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Wed-Thurs  June 28-29, 2006 Vol 1790 - Monkey's Folly

Joanne with possibly the next 
president of the United States

Quote of the Day

"The flag is a symbol of what veterans fought for
  ...and what they sustained loss of life for."  
   -- Arlen Specter, (R-Whore) pretending the phony flag issue 
       is the most urgent matter for congress to act on   Link


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
One Percent Madness
Media Played 
A Free Press 
CNN: GOP News 
Flag Bill Dies 
Nicole & Catholics
Bart's Bad Timing  
Wild Vegas Update 
Teri Hatcher Curves






"It is almost impossible to overestimate the anger of swing voters." An amazingly high 73%  say the 
  country is on the wrong track and 66% disapprove of Bush. Swing voters prefer Democratic for 
  Congress 45 to 28 over the Republicans. The Senate looks even worse for Republicans (53 to 31)."
      -- new Greenberg Quinlan Rosner poll,   Link


One Percent Madness
  by Robert Parry as seen on


Bush's invasion of Iraq may have eliminated the remote possibility that Saddam would someday develop 
a nuclear bomb and share it with al-Qaeda. (Some intelligence analysts put that scenario at less than one 
percent, although Bush called it a "gathering danger.")  But the U.S. military invasion of Iraq had the unintended 
consequence of bolstering the conviction in North Korea and Iran that having the bomb may be the only way
to fend off the United States.

The unending scenes of bloodshed in Iraq also have inflamed anti-American passions in the Middle East, 
including Pakistan which already has nukes and is governed by fragile pro-U.S. dictator Pervez Musharraf.

So, while eradicating one unlikely nightmare scenario - Hussein's mushroom cloud in the hands of Osama - 
Bush has increased the chances that the other two points on Bush's "axis of evil," North Korea and Iran, 
will push for nuclear weapons and that Pakistan's Islamic fundamentalists, already closely allied with Osama, 
will oust Musharraf and gain control of existing nuclear weapons.

Note:  is the most important site in the Internet



"I'd say that Roy Black is in a foul mood this morning.  Nothing like cutting a sweet deal for a client 
  and then having them screw it up within three months:  it makes you look bad as an attorney because 
  you've made representations about your client's willingness to atone and move forward that…well, were 
  pretty much full of hot air and crap; it pisses off the prosecutor, the judge and the probation officer, 
  whose time has been wasted on the sweet deal that your client had no intention of following; and it sours 
  your ability to negotiate further plea deals for other clients in the future, because your word is not really 
  so bond-worthy any longer. In short, whatever you thought your client might be capable of, he allegedly 
  just pissed it all away for some drugs and a junket to the Carribbean."  
      --Christy Hardin Smith,   Link


Dear Media: You've been played
 Played liked a '59 GoldTop - Now what?
   by my good friend Stranger at


All those years of making excuses for Bush's ineptness, inadequacies, and illegalities have earned you 
absolutely nothing. You bought the spin from Bush's minions, ignoring the crisis in Florida after the election.

You papered over the fact that he was scared out of his mind on 9-11 - to the point where he flew to 
Idaho to hide - in favor of painting him as a 'resolute leader.  You bought 'Mission Accomplished' by the pound. 
You cleared the shelves of 'shock and awe' and drank gallons and gallons of GOP Brand Kool-Aid.

You justified Bush's expansion of executive power to the point where we don't even need Congress.
You made excuses for his illegal spying on the American people. You offered weak justifications for his 
naked power grab, and you made Ann Coulter socially acceptable. 

And after all this, Bush and Cheney and Congress and Coulter and every wingnut pundit, whom you've 
coddled and accomodated every step of the way, show their appreciation how? 

They want to muzzle you. They want to imprison you. They want to try you for treason. 

Excellent commentary by Stranger.
Please take the time to read the whole thing.


Subject: train safety

The railroads, the F R A and the Trainmen's union UTU agreed to allow a Remote  Control Operator
to operate switch jobs now with very little training . The Engineer Union (BLET)  has fought this from the start
They believed that a Locomotive should be in the control of a Engineer that had years of training, not some
trainman that been through a few day of training.

This was all done under the table to get rid of a crew member to save a few bucks and to hell with safety.
There have been many death and loss of property since this has started.

Mike T
Retired Locomotive  Engineer

Mike, the biggest street in Tulsa, Memorial Drive, has tracks that cross it with a sign,
"Caution - Unmanned trains cross here - Use Caution."

Isn't that crazy?


What a free press does


Seems there's some confusion about the role of a free press in a democratic society.  Bush lauds the concept 
as an American tradition he hopes new governments such as those in Iraq and Afghanistan will emulate. But as 
he and his supporters watch a free press function as intended here at home, they don't like what they see - and 
charge that the press is out of line. Most offensive to them, and this may apply particularly to Cheney, is that the 
press is, well, free. Not subject to their control. Yet if the press ever succumbed to an administration's bullying, 
no American would remain free for long.


Subject: Pigboy's Viagra bust

He said Monday's show that his trip to the Dominican Republic was, "an all guy trip."
Why would Rush Limbaugh need to take Viagra on an "all guy trip?"


Go3, I think we both know the reason...


Top Ten Reasons to Purchase a BackwardsBush Keychain:

You'll never again be mistaken for a Republican.
Under Bush judges, keychains will soon be illegal
and therefore a collector's item


CNN is now GOP News
 Bastards have outfoxed FOX


They cannot help themselves. The so-called most trusted name in news, CNN, has become the official 
mouthpiece of Republicans. In the past week alone, CNN has over-hyped the Miami terror-scare-seven who, 
as it turns out, not only didn't have bombs or weapons, but may not even be Muslims. It seems ever more likely 
they aren't even terrorists - "homegrown" or otherwise. Just an easy target for an overzealous government. Then, 
John Roberts, on Sunday managed to link the arrest of the hapless Miami terror-scare-seven, to the war in Iraq. 

They've now surpassed FOX News as being most trusted to shill for Bush and the corrupt GOP Congress. 
Rove writes the script and CNN reports it. CNN: The Most Trusted Name in GOP News.


Subject: she who can't be named

Bart, she works for the bush cartel just like bill does.

That's what we need - some good, old-fashioned crazy talk!

I don't know why you can not accept this fact.

For the same reason that the sky is mustard yellow.

Anyone who dares to look closely will find this out.

Oh, you think your crazy talk is that black and white?
How many moons does your planet have?

The problem is the trap of the left/right paradigm we have all spun for ourselves.
A choice between Hillary or more Bush is really no choice at all.

You've been reading Kos again, am I right?

I  want neither Hillary or Bush.

...and I want Shirley naked in my lap.


Apparently, wishing for shit don't make it happen.

They are both minions for a larger Malthusian order
which wants most of humanity dead and the remaining, subjugated.

Jesus, do you have any for sale?
We can't get dope that good in Oklahoma.

The good cop may give you coffee and a sympathetic smile but rest assured
that they want you in jail just as much as the bad cop does.

<tons of snippage>

Dude, are you stuck in a Mad Max movie?
Using the theory of relativity, you're forcing me to say, "Things aren't that bad."

Sure, Bush would kill for oil or money - we've seen him do it for years.
But what makes *her* another pea in the Bush pod?
The fact that she has some money and some power?

Do you vote on election day?
Do you vote for people on the ballot, or all they all, 'Minions for a larger Malthusian order?"

I think you need a drink.


Senate Rejects Stupid Flag Amendment
 Anti-Free Speech monkeys are seething at the loss


The Senate rejected a vote yesterday an effort to amend the Constitution to allow Congress
to ban desecration of the American flag, after a two-day debate freighted with political
calculations and sharp disputes over the limits of free speech.

It marked the latest setback for idiotic handjobs who think that's all we have to worry about
during the Bush Catastophe Era.  The Supreme Court has already ruled that burning and other
desecrations of the flag are protected as free speech under the First Amendment.


Subject: I know you will dodge this like you dodge everything

I wrote to my Simian friend and asked him to make a list of questions I've dodged.
He wrote back:

You keep saying Clinton is the front runner, but offer no poles.

Would you accept a page full of polls, instead?

From Issue 1783

It shows her ahead (in scientific polls, not fake handjob polls) 
20 points ahead,
24 points ahead, 
27-51 points ahead and finally, 
41 points ahead.

If you refuse to accept the facts, I won't be able to drag you out of your ignorance.

You blast the Kos pole. 
But, "a CNN poll released Monday suggests that nearly half of Americans would "definitely not vote for" her

Poll: She gets high 'no' vote for 2008


That sounds like it is almost mathmatically impossible for her to win before the swift-boating begins.

That's just what the mainstream media (and some Demo web sites) want you to think.
They want you to abandon the frontrunner and look for a lesser candidate.
They want you to abandon your best bet and look for a lesser candidate
That's the function of the mainstream American press - to assist the GOP.
Don't fall for it.

Call me crazy, but if the Dems tap someone who is ahead of the other noms
but garenteed to loose the election, they deserve to loose again.

Crazy, we've already established that you tend to reject the facts.
Did you even bother to read the story you sent me?
Sure, they buried it where only the smart people would read it, but it says,

"Among all choices, Clinton had the highest positive number;
  of those polled, 22 percent said they would "definitely vote for" her."

Perhaps you know what the word "highest" means?

It means she was the top vote getter, something CNN doesn't want you to know.
That's why they screamed "She'll lose" in the headline, and then buried the facts that
she got more votes than everybody else.  

Remember, facts are our friends.

CNN and the mainstream media (and some demo web sites) want her to lose.
They will lie, cheat and steal to prevent her from taking the oath on January 20, 2009.

Banana Fact:
Commercial bananas are classified into the genus Musa of the Musaceae family.



"Stand up, media, stand up... I've watched too many in the media stand by 
  or even cheer it on when the right manages to collect a media scalp. 
  Even if you "behave," they'll still come for you." 
    -- Atrios,   Link

The New York Whore Times stopped printing the truth in the 1990s.
Remember "Clinton fathers baby with crack whore?"
Do we really care if Bush puts the lying sons of bitches in jail?

The only place you can get honest news these days is from people who aren't rich - the bloggers.


Subject: Pigboy's drug bust II

Why does Rush need that little blue pill?  He's not married is he?
Is he having sexual relations outside the sanctity of marriage????

I knew it.
Limbaugh has a thing for young, brown skinned boys.
I've been to the D.R and believe me the little boy skin trade is alive and thriving there.
You can't swing a dead cat without hitting some little kid willing to polish your knob for a few American dollars.



Nicole Kidman buys Catholic Church
 She writes a check, God closes his eyes


While there has been speculation that Kidman got her first marriage annulled so that she and Keith Urban 
could say their "I do's" in a Catholic chapel, it turns out that, because she and Cruise swapped vows for
L. Ron Hubbard, she wasn't legally married in the first place--as far as the Catholic Church is concerned, that is. 

Father Paul Coleman, her priest, told BBC News that in the case of her first marriage, the requirements 
for a valid union were not fulfilled. 

Hold on, if they're saying she and gay Tom never did the deed (their kids were adopted) that's another matter.

But Hubbard marriages are either sanctioned by the state or they're not, you can't pick and choose which
marriages are legal and which aren't unless you're a priest on the take.


Subject: Church of Reality Accepts Gay Clergy

In response to several other religions taking a stand on the issue of gay clergy
the Church of Reality has issued an edict that no position within the Church of Reality
will have a sexual orientation test.  Our position is that it just doesn't matter.

Sexual orientation is not relevant to the job evaluation process. We don't want
to know, we don't  care, and it's not our place to even ask.

We have a Sacred Principle of Personal Privacy which makes a person's
sexual preferences officially none of our business.

Marc Perkel,
Founder, Church of Reality.


The net's best advertising deal

Reach over twenty people per penny.

 advertise on

Subject: Question

Tell me, how does it feel to always be right?

Dude, it's a burden.


So what does Der Monkey and the party of Monkeys waste time on?
Gay marriage, 
flag burning, 
making English the official language etc.

JFK Stuff you probably didn't know...


What is interesting is this:  the infamous picture of Oswald holding a rifle and 
a copy of "The Daily Worker" a "Communistic" publication,

Click for interesting info

which was published to Oswald's great prejudice, wasn't discovered until 
Paine's garage was searched on Saturday morning.  

More Info

So, the "investigators" searched the place and then, when a second team searched it,
they found the obviously faked picture, helping to cover up the murder of the president.

We live in a country where the president is murdered in broad daylight in Dallas and 
then the "authorities" send men out to plant fake evidence to cover up the crime?

But we can't worry about that - we have to ban gay marriage and flag-burning...


Subject: Aussie attack

Bart, you asked:

> Do we want a gang of anti-American, suicidal handjobs to have $1 billion per week?

You know there's no answer because that isn't a question, it's an egregious insult.

ha ha
Dude, I can do insults a lot better than that.

You're twisting an argument to suit your 'facts' just like the pigboy, by smearing a race of people 
who had an advanced civilisation while your ancestors were still living in mud huts and caves.

No, you smeared those people when you attributed "suicidal handjobs" to everyone in Iraq.
I said I didn't want the "suicidal handjobs" to have $1 billion a week.

Maybe, being an Aussie, your command of English ain't so good?

They wouldn't be suicidal if they weren't being butchered by America and Israel.

Oh, that's why you've lost your mind? Because you're deep into the Israeli quagmire?
I don't get involved in that because my mind is too valuable to waste. (cough)


As for your ten points, that's a straw man because you use the handjob smear regularly.

ha ha
Did you really give yourself 10 points?
I guess there is some value in small victories...

Those 'handjobs" carried Jessica Lynch out of a firefight and into a hospital, which is a
good deal more humane than any of the American actions I've seen over the last three years.


You poor bastard.
Are you that confused?

You think "suicidal handjobs" carried her to a hospital?
I thought it was the good people of Iraq who did that, but you say it was "suicidal handjobs?"

Mate, you either need to start or stop drinking.


Subject: Monkeys not getting accurate news

The remaining die hard supporters of George Bush Jr. get their news from Fox, Rush and Pat Robertson.
This group doesn't know that their hero Rush was fired from ESPN for making racist remarks? 
They still don't know that Iraq did not have WMD as Baby Bush claimed. 

They still don't know that Baby Bush waited 5 full days before sending in the calvary to New Orleans 
as babies died of thirst, and the elderly drowned in their wheel chairs. 
They are still protesting the pulling of the plug on Terry Schiavo. They are still fighting stem cell research. 
They have not heard that the Republican led congress has given us the biggest budget deficit in history.  

Yeah, watching Fox and CBN, and listening to that fat racist Rush is like putting your head in the sand 
while we are led by the most corrupt and incompetent administration in our nation's history. 

Watch out for Baby Bush's Ton Ton Macoute!
Boone in Royal Oak, Michigan

You are right on all counts.
I recently read some Monkey mail about how WMDs were found in Iraq.
You can't argue with a monkey who won't accept the facts in front of his face.


Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Click  The  E!

Subject: my WPE shirt

Bart, on my trip to North Carolina and Virginia, when people saw my WPE T-shirt
they were impressed and I had people copy down your web address.

The people most positive about it were people 20-30 yrs. of age......


Paul, thanks for that.


    Kevin and JFK nephew Chris Lawford say "Hi, Bart!"

Kevin, thanks for that. 
He sure looks like his father.

Send in a picture of you in your WPE t-shirt!

 Here's my picture, Bart!


Official WPE t-shirts!!

Now available in red. ...if you ask for it,
otherwise default color will be black


Get Your WPE Shirt

We have men's and women's shirts in S, M, L, XL and XXL.
They're free with a mere $20 Donation plus $3
(shipping and handling) for a total of $23.   (Outside the United States, add extra postage)

PayPal to

Tell us what size

or send a check to
PO Box 54466
Tulsa, OK  74155


Breaking News...

The Supreme Court rules that Bush overstepped his authority 
with military war crimes trials for foreigners held at Guantanamo Bay in 
a case involving a former driver for Osama bin Laden.

What's the point of appointing worshipping toadies if they're going to 
rule against your crooked ass when you want to torture "some darkies?"


Subject: Limbaugh's 'blues'

What a coincidence - Viagra are blue - oxyontin are blue.  
Wonder if the "Flerda" police are going to check it out.
Bet not ... Rush is a "big shot and star" in "Flerda".
Karen in CA - been with ya since the beginning.  

Karen, maybe that's why they inspected his drugs,
to see if he was back on the heroin again.


 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is about $72 a barrel
makes $144,000,000 Bush stole just yesterday

No wonder they were so eager to start a war

Bush's 'Bring 'em on' death taunt is up to...

2517....2529 American victims

Damn, they got twelve since Tuesday.

Happy Memorial Day!
Happy Fourth of July!


By Christmas, Bush will have killed
more Americans than Osama

Merry Christmas!

Bart's Bad Timing

Here's what happens when I'm burning BCR CDs.
I get an order, so I burn the CDs.

An hour later, I get another order, so I burn more CDs.
An hour later, I get another order, so I burn more CDs.
An hour later, I get another order, so I say, "Dumbass, burn a bunch of CDs,"
but then the orders stop until the next show, so I have a box of yesterday's BCR CDs.

So here's the deal - while they last, you can get three recent shows for just $9.

You might get BCR Show 83, 87 and 90 for the low, low price of $9 and $4.20 
of that goes to postage because we send the BCR CDs our Priority Mail.

You've always wanted to hear Tommy the Wizard's work in super Hi-Fi stereo, right?
The product is good, the price is gooder. 
You'll be entertained for hours and hours.
You'll love listening to these fun-filled, rage-encrusted shows again and again.

Click here 

to send in your $9 for three recent Hi-Fi stereo BCR Shows on CD.

Total of six CDs for nine dollars? 
That's unheard of!

No mail orders, please. 
We'll run out of CDs before your letter arrives.


Yes, Virginia, we sell new CDs, too.

Donate $24 (or more) and get a 

3  months of 
3 x 2 = 6 BCR CDs

2 CD  BCR 93 and 4 CD BCR 94
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 Twn hours of BCR
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plus 3 months of BCR for  $24 (cheap)

PayPal to
PO Box 54466
Tulsa, OK  74155

Nikki got her WPE shirt from a friend in America

Subject: WPE shirts worldwide

I like the Bartcop-stuff and would like to know if you guys send merchandise
- like the "Worst President"-T-Shirt - over to Europe? 

To Germany for instance? Or Holland? or Switzerland? 
(I live sort of nomadic at the moment, but I still have a bank account... So don't worry...)

If yes, what additional costs will hit my wallet?
For any reply I would be most grateful.


Thor, we ship everywhere.
Best option is to contact your local Post Office and tell them the package from America
weighs less than a pound, then add their cost to the $23 and we'll ship that right out.


 Call the all new, toll-free


Get your opinion on BartCop Radio

 GOP callers Welcome (snicker)

New Vegas Party Update 

   The party is on!

We got good news from The Palms 


I asked the Palms dude, 
"What happens if a poker game breaks out in our room?"
he said we can have the poker game in the Fantasy Suite, 
so we just saved every poker player $25 each.

He answered by saying, 
"This is Las Vegas - we don't care what you do in your room,"  
which brings up other possibilities  :)

As a good friend of a good friend once said, "Mo money, mo problems."
but these are the good kinds of problems to have.

Yesterday was one of the best days in  history.

I put out my lil' plea for people to sign up and we now have 28 partiers, which means the dozens of 
readers who said, "I can't commit today, but I'll probably be there" will push us out of the smaller, 
inferior Bachelor Suite and into the bigger, better Crib Suite which holds dozens more people.

Pool Table  (That might pay for the room right there :)
Fish Tank  (Can't party without fish)
Fantastic View of the entire Las Vegas Strip (No extra charge!)
Two Bedrooms  (Two lucky couples can stay the night)
Hydraulic Bed  (I don't know, and I probably don't want to know...)
Professional DJ Equipment  (Sounds like a job for Tommy Mack!)
Hardwood Dance Floor (so the ladies can boogie) 
Full Bar (That can't be right, I'll have to dig deeper on that)
Creston Controlled TVs and Drapes  (Who is Creston?)
Video gaming lounge  (We can gamble on Ms Pac Man?)
Strobe and Techno Lighting  (Bring your Orange Barrel!)
2,000 Sq. Feet   (That's bigger than Bartcop Manor!)

Party in Vegas!

There is also talk of caravans forming to cur down on travel costs.

If you live in Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, Texas etc, you could drive to OKC or Amarillo
and meet up with whoever's got room and zoom out I-40 and party with mo money.

So if you're not already in, sign up today.  

We need ten more people to make the leap out of the smaller room and into the CRIB.
The worst thing that could happen is they sell out the CRIB before we hear from you
which means we'll have to tell dozens of people, "Sorry, we're all sold out!"

You'll remember the Party of the Decade till the end of days.

Sign up today.  


Teri Hatcher's Curves


Her once matchstick-thin arms and legs are more toned and meaty.

Even her washboard tummy looks less hollow and more womanly.


Thanks to  subscribers.
We know you work hard for your money, so we take it as
a compliment when you throw some our way each month.

 Read the  Previous Issue

 It had everything.

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