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 Weekend-Monday - October 3-5,  2009 Vol 2407 - Up to Snuff 

by Bruce Yurgil

Quote of the Day

"People are defending Roman Polanski 
  because he made good movies 30 years ago? 
  Are you kidding me? Even Johnny Cochran 
  didn't have the nerve to go, 'Well did you see 
  OJ play against New England?'" 
      -- Chris Rock,    Link


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Arrow The VRW conspiracy is back HOT
Arrow The Letterman Sex Scandal
Arrow Reading "The Clinton Tapes" HOT
Arrow Julius Youngner in 'Capitalism' 
Arrow The Rabbit Ragu Democrats 
Arrow Letterman haunted by the sex jokes HOT
Arrow Pundits Trapped in a Quagmire 
Arrow Beyonce's daddy gets around


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"Ann, I like you, but the woman is not coherent. She can't construct a sentence."
    -- Joy Behar, to Ann Coulter who said Palin draws large crowds in part because of her coherence,   Link

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The vast right-wing conspiracy is back
 by Joe Conason


The negative mythologizing of Obama bears a remarkable resemblance in tone and style if not precisely in content 
to the attacks on Clinton. "It's like when they accused me of murder, and all that stuff they did," said the former president
-- presumably a reference to the wilder fantasies circulated in conservative publications about Obama, from the forged 
Kenyan birth certificates to the president's supposed plans to inflict corruption, homosexual radicals and Muslim jihad 
on innocent Americans. While some of the current themes mimic those deployed against Clinton, there are generational 
differences and the obvious fact that Obama is not just notionally "the first black president." That status evokes a special 
animus on the far right, of course -- although Clinton at least had earned the lifelong hatred of his most dedicated enemy, 
"Justice Jim" Johnson of Arkansas, for fighting segregation and racism in Arkansas.

Back when videotapes still had to be circulated by mail order, the Clinton-hunters did a brisk business with "The Clinton 
Chronicles," a "documentary" alleging that as governor of Arkansas he oversaw an enormous, unchecked racketeering 
enterprise that encompassed international bank fraud, cocaine smuggling and multiple murders, facilitated by a kind of 
backwoods dictatorship. Nothing resembling that remarkable work of extremist art, once promoted by Jerry Falwell and 
the Wall Street Journal editorial page, has appeared so far in the crusade against Obama -- but that doesn't mean nothing 
is in the works. Many of the same organizations and operatives behind the original Clinton smears are still active and some 
have amassed considerable wealth and influence over the intervening decade.

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"Dick Cheney and his daughter Liz are pouring fuel on the fire, with their specious claims that 
  closing Gitmo and rolling back Bush-era torture leave America in imminent danger of a new terrorist attack."
    --  Ruth Conniff,   Link

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The David Letterman Sex Scandal


New details have emerged about the attempt to extort money from David Letterman. Suspect Joe Halderman threatened
to make public the correspondence between Dave and his former on-air assistant Stephanie Birkitt, as well as Birkitt's diary.

According to Radar Online, Birkitt and the Extorionist met at CBS 15 years ago, and became romantically involved after Halderman
divorced his wife. During their relationship, Stephanie allegedly 'fessed up to sleeping with Dave before Dave got married earlier this year.

Stephanie, who has worked with Letterman for nearly a decade, is allegedly "mortified" that details of her trysts with Dave were used
by Halderman in an attempt to extort millions. A source close to Birkitt tells the website that she had no idea about the extortion scheme.

The right-wing handjobs are using this as proof that Letterman is a perv and Palin was right.

These affairs (Two, it seems) happened years ago - 2003 or so,

so that's why he didn't apologize to his wife of seven months.

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Subject: Clinton didn't do shit for the gay community?


NF needs to look up his history a bit more.
NF said, "The only thing Clinton even attempted to do for the gay community was the half-assed 'Don't ask, don't tell ...'".
Well, that is incorrect.  Candidate Bill Clinton campaigned on allowing all citizens, regardless of their sexual orientation to
serve openly in the military.  When he became President, it was one of the first things he tried to change.  And Bart, what you
bitch and moan about all the time is exactly what happened next ... Democrats stabbed President Clinton in the back.

Of course Republicans went apoplectic about it, but congressional opposition to lifting the ban was led by DEMOCRATIC
SENATOR Sam Nunn.  Senator Nunn organized Congressional Hearings, Republicans saw a way to damage President Clinton,
and they led the charge of phone calls opposing the ban, and in short order, President Clinton realized he didn't have enough support
of his own party and was forced to compromise ... which lead to "Don't Ask, Don't Tell".

President Clinton didn't begin with DADT, he ended up there because of Democratic back stabbers.

Now after getting his ass handed to him that quickly, does NF really believe
that President Clinton was going to go out on a limb again for the gay community?
 RJ Heaney, nomadic pillar    San Francisco, CA

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Dr. Julius Youngner in 'Capitalism'
 Our good friend gets a little recognition

  He kicked polio's ass

Dr Youngner hasn't seen the movie yet, but people have been calling him 
to say that they've seen Moore's film and he's in it.
Moore shows an old photo of Dr. Youngner and spotlight-hog Jonas Salk in his film,
as an an example of the old days when disease cures were not related to greed.

I could be mistaken, but I believe Dr Youngner is the last scientist to actually cure a major disease.
These days, they don't do cures - they just rent you a way to control your disease so they can 
gouge you for a few hundred dollars a month - assuming you want to pay that much to stay alive.
What a shame that the "cure business" is now run by Wall Street and greedy oil company-types.

A shot of Chinaco to a great man, Dr. Julius Youngner


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Glenn Beck admits it all

The Rabbit Ragu Democrats
 by Frank Rich


You have to wonder what some of the Obama era’s most moneyed and White House-connected lobbyists 
were thinking as they preened before a Washington Whore Post reporter recently for two lengthy articles. 
We’re not even nine months into the new administration, yet these swaggering, utterly un-self-aware influence 
peddlers seem determined to prove that nothing except the party affiliations has changed in the Beltway’s 
pay-for-play culture since Tom DeLay. If these lobbyists were stocks, I’d short them.

One article focused on Heather Podesta who lobbies for health care players like Eli Lilly, HealthSouth and Cigna. 
Podesta is half of what The Post has called a “mega-lobbying” couple. Her husband, with his own separate 
(and larger) lobbying shop, is Tony Podesta, the brother of John Podesta, who ran the Obama transition. 

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Subject: When we voted for change, were we duped? 


When we voted for change, were we duped?

Granted, Obama was (remains) light years better than the alternative running at the time, but that's not my question. 
Frank Rich's column today makes evident what has been true all along -- Obama is more of a typical politician than 
any so-called far-left radical. The latter characterization is simply used by nutball right-wing figures to stoke their crazed base.

But is Obama in fact so typical, so mainstream, that we're not going to get the kind of change we thought we were going to get....?

In other words, Reagan used to placate the religious right, tossing them gratuitous rhetoric when necessary 
but never really getting behind anything they favored to the point of instituting real change. 
Will this be our fate ala Obama...? Wink, wink, nod, nothing...?
 The AngryLiberal

Obama needs to be reminded that he's the leader of the Democrats.
He's certainly not acting like he's the boss.

He's like a substitute teacher that the kids don't respect and that's killing him and us.

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Mike Malloy Live

Times, Bushes Hail Rev. Moon


"Since John Solomon beaome executive editor of the right-wing Washington Times in 2008, the newspaper has tried to 
shake its image as a political front for its founder, right-wing South Korean theocrat Sun Myung Moon.

The paper even wrested a "correction" from the New York Times for describing it as "decidedly opposed to Mr. Obama," 
in the context of an NYT article about Washington Times' editorials that compared Barack Obama’s health care plans to 
Nazi euthanasia policies. The Washington Times insisted that its news columns were objective and independent from the editorial opinions.

So what is one to make of the "independent" Washington Times leading its "Nation" news section Friday with a puff piece 
about Rev. Moon’s much-anticipated autobiography?

For instance, there’s no mention of Moon’s financial and political support for right-wing death squads that terrorized 
Central America in the 1980s, nor his collaboration with right-wing regimes implicated in the drug trade in Asia and 
Latin America, nor his long record of illegal money-laundering.

Nor are there any interesting tidbits about his bizarre "religious" views, such as his early practice of "blessing the wombs" of 
female followers by having intercourse with them in rituals to purify the human race. Nor do we learn about Moon as the self-
proclaimed new Messiah sent by God to correct the errors of Jesus, who supposedly didn’t do his part by having sex with women."

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UK supermarket pulls ad from Fox News over Beck


Upscale British supermarket chain Waitrose is pulling its advertisements from Fox News in the U.K. 
after customers complained about Glenn Beck hate show.

The popular and controversial whore is already the target of a boycott campaign in the United States 
after he accused Obama of harboring "a deep-seated hatred for white people."

The wide coverage afforded to Beck's tirade against Obama has been noticed in Britain 
— where Fox senior whore Rupert Murdoch controls a powerful news and broadcasting empire.

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Reading "The Clinton Tapes,"
 ...and thinking about Obama


Let's read that quote again, because you could be talking about the Obama administration's dilemma in 2009:

    "That’s why they always win. And they’re going to keep winning until somebody tells them the truth, 
that this administration is killing itself every day to help people like them and making some progress. 
And if you hold me to an impossible standard and never give us any credit when we’re moving forward, 
then that’s exactly what will happen, guys like that will think that. But it ain’t all my fault, because we 
have fought our guts out for ‘em. And the bad guys win because they have no objective other than to win. 
They shift the blame, they never take responsibility. And they play on the cynicism of the media."

The bad guys win because they have no objective other than to win. Sixteen years later, it's just as true. After opposing 
efforts to censure racist Joe Wilson, Republicans are trying to censure Rep. Adam Grayson even though Rachel Maddow 
assembled a string of video clips showing at least a half-dozen Republicans depicting Democratic healthcare plans as an 
effort to get Americans to die, drop dead, be killed, you name it, by any means necessary. A lot of my liberal Twitter friends 
were over the moon about Grayson's string of bold remarks, and while part of me enjoyed turning the tables on the lying 
ideologues, part of me thinks Democrats win when they stick to facts and focus. And part of me is laughing at that naive 
part of me right now.

Republicans play to win and they'll do anything to make that happen.

The main goal of the Democrats is to be fair and give the GOP a break.

Oh, and if victory knocks on a Democrat's door, they might answer it,
but they damn sure aren't going to spend any energy towards a victory.

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Football Picks by Mike the Dealer


 Who had the best weekend?  Besides Tony Romo, I mean.

Is Tony Romo's Star Fading?
 Cowboys lose with one second, two yards to go


Sunday's sloppiness in a 17-10 loss in Denver to the 4-0 Broncos only gives the Romo skeptics more fodder.

"They are No. 1 for a reason," Romo said of his encounter with the NFL's top-ranked defense, which limited him 
to 255 passing yards, sacked him five times, forced two costly turnovers and stopped him two times from tossing 
a game-tying touchdown pass in the waning seconds from the Denver 2-yard line.

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Subject: BCR 158

Bart, BCR 158 was your best out of the 6 or 7 I've caught, especially the first half.  
Thanks for your hard work.  You extract from so many sources, it's boggling.  
Carry on.  
 Jim D

   Send e-mail to Bart  | Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Pundits Trapped in a Quagmire


A year ago, liberal pundits were appealing vainly to the conservative commentators to come to their senses 
and realize that America’s foreign policy was absurd and that the contradictions (such as condemning torture at 
Nuremberg and encouraging it at Abu Ghraib prison) were causing the country to be held in contempt by many 
of the citizens in the countries that are on the “allies” list. Now, a year later, apparently the golden age of bipartisanship 
has arrived because Rush Limbaugh and all his digitally cloned echoes on the fair skinned but mentally unbalanced 
news team have joined their former adversaries in disparaging the President on a 24/7 basis.

Both teams of pundits are pointing out that the President’s torture policy seems to be continuing, the dual quagmires 
of Iraq and Afghanistan are continuing to drain the country’s monetary resources and Iran may soon be hiding WMD’s 
from the inspection teams. However the liberals and conservative pundits still seem to differ on how to remedy that 
situation – but they both agree that the President deserves criticism for the status quo.

The conservatives seem to be having a jolly time of their new role of criticizing the President. They have refrained from 
that for a full 8 years and now they have "fallen off the wagon" and are jubilant about exorcising that long dormant ability.

The liberal pundits, however, are experiencing the feelings that occur to a base runner on first who gets suckered into 
taking a lead that is one pace too far away from the bag. They expected to be in a cheerleading role, but instead are a 
bit skeptical about Obama's efforts to overhaul healthcare, end two wars, and start the economic recovery process.

Did you see the SNL with Obama going thru his "accomplished" check list?

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Subject: Capitalism: An American Tragedy

Hi Bart, 

Saw Capitalism today. Great movie -very truthful and hits the Democrats hard and I think 
it was done this way for 2 reasons - to deflect the right wing criticism of it being a Repug 
hate piece and also to shame the Dems who deserve it. 

I kept having the the feeling of "Wow, I was hoping  all of us were wrong all these years 
and now has validated all that. This is extremely scary"  (for me.)
Unless we get Obama to start fighting, (have his gonads been installed yet, will the Republicans 
give them back to him?) this country is toast and we are the United States of Goldman Sachs. 

We now have the Change guy and a Super Majority and the Repugs STILL own the agenda 
and the spineless Dems cannot get anything done? Change delayed is change denied. 
The question now is Mr President, WTF??????? 
 Steve in PA 

I fear Obama's agenda will continue to be "play nice and be fair."

Who thinks they can win a fight by being nice and fair?

   Send e-mail to Bart  | Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Tom DeLay - Glory Hole Queen 

Letterman haunted by the sex jokes


If you live by the sword, you die by the sword. Certainly that has proved true for David Letterman this weekend 
as he faced a barrage of mockery from his acid-tongued rivals.  Dave, who regularly skewers the foibles of others, 
found himself on the end of the same treatment after being blackmailed over sex with younger female staff members.

Jay Leno did not hesitate to stick the knife in with his first on-air joke after the scandal broke. 
"If you came here for sex with a talkshow host, you're in the wrong studio," Leno told his audience. 

I like Dave, mostly, and I hate kicking a man when he's down (unless he's Nazi scum)
but Dave's been doing Monica jokes for almost twelve years - because he's so f-ing lazy.

That's what happens when you make $40M a year - you stop being funny and you coast.

So the question becomes, now that Dave has lost his stale, 12-year old Monica jokes
does he have anything left or is he out of business?

  Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog!

Subject: Do you check the validity of items posted??????

 Warning: If you click on this link you will be overwhelmed with spam.


If I had any brains (Should I bother to finish this sentence?) 
I would put up a much smaller page every 2-3 days.

That way I could check everything and read everything, etc.

This page gets put together at 95 MPH and I'm amazed more mistakes don't show up.

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4. Haters Never Prosper  (Except in real life)
Enough said. Start making actual plans instead of just jeering at what the Dems are doing.
And celebrating that we lost the 2016 Olympic bid is just bad form.

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Bart:  They would not let me in!!!!

Jim the alligator cook, in DC

Glenn Beck - raped interns at Fox News?


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Bart, I lost my job in January. Found a job in February. Bought a house in July. 
Thanks for the shot glasses you sent. Keep hammering.
 Steve in Wisconsin 

Steve, thanks for making the pie higher.

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Beyonce's Daddy gets around
 He's working on his own sex scandal


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