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BCR 137 is Here!HOT

Tues-Wed   March 25-26,  2008 Vol 2132 - Is it Time?

Quote of the Day

"We're succeeding. 
   I don't care what anybody says..."
      -- McCain, sounding like Bush,   Link


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Arrow I fingered Spitzer HOT
Arrow Hillary - out of time? 
Arrow Last Rights for Her? HOT
Arrow Can I ask a question?
Arrow Lobbyists Tied to McCain 
Arrow Slaughtering Bison HOT
Arrow Rohrabacher's Jihad 
Arrow Obama & White Voters 
Arrow Kelly Ripa Sexy Host



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"Wow, you're the first person who's ever asked me that question in the 70 college 
  campuses I've now been to, and I do not think that is any of your business..."
     -- Chelsea, slapping some bitch who asked her about Monica,   Link

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*I* fingered Eliot Spitzer
 by DickC.U.N.TStone


A male Republican pimp/prostitute said that his lawyers wrote a letter to the F.B.I.
in November stating that Gov. Eliot Spitzer was banging hot hos during trips to Florida.

But the consultant, Roger (Dick) Stone, said he did not know whether the letter
played any role in helping investigators link Mr. Spitzer to a prostitution ring.

An affidavit filed in federal court said that agents from the F.B.I. and the I.R.S. began
investigating the Emperor's Club in October as part of an inquiry of Spitzer that began
last summer when a bank reported suspicious transactions involving Spitzer.

I wonder if  this is how  he knew about Spitzer?

Did Spitzer say his wife wasn't worth $4300?

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Used by permission


"Obama's unfavorable rating is now at 52, (Rasmussen) only three points behind Hillary." 
       -- POAC,    Link

 Oh Christ, our latest front-runner has negatives over 50 percent?

 When they said, "This race is the Democrats' to lose,"
 how did they know?

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Subject: Iraq's oil

Bart, you have been banging on this issue for years and NBC has finally done a story
about the theft of oil in Iraq.  The estimates of stolen oil are far less than what is the reality. 
However, it is a start.  Hopefully, they will continue to investigate and find out exactly 
where the money is going but, I am not going to hold my breath.

Here is the link to the story:
 Mark F.

This story made me laugh out loud.
They think "up to 1/3" is being stolen - hello?

Gas was 5 cents a gallon in Baghdad before Bush invaded.
Now they're paying for it like they live in southern Californian.

They say the oil is being stolen by "black marketers."
Where would "black marketers" get tankers and refineries and pipelines?

"That's a good question!"

After five years of Bush stealing $400M per day, 
NBC's whore Brain Williams decides this might be a story?

4,000 dead soldiers, 
200,000 dead Iraqis, 
10 million displaced Iraqis and 
3 trillion dollars of America's Treasury stolen 
and Brian Williams starts to wake up?

"My heroes?  Der Fuhrer 
 and the vulgar Pigboy!"

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Hillary's Time is Running Out
 Democrats want Clarity - who can blame them?


Last week began with Obama in danger of falling completely off a cliff, a danger that has
only partially subsided. And yet it concluded with hints that Hillary should drop out of the race.

We're reaching the bottom-line point. And the bottom line for what seems to be a majority of
Democratic insiders is fear of a drawn-out and divisive nomination process. That argues for
getting things settled sooner rather than later, and it means settling them in Obama's direction,
since he's won more votes and delegates.

Unless Obama is beaten soundly three times before May 7, it's time for her to go.

If she can rack up three impressive victories in a row - and, crucially, if evidence suggests that
Rev Wright cost Obama big-time with white voters - then and only then can she go to Democrats
and say: Look, he's tanking. We just can't send this guy out to represent us in the fall.

That sounds fair, we're all reasonable people, right?
But what if  she runs the table?

What if she gets those three big victories?
Will she have a legitimate claim that Big Mo is on her side?

Those are questions, not an attack on Obama.

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"I was quoted accurately and in context, and I was glad to give the quote and I 
  was glad I gave it. I'm not apologizing, I'm not resigning, I'm not doing anything."
    -- Carville, on calling Bill Richardson "a Judas,"    I heard it myself.

 Sure, "Judas" is a little strong, but the Democratic party has no shortage of back-stabbers.
 Richardson could've stayed neutral, but he chose to screw an old friend, instead,
 a freind who put him on the map so he could run for VP in the first place.

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"Where do you suppose Condi Rice is? My guess is that she's at McCain's HQ practicing
her spin for when he picks her his VP candidate.  It has always struck me as something weird
and batty that the press has given Condi Rice, like McCain, a free pass.  Can you imagine a
nation led by this clueless nincompoop in leather S&M boots and pearls made from the molars
of dead Iraqis? Oh, that's right. Her predecessor would have set the bar so low by then that
being able to put your shoes on the correct feet will be considered a sign of brilliance."
     -- Alan Bisbort,     Link

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Subject: Andrew Sullivan's 'mistake'


What kind of special idiot does not understand that war is unmerciful monster? Republicans.
Every action in this world has consequences. History teaches us that war is pure hell for poor people,
without exception. Rich people tend to like war, because they make money off it any way it comes out.

But the rich are very few, and the poor are very very many. Even the poor on the winning side
have a lifetime of injuries to deal with, because the very few rich winners will never pay that cost.
The only people who like war, the only people who sneer "so what" to a million deaths
and three trillion of war debt are those few war profiteers.

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Last Rites for Hillary?


I Remember when the media wrote off Hillary after Iowa, and again during the 10-state
losing streak on the way to Ohio and Texas? Well, this time they really mean it.

Now I'm not going to contend that Hillary has a great chance to win the nomination.
She'll clearly finish behind in pledged delegates, and even the suoer-delegates are
going to find that awfully hard to overturn.

But what if she finishes the season with a series of big wins, beginning in Pennsylvania?
And if more doubts are raised about Obama? Could party insiders have second thoughts?

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"I don't like hope. OK?" 
   -- Lewis Black,  going out of his way to piss off the Obamaniacs     Link

 A few words about the sad state of comedy (this is an opinion)
 Lewis Black's new Comedy Central show sucks - donkey.

 The opening is OK (not great) but then he has these two failed comics
 come on and they bother the audience for the rest of the damn show.
 What were they thinking?  This show is a mess.

 Also, what's wrong with Jon Stewart?
 He hasn't had a great show since the writers came back,
 And don't think it's just me - his audience isn't laughing, either.

 Jon tells a joke, or does a long skit where nobody laughs, and at the end he has to 
 let the crowd know the bit is over, then there's kind of a "relief" laugh because 
 they've been holding their breath, waiting for a punchline that never comes.

 How did Jon Stewart lose his considerable Mojo?

 And to make things worse, for some damn reason, every night now, 
 he has some unknown author who wrote a book nobody ever heard of.

 Jon, it's f-ing NEW YORK - center of the universe.

 You can't find a decent, funny guest in a city of 8 million people?
 There must be 20 million within an hour's train ride - what's up with
 having all these nobody authors plugging their damn boring books?

 Jon - you need to turn things around.
 If you recently lost a head writer or something, hire him/her back.
 I might be in New York next month - lemme know if I should drop by...

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Who is Lee Camp?

And who is he to tell the
truth about FOX News?

Subject: Stop McCain

John McCain's campaign spending is breaking the law. 
He elected for public funding when his campaign was having trouble. 
But now that he is the presumptive nominee, he is, by his campaign's 
own admission, around $4 million over his legal spending limit.

I just did my part to stop McCain from breaking the law 
by signing the official FEC complaint against him. 

Please help out by adding your name here:


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XM-Sirius merger OK'd


The U.S. Justice Department approved the merger between Sirius and XM Monday,
more than a year after the two companies first announced their deal.

But for fans of Howard Stern, Opie & Anthony and other Sirius and XM on-air personalities,
there are still many questions about how much a combined Sirius-XM service will cost and
what programs they'll be able to hear. Plus, Sirius and XM face one more regulatory hurdle
before the deal can officially be completed.

I have XM Radio and I like it - can't beat it on long drives, but they are donkeys who
have no idea how to run a mega-radio station, so maybe Sirius can help them.

Plus, XM has baseball and Sirius has football - I'd like to hear both.
We wouldn't stand for it if we had to buy one TV for CBS and another TV for NBC, 
so maybe the merger will help that, too.

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"It's the fifth anniversary of the Iraq war. How romantic. 
  Traditionally, this is the wood anniversary -- five. Which is fitting, 
  'cause that's what Dick Cheney gets when he thinks of war." 
     -- Bill Maher

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Telecom Lobbyists Tied to McCain


McCain has condemned the influence of "special interest lobbyists," yet dozens of lobbyists
have political and financial ties to his presidential campaign - particularly from telecommunications
companies, an industry he helps oversee in the Senate.

Of the 66 current or former lobbyists working for him or raising money for his presidential campaign,
23 have lobbied for telecommunications companies in the past decade, Senate lobbying disclosures show.

McCain has netted about $765,000 in political donations from those telecom lobbyists,
their spouses, colleagues at their firms and their telecom clients during the past decade,

"I'm so mad I could shit!"

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Isn't religion wonderful?

 Subject: best bumper stickers seen lately


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Slaughtering Yellowstone's Bison


This was not the Yellowstone National Park that tourists see.

At first light on Tuesday, at the end of a closed road, past a boneyard of junk cars, trailers and old cabins,
more than 60 of the park's wild bison were being loaded on a semi-trailer to be shipped to a slaughterhouse.

With heavy snow still covering the park's vast grasslands, hundreds of bison have been leaving Yellowstone
in search of food at lower elevations. A record number of the migrating animals - 1,195, or about a quarter of
the park's population - have been killed by hunters or rounded up and sent to slaughterhouses by park employees.
The bison are being killed because they have ventured outside the park into Montana and some might carry a
disease called brucellosis, which can be passed along to cattle.

The large-scale culling, which is expected to continue through April, has outraged groups working to preserve
the park's bison herds, considered by scientists to be the largest genetically pure population in the country.
It has also led to an angry exchange between Montana state officials and the federal government over a stalled
agreement to create a haven for the bison that has not received the needed federal financing.

"When they leave the park they have nowhere to go," said Gov. Brian Schweitzer of Montana, a Democrat.
"This agreement would have given them a place to go."

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Subject: Bill Richardson a traitor to all Hispanics...who do not vote for B.O. except in small numbers.
Speaking as a Hispanic, myself, it's obvious that Richardson is only 1/2 Hispanic
or he would not have betrayed the Hispanic voters as he did by endorsing B.O.

He's also stabbed Bill & Hillary in the back after 'pretending' to be their friend.
He's a loser!

How many Judases can one party have?

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Marty's Entertainment Page
always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

Orange Co-- Debbie Cook va Dana Rohrabacher
 A Classic Battle for America's Soul

On the right - Rohrabacher supporting the Mujahideen in Afghanistan

This is what Dana Rohrabacher looks like when posing as an American.

What does a sleazy Republican mired in ethical problems do when he faces a strong challenger
who truly represents the values of his moderate suburban district?

He brings in the king of the ratfuckers, Mike Schroeder  to sue the candidate, call her
a scofflaw attorney, and tie up time, resources, and money with bogus charges.

Debbie Cook is the Mayor of Huntington Beach, and a formidable grassroots progressive who
has the ability to challenge one of the vilest Congressmen in a Republican district (PVI: R+6).
Only 29% of the voters in Huntington Beach are registered Democrats but Debbie wins by
wide margins and is respected across partisan boundaries.

Why did Rohrabacher lie about the child molester?

Can Debbie Cook beat a super-slimer like Rohrabacher?

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Subject: French Premier Sarkozy's hot wife

Holy Koresh Bart, now THAT is a first lady! 
Sarkozy may be a right  wing clueless nutjob (are there any other?) but DAMN his wife is hot. 

You Americans give the french a lot of crap for being prissy surrender monkeys, 
but it turns out American conservatives are closet queers and French ones have hot wives? 


That's leggy supermodel Carla Bruni.
She was hot a decade before she met Sarkozy.

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Bart, nice picture, but where is Judas Leiberman?

Subject: Why some Obamians cancelled Bartcop


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We have tons of great 'toons on the Bart Blog!

You like 'toons?

McCain - he's older than you think

 Iraq pumped 3.5M  barrels daily before Bush invaded
 and then they got their 2003 Halliburton upgrade

Bush is stealing $220,000,000 every day.

No wonder they were so eager to start a war,

It's the biggest theft in Earth's history.

Exxon made $10B
$11.66 billion in profit in 90 days

Gouging us to the tune ofHOT
$129 million profit per day

Gouging us to the tune of
$1,300 profit per second 
because Bush started a fake war

...and what did it cost America,
besides $3 trillion of debt for your kids?


Some people celebrate Bush's bloody oil war...

Some don't.
x 3,992....4,000

We lost another  8 soldiers since last issue.

We have 4,000 dead soldiers.

Hey guys, we'd like to bring you home,
but Bush is busy trying to find a brain.

Exxon makes $108M$128M every day

That's why Bush
raped Iraq and
killed Saddam

How do we know for sure?
Iraq's oil wells have NO METERS!

 $200M-400M a day missing

Where's that money going?

Bush has killed more Americans than Osama.

Tiger Loses Again


Even someone like Geoff Ogilvy can acknowledge being a bit mesmerized by seeing
Eldrick Woods win a tournament. "It's quite fun to watch," Ogilvy said.
Sure, but it doesn't compare to beating Woods.

Ogilvy won the CA Championship on Monday, saving a round that seemed in peril with
a chip-in for par at the 13th hole and going on to claim his second victory in a World Golf
Championship event. And not only did Ogilvy take down Tiger, he did it at Doral, where
Wldrick had won each of the past three years.

Hang in there, Eldrick.
You keep practicing - maybe you'll beat Geoff Ogilvy next time.

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Can I ask a question?


Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Obama's Problem with White Voters
 Is it wrong to read this man's theory?


The racial dimension of Barack Obama's electability problem is now apparent, but no prominent
Democrat dares discuss it openly. Similarly expect no discussion of the subject in the major media.

Consistently, and by large margins, Obama has lost the white working class vote to Clinton in all
states critical in November. The lurking suspicion -- impossible to verify or refute -- is that much of
Clinton's handsome portion of this demographic will not go to Obama in the November election.


Doubters of my theory should look at the racial demographics of states outside the South where
Obama won the white vote (and the state), and compare them with the racial demographics of the
states where he lost the white vote (and the state).

Whether this voting pattern will continue is anybody's guess.
That the pattern does exist is an indisputable fact.

This is not an attack on Obama.
This fella says Obama loses in states where "the races" mix.

IF this is true, when do we want to find out about it?

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Subject: Donation

Bart, if you were paid for tenacity,
you would be a millionaire by now.
 Andrew in Chandler, AZ

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