7.

Warner said he was speaking only for himself, and that he doesn't believe "civil war" now applies to Iraq. 
(He's lying - this is a trial balloon for the inevitable.)  But his statements raise the possibility that 
a worsening of the security situation could turn calls for a pullout into a bipartisan chorus.


Subject: Jihad against Hillary

If I send a contribution will you correct your adding the incorrect statement to 
Molly Ivins' coments about Democrats and Hilllary? 

You assume that an error was made.
If you're not color blind, you'll notice that my words are in black - that means *I* said them.
When I added that "C" to Molly's words, I was very clear they were my words, not hers.

Nowhere in the link you provided nor in the printed column in The Progressive does she write 
that she never liked the Clintons or that she never votes Democrat in Presidentdial elections.
Molly has written about her voting record and I don't recall her ever saying she 
voted either time for Bill Clinton, Al Gore or John Kerry.
If I'm wrong about that, I'll correct it for free.

And if you can show me where Molly ever said something nice about either Clinton (personally) 
I'll say I was wrong about that, too, but I think I'm right.

How much does truth cost?
Thank you,

Thank Koresh, the truth is free.


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Subject: smokescreen

Bart -

There is no doubt in my mind that Dubya is a lying, thieving, murderer.
What he has done to ruin this country inside in out over the last six years is criminal.
The dead from Iraq are on his empty conscience.
Nothing good has come from Bush and his neo-con puppeteers.

I do draw the line on the "faked" terrorist attacks of 9/11.
I don't think the neo-cons and Bush were smart enough to pull it off.
I also sincerely hope that many of the people that work for the chimp are not completely soulless.
I do agree that they will do almost anything to keep power. If the Dems do not get some balls
and a realistic agenda that the American people can chew on were are screwed again.

Peace to you and yours,


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"I think it's about as fair and balanced as Michael Moore's stuff or Fox News."  
     -- DeLay's attorney, on a film called:  How DeLay Stole Congress,    Link

 ha ha


Subject: Molly is right

...and you know it.

No, Molly has an opinion and a grudge against the Clintons.

Subject: Molly is right

Molly's right on the money, bud, and it's not right for you
to stick that silly c) in there, and I think you know it.
Jesús B.

No, Molly has an opinion and a grudge against the Clintons.

Show me where Molly ever said something nice about either
Clinton (personally) and I'll say I was wrong.

Subject: Molly is right

Bart, you know she's right: Feingold looks better than Hillary.

No, that's an opinion, and why do people keep telling me "you know it."
You're accusing me of lying and that generally gets a two word reply.

By the way, what are you dreaming that Hillary will do as President?
Will she get our stolen money back, prosecute the traitors, find the election-stealers?
Or simply be a "moderate" Democrat, accommodating Corporate America only
about half a much as Bush, like her husband Bill did
 John F

After I worship Hillary, I dream about her presidency.
Why do you dislike the best president we ever had?

Subject: Molly is right

Molly's nailed it.  The Dem tutus need a Goldwater moment from the left.
Check the polls.  Gore has left Hillary in the dust and even Feingold's ahead of her.

Dude, what poll shows Hillary behind?
I think you're bluffing.

(He wrote back - it was an unscientific poll at democrats.com)

Subject: Molly is right

Molly has it exactly right.
The mainstream Dems are gutless chickenshits.

I've been meaning to say that, but I keep forgetting.

Subject: Molly is right

Bart, you wrote,

> "I like Molly, but sometimes she can be a little ...extreme."

That's rich, coming from a delicate flower like you

Subject: Molly is right

Where in Molly's column did she say that she never liked the Clintons and that she doesn't vote Democratic for President?
You may disagree with her on Hillary but please do not use Republican tactics to support your position.


Arlin, can you tell the difference between blue ink and black ink?
Wish I had a dime for every time an ally accused me of being or acting like a Republican.



Subject: That Dubia deal

Bart, tgat was either a setup to make Congress seem like they give a rat's ass, 
a setup to give Halliburton or the Carlyle Group the job.  

You have a good point.
This way, Bush can give more billions to halliburton and when people complain, he'll say, 
"Halliburton is a good American company - isn't that what you wanted?"

Or, perhaps they're just terminally stupid and tone-deaf, 
but with the media still largely wiping their ass and no unified opposition, 
they still come off looking smart.
Steve in Houston



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Ports "Deal" Sellout


Katria is the most high profile example of how Bush cronies (Brownie) have failed us 
during critical National Security issues. America's bests interests have become secondary 
to crony capitalism. 

National Security has become big, big business. Unfortunately for everyone else, the cronys 
have a vested interest in perpetuating international tension and compromising US Homeland Security. 
A thorough examination of the Carlyle connection to the Bush Administration needs to be done. 
This administration has its hand in the till and the American public needs to know how they are 
being sold out. It is just one more thing that he might be impeachable for.


Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Pentagon: We spy on protesters


The Department of Defense has admitted that it had wrongly added peaceful demonstrators to a 
database of possible domestic terrorist threats. The letter followed an NBC report focusing on the 
Defense Department's Threat and Local Observation Notice, or TALON, report. Acting Deputy 
Undersecretary of Defense Roger Rogalski's letter came in reply to a memo from Sen. Patrick Leahy, 
(D-Rubberstamp), who had demanded answers about the process of identifying domestic protesters 
as suspicious and removing their names when they are wrongly listed."

I have an idea:
Maybe the Pentagon should concentrate on their bloody quagmire and finding Osama.
Why can't they keep their bloody hands off the Bill of Rights?



"I'll be eating with my wife, and so will a lot more senators after we pass this one." 
    --Sen. Trent Lott (R-Racist) wishing he'd paid attention in English class as a kid,    Link


Indian Paid $25K to Meet Bush
 Bush buddy Abramoff set up the deal


"The chief of an Indian tribe represented by the lobbyist Jack Abramoff was admitted to a meeting with 
Der Monkey in 2001 days after the tribe paid a $25,000 bribe to Grover G. Norquist, at Abramoff's direction.
Norquist was a friend and longtime associate of Mr. Abramoff. The Bush meeting was on May 9, 2001, at a 
reception organized by Norquist to marshal support for Bush's 2001 tax cuts, which were pending before Congress.


Subject: money flows uphill in Texas

Even hunting trips  in South Texas have a connection to Halliburton.
Newsweek reports that a generous Republican contributor, Nancy Negley.
whose family once directed Brown & Root a subsidiary of Halliburton,
was in the happy hunting party at the Armstrong Ranch.

Wonder why she was there.

So, Dick and Harry took FOUR girls into the woods for drinking and shooting?

If Clinton got stuck in an elecator with a woman for 5 minutes, the whore press
would make that the biggest story of the year, but when Mister Murder shoots a guy
while on a hunting date with four women, they can't even find out who was there?


 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is  $61.84 a barrel
makes $123,680,000 Bush stole just yesterday

2304  2306 have died for Halliburton




"If you've attended any of our STYX shows at the House of Blues, you heard Del Castillo.
I just watched their DVD for the second time and I am ready to watch it again.
These guys are amazing.  I hope we get to work together again before too long.
In the meantime we have one more show with them tonight in Anaheim.
Make sure you get there early so you can see their whole set.
It's music you are very happy you got the chance to hear…
Our thanks to the members of Del Castillo for making this a
remarkable musical experience for us and our fans."
   -- Tommy Shaw, guitar player for Styx


Subject: the swift boating of Hillary


As you know, I have my problems with Hillary Clinton.  
But more, I have problems with this kind of journalism.  

The article is presented as Hillary Clinton's Wal-Mart problem.  
Hillary served on the board when she and Bill were still in Arkansas.  

They wring their hands, "how can she explain this to the Democrats?" 
Once you read the article you find that she influenced Wal-Mart to follow her 
Democratic principles when she was on the board, and recently has rejected a
Wal-Mart campaign donation because they no longer follow her Democratic principles.

But then, AP has turned into one of the biggest whores in the whore media.


Jimmy the Legal Intern


Murtha to Receive Profile in Courage Award


Rep. John Murtha, a Vietnam veteran who has denounced the war in Iraq, 
was named a recipient of the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award on Thursday.

Alberto Mora, a former Navy general counsel who warned Pentagon officials that U.S. 
policies dealing with terror detainees could invite abuse, also will receive the award from 
the John Fitzgerald Kennedy Library Foundation.

Murtha, a Pennsylvania Democrat, was recognized "for the difficult and courageous decision 
of conscience he made in November 2005, when he reversed his support for the Iraq war 
and called for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from the conflict," the foundation said in a statement.

Overnight, Bush's nasty-ass hit squad Swift-Boated him into a dirty coward.


Subject: Bush's IQ

Don't make me laugh.
I've heard the guy speak.

 ha ha

My read on his IQ (based on 35 years as a reading teacher) is 86 plus or minus 5.
That is the boundary between dull and dull normal.

What ever in the universe would cause anyone to guess this guy is bright.
Anything he was born with was dulled by alcohol and cocaine.

My friends who were raised by alcoholics recognize the grandiose schemes and
sudden switches of the alcoholic or dry alcoholic father.

John J 


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Ha ha.  
But you don't address her points.  
No snappy comeback comes to you?


Keith, not sure what field you're plowing, but neither you 
nor "she" has a question that I'm forced to duck.

When writing an e-mail, could you drop me a clue what the topic is?


 Call the all new, toll-free 
 GOP callers Welcome (snicker)

TV Stuff

Season Finale - Battlestar Galactica (Sci-Fi)
A big ending is promised  - preview offered at:

Sopranos - Worth the Wait 


The Sopranos isn't just any series.
It's a diamond: rare, polished and beautiful, yet capable of cutting through to the bone.
A show this special is worth the wait...

This is The Sopranos at its best — and that's just about as good as TV ever gets.
The Sopranos is a show like no other. If very few other producers get this much
time and money to shape their vision, well, very few others have earned the right.

If time can give us a show this good, take all the time you want.

If you're one of those people who hasn't seen this show, stop not doing that.

Thanks to   for the heads up.


Evangeline Lilly in Rug Business
 There's a joke there, but I can't figure it out



castaway Kate Austen has signed a deal with the upscale 
Karastan company to feature in four print ads for the rug manufacturer. 


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