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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

 Friday-Monday,  Feb 4-7, 2011     Vol 2647 - Camp Subpeona


Quote of the Day

  "Stepping back will take some adjusting.”
        --  the awful Robert Gibbs,    Link

   Dude, why are you still here?
   Rahm left. Dax left, but you're still here.
   Please go away so somebody
   competent can take your place.


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Reagan: Enabler of Atrocities
Arrow Kissyface - the unprincipled troll
Reagan: Killer, Coward
Arrow AOL Buys Huffington Post
Arrow Raped, flogged, buried
Arrow Reagan's Top Ten Flaws
Arrow Mackenzie Rosman's Secret

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"The only good conservative is a dead conservative."
-- Jonah Goldberg, fake-quoting Democrats
,      Link

  Jonah, I see you're trying to mislead the sheep again.

 1. We didn't kill your elder conservatives.
     They all died super-old and super-rich, except Russert the whore.
 2. The point we try to make is that Goldwater and Reagan couldn't get elected today
      because the craziest handjobs in history now run your party.
     The party of Buckley, Reagan and Goldwater is now run by a vulgar Pigboy,
     a Publicity Whore who's into killing things and a Bat-shit crazy slut from Minnesota.

  Oh, and tell your Mom I said hey.


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Reagan: Enabler of Atrocities
  by Robert Parry

No!  Wait!!
Telling the truth is not allowed!


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"Even two New York Times reporters were detained. Now, this is supposed to make us
  feel what, exactly? How we supposed to feel? Are we supposed to feel outrage over it?
  I don’t feel any outrage over it. Are we supposed to feel anger? I don’t feel any anger
  over this. Do we feel happy? Well – uh - do we feel kind of going like, “neh-neh-neh-neh”?”
-- the vulgar Pigboy, on the mob beating journalists in Cairo,

"Fox News’ Greg Palkot and crew have been severely beaten and are now hospitalized in Cairo.
  Now we were kidding before about The New York Times, of course. This kind of stuff is terrible. ”
-- the vulgar Pigboy, later in the same show,

 See how he is?  He spews hateful shit and when it comes back
 to bite him in the ass, he says, "I was kidding before."

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Subject: Opie and Anthony

Yesterday on Opie & Anthony, Anthony suggested giving the Israelis some land
“in Wyoming somewhere” as a solution to the Arab/Israeli problem.

It appears that someone has been reading Ol’ Bart.
Love you,

Moving Israel is a great idea - except they love that sacred sand.
One thing - those desert-dwellers might find Wyoming a bit cold but
Oklahoma, Arizona and New Mexico have tons of undeveloped land.

Why should we bother to move Israel when it's better to give them
billions of dollars each year (that we don't have)  which gives us the
chance to get in more wars in that 4,000 year climate of never-ending hate?

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"Hysteria is not a sign of health. When Glenn Beck rants about the caliphate
  taking over the Middle East from Morocco to the Philippines, and lists (invents?)
  the connections between caliphate-promoters and the American left, he brings to
  mind no one so much as Robert Welch and the John Birch Society. He’s marginalizing
  himself, just as his predecessors did back in the early 1960s."
-- William Kristol, saying Beck is killing FOX NEws's credibility,

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Subject: You want more fundraising material?

Your hero enabled Hezbollah to capture Lebanon.

Jimmy Page did what?

Now, he is facilitating a Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Egypt.

Oh, you must mean Obama.
How did Obama get the people of Cairo to revolt?

So even as you cravenly snivel, "Racism!" at all dissidents,
your side aggressively backs genocidal anti-Semites.

I only snivel "racism" at racists and I refuse
to get involved with Middle Eastern insanity.

Want to see the ugly face of bigotry, Bart baby?
Gaze into the mirror

I gazed into the mirror and saw a man of science and logic.

What did I win?

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Super Bowl Commercials

I was soooo grossed out by the early Doritos ad.
Some guy just finished a bag of chips and another dude
walks by and shoves the chip-eater's fingers into his mouth.

Then it got worse.

Same ad, the next guy finishes a bag of chips and then wipes his hands
on his pants, then the finger-sucker rips the first guy's pants off and
buries his face in the dude's pants, licking the crumbs off the pants.

Doritos paid $3M to broadcast their super-gross commercial?

I thought several of the ads were downright retarded.
They weren't funny or informative - just stupid.
I asked Mrs Bart, "Are we too sober to get their jokes?"

See the Best and Worst ads

BTW, wasn't that O'Reilly/Obama interview pointless?

Why didn't O'Reilly ask, "Mr. Muslin, your al-Qaeda health care plan
is going to ruin America - isn't that why Osama made you president?
And where the hell is your birth certificate, you Kenyan nigger?"

It was mostly Larry King-ish questions:
What the funnest part about being president?
If you could ne any tree, what kind would you be?
Are you really going to watch the football game today?

I was hoping O'Reilly would sac up and get into some serious hardball questions
but the sons of bitches usually behave when a big audience is watching.

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Bush chased out of Europe
They treatened to put his crooked ass on trial

Subject: Raygoooon

Hi Bart,

Lots of pics out there of raygoooon.  
Notice how he and his crew really never were brought up
on charges for trading weapons and weapon parts for hostages?  

That set a precedent for future Presidents. 
They are in-your-face liars and lawbreakers...every single one of them. 

 Doug, the Engineer with a Conscience


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Subverted the Constitution, postponed the release
of American hostages for political gain,
transformed our mentally ill into our homeless,
ignored AIDS while it grew and festered
...the list is too long!

Thanks to COrt

Did Reagan rape Selene Waters?
Kitty Kelly interviewed her - she said 'Yes' but our whore
media only investigates rape allegations against Democrats


"I opened the door. Then it was the battle of the couch. I was fighting him.
 I didn't want him to make love to me. He's a very big man, and he just had his way. 
 Date rape? No, God, no. I didn't have a chance to have a date with him."


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Reagan

Today marks the one hundredth birthday of the sainted Ronald Reagan. 
There is now a controversy between Ron Reagan, Jr. and the Republican base
about the effect that Alzheimer's Disease had on Reagan during his presidency.
During the Iran-Contra Affair, the Reagan administration sold weapons to Iran
(the country that had just held American hostages for over a year) and used the
profits to send support to the Contras in Nicaragua. 

Reagan publicly said that he had apparently approved the action,
but did not remember doing so.
So, Reagan was either suffering from early Alzheimer's or he was a traitor. 
There is no other option.
 Jim W.

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Finally, a keyboard just for men!
Thanks to Paul W

AOL Buys Huffington Post for $315M
'It's the Future of Brand Advertising and Marketing'



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Subject: stupid attack on Obama

I just randomly found this little gem: “Alex Jones Calls Out Obama for Treason!”.
Why? Well because “Obama administration’s agenda to block construction of
new coal-fired plants triggers nationwide outages”.

Why do I think this is particularly stupid? Because while President Obama has been in
office for 2 years (25 months) it takes at least 42 months to build one of these plants;
48 months is more typical.  Any new coal plants that could have possibly come on line
by now would have needed approval and have started construction in 2007 or earlier.

Also, rolling blackouts in Texas started due to 50 plants unexpectedly going offline
in a chain reaction after abnormally high winter power requirements. They’re making repairs.

If you care to read about Coal power:

If there was a bird flu breakout these people would accuse the
Obama Administration of spreading it over red states.

Why do Democrats lose to people whose supporters are this stupid?
 Bill F


Mostly, Dems have no desire to win.

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Living sculpture walks on the beach.
The good stuff starts about 45 seconds in.

Safe for work.

Click  Here

It's probably the craziest
thing you'll see this week

Subject: Robert Plant

Let's Argue

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 bart blog

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"I'm waiting for a politician to say, "There's only one way to do this,
  You dig into Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and defense."
-- Former Sen. Alan Simpson (R-Handjob), on cutting the deficit

Alan Simpson is a rich liar.
You balance the budget by forcing the super-rich to pay taxes.

Yesterday, someone said Carnival Cruise Lines made $11 billion last year
and the bastards never paid a dollar in US federal tax because of all the loopholes.

Exxon-Mobil makes $10,000 profit per minute and they paid zero federal taxes last year

These crooked companies pay the crooked politicians to make them tax-exempt
so the bastards go after Grandma's Social Security check.

Fuck you, Alan Simpson, and whoever your Democratic enabler is, too.

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Subject: I know how you like to rock...

Do yourself a huge favor and check this guy out.
He's from my neck of the woods up here in New York and he has arrived!

Joe Bonamassa live from the Royal Albert Hall performing his version of a 
ZZ Top/Led Zeppelin mash up. It's music like this that makes me glad to be alive!
Gibbons & Page would be proud,

Isn't Joe in Jason Bonham's band?

Thanks for that.

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Raped, flogged, buried
GOP wants America to be more like this


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Subject: Eqypt

My niece is a student over in Cairo Egypt right now her husband is a Egyptian national.

Finally heard from her yesterday she and her husband are fine. She told us that her husband
and other neighbors are patrolling there neighborhood to ward off looters other than that she
says it is pretty frightening.

Something on my mind:

Why would you think that the world is changing and not for the better - just curious.
Seems if the people are demanding better government and services that would be a good thing.
Keep Hammering, stay warm and dry
  Geoff From Fayetteville Ark.

I'm not sure the religiously insane can be trusted with voting.
They will vote for the candidate who screams "Death to America" the loudest.

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Reagan's Top Ten Flaws
The GOP likes to pretend these don't exist

Subject: Reagan

Bart, it looks like our Congress has learned something from the events unfolding in Egypt. 

They seem to have been impressed by the ability  of the Egyptian government to "kill" the Internet! 
Now they want their dictatorial "kill switch" too!   Link    Link

With all that is going on in Egypt, why is it that the one thing that  a dictatorial government does,
killing the Internet, is what is most important to our own dear autocrats? 
Instead of one autocrat, our  "democracy" provides us with many.

We will never get out of the mess we are in as a nation if we continue to adopt the attitudes
of autocrats and plutocrats while pretending to be a democracy.

Really?   Ya think?
I disagree, so we're going ahead with
our plans to have Bartfest Cairo in March

Weird Picture of the Day


Subject: last issue's weird picture

Hi Bart, that's a KIWI.

There's five species of Kiwi, don't ask me which one
that is because I've not a clue. New Zealand rocks!

The Repubs were all over democracy spreading like wildfire in the
MidEast when Bush said it, don't seem so crazy about it now, do they?
Keep the hammer flying,

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Subject: stickers & magnets

Hey Bart,  I sent a donation a while back but never got my stickers & magnet.
 Several People

I lost my "send stickers to" list.
If I owe you stickers, send me your address.

If you were told to expect a package and it never arrived
send me your address and I'll take care of you.  regrets the error

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In memory of Cecilia Gutierrez Minguillon,
2/1/22-1/23/11, a survivor of the Spanish Civil War.


"I've never seen anything like this where people literally can't get out of their houses.
  You just realize you're not in control and you're at the mercy of Mother Nature.”

    -- Marnie Fernandez, on being trapped in her house for four days after a blizzard
        dumped 20 inches of snow, sleet and ice on Tulsa,    Link   

Send e-mail to Bart

Second-worse president ever.

Subject: Eldrick

Bart:  I think your scorn for Tigger is mis-directed.  From 1997 until 2009 Tigger won a
bunch of tournaments, including more majors that his current competitors combined. 
They were all afraid of him;  he was in their collective heads. 

That facade was broken, along with the back window of the Escalade on Thanksgiving 2009. 
Now, if Tigger is in contention all his competitors have to say is, "How about that waitress at
Hooters, IHOP, Denny's (insert restaurant here)". 

You should feel pity for the announcers;  they are still lining up
to kiss Tigger's butt, but no one cares about him anymore.
Keep hammering

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Ed Schultz-Jon Stewart Feud
Why can't Jon pick on the Republicans?


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: storm in Oklahoma

Sounds like a great excuse!
We missed you, but we all need a break now & then!

Hi Bart,
Glad you had time with the kitties and Mrs Bart and the wine and snow. 
Everyone needs a day to wonder.
 Mary in Seattle

Geoff, Mary, thanks for that.
We usually only get one snowfall per year and, to us, it's magical.

Send e-mail to Bart

Rusty, 2009

Put your pet's picture on for just $10.

Reagan: Killer, Coward and Con-Man
by Greg Palast, telling the truth


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What secrets did the Bush Bastards need to bury?
Our mouse-y Democrats don't care.

Subject: Mubarack

Howdy Bartcop,

It's been awhile . . .
I've attached a new image.

I've been addicted to Al Jazeera for twelve days and feel like I know
every square inch of Tahrir Square while I watch history being made.

I hope you are quite well Bartcop. 
And I love it when Mike Malloy mentions you!

All the best,

Glenn, thanks for that.
 Mike is the best!!

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Private eye Pete Goddard takes leave of Los Angeles to relocate The Night Rabbit
detective agency to his Northeast Ohio hometown. He and business partner Bonnie Kim figure
to ease in with routine investigative cases and quickly establish a credible reputation. Instead,
The Night Rabbit is presented with an opportunity to reopen a bizarre double homicide case.

I'm currently reading this book.
That's right - Bart is reading a book!

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Guess the City


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Subject: last issue's mystery city

Bart, last issue's mystery city is Albuquerque!

Nice town!
It warms my Jersey heart seeing lots of snow and ice in Dallas,
messing up Jerry's ego party.  Sucks for the fans in town, hope they spend less.

Cowboy hater since '71 
  Kevin in NJ

They said Dallas was colder than Green Bay and PittsburgH yesterday.

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Today's History Mystery


Subject: last issue's history mystery

Who is last issue's History Mystery?

Bart, last issue's History Mystery man was Sam Rayburn, AKA "Mr. Democrat."

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Subject: donation

Thanks to Wes in Baltimore


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Mackenzie Rosman's 'Secret Life'

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