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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

 Wednesday,   Jan 26, 2011     Vol 2643 - Alabama bloodhound


Quote of the Day

  "I’m a pretty good negotiator.” 
        --  Mitch the Bitch,    Link

Hey Bitch, I have news for you.

   Everyone who negotiates with Obama
   thinks they're the best negotiator ever.

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Reagan, the anti-Reaganite
Arrow Kissyface - the unprincipled troll
Stern fans 'terrorize' Dr. Laura
Arrow Survivor '22' Preview
Arrow Pfeffers Power Play
Arrow Raising False SS Alarms
Arrow Brooke Burke, fine in jeans

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"You know the drill: global warming isn’t happening, if it is happening then it’s not
  caused by human behavior, if it is caused by human behavior then we can’t do anything
  about it, if it is caused by human behavior and we can do something about it, then that
  something is too expensive, if it is caused by human behavior and we can do something
  about it that is not too expensive, then that something is not what Democrats are proposing.
  And Al Gore is fat and sometimes when he goes somewhere it snows there, which is very ironic."
-- DougJ Douglson
,      Link


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Reagan, the anti-Reaganite
Our whore media can't get enough of his 'greatness'


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"The best thing the federal government can do is stop trying to create jobs."
-- Freshman Rep. Nan "I hate jobs" Hayworth (R-Did-you-have-to-ask?)


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Subject: AZ shooter

Hi Bartcop,

I don't like Arizona's "papers please" law, but since they have it, my question is: 
When the police stopped Jared Loughner for running a red light that morning,
did they ask for his citizenship papers?  If not, why not?  Or is that just for brown people? 

If they had asked him, and he didn't have his birth certificate with him,
they should have arrested him and the whole tragedy would have been avoided.
Keep hammering,

Jeanne, no way they asked the super-white AZ shooter for his papers.

They only demand that of brown & Black people and
they can't figure out why normal people consider that racist.

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Stern fans 'terrorize' Dr. Laura
She mishandled the callers 100%   MAJOR Language ALERT


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Subject: 2012 candidates

't this time of the year in 2007, there were fourteen people vying to become president.

At this time of the year in 2003, there were at least five people, and perhaps as many as seven,
depending on what sources you look at.

But no Republicans are have officially stepped up to the plate as of yet,
which makes me wonder: what are they afraid of?
 Mick Mac

They're all afraid of the Publicity Whore.
If she gets in, the Teabaggers will walk over broken glass barefooted to vote for her.

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"I needlessly drew a college student who was following me around all over Virginia
  into the race, and I should not have. He was just doing his job and I should not have
  made him part of the issue. It was not done with malice, and if I had known that that
  made-up word would be connoted as a racial insult I would not have said it."

    -- Former senator and current racist George "Macaca" Allen,      Link

 "Senator Macaca" wants back in the government that he hates so much.

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Subject: It's Over - We Have Lost

With the news that Keith Olberman was fired as a result of the Comcast takeover of NBC,
I realized that the final liberal voices in the mainstream media will soon be silenced. 

Rachel Maddow will soon be fired too. 
We have lost.  The fascists have won.
  Ron in Arizona

It's not clear what happened.
It began to go bad when KO was "caught" donating to some Democrats.

If it was in his contract that he couldn't do that, the blame is all his.
I think Keith should spell out what happened.

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Wild Bill Donovan: The Spymaster Who Created the OSS
 and Modern American Espionage [Hardcover]

Douglas Waller (Author)

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"You can fix the Social Security shortfall by raising the age by one month every year.
  So it will take 36 years to raise the Social Security age three years. I think we as a society
  can handle that. It fixes most of the problem. The bill can be one page long. We raise the
  age by one month every year."

    --  Rand Paul,     Link

 I agree with that idea because I thought of it years ago.
 You can't tell someone who's 64 years and ten months old that he has to wait
 until he's 70 to start getting benefits, but if you tell him, "Your June 2013 retirement
 has been pushed back to July 2013," nobody gets hurt and it'll help save Social Security.

 Of course, a better way to save Social Security is to make the super-rich pay their damn taxes.
 Exxon-Mobile is making $10,000 profit per minute and not paying ANY federal income taxes.


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Survivor 'Redemption Island' Preview
 by the Liberal Bastard


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 bart blog

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Subject: 'We' includes everyone

Like everyone, I support a balanced budget. And like everyone I like tax cuts.
But I really don't want my 2% cut in Social Security taxes if it means that old people
have to eat dog food to survive.

We also have to remember that the Constitution starts with "We the People"
and not "We the Corporations" and that justice isn't justice if it isn't justice for all.
 Marc Perkel

Founder of the Church of Reality
If it's real, we believe in it!

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Weird picture of the Day


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"The truth of Christ is the full and authentic response to that human desire for relationship,
  communion and meaning, which is reflected in the immense popularity of social networks.”
    -- Pope Benedict XVI, promoting his new Twitter feed @bennytherat      Link


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Subject: Catholics for sale


As a surviving, recovering Missouri Synod Lutheran (one of the most conservative of Lutheran sects)
I know very well that one of Luther's main reasons (there were 95, remember?) for starting the
"Reformation" was the sale of indulgences by the Catholic church.

In other words, back then you could buy your way out of responsibility for certain sins,
much the way anullment works today. To Da Pope, money talks, bullshit walks!


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Did you see Obama set up Boner last night?
He talked about the America Dream and how even a Black man
can be president and a skinny little kid from Scranton could be VP
and a Big-Cancer-addicted, orange freak from Ohio could be Squeaker.

Boner started crying like Bob Dole at Nixon's funeral.

Did you notice when he mentioned Boner,
the GOP jumped to their feet and appaluded wildly?

The GOP supports by their winners.
Democrats tend to defecate on theirs.

Raising False SS Alarms
  by Bob Herbert


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Subject: Dr. Laura naked pics

I had to comment that your censorship and endless editorializing
on the pics did not make them more interesting. 

Show me the whole thing, unedited, and without your blathering!!
<>Bruce Reich
Redding, CA

No, I refuse.

You Sir, are a pervert with a harpie fetish,
wanting to see that old bag's interior plumbing.
When Laura spreads her legs, it's like Hustler for geezers and here at  we have too much class to run that gaping Laura porn.

How about a picture of the Grand Canyon, instead?

The internet is full of better-looking girls in much classier poses
such as the beautiful women pictured at  Bartcop Hotties.

If you're Catholic, you need to go to confession.

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bart blog

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Subject: Thank you

Bart -
Just a thank you for doing what you do. You're the best there is.
I've been reading you for a long time and you never let me down.
best wishes,

Eddie, thanks for that.
I hope donations will increase to the point where I can continue.
We've been running on fumes since Bush's recession started.

Power Play
  by Jeffery Pfeffer


Whenever you have control over resources important to others—things like
money and information—you can build your power.

You need power to push any important agenda through. So what’s been
keeping you from assembling your power base? And when a situation has
called for a power play, what’s given you pause? If you’re like many of the
students and executives I’ve counseled, three big barriers stand in your way.

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Guess the City


Subject: last issue's mystery city

Bart, last issue's mystery city is Des Moines, Iowa
I was there once - for some reason I recognized it immediately!


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Today's History Mystery


Subject: last issue's history mystery

Who is last issue's History Mystery?

Bart, that’s Alfred Emanuel Smith, better known as Al Smith.
He was elected Governor of New York four times and was the
Democratic candidate for president in 1928. As a stalwart progressive,
he was pilloried by the proto-teabaggers in the south and lost in a landslide to Herbert Hoover.
He’s largely been forgotten, but he shouldn’t be. As a New York state assemblyman,
he championed the fight for safe working conditions after the horrendous Triangle Shirtwaist Fire
in New York City, in which nearly 150 workers died, many of whom jumped to their deaths
because there was no way to get out of the building.

Every time you see a fire exit sign over a door or an exit bar,
commonly called a panic bar, Al Smith put it there.
 RCB in Wyoming 

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I didn't watch much of the speech.
Did Joe Wilson jump up and scream,
"Screw you, Nigger" at the President?

Subject: donation

Bart, here's a donation to the best of the web!
 Richard in Marietta, GA

Richard, thanks for that.
That will put some logs on the fireplace :)

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Brooke Burke looks good in jeans...
...probably - I can't find a picture of her in jeans

  Link to Story

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