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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

 Blizzard,  Feb 8-10, 2011     Vol 2648 - The GOP's Gift

  BCR Show 165 is up 
Links at bottom of page. 



Quote of the Day

  "I don’t know. Am I a federal employee?”
        --  Rep Bill Posey (R-newly sworn in teabagger)
asked if it was hypocritical for him to accept
           government run health care benefits after voting
           to repeal health care reform,    Link

   This is what we get when our mouse-y Democrats
   refuse to fight for the people who elected them.


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Reagan's Toxic Legacy
Arrow Ben, the True Christian
If Progressives Want to Win
Arrow GOP Rep Perv Resigns
Arrow The real reason we're in Iraq
Arrow Olbermann to Current TV
Arrow Vanessa Hudgens Sucker Punch

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"...empty the clip, and do what has to be done..."
-- Alabama Sen. Scott Beason (R-wants-another-Gabby-shooting) and wants Mexicans murdered
,      Link

  Isn't that what the AZ shooter did?  Emptied his clip?
  The GOP made 31-round clips legal.

  If Walmart didn't sell 31-round clips, the AZ shooter
  would have been able to shoot only ten times.

  Those extra 21 shots were a gift from the GOP and The Murder Lobby.


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Reagan's Toxic Legacy
  by slangist


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In 2 years, Obama took the
Dow from 6547 to 12,233.

Quitter Queen Sarah Palin -

One minute Video - Safe for work

Marty has new stuff every day
on her fine, fine Entertainment Page

Marty's TV Listings are the best

Marty always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

"There's no reason why, if you get sick you should go bankrupt. The notion that that's
  a radical principle, I don't think the majority of people would agree with you."
-- our president, trying to reason with Bill O'Reilly,


Our president keeps tryin g to reason with the dog that bites him.

 Why can't Obama see what every other Democrats sees?

"I've got to say 'Get real'.  If (Teabaggers) want to get into START, let's talk about it,
  but realistically as Americans, not as some Republican renegade. I'm trying to take
  warheads of Russia out of circulation so they won't hit Indiana."
-- Sen. Richard Lugar (R-IN), trying to reason with those same snarling dogs,

  Senator, you're wasting your breath.   As far as Teabaggers are concerned,
  if "that nigger in the White House" is against Russia nuking us, they're all for it.

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Don't bother me with details, dammit!
'Rummy screws pooch'  by Maureen Holland

Super Bowl

I remember seeing Ben Roethlisberger point to the sky with both hands
as tho he was crediting the Invisible Cloud Being for his touchdowns.

I wonder - did Ben blame God for the eventual loss, too?

Truth is, Ben doesn't believe in God any more than I do.

He got suspended for taking sexual advantage of a drunk girl while his
burly bodyguards kept the girl's friends from stopping the "assault."

How can you "rape" a girl when you KNOW that God is watching?
Ben knows there's no God but he puts on the dog-and-pony show
so people will think better of him.

Religious frauds - how can they live with themselves?

Unlike Naomi Judd, *I* wasn't in the room when the laison
happened but Ben didn't get suspended for no reason at all.

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If Progressives Wanted to Win
This is a gag, right?

Subject: Robert Plant

It's not about Plant losing his voice, although he did long ago.
It's about Plant wanting to do something DIFFERENT from what he did before.

You're right - Country music is different from hard rock.

He's BEEN in the world's biggest rock band, playing second fiddle (no pun
intended) to Jimmy noodling around with the cello bow for a half hour and
JPJ's keyboard solo for 20 minutes and Bonham's drum solo for 15 minutes.

Yeah, those backstage blowjobs must've been awful.

He's done that.  He doesn't FEEL like doing that again,
no matter how much more money it would pay.

Making the most money possible obviously
doesn't figure into Plant's career plans.

When did YOU turn into a money-grubbing Repugnican?
 Stu the Lawyer

You're not making any sense, Mr Lawyer.
I prefer English rock to Nashville country - that makes me a greedy Rethug?

I would not allow you to represent me in a legal matter
because your grasp of the issues seems to be faulty, at best.

Plus, attacking a friend personally because I prefer rock?
Is that what they taught you in lawyer school?


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GOP Rep Perv Resigns
Pulled a "Favre' with Craigslist woman

Subject: Obama   Reagan

Bart, you wrote:

> I was hoping O'Reilly would sac up and get into some serious hardball questions
> but the sons of bitches usually behave when a big audience is watching.

True bart, but it's also a case where the upper crust, WANT Obama back in in 2012
...that's why we are getting this "Obama is Reagan" stuff.
In 2008 he was sold as Jack Kennedy
In 2012 he'll be sold as Ronnie reborn
Hope you and Mrs Bart are okay

It was 5 below when I woke up.
In Bartlesville, OK  it was 25 below, and that's not wind chill.

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  Time to advertise!

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The real reason we're in Iraq
Did Rummy slip up and tell the truth? 


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: BCR 165 - Great show!

Thanks for the new show, Bart.   Looks like I resubscribed at the perfect time.  

I think the new format with a cohost makes a lot of sense, sounds great with
the new dynamic, and I hope that will entice more subscribers to come back like I did.

Next time I'm in the states, I hope I can attend another 'Fest.
Chicago was great...  Damn that was like 6 years ago.   Now I feel old.  haha

You and the Mrs. should go to the one 'Fest to rule them all, Burning Man.  
I went in 2010 (didn't tell the military where I was going, of course) and it was life changing.

Great shows, keep 'em up!
 - Lance from MI, and now Japan

Lance, thanks for that.
Did you get fluent in Japanese?

As I remember, you're a linguist.
I hope they didn't send you to Japan
after you spent years learning Farsi or Russian  :)

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Due to our twin blizzards,
this is what a big Tulsa grocery store looks like.
The bread that's left is "Potato bread," whatever that is.

Meet Tractorboy (BCR 165) who pushed the snowdrifts
left and right so Mrs. Bart could get to work last week.

Obama plays media like fiddle
  by John Harris

Subject: jailing Bush the terrorist


Leave it to the left wing to "try" and play tough. 
If anyone was serious about doing anything they should have kept their mouths SHUT
then indicted Bush and arrested him AFTER he got toB Switzerland, not before. 

He may or may not be stupid but his handlers definately weren't and no one is
going to walk right into a trap that's set for them.

I must say this: threats are pure horseshit. Don't make threats.
In this case they should have shot first then answered questions ( or not ).
 araw araw

I don't think it's practical to arrest a former president.
America invades countries at the drop of a f-ing hat.

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BCR 165

I'd like to put a sample of BCR 165 on the next page.
Since I have no live audience, I don't know which (if any) parts are good/funny.

If you, the reader, have heard
BCR 165 and found something good/funny,
could you suggest a short sampler for people to hear?


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Subject: stop already

Bart, until you do something about Google showing GOP ads I will stop reading you. 
Sorry but enough is enough, especially when they ran repub ads on your website during the last election. 
Goodbye for now, I hope. 

I know of one sure way to stop those ads - stop publishing.
How do you think I feel when I see those ads?

Subscriptions and donations have fallen to almost nothing.
Almost daily I get an e-mail that says, "I love you and I know
it's just a $5 subscription but I haven't worked in a year."

After 30 months of that, things are super-thin.

I get very small breadcrumbs from Google, Blogads etc.,
so I'm trying to hang on until the economy comes back.

You'd think a company as big as Google would have
a clue about how to run a f-ing business

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"Thank God for men like Donald Rumsfeld."
-- the vulgar Pigboy, 

"I'm not sure everyone agrees with you, Rush."
-- the 5500 men and women who died for the Bush bastards

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Subject: latest Tulsa blizzard

Yo, Dude...

I'm thinkin' that maybe they should change K-drag's official name to Minnehoma...
or Wisconhoma... or Dakotahoma... or maybe even Michihoma... Ha ha!

Oh, I know what might be fun fer ya! Take the Bart-kitties out to play in the snow!
Hoo ha and wouldn't that be a hoot? (stay warm!)

We have about 8 inches so far and it's still coming down.
Plus we have those howling winds and tonight it'll be below zero.

Pray for us!

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 bart blog

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"I still feel I can win golf tournaments,"
-- Eldrick Woods - seriously, 


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Subject: right about Toyota

Hey Big Bart -
I'm thinking of a movie line from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid:
"Don't you get tired of being right all the time?"
You were right about Hillary being railroaded away from the Democratic nomination
 - despite her setting the record for most votes ever as a primary candidate. 

You were right about Tiger Woods - the Bartcop radio show
on The Incident is classic, one of your best ever.

And now you're right again about Toyota and the bogus claims made about its safety.
I'm thinking of another movie line from Blazing Saddles: "Bartcop Johnson is right!"
Keep Hammering the Hammerables!


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Weird Picture of the Day


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Subject: moving Israel to the US

Dear Bart,
I have often thought about this.
If the USA wasn't so anti-semitic, it might have been a reality.
After all, we gave south Florida to the Cubans.
There's lots of room in Utah, and the fireworks would be spectacular!
  Bob C

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Survivor Contestant Review
by the Liberal Bastard


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Was Reagan an unindicted co-conspirator in Iran-Contra?

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Rusty the possessed cat.

Put your pet's picture on for just $10.

Subject: fuck Alan Simpson

You got that right, Bart.
Double fuck Simpson, and every other asshole that goes on TV and lies about Social Security.
And that includes damned near everyone except Bernie Sanders.

Social Security has never contributed a dime to the deficit, and even if it had, raising the
retirement age in 2050 wouldn't do anything about fixing the deficit, now or then.
What the fuck are these people talking about?
 Dan Leahy  (no relation to the spineless senator)

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Olbermann moves to Current TV
Tulsa Cable doesn't even get that channel


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Guess the City


 If you don't click, odds are this'll be your home town
 and your friends will wonder why you didn't recognize it.

Subject: last issue's mystery city

Bart, last issue's mystery city is a view from the International Space Station
of where the action is. It shows the night lights of the cities of Cairo and Alexandria.

Keep hammerin.
 Michael in Port Saint Lucie, FL 

Subject: Issue 2646's mystery city

Hello Mr Bart,

You made a mistake. The Mystery City in Issue 2646 is not Albuquerque.
That's a photo of the Albuquerque Bridge in Sasebo, Japan.
(However, Sasebo is the sister city to Albuquerque, NM)

You can trust me about the Japanese stuff, honest.
I only answer these questions when I am 100% sure.
 Jeff in Tokyo


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PETA's commercial that was TOO HOT for the Super Bowl

Probably OK for work, turn speakers low

Today's History Mystery


Subject: last issue's history mystery

What is last issue's History Mystery?

Hello Bart,

A large earthquake occurred in the northwest region of Taiwan on September 20, 1999.
Had this shallow-type of quake occurred in a more densely populated area closer to Taipei,
the devastation would have been just hard to imagine.
 Lonnie in Tokyo

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Subject: donation

I think the cricket froze to death  :)


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Vanessa Hudgens in 'Sucker Punch"

  Link to Story

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