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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

 Weekend-Monday,  Jan 28-31, 2011     Vol 2645 - Scene Stealer


Quote of the Day

  "I work for (NBC).
   I don't call all the shots."
        --  Ed Schultz, on MBNBC cancelling
            his "Psycho talk" segment,    Link

   So, Comcast has fired one of the three Lefty's
   on TV and neutered a second.  Watch out, Rachel!


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Reagan's 30-year time bombs
Arrow Kissyface - the unprincipled troll
US tear gas used in Eqypt
Arrow Sarah Palin's 'WTF' Quotes
Arrow Misc Super Bowl Bets
Arrow Eldrick, tied for 44th
Arrow Keira Knightley says she's lazy

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"I wouldn't be surprised to see Harry change his mind.
  Trust me. We will have a vote on it."
-- Mitch the Bitch, bragging about how he's going to muscle right thru Harry Reid
,      Link

 See what a bully Mitch the Bitch is?
 He's bragging about beating up a wimp who's middle name is 'Spineless.'

 What's next, Mitch?
 You going to beat up a six-year old girl?


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Reagan's 30-year time bombs
  by  Robert Parry


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"New civility isn't civility at all.  It's liberals surrendering to the wingnut right.  All of these
  liberal shows are being forced to play nice. The Fox News and hate-radio shows will keep on
  doing what they do. And the liberal shows will plowed under by loud noises on the right.
  The "both sides" meme is also feeding this, by the way. Republicans at MSNBC think
  "Psycho Talk" is the same as Glenn Beck telling his viewers to shoot "communist"
  government officials in the head.   These are not the same.   So Ed Schultz, with his mildly
  amusing segment, is being silenced.  Meanwhile, Ed won't be able to watchdog ridiculous
  hate speech from the right, allowing just that much more wiggle room for the wingnuts to lie
   -- as well as to fantasize about killing Michael Moore, etc.”
-- Bob Cesga,

  It always boils down to the Democrats being afraid to fight.

  Much of that comes from Obama, who'd rather cave in than fight.

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Subject: US wants OFF switch for Internet - No Way!

It's interesting and disturbing that the US government wants an "Off Switch" for the Internet.
As we watch what is happening in Egypt we see that an Internet Off Switch is what tyrant dictators
use when the people rise up in the name of freedom. Giving the government an off switch is like
giving them an off switch to the Constitution. It's a really bad idea.

We are a nation of the People and the Internet is of the People, not something that is or ever
should be under the control of the government. The idea is against everything America stands for.
It's also a bad idea in a practical sense. If there were an off switch then what stops some terrorists
from accessing it? If such a thing existed someone other than the government would figure out
how to control it and hold the nation hostage.

As a network expert I actually doubt that it is possible to create an Off Switch for the Internet
so I'm not that worried about them actually doing it. But the arrogance that they think they have
the right to do so disturbs me. I think We the People need an Off Switch to turn off the government
if they get too far out of line.
 Marc Perkel

Founder of the Church of Reality
If it's real, we believe in it! 

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"Now let me tell you something about Sarah Palin man, she's good masturbation material.
  The glasses and all that?   Great masturbation material."
-- Tracy Morgan on TNT's "Inside the NBA",

"It's unfortunate Mr. Morgan showed a lack of judgment on our air
  with his inappropriate comments,"
  -- buzzkill Turner spokesman Jeff Pomeroy      Link   

 You asses - don't invite a cutting-edge comedian on "your air"
  if you want him to do jokes that Carol Burnett would do.

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US tear gas used in Eqypt
America, torture store to the world

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Subject: everyone who disagrees with you is still a racist!


It's the Return of Esther!

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Sarah Palin's 'WTF' Quotes

Subject: Olbermann

Olbermann is a fucking stooge.

A true progressive warrior would have stood his ground, forced his direct supervisor
(Phil Griffin?) to have him forcibly ejected from his set on live TV, and said,
"Fuck these Comcast/GE assholes and their contract."

But that's what you get when you have so-called champions who care
more about their contracts than they do about their principles.

Olbermann will sit out the next 6-9 months and then try to restyle himself
as a Huffington Post/Bill Maher-style hybrid.

The stupid, lazy left will worship him.
Those who know better will shake our heads and mutter obscenities under our breaths.

Your donation is in the mail—right after Boner gets me a job—because
you know what happened to the American Dream—it came true.
 André in Miami, FL (K-drag Deep South)

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"I think it's the stupidest thing he's ever done in his life. He's a sacred American institution
 of rock and roll, and he just threw it all out the window — just stomped on it and set it on fire.
 I think whoever's advising him ... we should bring back the guillotine, or whatever they call that thing.
 And if it was himself, he needs some serious counseling. I love him, but I gotta speak the truth."
-- Kid Rock, (R-Felon) saying Steven Tyler made a bad career move joining "American Idol."


 Speaking the truth?
 No, 'Kid Rock,' that's just your opinion and I think it's a bad one.

 I got money that says the next time Aerosmith tours they will sell
 more tickets and sell them faster than they ever have in the band's life.

 Tens of millions of Americans are being introduced to Aerosmith
 and Steven and the band still have the chops to deliver the goods.

 This junior, wannabe punk is giving career advice to Steven Tyler?
 Tyler's been a 'rock idol' for 35 f-ing years.

 KR would be lucky to have 10% of Tyler's career.
 Besides, KR is a country rapper - what does he know about rock music?
 Has he ever written?

 ...and what kind of FOX News-watching asshole names himself "Kid Rock?'

 You're Ted Nugent without the guitar (not a compliment).

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Bachmann's SotU Rehearsal

Weird picture of the Day


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Subject: All Hat No Cattle

Bart, do you know why Lisa is not active with her "All Hat No Cattle" site ?
 Marc S 

I'm not sure what's up with that.

Maybe Lisa or somebody who knows what's up will write in...

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"I don't want to go out and campaign for candidates.
  I don't want to be viewed as a perpetual money-raiser.
  I don't want to be on these talk shows, giving my opinion..."

    -- Der Monkey Fuhrer       Link

 I'm Death on Two Legs, nobody wants me to campaign for them.
 I'm viewed as a Perpetual Money Destroyer - ask any American family.
 I have a Palin Brain so I can't render a reasonable opinion on anything
 because I don't know shit about any issue besides "cut taxes."

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Yes, pay good money to see and hear
some of classic rock's very best songs

'reworked' into chicken-fried country crap.

Robert Plant, he's become
Jessica Simpson with a slimmer waist.

Subject: 2012 candidates

Bart, a huge part of the problem for Republicans is that almost
all of their major presidential candidates currently work for Fox. 

Declaring means having to give up their cushy Fox jobs (and hue, unearned incomes).

Luna, you are correct!
But they're getting $55M in free publicity (as per Media Matters)

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Dax, after falling into the tub

Put your pet's picture on for just $10.

Idol Talk

I've thought about writing this hundreds of times,
and last night I thought I'd go ahead and type it out.

My opinion of why this is the biggest show on TV (and has been for 8-9 years)
is the genuine emotion that comes from making the American Idol cut.

When the judges say, "Yes, you're going to Hollywood," you can't miss
the tsunami of "I just won an Oscar" that floods the mind of the Newbie.

But that's not even the best part.

Trust me, the very best moments from American Idol are when some nobody
from Picknose, OK gets three enthusiastic calls of. "You're going to Hollywood!"
and then they walk the 30 feet or so to tell the news to the family.

For non life-and-death drama, it's some of the most emotional moments on TV.

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Subject: SocSec

Hey, Bart--

Two points on  your response to Eric X's Social Security comment:

Chances are really good that the hedge fund manager is not paying any FICA tax
since his income is (most likely) treated as capital gains which are not subject to FICA tax. 
They also get taxed at 15% or some other ridiculous rate.

Second, SocSec is not going broke!  This is another fallacy from the Corporatists to get
their hands on our money.  There were $2.5 trillion in the trust fund at the end of 2009,
the last year I was able to find numbers and the trust fund had more income than outlay in 2010. 
The right wants us to believe that it is going broke so they can cut benefits and "privatize"
the system, but that is not true.

Below is the link to the trustees annual report from August, 2010. 
Somewhat dry but valuable information.

Keep swinging,
 Dan in Portland

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Private eye Pete Goddard takes leave of Los Angeles to relocate The Night Rabbit
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The Night Rabbit is presented with an opportunity to reopen a bizarre double homicide case.

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Subject: GOP, tramps and thieves

The news is full of stories about the stock market peaking 12,000 points.
The right wing media is full of opinions that President Obama is ruining the economy.

The GOP's plan has always been to give everything including control of this country to the corporations.
Profits are at an all time high, productivity is also at historic levels.
Remember all along too that the GOP swore that "trickle down" and "tax cuts" and all the other little baubles
which they demanded the working class dog must surrender, would grow the pie higher for everyone.

So when will this be?

Where are the jobs?
Where are the raises?
Why are our children still ignorant and lazy?
Why is crime at an all time high?
Why are we still at war?
Where is the cheap gasoline?
Why is the electric bill so high?
Why have the prescription drug prices gone up?
Why is the insurance going up again?
Who owns my house?

All the things that they have promised have not materialized.

So the explanation by the media and the GOP is that things are worse because of
a liberal president.  The explanation in 2012 will be, now if we had a Republican
President then there will be jobs, raises and deflation.

There needs to be a Joe Wilson moment here for every American,
every time the media and the GOP repeat the old trickle down rubbish; "You Lie!"
 John R

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Misc Super Bowl Bets
I think you'll want to see these


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Subject: last issue's mystery city

Bart, last issue's mystery city is Milwaukee, Bart.

It's the Art Museum and I've been in it.


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The 'greatest golfer of all time"
 tied for 44th at Torrey Pines

Let's hope nobody was injured when Eldrick
acting like a spoiled child once again,
threw his wedge over his shoulder in disgust.


Poor Eldrick - he needs to get a day job.
Perhaps he'd qualify as a Walmart greeter?

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Why does Charlie get sympathy
while Lindsay is scorned by the industry?


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Today's History Mystery


Subject: last issue's history mystery

Who is last issue's History Mystery?

Bart, I think the answer you are looking for is Robert Zimmerman,
otherwise known as Bob Dylan.  Dylan received most of the credit
for the transition of "The Hawks" to "The Band."

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Subject: donation

Bart, your "running on fumes" comment reminded me:
As a favorite movie of mine goes "All we got in common is our misery,
so the least we can do is share it."

From our fumes to yours, Bart, have a whiff.


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Keira Knightley, 'I'm the laziest f-er in the world'
I'll bet she 'lays around' as good as anybody
  Link to Story

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