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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.


Sat-Monday  April 4-6, 2009  Vol 2314 - Tongue Talk

Quote of the Day

"You are an individual, and it's nobody's 
  damn business what you do with your money."  
       --  Rush, on what he pays the little boys
            when he visits the Dominican Republic


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Arrow Does Pot Kill Cancer?
Arrow The Man Who Ate the GOP HOT
Arrow Ted Stevens vindicated HOT
Arrow Profitable Friends, FoesHOT
Arrow Santana to Obama: Legalize Pot
Arrow Drunk on the Kool Aid HOT
Arrow How to Punish N Korea 
Arrow Katherine Heigl will work HOT



Agent Andy Taylor is sent on the most important mission of his life...
penetrate the Birkenstock Curtain surrounding Boulder, Colorado.
His team: Barney, Gomer, Floyd and Aunt Bee.
But things go wrong, they are cut off behind enemy lines.
Were they betrayed? How will they survive?
And who is the frozen dead Norwegian?

Available at


"It took me about a year to start hating the 9/11 victims' families...    I don't hate all of them.
  I hate probably about 10 of them. But when I see a 9-11 victim family on television, or whatever,
  I'm just like, 'Oh, shut up!' I'm so sick of them because they're always complaining. And we did our best for them."
     --  Glen Beck, trying to be a bigger asshole than Rush,  Link

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Does Pot Kill Cancer?


Treatment with THC can destroy human and mouse cancer cells by stimulating autophagy (cell death)
according to a report in the April 1 issue of the Journal of Clinical Investigation.

Maria Salazar, of Complutense University in Madrid, Spain, and colleagues cultured a human glioma cell line 
and mouse cancer cells, then treated the study cells with THC. The researchers examined treated and untreated cells 
under electron microscope for comparison.

The investigators found that the THC treatments induced ceramide accumulation, eukaryotic translation and 
phosphorylation that activated an endoplasmic reticulum stress response in the THC-treated cells, a pathway 
that led to autophagy. Cells displaying increased autophagy also were observed in the tumor samples obtained 
from the two THC-treated glioblastoma patients.  "These findings describe a mechanism by which THC can 
promote the autophagic death of human and mouse cancer cells and provide evidence that cannabinoid 
administration may be an effective therapeutic strategy for targeting human cancers," the authors write.

But science makes God angry.

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The Bearded Ole Guy


There will never be justice in the United States until this drunken asshole
is jailed for mass murder, corruption, flagrant violations of the law,
and his refusal to recognize human rights. He is also responsible for the worst attack
on the United States since Pearl Harbor. He is directly reponsible for the misery and lost hopes
of millions of human beings because of his reckless handling of the American economy.


The Man Who Ate the GOP



Beyond his history of drug problems, beyond even the fact that the mighty conservative tide which he’d ridden 
to such success had certainly peaked, there were the terrible problems in his core business. The view at MSNBC 
was that Limbaugh’s audience was now no bigger than that of its liberal stars, Olbermann and Maddow.

The cpac speech was the Limbaugh topper. The meeting, an annual and usually uncommented-upon gathering of 
right-wing enthusiasts (Woodstock for wing nuts), was almost a third-party political convention because Rush was the main event.
He’s become he biggest political story going. By the right because he so infuriated the left, and by the left because he so 
discomfited Republican moderates. He was the perfect political lightning rod, polarizing but entertaining too.

The vulgar Pigboy is a pathological liar.
At CPAC, he bragged that the GOP "was color blind," yet they have elected zero Black candidates.
He also said Obama needed to understand why we needed checks and balances because Obama
considered himself a king - this after eigth years of "The president cannot commit a crime?"

Rush gets away with telling the most absurd lies - and his braindead listeners eat it up with a giant spoon. 
His idiot fan base is the stupidest bunch of losers in American history. He can tell them ANYTHING and 
they'll believe it, even if it contradicts what he said five minutes ago - and he makes $400M doing it.

Now the GOP is suffering because he's become their leader.
If the Democrats weren't such weak-kneed pussies they'd take advantage of this vulnerability
but I'm pretty sure they'd say it would be "unfair" to kick a child-molesting Fascist when he's down

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Look for  bartcop

Obama Fried Chicken


Two New York City fried chicken restaurants in predominantly black neighborhoods are under fire 
for putting Obama's name on their signs.

City Councilman Charles Barron said that he will organize a protest outside Obama Fried Chicken in Brooklyn. 
Organizers said they also may target Obama Fried Chicken & Pizza in Harlem.

"People from the community were calling me and saying they were outraged by this racist connection to Obama 
and fried chicken," Barron said. "If you think that free speech gives you the right to insult and degrade us and 
stereotype us, then you've got a battle on your hands."

At Obama Fried Chicken & Pizza in Harlem on Friday, the "O" and the "A" had been filled in so that the awning 
read "Bam" instead of Obama.  The person working the counter said the owner was not available and would not 
say when the sign had been changed. Employees, however, still were answering the phone by saying "Obama's."

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 Subject: Bartcop Radio Shows 150 and 151

Hey Bart,

Thanks for the rapid-fire shows 150 & 151. Lots to like in both of them.
I enjoyed your Catholic beatdown and your general ramblings. 

Both shows were over before I wanted them to be, and that's a good thing. 
I guess now that Eldrick is back you'll be chatting that up too. Keep the shows coming!

Oh, and Jimmy Page definitely outplays Clapton & Beck, the truth is right there in the grooves.
 Bob in SC

  Send e-mail to Bart  | Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

This toon is 18 years old.
Why did Detroit refuse to change?
Thanks to Grower.

 Subject: Beck, Clapton and Page


It’s about the music, not which musician gets the fanboys the hottest. The best album ever put out
by a “guitar hero” is called “Layla & Other Assorted Love Songs”. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Layla

To this day, Layla is the best guitar rock album ever made. Not that Jimi wasn’t the most admired of all time.
Anyone who doubts is invited to listen with a bottle of tequila, and they still think Clapton is a hack, I’ll double my next donation.
 E.L. Deflagrante

Hey, I like the sound of that :)

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Visit  http://ltsaloon.org/


"Be careful how you make those statements, gentlemen. The public isn’t buying that. 
  My administration is the only thing between you and the pitchforks."
     --  Obama to a gang of crooked banking CEOs,   Link

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 Subject: AIM "ad" for Bartcop

Hi, Bart

Just wanted to let you know I am trying to advertise Bartcop a little 
by using my AIM status.  My status is always set to    reading Bartcop.com

Some of your other readers might want to try this?
Not sure if you can read it on my desktop screenshot.

Mary, that's a nice thing to do - thanks.

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Ted Stevens vindicated as feds drop case
 Why did Tortureboy railroad an innocent man?
 It took an honest AG to throw out the tainted case


Attorney General Eric Holder dropped a corruption case against ex-Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens on Wednesday, 
saying prosecutors blew it by failing to share evidence.

Stevens, 85, was convicted last Oct. 27 of failing to disclose thousands of dollars in home improvements that were 
paid for by Alaskan energy firm Veco. A week later, he was defeated for reelection to the Senate seat he had held since 1968. 
"I have concluded that certain information should have been provided to the defense for use at trial," Holder said in a statement. 

Holder, a Democrat, weighed the case brought by Bush's crooked Justice Department and concluded "it is in the interest 
of justice to dismiss the indictment and not proceed with a new trial."   Holder also said Justice will probe its prosecutors' 
handling of the high-profile case, for which a judge admonished them for failing to turn over evidence to the GOP lawmaker.

So why did Bush want Strevens in prison?
Did Stevens fail to play ball with the BFEE?


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 Subject: The final tally

Bart, Nonfarm payroll jobs created during Clinton's eight years? 23,066,000
Bush's eight years?   1,671,000

That's right. Clinton created 14 jobs for every one created by Bush.

And Bush had more people to employ. The country's population grew.

Can we put the last nail in the coffin that tax cuts create jobs?
I suppose you can't change the minds of those religiously attached to the idea,
But you can prove them irrational.

For whatever reasons, the Democrats refuse to list the facts.

Clinton's job was to create jobs for the middle class and he was great at it.

Bush's job was to crash the economy so the super-rich could buy businesses
for ten cents on the dollar and Bush was better at doing his job than Clinton was.

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We have broken the $1,500 ceiling!
Thanks to all who have been so generous.

I know what you're thinking...
"I like Ol' Bart, been reading him years,
maybe I should send him a 'love' check."

Fact is - about 2% contribute.
Ergo, ipso facto - times are tough.
Help Bart put food on his family!
New kittens are eating and pooping machines!
Their food bill is enormous!

to bartcop@bartcop.com

 OR send a 'love' check to

 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK  74155

Conversation with a Purple Heart Recipient HOT


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 Subject: Obama at Notre Dame


Here's one where I agree with Newt.

Obama is strongly against the Catholic values.
Can you imagine Obama supporting claims that condoms increase the spread of VD?
Or that highly respected officers (i.e.  priests) that rape young boys should get mulligans?

Nope, Obama is  dead set against those values...and if Theodore Hesburgh
were still  the active President, he would be on Obama's side in this one.

Plus, Obama thinks of women as equals.
That's heathen talk to Catholics.

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 Subject: NY's 20 District and the World Series of Poker

NY-20th is a heavy GOP district, that the Dem had any chance at all is a sign of the GOP's horrible failure.
The fact that he could win is really a cause to worry, that idiot Michael Steele said he'd resign if the GOP
lost this election, thinking it was a sure thing, now he might have to live up to his word.

I got hired as a dealer for the WSOP this year, they are having a 1,000 dollar buy in event, that's cheaper then normal.
It's being called the "Stimulus Special" Sat. May 30th.   The rest of the schedule can be found at Worldseriesofpoker.com
 Mike the Dealer

 Are you hinting that *I* could play in the World Series of Poker?
 Why, that would cost $1,000 and who has that kind of money?
 Why, I'd need a generous sponsor or team of sponsors to make that dream come true.

 But I would like to go - maybe just for a chance to see some of the poker legends up close.
 I'm sure it'd be quite a thrill for them to have some old Okie hanging around the bars saying,
"Gee, you're my favorite poker player - I watch you on TV all the time."

  Sure, I'll sponsor your seat at the WSOP, Bart!  | Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Marty's Entertainment Page

Marty always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

Profitable Friends, Profitable Foes
 The Return of RB Ham


I draw your attention to the following story and a lengthy diatribe below. 
I'm really getting pissed off. Not even quality ganj, or jazz music or a healthy dose 
of qualudes washed down with Jameson's can calm the beating heat of indignation 
in my soul. The Four Horsemen are un-tethering their beasts and tightening their 
saddle winches. The planning stage for the big ride is in the last phase.

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 Subject: that Binghamton shooting

Bart, if one person in Binghamton NY would have had a gun inside they may 
have been able to stop the crazy fucker that came in and started shooting.  

True, but at what cost?
If we all carry guns, someone's going to say Ted Nugent is a better guitar player 
than Jimmy Page and when the whole room laughs at him he'll whip his gun out.

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"I'm going to look for a studio outside New York... I'll sell my condominium. I'm going to get out of there totally."
    -- Piggy Pigboy, leaving NY because he can't afford to pay taxes,     Link

"Re: Rush leaving New York...Number of fact-checkers unemployed as a direct result:   Zero."  
    -- NRI1969,     Link

"60K...will buy a considerable amount of Oxy, cigars, and (little boys) in the developing world. 
  But seriously, WTF does Limbaugh know about work?"  
   -- Strangely Enough,

"Can we now get a similar federal tax to get him to move out of the US?"  

   Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Catholics vs Obama


I've tried to ignore the controversy over Notre Dame's invitation to Obama to give its commencement speech in May.  
I don't believe the effort to block his visit can succeed. For more than 30 years it's been a tradition for them to invite the 
new president to give the address and receive a doctorate from the law school. Nobody protested when Bush visited, 
despite his ardent support for the death penalty, (not to mention his giggling) which the Catholic Church opposes.

But the growing movement to stop Obama's visit isn't your ho-hum sort of Catholic League media dust-up, where Bill Donohue 
harumphs on television and then goes away. It's part of a well-funded lobbying effort by a group of right-wing Catholics to run 
liberal Catholics, and dissenting doctrine, out of the church, and to recruit the remainder of the faithful for the GOP.  

This is a group of rabid right-wingers who came together to make sure Catholic universities enforce Catholic doctrine. 
They publish the work of ultra-right Opus Dei member Rev. C. John McCloskey, who has argued that "for a university to 
be truly Catholic," its faculty must be "exclusively" Catholic. Operation Rescue fanatic Randall Terry, who converted to 
Catholicism recently, is bringing his special kind of crazy to the movement. "The faithful Catholic world is justly enraged 
at the treachery of Notre Dame's leadership," Terry rants. "Notre Dame will rue the day they invited this agent of death 
to speak." Once a thug, always a thug."

Obama is a thug and an agent of death?
Bush holds the modern Western Hemisphere record for most murders - but Obama is an agent of death?
Bush asked for legal permission (which the Democrats granted) to murder anyone he wants,
yet you crazy bastards see Obama as a thug?

And can the Catholics be so stupid as to invite anyone to leave?
Catholic Churches are closing faster than Hummer dealerships and they invite people to leave?

   Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Need to take a sudden trip?

 Here's the deal:

Santana to Obama: Legalize Pot
 More money, less violence - so why not?


Obama brushed off (and belittled) a question about legalizing marijuana in his online town hall last month,
but guitar god Carlos Santana says he wishes he would seriously consider it.

"Legalize marijuana and take all that money and invest it in teachers and in education," Santana said.
"You will see a transformation in America."

During his online town hall on March 26, Obama fielded a question about whether legalization of poit
would help pull the nation out of recession. Obama said he didn't think it was good economic policy,
and also joked: "I don't know what this says about the online audience."

Why would a smart man say something that stupid?

But Santana said making pot legal is "really way overdue, like the prohibition with alcohol.  I really believe
that as soon as we legalize pot we can actually afford a really good governor who won't keep taking money
away from education and from teachers and send him back to Hollywood where he can do 'D' movies and
we can get an 'A' governor," referring to Gov. Musclehead.

   Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog!


"While not a single Republican broke with their party to vote yes on the measure, 
  two Democratic backstabbers - Evan Bayh (D-IN) and Ben Nelson (D-NE) - voted no."
      -- Ryan Powers,   Link

    Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog


I do not agree with you (mostly). However, I would die for you to have the right to say what you believe!

I believe that makes you crazy.
I would fight for your right to talk crazy but I'll be goddamned if I'll die for it.
Yet, I take issue with you for carrying on with the liberal media's spin on Limbaugh's comments about Obama's success. 
Rush did not wish for Obama's failure altogether. He said he wished Obama would fail should Obama continue down this 
socialist road; that President Obama would fail at trying to make the USA a socialist country. This is what he really said!

You're wrong, I heard him myself several times. Since his big blunder, he's explained over and over what he really meant, 
but he flat-out said he wanted Obama to fail. He even bragged that "Nobody else has the courage to say it" - so he did.

You can't spew shit to excite your base and then claim you really didn't mean it.
You can't say, "Nobody else has the courage to say it" and them claim you didn't say it.
Also: I really get tired hearing people criticize Limbaugh for his comments about Obama. I have heard this criticism of Rush 
from many people in and associated with the liberal media. But, when I think back to these same people when Bush was in office
- Did they criticize others for their negative comments and wishing Bush to fail?  NO THEY DID NOT! I heard time and time again 
Bush being vilified for EVERYTHING! I heard these same folks who are calling for every American to get behind Obama and give 
him a chance openly say they wished Bush's failure or they conveyed that same sentiment with their hatred for the former President.
I've never heard a Lefty say they wanted Bush to fail in Iraq, if that's what you're implying.
Hoping the president fails is like hoping the pilot of your plane has a heart attack.
Only an idiot Pigboy with shit-for-brains listeners would say something that stupid.

Bart...Is this you, too?! Did you dog Bush for his ideas and policies and then give Obama a free ride? 

Bush is/was a fucking idiot and a giggling murderer who lusted for absolute power and I said so many times.
You can't be angry with me for telling the truth. 
When Obama makes a mistake (those AIG bonuses) I say so loud and clear.

Now, I am neither a Republican or a Democrat. I'm not a Libertarian either. I am conservative first and foremost. 

All that means is you're a Republican who's ashamed of his party.
I can't blame you - I'd be ashamed, too.

I respect your right to voice your opinions. I only ask one thing - from one intellectual to another - please do thorough homework. 
Please don't just believe what you read and hear without really digging into what's truth yourself. I don't believe things just because 
Rush or Sean or Laura or Beck said something on the radio and/or television! 

That's good because they spew nothing but lies and hate.
When was the last time any of them said something that was true?

They may provoke my interest on a given subject, but I am the one who goes and diggs out the information on my own. I have found 
(in some cases) where some of these pundits have only half the story. However, I find that liberals who will support Obama - liberal 
democrats and the liberal media mostly - that they shut down. They do not call Obama on his public gaffs and major inconsistencies 
like they did with GW Bush! I have NEVER in my life seen where the media has been SO committed to a president like they are today! 
They don't care about the truth. They want their agenda pushed through no matter what it takes. I cannot stand willful intellectual abandonment!!

So why did you remain silent the last eight years?
Why are you fed up with "willful intellectual abandonment" today, but not during Bush's terms?

Do some more homework on many of these issues and I am convinced you'll change your position and cynical attitude.
Thanks again for your time! 
 Rev. Darin in Aurora, IN

I am impressed with your spelling and sentence architecture.
Most people with your political views can't express themselves - you're the exception.

  Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

 Subject: Jimmy Page vs Jeff Beck

Love your blog and respect your opinions, most of which I agree with. I just wanted to add my two cents to this discussion.

I never cared much for Zep, I thought Page was sloppy, Bonham was heavy-handed and I can't bear Plant's
effeminate vocal histronics, so I am biased, but we're talking opinions here, so bias is a given. That being said,
I think that Beck is the one who will be remembered. I watched the Tulsa Time vid, and I have to agree with Zenferret.
Clapton and Beck played tastefully, and then Page comes in twice as loud, drenched with echo and playing something
totally out of context. Clapton seems to be looking at Beck and thinking "... oh, these kids and their music..."

Beck on the other hand has been one of the innovators of rock guitar, branching into the jazz arena on albums like
Blow By Blow and Wired and quite a few more. The techniques that Steve Vai uses on the clip posted by Dave
(finger tapping, pick harmonics and whammy bar melodic tricks) can be traced back to Beck.

If we are to judge art on how many hits someone has, then we're in sad shape.
 Kym Mac  (oh yeah, I'm a professional guitarist)

I like the sloppy - that's what I want to hear.
Some of the greats play like they're trying to impress their 80-year old guitar teacher.
I want to hear the stuff they play when the teacher has left the room.

When Zeppelin played live, they'd have "meeting points" where they'd all be together,
then they'd split up and jam and just keep playing whatever until the "home" signal was given.

That's why, if you're a collector, you have to hear all 200+ shows
because the song never remained the same.

Plus, I'm not a big fan of that hyper-techno hammering stuff.
Any fool can stomp on the gas pedal.
Keeping the car on the road takes much more talent.

Page and Beck at the Rock Hall of Fame Show
The good stuff starts at 1:22


 I know - Zeppelin can tour America and Jeff can play Plant's vocals on his guitar :)

 I forgot that when the yardbirds asked Page to join them,  he declined but suggested they ask Beck, instead.
 Maybe that's why he was asked to induct Beck - Page might be responsible for his career.

  Send e-mail to Bart  | Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Rescue Me Returns

The first three seasons of Rescue Me rivaled The Sopranos first three seasons in quality.
Rescue Me was TV at its best, and I said so many times.

Then season four showed up and it blew serious donkey. Season four was really awful.

And those strike-induced mini-sodes?
That made season four seem like the good old days.
Tommy - can you use a low-IQ Director of Continuity?

Rescue Me returns Tuesday.
Which Rescue Me will show up?

Remember when Lou got side-swiped by the hooker?
Wasn't that the saddest scene on TV in the last few years?

  Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog!

 Subject: Krugman

Bart, you wrote:

> "I always liked Krugman, but now he seems to delight in attacking Obama."

I felt the same way but I heard something the other day that made me re-think what really happens.
If someone complains about the Presidents policies, he can be expected to either:
1) Move in their direction, or 2) Ignore them.

So, if the Right are the only ones complaining, then the left must be fully satisfied and need no concessions.
If the Left also is complaining, then the Pres can use that as an excuse to NOT give in to concessions for the Right.

  Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

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How to punish North Korea

 Obama could order the Air Force to bomb North Korea - with food.
 We've heard for decades about those poor bastards eating the bark off of trees,
 so why don't we drop 10,000,000 pounds of wheat and beef and fruit to them?

 That would make Lil Kim out to be an incomptent who can't even feed his people 
 when the world has food to burn (not really, but to them it's true)

 Same with Cuba.
 Let's open the trade doors and flood them with Quarter Pounders, Camaros 
 and Britney Spears and we'll see how long Communism retains their grip.

   Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

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Arctic sea ice - Gone in 30 years?
If you want to see icebergs, better book that trip now


Arctic sea ice is melting so fast most of it could be gone in 30 years. A new analysis of changing conditions
in the region, says conditions that had been forecast by the end of the century could occur much sooner.

A change in the amount of ice is important because the white surface reflects sunlight back into space.
When ice is replaced by dark ocean water that sunlight can be absorbed, warming the water and increasing the warming of the planet.

"Global warming is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people.”
  It kind of reminds . . . I could use the Third Reich, the big lie,”
    -- Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Pissquik)    Link

 Religiously-insane, anti-science dunderheads have no business
 making life-and-death decisions that affect others.

 Inhofe's grandchildren can burn - he doesn't care.
 He's from an oil state so that makes science the enemy.

   Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog!

 Subject: Krugman

What's with the "He seems to delight in attacking Obama," and "whore Krugman" horse hockey?  
Did you lose thirty of your sixty four IQ points playing poker or downing too much Chinaco? 
Krugman calls it the way it is!!!  He did that under Bush and he's honest enough to do the same with BO.

You keep plugging Obama in spite of what's right in front of you, if that's your pleasure. 
But when the tide of shit gets past your nostrils, maybe you might reflect on your choice to bag on Krugman, 
when Krugman's opposition needed support. Just sayin'
 Scott Peterson (no, not that one)

I don't mind Krugman having an opinion, but he seems to delight in leading the parade.
And now that he's in that position, the whore media has made him a household name.

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They read it in Kleinostheim, Germany   (Hi to Beth)

They read it in Altus AFB, Oklahoma

They read it in Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan 

They read it in Lamar, Missouri

They read it in Mombasa, Kenya 

  Want to sell stuff everywhere?

 Why sell just to America when you can sell to the whole world?

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Subject: Donation

Hey Bud: Long time reader about time donor.
Thanks for the fun:

Keith, thanks for that.

Hey Bart, remember this is from my "Psychotic Monkey Fight-Club" funds and is not from my Hooker Money!
I know it's not much but I'm moving out of this flop house and into a real place.....in WASILLA....Palinville!
I figured the place needs an injection of not too passive liberalism to counterbalance the foaming at the mouth interbreeding Palinites...
just hope my meth-lab dont blow up, for some reason every house in the Mat-Su is required by law to have one...
 Alaska Vic

Vic, thanks for that.

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Katherine Heigl will work for food
She made her bosses so mad they're killing her off the show



 Check out hundreds of  Katherine Heigl  pictures  at BC Hotties

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