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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

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 Tuesday  March 8, 2011     Vol 2660 - Oversized load

Quote of the Day

 "See because our president is so
  inexperienced in the private sector
  and in government and in actually
  running anything and making any
  kind of budget that inexperience
  has really made manifest in some
  of the statements he makes."
        --  Palin, trying to make sense,    Link


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Moore: America is NOT broke
Arrow Will they murder Dr Means, too?
Beating up on Marc Perkel
Arrow Sen. Ensign to step down
Arrow Warner Bros. fires Sheen
Arrow Learning from 'Climategate'
Arrow Jennifer Esposito Blue Bloods

"Here in West Palm Beach, gasoline prices are up nearly 50¢ in one month. I have to pay
  the price at the pump just like anybody else does. So I'm at one with everybody else on this."
-- the vulgar Pigboy, who's "One of us" even tho he makes $40M a month


I filled up my lil' Toyota today - $3.59 a gallon which meant a $58.17 fill-up.
That money goes right to the super-rich bastards who paid Bush to take us to war.


 When Clinton was president, gas was what, $1.50?

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America is NOT broke
by Michael Moore (has he been reading


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"If you're a regular viewer of Fox News, you're among the most cynical people on Earth.
  I cannot think of a more cynical slogan than 'Fair and Balanced'."

     -- New York Whore Times editor Bill Keller,     Link

 The Whore Times calling out a news organization for lying?

Did they get Matt Drudge's permission to publish that?

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Will they murder Dr. Mila Means, too?
"Pro-life Christians' are often into shooting doctors...


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Subject: Beating up Marc Perkel

I say BULLS**T to Perkel's rant on teachers!   

In what universe was Mark Perkel intelligent enough in the 8th Grade
to determine if his teacher was incompetent.  He was a snot nosed little kid!
I’ll bet in the 8th grade he didn’t know the meaning of incompetent!

Children are in NO position to decide if their teacher is competent. 
Hell he was an ignorant kid at the time.
I call his statement what it is…BS!

Kid’s are in no position to determine whether a teacher
is competent or not!  Most parents aren’t either!
 Jack in Jacksonville, Alabamastan

Subject: Beating up Marc Perkel

Hey Bart,

I often agree with Perkel, but he is wrong today.  He knows of one bad teacher so tenure must go?
If a "bad" teacher is allowed to teach for 25 years the school's administration is dropping the ball. 

Every union agreement I know of has a discipline procedure laid out in black and white. 
Good managers have no problem getting rid of bad apples.  Does Perkel think a Teamster
who wrecks his truck everyday keeps his job at UPS - NO WAY JOSE!
 Jim in Iowa

Subject: Beating up Marc Perkel

I usually agree with Marc !00%, but in this case I do see both sides.
One side is Marc’s where what do you do with bad teachers in a tenure system, but the other
is the point of what do you offer highly educated, qualified people to make less money potentially
than they could in the private sector.

Also I listen to my right wing nut job acquaintances who say this is the argument for making all
education privately owned. And my answer to them always is “ that’s works so well where????”.

I know it is a complex issue, but still to hear people complain about teacher’s salaries like they
are Wall Street crooks just makes me ill at the comparison. A livable wage and benefits should
be the normal, not the opposite, as the wealthy want to Wal-Martize the rest of us.

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Learning from 'Climategate'
 by David Roberts

Subject: the coming war between 2 peoples -
Bart the artificial technological human versus the natural man

from Transcending man I learned that Bart is a Artilect warrior
Bart seeks to create gods through technology
Bart seeks to advance technology to become a god

One group of humanity is going to arise to try and stop this technology,
will be to keep this artificial intelligence from never being built.
Barts group will think AI is a god and nothing will stop these sick humans
 I understand

Russell, thanks, but I'm already a bitchin' rock star god from Mars.



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Palin Quotes
"Sensible Americans must be detecting vibrations of weirdness emanating from
  people associated with the Republican party.  Credible Republican presidential
  candidates will be hurt by a process cluttered with careless, delusional, egomaniacal,
  spotlight-chasing candidates to whom the sensible American majority would never
  entrust a lemonade stand, much less nuclear weapons’"
-- George Will, saying Publicity whore Palin is killing their chances in 2012
,    Link

 Well sure, all sane Americans know that Sarah Palin is "delusional and egomaniacal,"
 but your side has a crazy majority so looks like Obama will get a second term.

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Subject: BCR Show 167

Bart, I listened to #167 last night and I thought the whole show was
well-paced, funny and enjoyable.  It seemed like it was over really fast. 

Horace, thanks for that.
Now I know at least one person heard it  :)

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Warner Bros. fires Charlie Sheen
Billions lost - to save Chuck Lorrie's reputation?


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Subject: Beating up Marc Perkel

Bart, sorry to say, this one time Marc Perkel is wrong.  Tenure is not a lack of accountability. 
Any teacher who abuses students can be fired, even in Los Angeles.  If a principal refuses to take
the steps needed to get rid of a teacher who is breaking the law, it is the principal who needs to be fired.

The purpose of tenure is to prevent principals from firing teachers without reason -- to force the
principals to be accountable as well as the teachers.  Otherwise, for example, Kansas could
appoint principals who don't believe in evolution, and they could then fire all the teachers who
try to teach it.  Or a new white principal could come in to a school and fire all the black teachers. 
Or vice versa.  How would this support students?

The vast majority of teachers are good people who do their best for the students and take a salary
far below what they could earn in another industry.  When they retire, their pensions are a larger
percent of the last few years' salary than, say, factory supervisors, for two reasons:  (1) their salaries
were lower in the first place, and (2) the difference between their salaries as teachers and what they
would make as factory supervisors could have been invested for these 40 years and they would get
a lot more than their pension.

When there's a genuinely bad teacher, the problem is almost always the principal (and sometimes
higher administration).  Teachers will not tolerate incompetence in their midst, but the principal has
to ask for the teacher to be reviewed.  If the principal doesn't understand tenure--as, clearly,
Marc Perkel does not--they can perpetuate the problem.  If the principal is good, the bad teachers are gone.

Subject: Beating up Marc Perkel

Bart, Perkel is throwing the baby out with the bath water. If he wants teachers who "teach the test",
then getting rid of tenure is good. If he wants teachers who can't speak on controversial subjects,
then tenure must go. I feel certain, though, that a system could be fixed so that truly incompetent
teachers could be fired, while keeping the security and the freedom to teach for the inspiring and

Both of my parents were teachers, and I know that they could be fired under today's curricula
because they didn't follow them exactly. Removing the production-line aspect from teaching was
and is a good thing. Perkel is cheering while Socrates is being forced to drink the hemlock for
saying something wrong to his students.
  Steve in MT

Subject: Beating up Marc Perkel

Hey Bart,
I need to speak up about Mark Perkels statements on teacher tenure.
I have been recently awarded tenure at the Community College where I teach. So in effect,
I have gone from being an at will employee, to one who must be shown cause by the plaintiff,
and given due process prior to being fired. Tenured teachers can and are in fact fired for cause,
and in many cases rightly so.

The myth that tenure makes teachers fire proof is just that. A myth. It offers teachers rights in
states that are "at will" employement states, to the right of due process, however, with no guarantees.
The only guarentee is the process. Public sector employees are not given such rights in "at will"
employment states. Things I could get fired for? Drinking/drugs  on the job, sexual harassment,
assault, incompetance (though it is hard for them to make it through the tenure process-that's
what it's for...), theft to name a few. Remind old Mark for me, that like any profession, there are
the good, the bad, and the ugly, it just takes more time to get rid of them in some arenas. I am
greatful every day after 27 years in Michigans at will  employment environment to have the right
to my day in court (or before the school board) to state my case if I am accused of a fireable offense.

I have no feelings of infalibility or special privilage as a result of those rights that were hard fought for
by thiose who came before me, It is just a comfort to know that I have rights as an employee.
 Slim, who's Just an old cook (who teaches now) in Lowell, MI

I don't know Bush about tenure so I don't have an opinion, but I've probably printed 1,000
Letters to the Editor from Marc Perkel and IF he's wrong this time, it might lower his
batting average to a respectable .990 percent.

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"The idea that the debt limit could not be extended and there could be a default
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Thanks for your any help you may be able to provide.
 John P

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Ensign to step down
Won't seek re-election in 2012


"Whoever Republicans field as their candidate will have a tough time holding onto
  this seat in a blue-trending state with President Obama at the top of the ticket,"
  said Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee chief Guy Cecil.

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Subject: Bartcop #167

Bart, I have two questions.
Why do you think cursing is entertainment
and why do you laugh at your own jokes?

Roger, my rage was not manufactured.
I don't really intend to curse a lot but when my "Back" button fails
it adds hundreds of keystrokes to my day and I get a little frustrated.

As far as my laughing at my own jokes, again, nothing is manufactured.
If I laugh at something, it's probably because something popped into
my head during the live show and occasionally laughter ensues.

Thanks for remaining a subscriber,
Now I've heard from two listeners :)

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Are rich white people oppressed?
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So I suppose that is Mt. Ararat in Turkey

That was a good clue for someone who has the patience to search farther.
 Mary Jo


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 Pete K

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Jennifer Esposito in Blue Bloods

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