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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

  BCR Show 167 is up 
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 Weekend-Monday  March 4-7, 2011     Vol 2659 - Tiger Blood

Quote of the Day

 "I have one dollar in my wallet.
  That’s more than the combined
  income tax liability of GE, ExxonMobil,
  Citibank, and the Bank of America.
  Somebody is gaming the system.”
        --  Carl Gibson    Link

  And Obama is leading that parade.


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Bush bastards got off on nudity 
Arrow Teabagger: 'fool' John Boehner 
Kid Rock Slavery
Arrow Obama allows Mexican trucks
Arrow We've lost Tommy Tequila
Arrow Huckabee attacks Portman
Arrow Katie Holmes sues Star

"Feel free to make yourselves at home. For those of you with a
  particular interest in the next election, I don't mean that literally." 
-- Obama, at the White House, looking at Haley Barbour,   Link


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Bush bastards got off on nudity
They said it 'broke' the fella being tortured 'faster'


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"If American workers are being denied their right to organize and collectively bargain,
  when I’m in the White House, I’ll put on a comfortable pair of shoes myself, I’ll walk
  on that picket line with you as President..."

     -- Obama, when he was a Democrat     Link

"As union fights continued throughout the U.S., Obama remained outside the fray
  from the legislative infighting in Wisconsin, Indiana, and Ohio."

     -- Hotline, talking about today's Obama,     Link

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Tea party leader: Charlie Sheen
makes more sense than 'fool' John Boehner
For the first time, a Teabagger makes sense



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Subject: Elections

Although I generally side with unions and the right to organize, I have to say that tenure
for teachers is an abuse of the system. When I was in the 8th and 9th grade I had an
incompetent English teacher who enjoyed abusing students. But the principal said that
there was nothing he could do because of tenure. Teachers with tenure can't be fired.

The very idea that some people get a job for life without any kind of accountability is
just fundamentally wrong. The teacher stayed in her job till she was 65 and then went on
to draw from the system for another 25 years till she finally died at the age of 90.

I support the rights of teachers to have unions but I also support the right of students
to be protected from teachers who aren't qualified to teach. So I'll support the teachers
when the teachers support the students. Tenure must go.
 Marc Perkel

We talked about tenure in BCR 167

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Kid Rock Slavery
NAACP boycotts racist's show



 How is this a news story?
 Why would the NAACP consider attending a racist's show in the first place?
 Kid Rock is a Republican and that means he can be as racist as he wants.

 Hey Kid, why not bring a f-ing noose onstage
 and tell us it also has nothing to do with race?

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Subject: radio Nazis and their fake callers


Thanks to Rude Rich


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"The president is one of the greatest politicians in the history of the United States."
-- Haley Barbour,
Rethug,    Link

 Well sure, Barbour thinks that.
 Besides Tally and The Brew, how many Democrats agree with Barbour?

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Subject: Demo Underground

Bart, the issue is solved - Click  Here

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Obama, Calderon allow Mexican trucks in U.S.
This is 'proof' that the 'new world order' has arrived



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"Every state has different demographics, every state has different problems.
  It's good to allow them to work out their own problems rather than a one-size-fits-all
  federal government dumb-ass program. It really is an awful piece of crap."

       -- Orrin Hatch, hating on the UNITED States,     Link

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I'm told it would behoove me to have
all radio clips on the youtube channel.

Subject: definition of democracy

The majority of Egyptians wanted Mubarak out. 
They achieved that.  That was democracy in action. 

The majority of Wisconsin citizens support the rights of public workers to have
collective bargaining rights.  It has been proven through polls.  That is why people
are protesting in Wisconsin.  That is democracy. 

Wisconsin's governor, Scott Walker has no interest in democracy.  He is a fascist. 
He only wants what benefits the (rich) minority.  He's on his way out. 
 Gary M

Actually, the definition of democracy is two wolves
and a sheep deciding on what's for dinner.

Sometimes I think our president likes mutton.

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We've lost Tommy Tequila
He owned the Greatest Place on Earth


The family became involved in Democratic politics and their daughter ultimately went to work for the Obama administration.

We met Tommy once - he was very nice to us.

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Sometimes I think Obama's the
most effective guy on their team.

Did Reagan ever borrow a billion dollars
from China to give to the super-rich?

Weird Picture of the Day


The link was broke, now it works.

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A reason for guys to watch Idol...

Pia Toscano is favored (at the moment) to win.

Huckabee attacks Natalie Portman
But Bristol is a perfect role model for today's yoots?


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Thanks to David T

Put your pet's picture on for just $10.
 - Connecting Global Buyers with China suppliers.

World's Most Beautiful Buildings?
Shiiiiit, I'd put Aria up against every building they list



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Subject: last issue's mystery city

Last issue's mystery city  is Hamburg, Germany.

That is the part of Hamburg's waterfront along the River Elbe,
and in the background is St. Michaelis Church.
 Lonnie in Tokyo


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Today's History Mystery


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Subject: last issue's history mystery

What is last issue's History Mystery?

Bart, that's Arthur Bremer, and he is not getting any love
because he just shot Alabama Governor George Wallace.
I remember that event, as I was a boy in the Deep South then.
 Rafa in Taos

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Katie Holmes sues Star Magazine

Claims she can tolerate Cruise without drugs
  Link to Story

Check out dozens of hot  Katie Holmes  photos  at  BC Hotties

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