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BCR 150 is Here!HOTHOT

Thurs-Friday  April 2-3, 2009  Vol 2313 - Metronomic

Quote of the Day

"Nobody's going to be looking into anybody's soul." 
       --  An Obama aide, mocking Der Monkey,  Link


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Arrow WH: Cheney & Limbaugh 
Arrow Believing Your Propaganda HOT
Arrow My Cousin, the vulgar Pigboy HOT
Arrow Aristocrats without honor HOT
Arrow Ed Schultz To Be MSNBC a 
Arrow Barney Frank: GOP is crazy HOT
Arrow Inhofe is a Pigg 
Arrow Hayden & the Sharks HOT


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"Obama is changing the rules! He is showing a different kind of audacity! He wants companies that get 
taxpayer dollars to perform as if they operated in the real world and not the land of Oz. In the real world, 
if you build a better car, people will buy it, and if you don't, they won't. That has never been the operating 
principle in Detroit, where automakers made clunkers and the Japanese cleaned their clocks...GM's stock 
was $70 a share when Wagoner took over and closed under $4 on Friday. But Michigan Gov. Granholm, 
a Democrat, said Monday on NBC's 'Today' show that Wagoner was a 'sacrificial lamb.' To me, it looks 
like the stockholders were the lambs. The lambs led to slaughter." 
     --  Roger Simon,   Link

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White House: Cheney almost as popular as Limbaugh


The White House says Cheney is the second most popular member of the "Republican cabal," behind only El Pigbo.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs brushed off Cheney's criticism of  Obama's new administration. 
Cheney said Sunday on CNN that Obama's decisions are threatening the nation's safety.

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The Bearded Ole Guy


There will never be justice in the United States until this drunken asshole
is jailed for mass murder, corruption, flagrant violations of the law,
and his refusal to recognize human rights. He is also responsible for the worst attack
on the United States since Pearl Harbor. He is directly reponsible for the misery and lost hopes
of millions of human beings because of his reckless handling of the American economy.


Believing Your Own Propaganda


I'm always amazed by how willing conservatives are to believe their own lazy caricatures and, as a result, 
how completely and utterly they fail to understand the actual motivations and beliefs of their political opponents...

The notion that there is anyone of significance on the American left who still believes in anything approaching genuine 
socialism is pure fantasy. That debate, to the extent it ever really happened in this country, was settled a long time ago. 
What we're dealing with right now are differences of opinion regarding how best to manage the failure of a number of
major companies.  It's not a debate about socialism vs. capitalism; it's a debate about methods of damage control. 
But many conservatives have so deluded themselves with their own propaganda that they're not even capable of 
following the conversation any more.  So instead they spend all day indulging in paranoid delusions and debates 
that have no relevance to current events.  It's a sad spectacle.

The crazy sons of bitches want to tax-cut their way out of the recession
by starving the middle class - which is wjat caused the recession in the first place.

They don't care if America falls, as long as they get another tax cut.

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My Cousin, the vulgar Pigboy


From third grade on, I have been asked, "Are you related to Rush Limbaugh?"  My teachers' whispered questions about the man 
on the radio made me feel important, even though my 8-year-old comrades had no idea who he was. During those years, I didn't know 
who he was either. I knew Cousin Rusty always brought Cuban cigars to family gatherings. Sometimes he would get Aunt Patty to smoke 
one and my cousins and I would laugh at her coughing as we watched from the neighbor's trampoline. I was proud of him like I was proud
of my brother, who's older than your brother and can beat your brother up.

It was pretty hit-and-miss but clear-cut all the same. People either didn't know who he was or didn't care or loved him or hated him. 
There was no like in the equation. If they had an opinion about him, once they learned of our connection, they offered that opinion.

"Really?! Well, this is what I think of him …"

 This poor lady - it'd be like having Sirhan or Lee Harvey Oswald for a relative.

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 Subject: Jeff Beck vs Jimmy Page

Jeff Beck? Really Bart, what is this guy on?

Yes, Beck can play the guitar, but can anyone outside his rabid fan base name three or four of his top hits? 
Beck played with the Yardbirds and did the Wired album, and did a good job on both. 
Page played guitar for Led Zeppelin, which had half a dozen truly great albums and strongly influenced music. 
Beck, not so much.
  E.L. Deflagrante

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"The Beltway press pros didn't seem to care what Krugman wrote about Bush and didn't think his writing
--his opposition--needed to be examined closer. He was just a liberal critic, so who cared what he wrote 
about Bush...But now a Democrat is in the Oval Office, Krugman is still hitting the president from the left, 
and suddenly the Beltway press thinks Krugman's work is fascinating and newsworthy." 
     --  Eroc Boehlert,  Link

 I always liked Krugman, but now he seems to delight in attacking Obama.

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Aristocrats without honor
  by my good friend Gene Lyons


So here's the latest:   In what The New York Times described as "an unusual move," Goldman Sachs quietly 
bought up a big share of its own stock from two senior executives last fall even as possible insolvency loomed. 
Goldman, which received $12.9 billion in government funds from the cratered insurance giant AIG, paid chief 
operating officer Jon Winkelried $19.7 million, general counsel Gregory K. Palm $38.3 million.

Goldman's alibi was that both gentlemen needed cash and "directors were concerned that a large sale of 
Goldman shares . . . would alarm investors during a period of market turmoil." Were they politicians, 
such transactions might be deemed insider trading and could lead to an SEC investiga-um, whitewash.

To emphasize their need, the Times pointed out that "in a much-noticed sign of the times, Mr. Winkelried . . . 
put his estate in Nantucket on the market last fall for $55 million. He has since lowered the price. 
He also owns a home in Short Hills, N.J., and a horse farm in Colorado."

With the price of quality horse hay approaching $5 a bale these days, you can see the poor guy's problem. 

 So why do they get to keep that stolen money?    Why can't the IRS audit everybody who 
 made more than $10M a year for the last eight years and let's find out where that money came from.

 The people who ran the real estate-bubble-Ponzi scheme need to lost their money and their freedom.

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We have broken thru the $1,500 ceiling!
Thanks to all who have been so generous.

I know what you're thinking...
"I like Ol' Bart, been reading him years,
maybe I should send him a 'love' check."

Fact is - about 2% contribute.
Ergo, ipso facto - times are tough.
Help Bart put food on his family!
New kittens are eating and pooping machines!
Their food bill is enormous!

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"I have no interest in raising a single dime for any Blue Dog wannabees. It's no longer 'more Democrats'. 
  The biggest danger to a progressive agenda in the House isn't the irrelevant Republicans, but obnoxious Blue Dogs. 
  It's time for Better Democrats." 
     --  The great and powerful Kos, and I agree with him this time,   Link

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 Subject: Inhofe is a pig

Hey Bart, I became aware of this nasty little blog coming out of your state senator's office...
written by Marc Morano...who used to work with the vulgar pigboy.


It's a pack of lies, as noted here:



About those first 400 "scientists":




A pack of lies being published with OUR TAX DOLLARS!!

Thought you should know.

Juanita, if it came from Inhofe's office, we know it's a lie.

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Agent Andy Taylor is sent on the most important mission of his life...
penetrate the Birkenstock Curtain surrounding Boulder, Colorado.
His team: Barney, Gomer, Floyd and Aunt Bee.
But things go wrong, they are cut off behind enemy lines.
Were they betrayed? How will they survive?
And who is the frozen dead Norwegian?

Available at

 Subject: Jimmy Page vs Jeff Beck

Hi Bart, I'm not a big fan of either Beck or Page, but I do respect their talent.  Not so much Clapton...

Nevertheless, I thought your readers might want to see what kind of music the professional guitarists are playing these days.


Check out the 2:27 mark, where he smiles, thinking, "in your dreams, Slowhand".

Keep it swinging.

     Dave (from the former Sweaty Wrestler's district)

Damn, he's almost as fast as the Del Castillo brothers :)

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Marty's Entertainment Page

Marty always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

Ed Schultz To Be MSNBC 6 PM Host


"The #1 story on Countdown was Olbermann introducing Ed Schultz as the new host of "The Ed Show" on MNSBC weeknights at 6PM ET...
 Schultz's show premieres next Monday. 

 That's a good thing - right?
 I used to like Ed a lot - until he caught Hillary Fever.

 But isn't Ed more of a centrist than a "regular" Democrat?

  Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog!


"It is sad to see Notre Dame invite President Obama to give the 
  commencement address since his policies are so anti-Catholic values."
     --  Newt, the new Catholic,    Link

 No, Newt, what's sad is that the Catholic Church is pro-rape, pro-torture,
 pro-kidnapping, pro-murder, pro-Bush, pro-Republican and pro-war.

 If Obama's not a good fit with that, maybe THEY should change.

 BTW, people who change their religion for a spouse are lying to themselves.
 You don't change religions like you change f-ing shoes.

 If you change your religion you're doing it for appearances sake
 because you obviously have no religious convictions to uphold.

 If you, the reader, have changed your religion and you think you
 have a valid reason I'd like to hear from you.

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Yesterday's Protests in London

Barney Frank: GOP is crazy
 Says they suffer from 'psychological disorder'


Barney Frank shepherded the new AIG bonus bill around the House floor - questioning the sanity of 
Texas Republican John Culberson and other conservatives who were needling the majority.

Frank grabbed the microphone after Culberson blasted Democrats for passing the stimulus, 
which permitted AIG to lavish billions on executives after its de facto federal takeover.

Frank accused the GOP of attacking him for trying to fix the flawed stimulus, saying Republicans’ 
criticism was part “of a psychological disorder I am not equipped to diagnose.”

 ha ha

When Culberson coaxed another Democrat to admit he hadn’t actually read the entire stimulus, 
Frank jumped in to point out that the new bill was much shorter - while questioning Culberson’s literacy skills.

'The bill is 5½ pages - even the gentleman from Texas could have read it by now.'"

 ha ha

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PayPal to  Bruce directly at
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"The Blue Dogs (backstabbers) have their own financing system and they can pay their own freight. 
I ask for financial support only for those congressional candidates whose values and positions on the issues 
are truly progressive. Somebody's got to do that or there will never be anything but Blue Dogs in congress."
      -- digby,   Link

 Good point - if the Blue Dog backstabbers want to stop Obama, we should withhold our money.
 If enough of the big dogs to that, maybe they'll get the message, 

"Beware of forming a circular firing squad.  People should be focusing their efforts on 
  expanding the Democratic majority - and that should be their singular focus." 
     --  Rep. Chris Van Hollen, head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee,
          saying we should support the backstabbers who are handcuffing Obama     Link

 Fuck that.

    Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

 Subject: Jimmy Page vs Jeff Beck


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Non-Paying Job Offer

Are you currently a touring stand up comic?
Want to write a column about life on the road?

If you're on the road, you could post your club dates, post your
funniest bits and dozens of Bartcop readers would see your stuff.

What do you have to lose?

  I'm just who you need, Bart!  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog!

 Subject: How to save GM


I know how to save GM.  General Motors savior may be in it’s illegal aquisitions from 70 years ago. 
From the 1920s through the 1950s GM and Firestone bought up all the private commuter rail they could, 
including subways, cable cars, electric trollies, etc… So that they could crush it forcing people to buy cars
to get around. The Supreme Court fined them botha whopping $5000 for violating antitrust laws and 
single handidly destroying the American metropolitan area. Today, much of that old infrastructure still exists, 
albeit in a dilapidated state, and GM still owns thousands of miles of rail easments in dozens of cities across America.

Obama put over $8 billion in the stimulus bill for commuter rail, why not give GM a few billion bucks to renovate and reopen 
the old subways and trollies? Los Angeles used to have one of the largest networks of subways and cummuter rail in the world 
before GM destroyed it, and most of the old tunnels still exist and only need some renovation to be functional again.

By doing this we can save GM and it’s vast capital infrastructure, help the environment by removing cars from the road, 
and force one of the slowest-to-adapt manufacturing giants to finally diversify.

   Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

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"I think of you as a goon.  You’re too smart to believe what you say." 
     --  David Letterman, to Bill O'Reilly,  Link

 Once again, we see the comedians doing the heavy lifting.
 Why can't Dan Rather and Katie Couric call O'Reilly a lying goon?

 If you want the truth, listen to the comedians.
 If you want a five cent handjob, turn on TV news.

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Tedisco/Murphy race in NY is down to the absentees
They say this race is about Obama - so a close call is bad for us


There is still no decision in the New York 20th Congressional District race between Democrat Scott Murphy 
and Republican Jim Tedisco. Both men believe they will win, but a decision cannot be made until absentee ballots are counted.

This has been an incredibly close race with Murphy currently leading Tedisco by 25 ballots. Murphy feels confident 
that the absentees will sway in his favor, while Tedisco points out that military absentees traditionally vote Republican.

But if this about Obama, how can the race be close if his approval ratings are still in the sixties?

   Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog!

 Subject: Jimmy Page vs Jeff Beck


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