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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

 Thursday,  Jan 27, 2011     Vol 2644 - Scrummy conundrum


Quote of the Day

  "Teabaggers are the last gasp
   of the generation that has
   trouble with diversity.”
        --  Howard Dean,    Link


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Dems - fight for nothing
Arrow Kissyface - the unprincipled troll
Stern/Laura working together?
Arrow Batshit's reply irks Left
Arrow Dems caught napping again
Arrow Eldrick, working on a comeback
Arrow Sarah Michelle Gellar in Ringer

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"Two years ago, unemployment was 7.8%, and our national debt stood at $10.6 trillion.
  We wondered whether the president would cut spending, reduce the deficit and implement
  real job-creating policies.”
-- Batshit Bachmann's Teabagging rebuttal
,      Link

 So, Bush set the country on fire and now they're screaming "Big spender" at Obama
 for purchasing more water and more hoses and more payroll for firefighters.


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Dems - fight for nothing, stand for nothing
  by Chris Hedges


 This might be tough to read, but you should...

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SOTU Quotes
"Obama oozed optimism, telling Americans, 'From the earliest days of our founding,
  America has been the story of ordinary people who dare to dream. That's how we win
  the future.' On the other hand, Rep. Paul Ryan (R) and Batshit Bachmann (R) both
  focused on the negative -- crushing deficit, the debt crisis, the ballooning size of government." 
-- The Note,


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Subject: AZ shooter

Bart, you wrote to Jeanne……

>They only demand that of brown & Black people and
> they can't figure out why normal people consider that racist.
So I guess I’ll give you my standard response to those
who do not wish to understand the law as it is written.

I think I understand the law perfectly.
Are you going to change that?

There are too many Nazi Storm Troopers, (Illegal Aliens), in America.

Isn't that an odd way to begin a debate?
To suggest that armed Mexican gangs roam the streets of America
...or are you saying some other group is now the Storm Troopers?

They entered the country illegally and some of them commit heinous crimes.

Who did?
You're ot making things very clear.

So I make a law that Nazi Storm Troopers are breaking the law...


...and if reasonable suspicion exists, they are to be stopped, arrested,
deported, and/or  jailed at the taxpayers expense if found guilty of a crime..

Were you the victim of some Mexican thugs?
I still have no idea who you are talking about.

Is it the laws fault that the MAJORITY of Nazi Storm Troopers
just happen to be German, blue eyed blondes??

I thought you said the Storm Troopers were Mexicans.
Christ, you write a confusing e-mail.

Is that profiling against Caucasians? IMHO, I do not think so.
 Robert in Seattle

P.S. feel free to rip me a new one, it will make good reading. 

It's not about ripping anyone a new one.
It's about trying to figure out what the hell you're saying.

Perhaps if you tried less "cute" and listed more facts?

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Is Stern working with Dr Laura?
Some things don't add up - plus, Bart vs Harpie on abortion

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Subject: Macaca on the Daily Show


You must have seen this, but please post it for those who haven't.
This may be the best thing ever on The Daily Show, or at least in my top 5.

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"I wrote one Twitter that I said, 'Please find me a picture of Sarah Palin with more than
  one black person because I couldn't find one.'  And then she went to Haiti a week later.
  She threw together a trip to Haiti. So I believe I made that happen. So that's positive.
    -- comic Louis CK, razzling Palin about her racism,      Link


 Thanks to BrainSmasher for the quote.

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Subject: saving Social Security

The way to 'save' Social Security (which I am on, age 70, btw) is to abolish the FICA cap. 
Right now it's the most regressive Federal tax anyway.  Make everybody pay on every scintilla
of income, and the 'problem' goes away forever.  Why doesn't anyone ever bring this up?

Because the super-rish are damn tired of paying taxes.
They think only the little people should pay taxes
so they bribe GOP crooks to exempt them and our
Democratic mice are too afraid to say anything.
Raising the retirement age is wrong if you want to create jobs for young people. 
Let workers retire at 60 and see how many jobs become available (this is exactly what
the students in France were rioting about 2 mos. ago). 
Let the old people retire and give their jobs to the new graduates.

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Olbermann Quotes
"To not acknowledge the full-on bile spewing from Faux News is wrong. Liberals needed a voice
  of their own. There were countless man-hours being spent at the number one "news" org spewing
  lie after lie.  Night after night the jackals at Fox were telling less-well-read people (who get their news
  from TV) multiple lies. Olbermann is a hero on the left BECAUSE he brought some fight in his game.”
-- Daily Dish reader,

  So why is Olbermann in hiding?

  He can't appear on other talk shows as long as MSNBC is paying him
  but there are many Lefty web sites that would print his "what happened" explanation.

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Weird picture of the Day


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Benny the Rat, between child rapes


"Remember when conservatives blamed Obama for crashing the stock market,
  even though he'd only been president for about two months?

  The stock market crashed in October of 2008, 3 weeks before the election
  and 13 weeks before Obama was sworn in.

 Well, now, two years later, the Dow Jones has hit 12,000.  The Dow closed at 7,949 on
  Bush's last day in office. That means it's gone up 50% since Obama's inauguration.
  Clearly, that's socialism run amok...liberal thugism on the loose. Oh, for capitalism's
  good old days when Bush and the GOP steered it straight to the edge of oblivion.’
    -- Jed Lewison      Link


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Subject: Olbermann for WH press secretary?

Bart, I heard some buzz about this over the weekend and wanted your take.
 pm in Texas 

It'll never happen.
He's considered too polarizing - by this White House.

Last thing they want is a fighter out there.

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Sophi runs the house where Tom lives.

Put your pet's picture on for just $10.

Batshit's reply irks Left


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Subject: Dems caught napping again

It’s still a bit unclear to me what exactly transpired, but once again, Harry Reid and the
Senate Dems have had another one of those “I never saw it coming” moments.  There will be
no filibuster reform in the 112th Congress.  Why not?  Because the Repugs filibustered it. Sort of. 

Instead of making the rules change the first thing on the agenda, our extremely stupid Dem leadership
must have put other things higher up the Day 1 agenda. The Repugs pounced on the opportunity,
filibustering these items, thus running out the clock on permissible Day 1 rule changes.
Get ready for the 2 worst years in the Senate since the run-up to the Civil War.  I can see the Repugs,
simply out of principle, simply because they can, filibustering EVERY judicial nominee and every
appointment for the next 2 years, hoping to leave the court vacancies open in case they beat Obama in 2012. 

They will filibuster everything, the price of their cooperation being the repeal of Health Care reform
and even lower taxes on the rich.  It’s what I’d do if I were them, facing such pathetic “majority” opposition. 
It’s official – The Republicans now control both houses of Congress.
 Leo in NC

Leo, that's nothing new.
Even when we controlled everything, all the GOP had to do was say "Boo!"
and Obama, Reid and Pelosi rolled over like good little doggies.

Why is our side so afraid to fight?
Bill Clinton wasn't afraid of a fight and he won many big victories.

I used to say this a lot:
*I* could beat up Mike Tyson if he refused to fight back.
It might take me 200 punches to drop him, but if he just stood there like a dork
with his chin sticking out, I'm sure I could eventually drop him - probably.

The Democrats are right on almost all the issues
but they keep losing because they refuse to fight.

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Subject: Social Security


A real easy fix for SS is to drop the cap. 
If you have income, you pay into SS. 
None of that crap that you stop paying when your income reaches $106K. 
I don't want to hear about the Rich Man's Burden.

And then, of course, there's the fact that if wages had kept pace with
inflation and productivity, we would have a much smaller problem to deal with.
 Eric X

Great point.
If some hedge fund asshole makes $10M, he only pays SS on $106K, which is crap.

The Rethugs set this up with the cowering Demo mice saying, "Whatever you guys want!"

Social Security is going broke because, like everything else,
the super-rich paid congress to pass laws that exempt them.

When the super-rich pay their fair share of taxes
we won't have any more budget problems.

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Eldrick, working on a comeback
but the clock is ticking on his legacy...


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Guess the City


Subject: last issue's mystery city

Bart, last issue's mystery city is Rotterdam, the Netherlands
If not, that's a reasonable facsimile of the Erasmus bridge located in that city.
 Tom B

Tom, you are correct!

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Today's Extra Tricky History Mystery


Subject: last issue's history mystery

Who is last issue's History Mystery?

Bart, this link says it all.

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Subject: donation

Bart, keep kicking bad guys in the ass.
 Brad P

Brad, thanks for that.
That will put some kibble in the Bart cats' bowls.

BTW, what do you do with a little Klepto Kitty?
Three times I caught Dax stealing a roll of stamps.
He'd jump in my lap and pick up the stamps in his mouth
and jump off and start running in about 1 second.

Since I'm a moron, I failed to secure them and now they're gone.
Mrs. Bart says when she's gettin dressed in the morning, Dax the Impaler
will grab an earring from her jewelry box and take off with it.

Plus some of his toys are missing - where should we look for his secret lair?


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Sarah Michelle Gellar in Ringer
Sexy, edgy thriller coming to CBS

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