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BCR Show 117 is here!

Tuesday May 15, 2007  Vol 1977 - Falwell Down

Quote of the Day

"A significant number of the Iraqi parliament 
  (have) asked us to leave. I want to assure you
  if they vote to ask us to leave, we'll be glad 
  to comply with their request." 
    -- Mitch McConnell (R-Bitch) cutting and running,   Link

Why is Mitch the Bitch helping Osama?
Why does Mitch the Bitch hate America?

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
How Tenet Lied 
Kissyface helps GOP 
Palast and Iglesias 
Scary Henry Waxman 
Wolfie Gone Wild 
Open Letter to God 
McNulty Resigns 
Why Iraq is so Hard 
Jamie Lynn Sigler 

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"They have to be responsible for the consequences of the policy recommendations they make. 
  If, in fact, they advocate complete withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq, then they are,
  to some extent, accountable for what would happen when that policy is followed..."
   -- Cheney, accepting responsibility for the bloody mess that's killed 3,400 soldiers,    Link

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How George Tenet Lied
 by Ray McGovern

Tenet probably now wishes he had opted to just fade away, as old soldiers used to do.

Tenet's book is a self-indictment for the crimes with which Socrates was charged: 
making the worse cause appear the better, and corrupting the youth.

But George is not the kind to take the hemlock. Rather, with no apparent shame, he accepted 
the "Presidential Medal of Silence" in return for agreeing to postpone his Nixon-style 
"modified limited hangout" until after the mid-term elections last November.

The $4 million advance that Tenet and Harlow took for the book marked a shabby, 
inauspicious beginning to the effort to stitch together what remained of Tenet's tattered reputation.

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Kissyface raising money for GOP
 He's our modern james Traficant

 Whoops, wrong bunny.

  "I hate myself!"


Not only has Kissyface endorsed Susan Collins (R-Maine.) but he's planning to 
co-host a fundraiser for her on June 21 in Washington, D.C.

The event will feature Lieberman and Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Magic Bullet) - a very rare bipartisan fundraiser. 
Attendees are being asked to raise $3,000; $2,000 would come in the form of a political action committee 
donation while the other $1,000 would be a personal contribution, according to an electronic invite.

I think Kissyface needs to tour Baghdad again.

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Subject: stolen oil?

Ever consider that maybe this is a big deal because we DIDN'T steal it? 
And the oil companies are pissed off BECAUSE they didn't get the chance? Think about it.

It's a draft American report. And you know anything coming from the government today is twisted 
to benefit the denizens of the White House. Especially anything having to do with energy policy.

Would Cheney & his cronies be upset about missing oil if they were the ones benefiting from the thefts?
 John S

John, seriously?

Are you suggesting that two evil oil men sacrificed their reputations in history and maybe their 
political party and allies for decades to come, not to mention 3500 soldiers and 60,000 maimed 
soldiers by spending over 2 trillion dollars to break into a bank - and then not steal any money?

There is no missing oil - they know exactly where it is.
You and I don't know where it is because if we did, then Osama wins.

Can't have that.

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 Discuss it on the BartBlog

Palast Interviews Iglesias

Palast: For failing to bring the voting cases, Iglesias paid with his job.

Iglesias: They wanted a political operative who happened to be a US attorney, and when they got 
somebody who actually took his oath to the Constitution seriously, they were appalled and they 
wanted me out of there. The two strikes against me was, I was not political, I didn't help them out 
on their bogus voter fraud prosecutions.

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"Iraqi lawmakers have just passed a bill requiring a timeline. And, particularly Iraq's Shiites, 
  which are, effectively, the victors in this war, have said to the Americans, 'Thank you very much 
  for getting rid of Saddam; we'll take it from here.'" 
     -- Richard Engel, on Bush's Bloody Bungle,  Link

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Subject: money making ideas...

Bart, don't know how much your site makes on a good day, but there seems to be a niche 
in the market for a KOS-like community for more centrist-Clinton type Democrats. 

It might attract some of the big ad bucks the left netroots blogs make.
I believe you could pull that off well.
** Sensible political commentary from the left edge of the vital center **

Joey, we have that now at

We invited tons of people to blog there - we had about 3 takers, one of them a Republican (Grimgold)

Let me remind subscribers, especially, that YOU can blog on

The beauty of that is you don't have to keep it going.
If you only want to post once a month - fine.
If you want to post a lot, that's fine, too, but maybe only 3-4 times a day, max.

If I was still working at the car lot, I'd love a chance to blog for dozens of readers.

 Send e-mail to Bart -  Sign up to blog on

A few rules:
No Israeli-Palestinian wars.
No nude or gross pictures, easy on the profanity
If you hate Hillary, fine, just don't use to lead the hate parade.
    Substantive Hillary debate - or substantive debate on anything is welcomed

I think there's a 4th rule, I forget... It's probably "Obey All Rules."

Click for Info

Cruise the Mexican Riviera with Mike & Kathy Malloy!
Hurry! Cabins are selling out!

Subject: subscription

Well gee Bart - gas is $3.00 a gallon, hamburger on sale is $1.80 and f*cking onions are $1.00 a pound.
My job is in India or China or some other democracy.
My friends with college degrees are fighting over cardboard box space under the bridge.

You know what, maybe we'll all chip in and send you what we got left.
Man, that $20 is looking good now, ain't it?

I'm lucky I got one hen living on bugs and whatever. She lays about one egg a day.
I got some onions and herbs growing. I got tomatoes and peppers blooming.

I got third world american skills.
I can cook over a campfire and make a good meal out of pretty much whatever.

Quit watching TV man. We are totally fu*ked.
Just Barely Squeezed into the middle class by
working my ass off and then Reagan happened.,

I hope you find some good luck soon.
I know a lot of people are hurting.

Funny, the Republicans are rolling in cash.

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Scary Henry Waxman
 Scary because he's not afraid

Henry Waxman, the most dogged of congressional committee chairmen, has been described by Republicans 
as 'the scariest man in Washington'. Since the Democrats took control of the House and Senate in January, 
he has been in overdrive, launching inquiries into issues ranging from global warming to White House emails, 
and the one that concerns the congressman most - Iraq. Nancy Pelosi, the House speaker, is the public face 
of the new Democrat-led Congress, but Mr Waxman is the embodiment of the pent-up release of Democratic 
energy, determined to harry George Bush in his last two years in office.

Henry Waxman - he ain't no bandleader.

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Check out


"Bush has made us weaker. Why don't the Democrats just say the word "weak" over and over? 
"Bush lost the war. He made us weaker."   Because he did. 

 The National Intelligence estimate that came out last year said, undeniably, all our intelligence 
 agencies agree, the war in Iraq has created more terrorists." 
   -- Bill Maher, almost as frustrated as Ol' Bart on why the Donkeys refuse to speak up,  Link

 Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Re: campaign contributions for Hilary

Bart, you wrote;

> "Maybe Hillary shouild run a campaign where she won't accept donations higher than $50."

I don't fault her for taking contributions because, unfortunately, that's how our corrupt system works.
What we urgently need is publicly funded campaigns.  No one should be allowed to take contributions from anybody.
Everyone knows that when a company or wealthy donor contributes to a candidate's campaign, they expect
something in return.  That 'something' is rarely in the interest of the average citizen.  It reduces the candidates
to whores who become totally unresponsive to the people (the citizens) they are supposed to represent.

Bob, that's some rare common sense you're displaying.
Some people are angry at her because she's playing by the rules.

And they'll never forgive her if she wins.

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Heather owns a Prius

Open Letter to God

Hey God, it's Bart...
Bartcop ...from Oklahoma?
The Tequila Treehouse - you remember...

I know it's been a while, but I wanted to see if you might be up for a deal.
What would you say to taking Jerry Falwell and letting those three kidnapped soldiers come home?

Those Al Qaeda handjobs are killing in your name. (To be fair, Bush is, too)
But if you let those soldiers come home, it'd be a great PR move because from 
where I'm sitting, you're the only chance they have - assuming they're still alive.

By the way, plase don't hold Falwell's incest (His mother) against him - he was drunk at the time

So, how about it?
It'd be a win-win for everyone.

Falwell gets to "go home," the soldiers and their families would sing your praises forever...
The only downside is that you'd have to put up with that pompous ass.

Swear to Koresh, the very second I stopped typing that last sentence, CNN said Falwell was dead.

If those three kidnapped soldiers find their way home, ...maybe God took the deal.

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"My heart goes out to Paris's cellmates.  Forty-five days with Paris Hilton
  and the attendant publicity seems like cruel and unusual punishment to me.
  Perhaps THEY should be petitioning the governor for relief?
   -- Patty Hearst, of all the people in America,  Link

I'm old enough to remember Patty Hearst, so this is kinda shocking.
If Paris was kidnapped and raped for weeks, would Patty joke about that, too?

Who has contributed more to the world:
Paris Hilton or Queen Elizabeth?

I guess everyone will say the Queen,
but Paris has actually had jobs and worked for money.

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Why Iraq is so Hard


Earlier this month, our Army released the results of an internally initiated survey of soldiers in Iraq. 
Almost half of our troops would condone torture in a specific instance if it saved their buddies' lives. 
The media were, of course, appalled. I was shocked, too - surprised that so few of our troops would 
condone any action that kept their comrades alive. Torturing prisoners should never be our policy, 
both because it's immoral and because it's usually ineffective. But it's madness to declare that there 
can never be exceptions.

I believe that same survey said over half would not turn in a fellow soldier
for committing crimes such as rape and murdering innocent civilians.

War is fucking madness.
We need to get those men home.

 Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: tonight's GOP debate

So tonight a bunch of Yahoos will be looking to succeed the worst POTUS in history 
by claiming to be more like the mediocrity who started the party on its downward plummet than the other guy...



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Still at 2006 prices!

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Wolfie Gone Wild
 Goes on threatening, cursing streak

An angry and bitter Paul Wolfowitz poured abuse and threatened retaliations on senior World Bank staff 
if his orders for pay rises and promotions for his nasty-ass grunt partner were revealed, according to new details.

Sounding more like a member of the Sopranos, in testimony by one key witness Wolfowitz declares: 
"If they fuck with me or Shaha, I have enough on them to fuck them too." 

The angry comments attributed to Wolfowitz came from damning testimony by Xavier Coll, head of human 
resources at the bank. According to Coll's notes: "Wolfowitz became increasingly agitated and said that he was 
'tired of people ... attacking him' and 'you should get your friends to stop it'.  He said, 'If they fuck me or Shaha, 
I have enough on them to fuck them too'," naming several senior bank staff he felt were vulnerable. 

Wolfowitz appears before the bank's executive board today to grovel like a prison bitch and beg for his job.

 Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: BCR Show 116 - debate with Randi Rhodes

Bart, I love you but I'm with Randi on this Hillary thing.

Kerry was a nightmare but he did admit, as Edwards does, that his vote to give the monkey authorization
to go into Iraq was a mistake, and he regretted it. Kerry is clearly on the record on that. Even in retrospect,
Hillary has never said her vote was a mistake, and I'm sorry but I have to wonder why not.

My wife Jen reminds me that as a woman Hillary has to show everyone that she's tough; I think she's getting
tons of AIPAC money, and I wouldn't be shocked if she's getting tons of corporate war profiteer money as well.

But the bottom line on this is Hillary has never said her Iraq vote was wrong, that it was a mistake that she regretted.
Kerry managed to do that, Edwards does it, Hillary doesn't. Why not?

I'm guessing you didn't approach that debate with an open mind.
If you hate Hillary's guts, no amount of facts will change your mind - am I correct?

The fact is she has apologzed for her vote by saying she would've voted the other way if she
knew then what she knows now. That's an admission - but you want her to say the words.

Isn't that right?
You want to see her grovel?

The words "I'm sorry" won't bring any soldiers back AND it won't win her a single vote,
so why do people claim they really, really want her to say those words if it changes nothing?.

I respect your views on Hillary and just as you don't like to disagree with Randi, I don't like 
to disagree with you. If Hillary becomes the Dem. nominee she will be very hard NOT to vote for. 
But I don't trust her and I don't forgive her, and despite some of the weirdness of Randi's rant 
(I don't think Hillary was going to be killed if she voted against the war) I think she's right to ask
the question, how can Hillary say she didn't know when so many of her other colleagues 
(Leahy, Durbin etc) somehow managed to at least suspect that Bush - imagine! - was full of shit.

Love you Bart, 
Your Proud Subscriber,
 Dave R

Dave, did you listen to the entire debate?
You must have missed the closer, which was this:

If "everybody" knew for sure that the war was a hueueueueueuge mistake,
why didn't a single Dem senator filibuster the vote to authorize Bush to use force?

The answer is clearer than Lake Concha - they didn't know.
One can't argue with that conclusion - can one?

If they KNEW and failed to act, 
that cowardice is worse than anything Hillary's been accused of.

Four years after the fact, it's really easy to say "everybody knew,"
but the facts prove no Democratic senators were certain enough to stand up.

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McNulty Resigns
Gonzales's top aide too honest for Bush Justice Dept

McNulty has been considering leaving for months, he claims. He said his decision to step down was hastened by
frustration over the prosecutors' purge that Congress is investigating to determine if eight U.S. attorneys were fired
for political reasons, according to Justice officials familiar with his thinking.

McNulty also irked Gonzales by testifying in February that at least one of the fired prosecutors was ordered to make way
for a protege of Karl Rove. Gonzales, who has resisted lawmakers' calls to resign, maintains the firings were proper,
and rooted in the prosecutors' lackluster performances.

Two other former Justice Department officials - Gonzales chief of staff Kyle Sampson and White House liaison
Monica Goodling - have resigned in the past two months while the head snake stays on.

"It seems ironic that Paul McNulty, who at least tried to level with the committee, goes while Gonzales,
who stonewalled the committee, is still in charge," said Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y.

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Commander Codpiece


Subject: A Marine speaks Part 2


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Bartcop Flashback

 Mitch the Bitch says, "Let's move on..."


A free month of BCR for Drewcifer for suggesting this Flashback

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"We're winning in Iraq!"

 Want to trade links?

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Raping the Poor - because it's easy

Inside U.S. companies' audacious drive to extract more profits from the nation's working poor...
In recent years, a range of businesses have made financing more readily available to even the 
riskiest of borrowers. Greater access to credit has put cars, computers, credit cards, and even 
homes within reach for many more of the working poor. But this remaking of the marketplace 
for low-income consumers has a dark side: Innovative and zealous firms have lured unsophisticated 
shoppers by the hundreds of thousands into a thicket of debt from which many never emerge.

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Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

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Sir Rudy Speaks

I'm pro-choice, but if they overturn Roe v. Wade, that's OK.

We should license all handguns, but hey, we gotta be reasonable. So maybe we shouldn't license all handguns.

I favor civil unions for gay people, but not in New Hampshire.

I presided over the worst disaster in NYC history, and though I was advised to place it underground in Brooklyn, 
I insisted my control center be placed on a high floor in a proven target for terrorism. Now it's underground in Brooklyn.


 Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: your 9-11 craziness

I agree that Bush is a complete moron as a President. 

You're starting out great.

However, this fascination with "9/11 as a Bush Administration conspiracy" is based on nothing more 
than hatred, ignorance of the facts and wild speculation, resulting in the dishonor of those who died that day. 

We know for a fact that the Bush administration has gone to great lengths to hide the truth about 9-11.
That makes logical people suspicious - does that group include you?

Bush being stupid and militant nutjobs who fly planes full of passengers into buildings are not mutually-exclusive.

That looks like a fact, so I'll accept it.

Stop pretending to be an engineer, forensic scientist, etc. ("well then why didn't the other windows blow out?!"). 
Give the rest of us a break, will you? 

First, you've got the wrong guy.
On the 9-11 conspiracy nut scale of 1-10, I'm at most a 2.
We know they're lying, we just don't know what they're covering up.

Second, since we know they're lying, it makes inconsistencies a little more glaring.
If a plane crashes into a building on Floors 80 thru 85, and the windows blow out
on Floor 40 before they blow out on Floor 42, I'm going to ask why.

Third, your intentions are unclear but you seem to be saying Bush is so stupid that he,
and everyone connected to him must be innocent concerning the events of 9-11.
That's a far large leap of logic than anything you've read on

You have to remember that 9-11 is the excuse for:
Why we became a nation that turtures
Why we built secret prisons in Eastern Europe.
Why Bush ignores the Constitution
Why Bush breaks whatever laws he wants
Why Bush can funnel money secretly to people and it's none of our business
Why Bush is reading Hillary's e-mails, looking at every check she's ever written,
    listening to her phone conversation and possibly bugging her home and office.
Why we invaded an oil rich country and claimed )legally) that their oil belongs to Bush.
The list is endless

Since we know they're lying about 9-11 AND we know they use that horrible day
as an excuse to cover up their crimes, it makes a logical man want to ask more questions.

If you want to stake your reputation that evil men would not kill for unlimited money and power,
then you and I are at polar opposites on the subject. 

If you're so angry at those who create death for their own political agendas, 
you should give equal weight to those d'bags that thought Allah had 72 virgins waiting for them, 
but only if they blow up a lot of everyday people doing everday things.

Ericurb, no telling what that last sentence was supposed to mean, so I'll guess:
I believe all religions are frauds that the bad people sell to the weak, the scared and the stupid.
I believe Bush has more regard for human life than Al Qaeda, but that bar is very low.
Anyone who believes they'll get a reward after they die needs to leave all their money to me.
   I will guarantee you 5000 virgins after you die - totally super guaranteed.

 Send e-mail to Bart

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 Iraq pumped 3.5M barrels daily before Bush invaded
 and then they got their 2003 Halliburton upgrade

Bush is stealing $220,000,000 every day.

No wonder they were so eager to start a war,

stealing  $220,000,000 every day.

It's the biggest theft in Earth's history.

Exxon made $10B profit in 90 days
 $100M a day - all profit - because Bush started a fake war


Bush's "Bring 'em on" death taunt is up to...

3,398....3,401 American victims

3 more families destroyed by Bush greed.
6 if you count the families of the kidnapped. 

...and how much did BIG OIL make yesterday?
Exxon makes $108M - every day

Bush can live with that,
because Iraq's oil wells have no meters
and his front company is moving to Dubai.

"The soldiers want to what???
I can't hear them!"

 $100M a day,
$200M a day,
$300M a day - where's that money going?

Bush has killed more Americans than Osama.


"Paris, since you let this happen, use the next couple of weeks preparing not only by
  publicly learning to fight, but by looking around, realizing that you are not as truly
  entitled as your money implies. You are a young woman who can add more to her
  community than establishing new definitions for infamy..."
    -- Candy Spelling, of all peopleLink

Note: Candy Spelling lives in the biggest house in Hollywood -123 rooms and 46,000 square feet.
I guess that kind of money implies she's entitled to stick her nose into everyone else's damn business.

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Snap! Growl!


I recently skimmed the writing of a few far left libbies on the net. They snapped and snarled, 
verbally dragging republicans through muck and mire, accusing them, among other things, of being Nazis.
They missed the target.

The Nazis in this country work for the IRS. These people are above the law: they can seize property 
and freeze assets without due process, bring citizens to a special "tax court" where the tax payer must 
prove his innocence or pay large sums in lieu of jail time, and, if they want to, show up in the middle 
of the night and throw people out of their homes. I want most fervently to see the IRS gone and its 
people out looking for honest work.

 Send e-mail to Bart

TV Stuff

Last week on The Shield, Vic told Shane, "If I ever see you again, I'll kill you."
Could be some tension tonight.   (Top Five Show)

Carrie Underwood and Kelly Pickler rule the Country Music Awards, live from Las Vegas.

Tonight, House meets a 16 year old kid with a smarter mouth than he.  (Top Five Show)

Veronica Mars last gasp as she finally gets her Private Eye license.  (Top Five Show)

Dave has Rickles and an Emmy-winning dead Soprano.   (Former Best Show Ever)
If you missed Sunday's Oh-my-God Sopranos, HBO replays it tonight.

June 13th - Rescue Me returns (Current Best Show on TV)

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Jamie Lynn Sigler turns 26
 The Sopranos has 2 episodes left

 See more of  Jamie Lynn Sigler  at BC Hotties

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