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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

 Tuesday-Thursday,  Feb 1-3, 2011     Vol 2646 - 16 inches


Quote of the Day

  "I believe I came from God,
    not from a monkey.
        --  Rep. Jack Kingston on Real Time,    Link

   Hey Monkey, if I kicked your ass real hard,
   I'd likely break your tail bone.  Think about that.


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow The End of New Deal Liberalism
Arrow Kissyface - the unprincipled troll
Landover: Biblical Donkey Balls
Arrow Is Bachmann the new Palin?
Arrow Having your rapist's baby
Arrow Blizzard in Oklahoma
Arrow Hayden's Wardrobe Malfunction

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"He's got to get his emotions under control. If the guy's crying every two minutes,
  does that mean he's strong?  Does that impact on his credibility?”
-- Bill O'Reilly, calling Boner a sissy for crying all the time
,      Link


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The End of New Deal Liberalism
  Has Obama allowed the Dream to die?


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"Nearly half of the Rethugs say they are likely to vote for a third-party candidate
  if she does not win the GOP nomination.  And 46% say they are ikely to vote
  third-party if she isn't nominated. That includes 22% who say it is Very Likely.”
-- Rasmussen on the dilemma facing the Frankenstein party,

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Subject: Non-violent protests in Egypt: BRING IN THE WOMEN!


 by Jane Stillwater

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"There's a lot of chaos in Cairo, and I can't wait to not get blamed for it..."
-- The Publicity Whore, always the victim,

"Don't retreat, stand tall."
  -- The Publicity Whore, retreating from her usual "reload" cries     Link   

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Subject: Kid Rock

I have been a Rocker since 1954 when I heard Bill Haley and the Comets.
For a fact, Kid Rock has no credibility in this.  At best, he is a Wanna-Be-Almost was. 
Even Ted Nugent has a leg up on KR.

Ouch - that stings!
Aerosmith has never really been a favorite of mine--but they are Rockers for real.
 Blue Riley

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Blizzard in K-Drag

Over the weekend they said we might have a "big snow storm" on Tuesday.

Monday morning, they said the storm was going to be so big,
it might be the biggest storm Oklahoma's had in ten years.

Monday mid-day, they said the storm was going to be so big,
it might be the biggest storm Oklahoma's had in twenty years.

Monday at 6 PM, the NBC Nightly News said the storm was going to be so big,
it might be the biggest storm in the history of the United States.

So I did what anyone would do - I stocked up on liquor and weed.

Keep in mind - Tulsa shuts down if they suspect show is coming.
If there's any snow, even an inch, they close the schools and the Bible Classes.

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Forget the Haters, Obama delivered
by Joe Conason

Subject: Eldrick

What gripes me, Bart, is the amount of media attention this has-been still gets.
While he flailed around on Sunday, Nick Watney had 8 birdies on his first nine holes
and tied a course-tournament record. He hardly got a mention.

Ah well, keep up the good work Bart!
 M. Lamont

I remember, years ago, some golfer was putting to tie the leader
and they cut away to show Eldrick lacing up his f-ing shoes.

They put all their eggs in the Eldrick basket and then
he came up snake-eyes - so now they got nothing.


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Subject: hey from London

Bad news in Britain – the Daily Show has been dropped, except for the weekly “Global Edition.”
The Comedy Central website won’t play outside the U.S.

Meanwhile, Fox News spews its slander, lies, and hatred 24/7 in the U.K.

Bottom line is – I need Bartcop radio! (so do the Dems)…
Keep swinging that HUGE hammer!
 Marty in London

Marty, thanks for that.

We have BCR 165 recorded,

I just need to chop it up and upload it.

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Biblical Donkey Balls
Thanks to Landover Baptist Church

Subject: storm in Oklahoma

Were you knocked out by the storm?

Not really.
It was minus 6 degrees last night and we've had 16 inches of snow since Tuesday
so Mrs Bart hasn't been to work and I didn't want to spend all day knocking out a page
while she was enjoying the snow and the cats and the fireplace and a glass of wine.

We also spent a lot of the week watching history unfold on CNN.
The world is changing - right before our eyes - and maybe not for the better.

In Oklahoma, we don't even have snow shovels so there's still 16 inches
in the driveway and on our streets which the city will not plow and I'm out of
vodka so I hope one of those Saint Bernards with the whiskey comes by...

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Check out the toons and stuff

 bart blog

 on the Bart Blog!

"The Democrats and the media seem to be more embracing of the Muslim Brotherhood
  than the Tea Party movement, have you noticed that? I have." 
-- the vulgar Pigboy, saying stupider and stuopider crap
           hoping he can get somebody to quote him so he can stay relevant,

 The poor Pigboy.
 Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin and Batshit Bachmann have stolen his thunder.

 He used to be the goofiest fuck in the GOP.
 Now he's just another handjob, wishing somebody would pay attention to him.

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Bachmann, the new Palin?
AKA Don't know much about history...


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Bachmann's SotU Rehearsal

Weird Picture of the Day

What is the mystery animal?


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Subject: stickers & magnets

Hey Bart,  I sent a donation a while back but never got my stickers & magnet.
 Several People

I lost my "send stickers to" list.
If I owe you stickers, send me your address.

If you were told to expect a package and it never arrived
send me your address and I'll take care of you.  regrets the error

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"There were two Republican responses to the State of the Union. It was kind of
  evolution in reverse. You have Obama, then Paul Ryan, and then Michele Bachmann.
  Then Animal Planet had a squirrel monkey give his take.  You saw the big controversy
  with Michele Bachmann? She did not look directly into the camera, which made it
  harder for the teabaggers to masturbate."

    -- Bill Maher,    
  Bill's guests Friday include woman-beater John Fund.

"I smack bitches around
  because they deserve it..."

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Subject: Robert Plant returns

I saw the Band of Joy at the Beacon Theater in NYC on Saturday night. 
My ears hurt less than when I saw Zeppelin in 1977.

Well, sure.
Country music isn't supposed to be loud.

GREAT versions of Ramble On, Tangerine, Black Dog and Rock and Roll, in a diverse 1 ¾ hour set.

 ha ha

Great?  Compared to what?
The versions you hear when kids play at your local saloon?

It's a good think Plant rearranged those songs and added that country twang
because nobody wants to hear them the way they were recorded.

Buddy Miller is at least the best guitar player Plant has worked with in 30 years, if not 35,
and 2nd guitarist/pedal steel/banjo Darrell Scott is damn good as well.

Now why would you say something that stupid? I've heard Plant say that, too.
From the stage in Joplin, Missouri, Plant said that Phil Johnstone was the
"best guitarist" he's ever played with.  The crowd laughed at his attempt at comedy.

He must reeeeeeeally hate Jimmy Page.

If you’d rather wait for the next COVERDALE/PAGE or FIRM album, be my guest.
Stu  who loves country music

Maybe it was 2007, we saw Plant and Billy Idol within weeks of each other.
Billy Idol, swear to Koresh, put on a much better show than Mr. Gone Country.

I know it's not supposed to be that way, but the truth is the truth.

I'm glad you enjoyed the concert.

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Survivor Contestant Review
by the Liberal Bastard


American Idol Recap
by Bob in SC


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Subject: storm

Bart, I want you to truly suffer natures wrath this day.
I want to see you cold and miserable, for your failure,
your fucking failure and censorship of my earth messages.

I want you to feel the pain of the bitter cold, I want your electricity
to fail and I want you to burn all the wood in your world.
You censure the associations, mother is coming to punish you, Bart

I want you to suffer greatly this incredible storm.
Feel me when you feel the cold Bart, think of me,

Russell the Insane

We have natural gas - thanks.

I hope you own that company or your boss will be really pissed
that you're making his company look so insane.

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Rusty, helping me mix BCR 165

Put your pet's picture on for just $10.

Having your rapist's baby
It's what this GOP House wants for you


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Subject: Democrats afraid to fight

Bart, you wrote:

> It always boils down to the Democrats being afraid to fight.
> Much of that comes from Obama, who'd rather cave in than fight.

Oh please, Democrats were afraid to fight when Obama was still
organizing communities in Kenya.  He’s just more of the same.
 Dennis in DC

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Help Wanted
...and this job actually pays real money

I figure about $10 an hour.

You would be creating web pages so you'd need some skill at html
but if you have ANY html skills you could do this job - look at me :)

This offer is for current subscribers.
If that doesn't work, then former subscribers.
If that doesn't work, I'll throw it open to everyone.

And I might need more than one person.

What you'd be doing is creating Bartcop Hottie pages.  (See examples)
This is NOT porn, but some sexually repressed people will claim it is
so if you have a problem with that, let somebody else make the money.

You'd be paid by the page.
It takes about one minute per page (after you've done a few)
so if you're fast you could make some serious coin.

Can you, subscriber, use some additional income?

Send e-mail to Bart - Connecting Global Buyers with China suppliers.

Private eye Pete Goddard takes leave of Los Angeles to relocate The Night Rabbit
detective agency to his Northeast Ohio hometown. He and business partner Bonnie Kim figure
to ease in with routine investigative cases and quickly establish a credible reputation. Instead,
The Night Rabbit is presented with an opportunity to reopen a bizarre double homicide case.

I'm currently reading this book.
That's right - Bart is reading a book!

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bart blog

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Subject: forced to conform

Hi  Bart.   Do you remember how ABC forced Mike Malloy from
his Chicago radio show because he was brave enough to tell the truth? 
 Stonehenger Elizabeth

Truth tellers can't make it in today's commercial radio.

But crazy liars are making millions - ain't life a bitch?


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Misc Super Bowl Bets
I think you'll want to see these


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Subject: last issue's mystery city

Bart, last issue's mystery city is Tampa.

The building on the right with the top all lit up is the
Sun Trust building, and the cylindrical one is the Sykes building.


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Today's History Mystery


Subject: last issue's history mystery

Who is last issue's History Mystery?

Nobody got last issue's History Mystery?

It was William S. Paley, who built CBS.

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Subject: donation


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Hayden Panettiere's Wardrobe Malfunction

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