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Wednesday  June 7, 2006  Volume 1778 - queer 4 bush

Quote of the Day

"Where would the GOP be if it 
  didn't have gay men to run against?" 
      -- xarker,   Link

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Vote 2006: Bell Tolls 
How they stole Ohio
Short Skirt, Big Mouth 
Flag Burning 
Top Ten GOP Cheaters 
Cruella Keeps Running
Inhofe's porn-gate 
GOP Rejects Gay Ban
Anna Kournikova 25 




"I'd like to go after Ann Coulter, I saw that nut-bag on the show earlier.
  What's she doing wearing a cocktail dress at seven in the morning."
       -- Kathy Griffin, on the TODAY Show,  Link

 We watched the premier of her third season last night - damn funny stuff.
 Maybe the funniest white woman in America, but I'd like to hear more from Sarah Silverman.


Vote 2006: For Whom the Bell Tolls
   by Brent Budowsky  as seen on


There are two distinct views about what will happen in Election 2006. One is that it will be a fairly
typical event in which the Republicans will rally their base with appeals about social issues and calls
to support the President and in which Democrats will seek to gain some seats by avoiding controversy
and counting on the lack of enthusiasm for George W. Bush even among many conservatives.

The second view is that it will be a transcendent political moment when Americans will repudiate what
Bush [for] ramping up fear, impugning the patriotism of critics, exploiting wedge issues and trampling
on traditional democratic values.

In this passionate guest essay, a Tom Paine-like appeal for a patriotic revival, political analyst
Brent Budowsky sees the November elections as an opportunity for a reborn American Republic:

Note:  is the most important site in the Internet




"A constitutional amendment should never be undertaken lightly
  -- yet to defend marriage, our nation has no other choice."
       -- Dubya,  July 10, 2004,  Link

Hey Monkey, that's sounds a whole lot like,
"To prevent Saddam's mushroom clouds, we have no other choice but to invade Iraq."

You make bad decisions - even for a monkey


How They Stole Ohio
  by Greg Palast


This is a fact: On November 2, 2004, in the State of Ohio, 239,127 votes for President were dumped,
rejected, blocked, lost and left to rot uncounted.  And not just anyone's vote. Dive into the electoral
dumpster and these "spoiled" votes have a very dark color indeed.

In another life, I taught statistics. And these statistics stank: the raw data tells us that if you are a Black voter,
the chance of you losing your vote to technical errors in voting machinery is 900% higher than if you were a white voter.

Any guesses as to whom those African-Americans chose for president on those junked ballots?
Check Ohio's racial demographics, do the numbers, and there it is: Kerry won Ohio.
And that, too, is a fact. A fact that could not get reported in the USA.

I remember Randi Rhodes saying (you heard it on BCR) that even Air America refused to talk about it.
Why would Air America refuse to talk about the theft of the presidency by the criminal bastards?


Short Skirt, Big Mouth
 Must be talking about Ann Coulter


And on this day, the devil herself -- the Tall Blonde Woman in the Short Skirt With the Big Mouth
(TBWSSBM, or TBW for short) -- has a new book out. You know who I'm talking about.
I will not mention her name, nor the name of the book, the publisher or any of her previous books.
She is releasing her book today as "a little tribute to liberals." The time has come to ignore this woman.


Barry Crimmins, (Randi Rhodes's comedy writer)
has a downloadable, iPod-ready comedy album

Get it at

Flag Burning
 by Molly


Thank goodness the Republicans are around to tell me what to worry about. The flag-burning crisis.

You didn't know hundreds of flags were being burned daily? Actually, you can count on your hand
the number of incidents reported over the last five years. For instance, there was one flag burned in 2005
by a drunken teenager and one by a protester in California in 2002. This appalling record of ravishment
must be stopped. You're clearly not worried about what matters.

The war in Iraq? No sweat.
War with Iran? We're carefree.
The economy? Ignore that employment report.

Gay marriage, now there's a crisis.


Subject: theory


I have a theory why people start out by saying things like "You are a figgin' moron."
From what I've observed, these are the current rules:

How to get published on Bartcop (in no particular order):

1)  Host the site (be Marc Perkel)
2)  Be entertaining
3)  Be brief
4)  Be a celebrity
5)  Stalk Bart
6)  Be nasty
7)  Argue about she-whose-name-we-dare-not-speak, guns, or torture.

If these are correct, you may want to change them.
Either way, it couldn't hurt to let people know what you want.

Just a suggestion.

Brew, I have failed to be clear.

First, Perkel gets published a lot because he's got something to say and he's brief.
He usually sends one paragraph, and he gets right to the point.
When I see his name in the e-mail list, I know that's easy copy-paste work for me
and I need to take every short cut I find to get an issue out on time.

Second, I enjoy a good tangle and have said so many times.
The point I'm unable to make is that if I like the Cardinals and you like the Yankees, it's pointless
to call me "an asshole" because I like a different team, or candidate, or golfer, or guitar player.

We're not talking about Monkey Mail. These are old friends who are ...easily excited.
A difference of opinion should be tolerated, but sometimes passion overrules logic.


Top Ten GOP Adulterers
 These bastards disrespect marriage, not gay people

 Click for Details

Poppy Bush had a two-decade affair
Gov Musclehead admitted to groping
John McCain admitted to adultery
Rudolph Giuliani took his goomah to church (and that was OK with the Catholics)
The vulgar, oinking Pigboy
Bill O'Reilly paid a sexual settlement
Newt Gingrich resigned in disgrace
Bob Barr (R-Passing for White) murdered his daughter
Henry Hyde - well, you've all seen the pictures
Gary Bauer


Subject: Saddam vs Bush:  who killed more?




Put your voice on BartCop Radio



"Bi-polar people think they rule the roost these days."
    -- Rush the vulgar Pigboy, in the final stages of syphilitic dementia,   Link


Subject: Pot and cancer

Hey Bart,

Don't compare SMOKING pot with smoking tobacco; compare the EATING of these two plants.
If you mix up a couple of grams of nice ganja into corn muffin batter and eat it, the worst thing
that'll happen is probably that you'll want to eat a few more corn muffins to stave off the munchies.

If you put the same amount of TOBACCO in the mix and eat it, you will die.
Nicotine is a potent biocide, just a few concentrated drops of which on your skin will kill you.
Simply put, tobacco is dangerously poisonous, and marijuana is not.

Thanks, Bart, and keep on hammerin'.

Has anyone tried the Vaporizer?

The vaporizer heats your substances to the exact temperature the *active* chemicals react.
THC and cannabinoid's like CBN will actually vaporize into a "thin mist".

This "mist" is the vaporized, active chemicals which are ready to be inhaled.
I heard a rumor that it works.

I tried to get a comment from Dr Babs, the nationally famous pot researcher
known as"Medical Barbie,"  but she changed her phone number.  (sniff)


Does Bush Hate Gays?


Bush said, "As this debate goes forward, we must remember that every American deserves to be treated
with tolerance, respect and dignity. All of us have a duty to conduct this discussion with civility and decency
toward one another, and all people deserve to have their voices heard."

What Americans is he talking about?  The ones he consciously never named in his speech?
Does he seriously think lesbians and gay men are being treated with "civility and decency" -  much less
"tolerance" or "respect" -  when he will not meet publicly with a gay or lesbian group on this issue and
will not even mention that the debate over same-sex marriage is about them? It is beyond laughable at
this point for the president to say that "all people deserve to have their voices heard" when he is the
chief person who will not hear those voices.

So how did Jeff the Cannon, a gay prostitute get White House press credentials under a fake name
so Bush could call on him whenever he needed a friendly, puff-piece question?

Why won't anybody ask Bush that question during a live, prime time press conference?

"It's so exciting to be the top when
  your Underbear is the President!"



Saw it on A Liberal Dose

Subject: O'Reilly the Nazi?

I don't believe he is a Nazi, but he is a serial liar.

Bill reminds me of a line from All in the Family, describing Archie,
"He wouldn't burn a cross on your lawn,
  but he'd toast marshmellows if he happened upon it"



The net's best advertising deal

Reach over twenty people per penny.

 advertise on

Cruella Keeps Running


Undaunted by a run of horrific poll numbers, staff turmoil and public doubts from leaders of her party,
Representative Katherine Harris (R-Slut) thinks she can win.   Harris has become a pariah among many
of the people whose power she ensured five years ago when she ecrtified Florida's crooked Quick Count
that sealed Bush's victory.  The White House, Republican operatives and Jeb Bush have urged her not to run.
When Ms. Harris ignored those entreaties, a Who's Who of national Republicans begged a Who's Who of
Florida Republicans to oppose her in the primary, to no avail.

This woman of ill repute has the gall to say,
"I'm going to run, no matter what the power elite in Washington want."

Hey slut, you put the power elite in Washington with your crooked certification of a rigged election.
(Well, that and Gore's surrender when things started to get ugly.)

Thanks for the senate seat, bitch.


Subject: Homophobic Inhofe bastard

Bart, just thought you'd appreciate--

During today's same-sex marriage amendment debate, Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) used a prop
of a blown-up photo of his family (some 20 people or so). Gesturing towards the photo, he said:

(Inhofe) As you see here, and I think this is maybe the most important prop we'll have
in the entire debate, my wife and I have been married 47 years. We have 20 kids and
grandkids. I'm really proud to say that in the history of our family, we've never had a
divorce or any kind of a homosexual relationship.

Um, wow.
Christy S

If Inhofe had any gay children or grandchildren, they'd damn sure keep it to themselves.
In Oklahoma, they like gays about as much as the New Jersey mob.

In Oklahoma, you see bumber stickers that say, "Let's lynch a liberal," so how do you
think gay Americans are treated here?    ...thanks to cavemen like Jungle Jim Inhofe.

Plus, odds are 10-14 of those grandkids are too young to have a sexual preference, so just
bide your time, Asshole. You may still have to suffer the same "curse" that afflicted Gingrich,
Schaffly, Cheney and that pillar of integrity, Alan Keyes.

Inhofe's porn-gate


Just days after Roll Call reported that aides in Sen. James Inhofe's (R-Pissquik) office had downloaded
massive quantifies of porn, Inhofe said he would drop his threat to block all nominations by President Clinton.

"Inhofe's staff should download the Constitution instead of pornography," said David Smith.


Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Nobody sent a picture today?

Send in a picture of you in your WPE t-shirt!

 Here's my picture, Bart!


Official WPE t-shirts!!

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Dick Cheney's
Birdshot Mountain

Subject: Did Pickles move out?

I heard a rumor that Laura has moved out of the White House to the Mayflower Hotel.
Any more news on that?  Family values and marriage values my arse!

Also some rumor mill still ongoing about him and Kinda-sleazy Rice
(old news I know but with Laura supposedly moving out it is hitting the rumor mill again).

Wonder if any of the bloggings are true.  Just an FYI of the rumors.
 Sue M

Sue, even if it was true, the White House would quickly embargo that story and the salacious
bastards who intentionally printed a decade of lies about our last elected president would be
eager to assist this out-of-control fascist, "for the securrity of the American people."

If I was sharper, I'll bet I could give five examples of the press sitting on news about legitimate
Team Bush crime because Karl Rove and the White House asked them not to hold it.

Hell, they threaten to arrest reporters who print word of their crimes.
How much closer to a dictatorship can we get?


 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is $72.60 a barrel
makes $145,200,000 Bush stole justyesterday

...add to that, Iran pumps FOUR M barrels a day.

Once the sick bastard invades, that's 6 M barrels a day
times today's oil price which is  $72.60 a barrel
makes $435,600,000 dollars Bush will steal daily

No wonder they were so eager to start a war


...and what did it cost us?

Not much, just the lives of...

2476  2481 soldiers

Subject: the war on pot

Bart, when I lived in Oklahoma, the sentence in Texas for having one joint was life in prison.
Are the anti-marijuana laws still strict in Oklahoma?

I don't think it's that bad now.

I only put the pot-as-a-medical-miracle claim to a test once -- when I had knee surgery when I was 20.
Didn't help with the pain of the surgery.  All I did was stare at the knee for hours.  LOL
Don't get me wrong -- I think all pot should be legal for everyone.
I am just saying for this one problem, it didn't help.



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"51 percent of Americans disapprove of gay marriage, but 70 percent
  disapprove of the president, so gay marriage is actually more popular than Bush."
        -- Jay Leno


Subject: Richard Pryor

June 8th at exactly noon Pacific, send some positive thoughts to Richard and Jennifer.

You're welcome and encouraged to post a little something on the forum too.

Subject: your beautiful WPE shirts

Shirts are GREAT, thanks!
Did I tell you they sold in less than 30 minutes?  :-D

(You can get ten WPE shirts for $180)

Enjoy the corn,
Sent via BlackBerry


Hey Bartcop! Thanx for the deal on the order.
I have distributed them all and feel damned good about that!

Tomorrow I am going to cancel my ISP and just listen to the birds in the trees and watch them grow.
I'm totally burned out, my man, and just can't take it any more.
I did two tours in Vietnam and have been an activist ever since.

I've had all I can stand and I can't stand no more!(Popeye)
I hope that you have more energy than me, cause it's time for me to retire from the field of battle.
I admire you.


Dude, sorry to lose you, but I understand.
Americans seem to not care that they're losing their country.

For some, if they have beer and their American Idol, they don't care about the rest.
The BFEE knows this, so they've decided to steal everything and ...nobody cares.


 Call the all new, toll-free 
 GOP callers Welcome (snicker)

GOP Senate Rejects Gay Ban
 Why did the GOP reject this ban?


A constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage was defeated by Republicans in the Senate,
but supporters say new votes for the measure represent progress that gives the Republican base
reason to vote on Election Day. And Republican senators will have to answer for their positions,
one sponsor of the amendment warned. "People are going to be responsible for this vote," said
Sen. Sam Brokeback, who represents the church that screams, "Death to Fags" at military funerals.

The GOP voted against this ban so they could blame Democrats for it?



Everyone involved in the second world war committed war crimes.
The US and England starved millions of Germans and we fire bombed civilians big time.
You quote, whom your impressed with apparently, as asking if Oreilly is a Nazi.

Actually, he used O'Reilly's tactics against him, charged him with something terrible
and then included a small "Just kidding" at the very end of it.

If Oreilly were found to be a Nazi you would certainly have egg on your face since the Nazis,
like you, were socialists. It isn't a matter of conjecture, they called their party socialist which
you would know if you ever bothered to crack a book.

Carson the read more write less monkey

Carson, don't you know anything about fascism?
It's the marriage of government and industry (sound familiar?) with a side dish
of genocide for the liberals, intellectuals, teachers, gypsies, Jews and homosexuals.

Your "logic" tell you liberals want to murder liberals?


Anna Kournikova Turns 25



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