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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

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 Friday,  Feb 18, 2011     Vol 2652 - Provacateuse

Saw it on

Quote of the Day

  "Once you make up your mind,
   facts are but a mere annoyance..."
        --  Ronald Reagan,   Link


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow I Hope Lara Logan Enjoyed it
Arrow Marion is wrong, Stu is right?
Is Madison another Cairo?
Arrow Rove: Birthers Hurting Us
Arrow Why Does GOP Hate SS?
Arrow Why no good 2012 Rethugs?
Arrow Rihanna gets "Loud'

"You have the right to free speech, as long as
  you're not dumb enough to actually try it..."
-- Joe Strummer, The Clash, 'Know Your Rights'
,      Link

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Hey, that sounds kinda fun...

I Hope Lara Logan Enjoyed Her “Liberation”
 by that heartless c-word,  Debbie Schlutt

  Link     Want to get your blood pressure up?

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The "tax the super-rich" elephant is so big
it wouldn't fit on the goddamn internet.

Marty has new stuff every day
on her fine, fine Entertainment Page

Marty's TV Listings are the best

Marty always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

"For an act to be a crime, libertarians say, someone
  must be harmed -- there must be a victim..."
-- Pot Smokers,

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Subject: Marion is wrong, Jon Stewart is right

Bart, love your site, faithful reader for years and 1 time contributor but Jon Stewart is correct.
The left can be "just as bad" as the right.

I find that wording funny.
If you're saying they're equal, Marion's not the crazy person.

Are you saying they have 40 and we have 3 so "both sides do it?"
You'd have to really phrase that artfully to make it close to being true.

I'm not sure what Jon's motive is. Does he need a few issues on which to
disagree with the Democrats to bolster his journalistic credibility?

For instance, I believe O'Reilly is pro-gay rights.
He points to that as "proof" that he's not a right-wing reactionary whore
and therefore he "calls 'em as I see 'em," which is horseshit.

Do they have the platform like the right no, but given the opportunity they don't fail
to lower themselves. Jon had a perfect example of Ed Schultz just the other night ranting
and raving ala Glenn Beck.

Hold on - again - it's not the same.
I didn't see Ed Schultz the other night, but if he was "ranting and raving" about
the poor shivering in their homes next winter, he has every right to scream.

That's not the same as Glenn Beck screaming "Obama leads The Muslim Brotherhood."

Another example is Marion from Missouri. She alludes to a fire in KC that is caused by
the cuts Obama wants to make to LIHEAP and seems to be blaming him for the fire
and a multitude of other problems. Taking a few minutes to check I found this story,

The house had 9 residents, 3 adults, 2 women, 1 pregnant, and 9 kids.
Is the taxpayer really responsible for what this family can or can't afford?
Getting real tired of both sides.
 Russell - a liberal but no bleeding heart

Perhaps what Marion meant was - if a poor family can't afford to heat their home
it would be sad and dangerous to have them using a toaster for heat.

I'm sure you'd agree with that.

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Obama's decision to screw the poor is the biggest blunder of his presidency.
Unless you count giving the super-rich a trillion dollars OR coddling the bastards
who wish he was dead OR ignoring the Teabagger crisis for 15 months.

Maybe with Rahm, Dax and Gibbs gone,
he'll be able to see the obvious more quickly.

Is Madison another Cairo?

Subject: Auroras!!

Bart, Astrocat's aurora pictures rock!
 Roo in Tejas

Astrocat does great work.
Here's some more... 

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Like to read about beer? Click above. 
Want to write about beer?

Rove: Birthers Hurting Us

Subject: Danny Detroit will hate this...

Please post this link to a video of the new VW factory.  
While GM and Chrysler were going underwater, this is what the Germans were doing. 

I’ll subscribe again soon; I’m 2 months into a new job after 9 months of living on the savings.
Much thanks for all you do,
 Brian in Dallas

Brian, thanks for that.

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"The strongest reason for the people to retain their right to keep and bear arms
  is as a last resort to protect themselves against tyranny in government."
-- Thomas Jefferson, possibly   

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Subject: heating subsidies

I can't believe Obama is targeting people who already have thier share of misery.
What are they supposed to do? Choose between starving or freezing?

My daughter is blind and she gets help every winter.
Sometimes it's hard for her to pay her bill even with help.
My solution to this is every time I get a call, letter or e mail from the Democratic party
wanting me to contribute, I am going to tell them I wish I could but I am donating that
money to whatever charity will help these people out with their heating costs.
I thought in 2008 when all these Democrats got elected I could quit worrying about
everything so much. I thought I could quit worrying about Social Security, the enviroment,
my job and so many other things. I was wrong and I am pissed.

I don't know how much money I donated to them but I didn't get anything for it.
At least  if I donate it to the right charity some unfortunate person will get help.

I say we tax the super-rich and we tax the churches and we put that "Fair Tax"
on corporations where they pay a flat fee of 20% of their gross profits.

They're always wanting to "simply" the tax code.
Let them start by "simplifying" Exxon-Mobile and Bank of America.

Throw in a $50 an ounce tax on pot and adopt The Bartcop Tax Plan
and we'd have this nation back on the road to recovery in a year.

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Amazing TV Stuff

It was the best Survivor premier - ever!
One crazy newbie decided to attack one of the best players ever - and she learned
that new and stupid with 3 votes always loses to smart and experienced with
6 votes.

GO HERE and click on the second video link.
It's 5 minutes of juicy, insane fun.

The tall black guy, Phillip?
He keeps claiming (at least three times) that's he's "a former federal agent."

He's got the stability of f-ing Bahrain (not a compliment) and he tends to
stand around camp arguing with the girls wearing nothing but PINK BRIEFS.
Dude, did you not know there'd be cameras on the island?

If someone in your family loves Justin Bieber you might check on her.
Last night, Las Vegas PD put six in his chest.



And in some of the most entertaining poker I've seen in a while, on Poker After Dark,
my good friend Phil Laak is playing while very drunk and he's down $168,000.

I love playing poker drunk, but only with other people's money.
Set your DVR and see how much Phil can lose tonight - the last night.

Survivor Premier Recap


Phillip sorta reminds me of a slightly demented Coach (Is that possible?) ha ha
I think he is first in line when Ometepe loses a challenge again.
Rob will split the vote so that Kristina has to use her HII, and Phillip goes to
Redemption Island to duel with Francesca. Now THAT would be fun.

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TV Writers

We don't have any Americal Idol writers this year?
Last year we had several...

If you want to write, just sent it in - as plain text only.

What about The Amazing Race?
Anybody want to recap the shows with lots of snarky opinions?

  I like to write!!

Subject: What about a tax on stupidity?

Everyone is talking about what we're going to have to gut or tax to balance the budget.
I have an idea. Why don't we put a tax on stupidity?

If we taxed stupidity America would have a budget surplus.
Every year when you think the government can't get any dumber
than they are now, they always break the record.
 Marc Perkel

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Why Does GOP Hate Social Security?  
  by Joe Conason



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Subject: I want to survive

Bart, I read about your fund-raising problems and I'm here to help.
I will add 50% to any donation you get up to $1,000.

If a reader sends in $50, instead of giving them 6 months of Bartcop Radio
please give them 9 months and I'll send you $25.

You've kept me sane in some crazy times,
  Midnight Avenger

MA, thanks - that was way cool.


Robert Plant

I was willing to let the Robert Plant discussion die, then last night I
talked to a fellow Zeppelin collector from the old days and I asked him
if he was as disgusted with the Country Plant as I was.

I've always been a Jimmy Page man, he's always been more into Robert.
Yes, he's totally disgusted and he directed me to this debacle,


Over the Hills and Far Away was always a great song, expecially live.
It starts out so peaceful and melodic, then crashes into major excitement,

...unless you think excitement is severely over-rated
and should be replaced with that calming Nashville twang.

Oh God, this makes me sick to my damn stomach.

...and then there's Black Dog - on a f-ing banjo?

Eddie, are you kidding?

This is like Tarantino doing a children's musical on Broadway.

Subject: Eldrick and Bill Murray

Hey Bart, Letterman was wrong, Bill Murray did not win a PGA major

So why is he standing there next to the trophy?

He won the pebble beach pro-am which is not a major

The Pebble Beach Pro-Am? Sure sounds like a major tournament
but I guess you're
saying it's not a PGA major tournament.

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"A conservative is a liberal who has been mugged."
   -- Unknown     

"A liberal is a conservative who has been arrested.. or pregnant."

   -- Unknown      Link


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Subject: your anti-religion rant

Bart, your response to "a call to reason" was so beautiful I almost cried….
Excellent rebuttal. I copied n pasted it for future reference if you don’t mind. J
  Robert in Seattle

Subject: your god rant

Excellent god rant Bart.
You should enshrine that on your site for easy reference again and again.
 Tony D'A

OK, we'll file that under God-Rant.htm

Subject: Invisible Cloud Being

Did God create man to do His bidding?
Or did man create God to do his?
 Terry in Tahlequah, OK

You kicked ass with your explanation of God and religion.
  Gregor in Medicine Hat, Alberta Canada

I agree. There is no God, only organized and unorganized religion.
And what is religion? A crutch, an excuse, a reason, a false comfort, etc.
 Joe @ The Sludge Report

Bart, nice rant on religion.
Cloud-being-believers dhould understand is that a person can live a Christian life
—being kind to people, doing unto others, etc. —without believing in their bullshit.
The god stuff isn't necessary to being a good human being;
it's a crutch, it's window dressing and it's a lie.

I've attached a toon you might like.
Best to you + Mrs. Bart and your kitties.

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Why no good 2012 Rethugs? 
  by Nate Silver



Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Obama's budget


When his budget gets to the House the pressure will be on the
Republicans to fund the subsidies for low income fuel costs.

If they pass it like it is the public will cry foul.  
If they restore funding the tea baggers will vote them out.

It’s a win-win for the Dems. Can you see the Republicans
in the senate holding up the bill to increase social spending?

If the budget is a giant "fuck you" to the poorest Americans
I don't think I'd call it a win-win.

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Subject: last issue's mystery city

Last issue's mystery city  is D-Town, the Mile High City of Denver Colorado. 
I live in the Springs, and it's about 65 miles from here, but it's a hop and a skip when you're used to driving. 

I have to confess I don't know what my crazy Capitol city has done this time,
but I'm sure you'll enlighten us all.  I love my state and how beautiful it is. 
And if it wasnt for Denver/Boulder, we'd be just as red as Oklahoma!

Danah, I Googled "Colorado Springs Skyline" and that picture showed up.

That's why I called it crazy, I thought it was your home town which has
some of the nuttiest evangelicals in America - which is no small feat.


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Today's History Mystery


Do YOU, the reader, have a not-too-obscure History Mystery picture?

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Subject: last issue's history mystery

What is last issue's History Mystery?

That is Philo Farnsworth, the inventor of electronic television in the late 20's. 
Sarnoff and RCA tried to steal it but he won the patent suit in the 30's.
  Walter Love

Walter, you are correct!

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: donation

Bart, I've been reading your stuff for a long time.
Use this to put more food on your family. many thanks!
 Thomas G in Anacortes, WA

Thomas, that was great - thanks.


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Rihanna gets 'Loud'

  Link to Story

Check out dozens of hot  Rihanna  photos  at  BC Hotties

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