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Tuesday, July 25, 2006  Vol 1805 - Que Dolor

Quote of the Day

"Why not just use stem cells 
   from still-warm Iraqi babies?" 
      -- some poster on

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Osama's New Mideast? 
Hezbollah Reminder 
World War III? 
Constitution flouting 
Internet predators 
Why they Hate Us 
Half: Iraq had WMDs 
Duke the Rapist
Tiffani Thiessen CDC


Bush Blew a Guy

Download Barry's live anti-Bush rants at


"We requested a stop the bleeding in Lebanon."
    -- Saudi Foreign Minister al-Faisal,    Link

"Screw a cease fire - the boss is making billions a day..."
    -- White House national security spokesman Frederick Jones,    Link


A 'New' Mideast? W's or Osama's
  by Robert Parry

As Bush Rice huddle with old-line Arab regimes and as Israel continues pounding Lebanon,
it is becoming increasingly clear why Osama wanted Bush to gain a second term.

As the CIA analysts review this [situation], they grew troubled by its implications. "
An ocean of hard truths before them - such as what did it say about U.S. policies that
bin-Laden would want Bush reelected - remained untouched," Suskind wrote.

Osama wants the WPE to stay on power so he can play Der Monkey like a kid's kazoo.

Remember: The GOP and the willing lapdog press and Nazl talk radio told us a 1000 times
said there was, "no need for the president to be the smartest guy in the room."
Well, look what happens when the president is a f-ing moron, and a crooked one, at that.

Note:  is the most important site in the Internet



Hezbollah put Reagan and Bush in power in 1980.

Reagan and Bush sent word that they, Hezbollah would get a better deal
from the BFEE if they held the American hostages longer, so they did.

Sidebar in a Reminder:
In 2000, Bush sent word to Arafat that he'd get a better deal if he'd reject
Clinton's peace initiative, because the BFEE can't make money with peace.

Once von Reagan took the oath, Hezbollah freed the hostages and Bush had
Ollie North deliver 2 planeloads of sophisticated Stinger missles as a reward.

Then Hezbollah grabbed more hostages, so the only real change was they got Stingers
and we got stuck with Reagan with Bush who then armed and trained Osama.


World War III?
 Can anything stop the fire?

The bloodshed in Lebanon appears to be part of a broader upsurge in unrest. Iraq is suffering
through one of its bloodiest months since the U.S.-led invasion in 2003. Taliban militants are
burning schools and attacking villages in southern Afghanistan as the United States and NATO
struggle to defend that country's fragile government. Nuclear-armed India is still cleaning up the
wreckage from a large terrorist attack in which it suspects militants from rival Pakistan. The world
is awash in weapons, North Korea and Iran are developing nuclear capabilities, and long-range
missile technology is spreading like a virus.

I wish we had a real president.
One who wasn't driven by war profits.



"How can Bush so ardently proclaim his "pro-life" beliefs and at the same time
  act so nonchalant describing the "30,000, more or less," dead Iraqis during the war,
  presumably including several thousand innocents among them."
      -- Jon Stewart, more courage than anyone in congress,


Subject: Oh Bart, come on!

Bill and Hillary have always supported the Iraq War

Is support for the war black & white?
I say no.

Bill Clinton supported Bobby Kennedy in his opposition to LBJ and Humphery
and now he says that Democrats should not contest a primary!

Not sure how that adds up, but Bobby never ran against LBJ.

He is putting personal loyalty or calculation for his wife over party loyalty and principle.

I think he's preparing to put the presidency in responsible hands.

Why do you stick with him and her so much when they have failed
to take any risk to be party leaders during the Bush years?

He's an ex-president.
She's going to be president.
Their political realities are different from anyone else in the country,
but some people will tell you all day, "She's JUST another senator,"
which is how they have to spin things to make the facts go away.

Do you think it is sensible for him to push for school kiks to stop
drinkin soda instead of fighting for a big issue like Gore does?


Gore was never president and his wife will never be president.

Tell me, if Bill and she aren't qualified to steer her into the White House,
please list the undefeated, Democratic political geniuses who are.

I rest my case.


The net's best advertising deal

Reach over twenty people per penny.

Hits are up - so much the counter broke.

 advertise on

3 month old Jessica J

Flouting the Constitution

The American Bar Association said that Bush was flouting the Constitution and the rule of law
by claiming the power to disregard selected provisions of bills that he signed.

The bipartisan 11-member panel said Bush had used such "signing statements" far more than his
predecessors, raising constitutional objections to more than 800 provisions in more than 100 laws
on the ground that they infringed on his prerogatives.

These broad assertions of presidential power amount to a "line-item veto" and improperly deprive
Congress of the opportunity to override the veto, the panel said.

In signing a statutory ban on torture, Mr. Bush reserved the right to disregard it.

...because he's a criminal who likes torture.

The Republicans know this, but their lust for power prevents them from standing up.
The Republicans know this, but their corporate greed prevents them from saying it.
The Democrats know this, but their lack o' sac prevents them from saving the country.

  "But Bush is our friend, Bart, and the best darn president ever!"



Subject: Paris pic smoking pot

bart, I know you are pro-pot.

Actually. I'm nore anti-hypocrisy and pot is a shining example.

Which is why I cannot figure out the Paris pic.
If it is just cuz it is Paris, it is still sloppy judgment to think publishing it
in the manner you did does not contribute to the "smoking-pot-is-scandalous,
therefore-bad-and-evil" fundie bullshit.  Why help scandalize smoking it?

You helped scandalize it.  You did.

ha ha
Dude, take a breath, it's going to be OK.

Just cuz you know what you meant, does not mean it was poor judgement.

I agree with that, but that's probably not what you meant.

I know what I "mean" a lot of times when I do something, that upon reflection,
was detrimental to other things I cared more about than justifying a
"I know what I meant" fall-back position.

"Knowing what I meant" is not always the final arbiter towards the better part of wisdom.

That's 3-4 times you quoted somebody - who is it?

So.  You need it, this time.
Live and learn, bart.


What did I learn?
It was a joke about Paris and Der Monkey both blowing some dope.

I doubt if anyone is surprised that the millionaire party girl likes to party,
plus, there's no proof that she was doing anything illegal.


Teens: Beware deadly Internet predators

Teens looking to hook up with a friend on the popular Web community MySpace
may bump into an unexpected buddy: the U.S. Marine Corps. So far, over 12,000
Web surfers have signed on as friends of the Corps in response to the latest military
recruiting tactic. Other military branches may follow.

I'd rather run into a sexual predator on the net than a military recruiter.
I think your odds are better with the sex pervert than a military recruiter.

Remember: It's legal for the recruiter to lie to you.

"Sign up today and I guarantee you'll never see Iraq!"
"Welcome to Iraq, sucker!"


Redwoods swallowing up John L in his WPE shirt

Subject: Del Castillo

They will be in Ann Arbor Michigan August 8 at the Ark.
Seating is 400 and tickets are a whopping $12.50.
This will no doubt be an "I saw them when" show.
I am looking forward to a great night out.

Me no hablo mucho Espanol, but that just
makes it better for listening to the music!

Bart sure picked good with these guys. Rock on.
 Danny Detroit

Dude, they usually only play one, long set, so find Rick before they start
and ask him to play "Won't Get Fooled Again."  You never know.

I await your review of the show.



"The greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people.
  It kind of reminds . . . I could use the Third Reich, the big lie..."
    -- Sen Jim Inhofe, (R-Pissquik) about the global warming :lies",

"Screw science, and screw the NOAA,
  screw the National Weather Service, screw 'em all!"

 Now do you see why Pissquik is Oklahoma's biggest embarrassment?
 He's Jesse Helms without the manners, the tolerance or the wisdom.

 Yahoo News

Half say Iraq had WMDs
 And Inhofe thinks global warming is "the big lie"

 WaHoPowho is partly responsible for spreading Bush's murderous lies

Half of Americans now say Iraq had WMDs when Bush invaded in 2003 -- up from
36 percent last year, a Harris poll finds. Pollsters deemed the increase both "substantial"
and "surprising" in light of persistent press reports to the contrary in recent years.

The survey did not speculate on what caused the shift in opinion, which supports
President Bush's original rationale for going to war."

Who said that the voters are incredibly stupid?
I think it was me.

Politicians have to say, "The voters are smart," because of Bart's Law #1.

I'm free to tell the truth.


Subject: my WPE t-shirt

My wife (Sue) and I spent the afternoon shopping and eating in ultra-conservative PA
wearing your WPE t-shirts. We were approached by MANY people applauding our attire!
A restaurant owner even gave us some FREE chocolate to eat, after enjoying a fine meal.
 Stan & Sue

You hear that?
Free chocolate when you wear your WPE shirt!


Subject: Big Dog's support for Lieberman

I believe Clinton's support for Lieberman is strictly for practical purposes---
Joe (Cut and Run, Fake D) will run as an independent if he loses the primary.

If Joe runs as an independent, polls show that he will likely win --he'll take some
of Lamont's voters and will get  some of the Repulican vote.  Heck, he may get all
the Republican vote, since he's more Republican than the guy he'd be running against.

Clinton would rather have Joe be elected as a Democrat --at least in name--than
have him be an Independent, free to kiss even more Bush ass.
 A Disgusted CT Voter

What do the polls say about Lamont's chances in November?
I think Joe will drop out if he loses the primary, and become a GOP lobbyist.


Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

Cunningham raped black budgets
 The Duke (GOP - Gang of Pirates) betrayed America

   "I'm a corrupt bastard!"

 Yahoo News

"Duke" Cunningham did what every Republican does with power - he abused it.
This corrupt bastard took advantage of secrecy and badgered congressional aides to 
slip items into classified bills that would benefit him and his cash-heavy associates.

Cunningham's case has put a stark spotlight on the oversight of classified - or "black" - budgets.

Unlike legislation dealing with social and economic issues, intelligence bills and defense bills
are written in private, in the name of national security to enrich those Bush bastards.


Subject: Bush is mentally retarded

Kerry couldn't do anything in 2004 because he was a skull & bonser!
and he had to do what he was told! The fix was in.
Kerry is history and I will never take him seriously again.


Chet, I wish I could say you were crazy.
But I can't because that would explain a lot.

I don't want to think Kerry had orders to lose, but who puts up their house for collateral
to win the primary, then order the troops not to fight during the convention, then fails to mention
Bush's vow to the people of New York while standing on the bodies of the dead with an actor
dressed like a fireman, then takes the month of August off, then goes to sleep for the general election?

And then trying to surrender before the votes are all counted?


This is from Kerry, the "water heater lady" who's trying
to survive the 113 degree summer in Northern Cali.

WPE talk

Print out this wpe-card.pdf then cut them up.

Or print out this one,

by a SMSgt, USAF (Ret.)

If you bought a WPE shirt, it might save you a lot of trouble to download that PDF
or the SMSgt card and print out 2-3 pages and cut them into little pieces. 
Saves time, and sane Americans who stop you on the street will thank you for it.

Subject: our WPE t-shirts

I think these shirts give people hope.  When they spot another person
wearing it, they understand they are not crazy or alone.  Keep on swinging.
Thanks Bart,

Those are some good-looking shirts!

 Here's my picture, Bart!

 Get WPE t-shirts HereWe take credit cards

Of course, PayPal still works too.

We Can't Make It Here Anymore



When Der Monkey vetoed the stem cell bill, he said he was against "murder."

But, ...but, ...but, ...that makes Nancy Reagan "pro-murder." 
Her husband might still be alive if the GOP wasn't trying to please the the Invisible Cloud Being.
And I believe about 70% of Americans are, in Bush's words, "pro-murder."

Add to that, after saying "murder is wrong," Bush specifically gave big business
the legal power to "murder," as long as it didn't involve taxpayer funds.

So, murder that provides cures on the taxpayer's dime is a bad thing,
but cures that are sold at a 10,000% profit by big business is a good thing?

"Bart, you should just shut up!"


Subject: poker concoms

Thought this was pretty damn funny… use them at the table AND they will keep you
Vegas poker hooligans from picking up any of those Vegas antibiotic-resistant STD's!



 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2003 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is going to $100 a barrel
makes $200,000,000 Bush will steal every day.

You heard it here first.
Oil is going to $100 a barrel, then to $200

No wonder they were so eager to start a war

Bush's "Bring 'em on" death taunt is up to...

2564....2567 American victims

That's not too high a price to pay
to make the evil bastards richer, right?


By Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Bush will have killed
more Americans than his old partner Osama.

Amazon could go dry
 Bush is killing the planet - nobody cares?

Deep in the heart of the world's greatest rainforest, Otavio Luz Castello is anxiously watching
the soft waters of the Amazon drain away. Every day they recede further, like water running
slowly out of an unimaginably immense bath, threatening a global catastrophe.

It is a sign that severe drought is returning to the Amazon for a second successive year. And that
would be ominous indeed. For, as we report on page 12 today, new research suggests that just
one further dry year beyond that could tip the whole vast forest into a cycle of destruction..


Subject: WPE ratio

Bart, I wore my WPE shirt last Friday.

I heard  "Great shirt" 25 times.
I heard, "Thats Disgraceful" once.



It's hard work

ha ha
Thanks to Bradley Russell

The Hariri Mirage Returns
  by Robert Parry

In last Sunday's lead story, the New York Times twice references alleged Syrian guilt in the 2005
assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. But -- in much the same pattern of
the Times' coverage of purported Iraqi WMD four years ago -- the article offers no balance or
perspective, such as recognition that the initial Hariri-murder accusations have fallen apart.

Note:  is the most important site in the Internet


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Why they Hate Us

"They have a right to defend themselves from terrorism," intoned our Chump in Chief, and that
was the end of any hope for American intervention or mediation of Israel's savage attack on the
Hezbollah and innocent Lebanese. 'Like an pricked enraged giant, striking out  in every direction,'
said the BBC, as Olmert showed he wasn't the moderate the world believed when he carried out
the Gaza withdrawal, but a clumsy second rater who makes even Sharon look wise.


Subject: Del Castillo

July 26  Albuquerque,  The Launchpad
July 27  Phoenix,          The Rythym Room

Next Friday Chattanooga
then Sunday in Nashville.
I'll bet Nashville's never seen anything like Del Castillo before.

          Click  to  Own



"Remember when Bush waited to send help after Katrina? Remember when Bush
  waited to go after Osama at Tora Bora? Remember when Bush, er... didn't go after
  the Anthrax Killer? Or when he let the bin Laden family leave without questioning?
  Remember Bush's "Pet Goat" moment on 9/11?   Feel the same way this week?"
     --BlogBox,   Link

George Bush don't care about black people.
George Bush don't care about poor people.
George Bush don't care about Iraqi people.
George Bush don't care about people.


I have a question.

> Why are we arming and training the Shiias to fight in Iraq
> and then arming Israel to fight the Shiias in southern Lebanon?

> Is it because Bush makes money every time a war breaks out?
> Is it because Bush's partners are in the weapons business?
> Is it because evil men will murder for riches?

No replies to this from yesterday - does that mean I'm right?
Why are we arming BFEE former partners who are fighting Israel?


We are People for Peace and Justice Rio Grande Valley.
We protest bush-wars every month in front of the federal building in McAllen, TX.
Visit our website at:
We got veterans, professors, students, federal govt. employees, etc.
The response from the people passing by is overwhelmingly positive.
So why are we still in Iraq?

Guy, we're still in Iraq because 
they still have some as-yet-unstolen oil.

 Call the all new, toll-free


Get your opinion on BartCop Radio

 GOP callers Welcome (snicker)

Sports Roundup

An American won the Tour de France bike race - white guy, too.
And Eldrick won a golf tournament, aren't you gosh darned proud for him?

Poor guy had some early success but then ran head-first into the BartCop Hex
which threw him into a 3-4 year tailspin of double-bogeys, sand traps and foul language
Well, he finally put a few good shots together and won a match.

Good for you, Eldrick.
You keep on practicing and maybe you'll get back on top, someday.


Subject: Bush is an imbecile

Some are just now figuring out that their president is an Imbecile
Jeesh, I've been saying it for over 6 years and so have you, Bart.

It appears that we have more imbeciles than just Bush.

Andy in Phoenix,

I can understand some people giving him the benefit of the doubt,
but after Iraq, Katrina and the current World War, who trusts the bastard?

"I am the good presidents!"


Monster TV night
 This is why God made DVRs

House (Double shot) treats a 15 year-old supermodel heroin addict.
One of the best 5 shows on TV.

Veronica Mars (Double shot) tracks down the blackmailer who targets gays.
One of the best 5 shows on TV.

Rock Star Supernova - Brook Burke hosts real, live, rock n roll.
Not one of the best 5 shows on TV, but live rock is rare.

Rescue Me - Best show on TV, hands down.
Big rescue scene, plus Tommy's zipper is on fire.

Leno has Keith Olbermann, who's like Jon Stewart but, ...not so much.


Party at the Palms, Sept 16

 Updates - Info

I think I've been real good about not going on and on about the big party,
but the fever is building and it's getting harder and harder to not talk about it.
Not talking about it is hard work.


Tiffani Thiessen saves the world

 "Hi, I'm Dixie from the CDC!"

 Yahoo News

After flu-like symptoms kill a dude, Tiffany races the clock
across the globe to find Patient Zero as the virus spreads.

That makes as much sense as Denise Richards as a nuclear phyisicist.


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