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 Wednesday  March 9, 2011     Vol 2661 - Hacky types

Quote of the Day

 "When will Obama lead?
   He is surrendering the initiative to the
   Republicans. We are happy to have it. “ 
        --  Rep Tom Cole (Handjob, OK)    Link

   If you're happy to have it,
   why are you bitching about it?

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Dick Lugar gets Teabagged
Arrow Boehner is playing the Democrats
'Charlie Sheen' Hits Weed Shops
Arrow Inspection- You're Lying
Arrow Drew Rapes Charlie Sheen
Arrow Obama: "Torture Bradley Manning"
Arrow Megan Fox's Undercrackers

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"If they care at all about their children or grandchildren, and sometimes I doubt that
   -- I think, you know, grandchildren now don't write a thank-you for the Christmas
  presents, they're walking on their pants with the cap on backwards listening to the
  enema man and Snoopy Snoopy Poop Dogg, and they don't like them!"
-- scumbag Alan Simpson, scolding the elderly for complaining about Social Security cuts,

Alan, we can't all be millionaire corporate bribe-takers like you.

 Funny how you get paid $170K a year and maintain two homes, one in super-expensive DC
 and you end up a multi-millionaire when your career's over?

 Remember when Newt got in legal trouble and old Bob Dole offered to loan him $300K?
 How does a man making
$130K a year (back then) and maintain two homes, one in
 super-expensive DC
and you have $300K to loan to a crook like Gingrich?


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Dick Lugar gets Teabagged
At his age, that's gotta hurt


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"Would you support or oppose the impeachment of President Obama?
  The results: 59% said they would oppose impeachment, 26% support impeachment."

     -- another fake poll from Kos,     Link

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Subject: $1.50 gas under Clinton

Yes, the economy was good during Clinton's presidency, yes, gas was cheap. 
We didn't illegally invade any countries and we stopped the Serbs from killing all their neighbors.
But he liked blow jobs!  What a terrible president!

I guess I would've been a bad president, too  :)

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Boehner is playing the Democrats
by E.J. Dionne


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: say it ain't so, Bart

(this is the part where I say I dig your site <I do> and normally agree with you <normally> but..)
You actually like charlie sheen?

I enjoy his TV show - I just found it 90 days ago.

You can’t blame the media for this one,

Did you really say that? :)

charlie wants to be out there as waaay out there as he can be.
Sorry, but shouldn’t he have been arrested by the cops after his “ton o’ coke” party?

I have seen no evidence of a crime.
I don't care if it's Paris Hilton or O.J. Simpson or Scott Peterson or Charlie Sheen,
without credible evidence, perhaps we should advance more slowly with the noose.

It has been and remains a deep mystery to me as to why anyone even likes the show.
It’s smarmy, snarky, demeaning to just about everyone on the show... <snippage>

You have a right to your opinion - we all do, but it's the top-rated TV comedy in America.
It would be illogical to argue with the numbers.
so what you’re saying is that if someone makes a lot of money for a company, he should be able
to say and do pretty much anything he wants, including telling the boss off and and breaking laws
with impunity? I guess as long as there are people who like this sort of thing, it will always be around.

My guess is Charlie brings in $30M a day for Warner Brothers.
That makes him "special" but he's not above the law.
If there is credible evidence of a crime, he should be arrested.

I view it like Beck and Hannity. Lots and lots of people like them, they make oodles of money,
and they say pretty much what they want, accurate or not. If it sells, forget anything like integrity
or honesty or reality or logic.

Charlie is not lying and he's
not trying to bring down our legally elected government.
It's not the same as Hannity and Beck,
I’ve enjoyed your site since 2000, thanks for all you do.
 ducks in oregon

Charlie is on fire and our whore media is pouring gasoline on him.
He might be dead by this weekend - wouldn't that be a big story?


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Price of gas under Clinton

  unny you should mention the price of gas when Clinton was president.  I remember it very clearly. 
In New Jersey, where I bought my gas, it was $1.13/gal. 

When Bush was running for president, I remember telling a Republican friend to watch the price of gas
and see if it didn't shoot up significantly if Bush were elected.  He poo-pooed what I said, but within
six months after Bush took office, gas hit $1.87/gal.  My friend never said anything to me about it. 

We all know where gas was by the end of the Bush administration's Middle East meddling, in which
they created massive instability and allowed the gas speculators to drive the price through the roof.

By the way, that $1.13/gal?  It had stayed within pennies of that price for years before the Bushies took office.

Send e-mail to Bart

"Charlie Sheen" Hits LA Weed Shops 

Subject: doctor killers

On every US armored vehicle, drone, helicopter and fighter jet
there should be a sign "9 year old children ripped apart here",
or "Wedding parties crashed here".

Fucking hyporites.

Plus, we should remind these handjobs of a few facts such as:

Nancy Reagan is pro-choice.
Pickles and the twins
are pro-choice.
Der Monkey's Mom is pro-choice and so was Poppy until
Reagan offered him the VP spot, which caused Poppy
to say
"Screw those women, I'm hungry for power."

Hell, Mr Pro-Life Bob Barr wrote a check to pay for his wife's abortion
and when Larry King asked him why he "murdered his daughter" he replied,
"We have a joint checking account - why does it matter who wrote the check?"

And every Republican is pro-choice when THEIR daughter gets pregnant.

The only time a "pro-lifer" is consistent is when they say, "Yes, the government
should step in to ensure that a woman is forced to have her rapist's baby."

Send e-mail to Bart


"Why don’t we just let the entire South secede, build a moat around it, add some “gators”
  so they can’t get back out…and help all who want to escape, do so…and forget about it?
  Life would be so nice for the rest of us...And for them too, in their world of chastity belts,
  pregnant teens, gold and silver tender, no benefits, slave wages, long hours with the
  “little woman at home cooking dinner”. They wouldn’t be forced to accept health care nor
  federal money and can fly their own flag! I’m tired of trying to make a house pet out of
  a wolverine. It’s just not working out for me.”
-- TPM commenter
,    Link

  I like that idea, even tho it means I'd have to move.
  I've never lived amongst the sane - what's that like?

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: non G-rated BCR

Bart, personally, I DO think cursing is entertainment when you do it,
and I'm sure I would enjoy the show a lot less if you censored yourself.
It's very effective; please don't stop.

Same with "laughing at yourself," doing it deadpan just wouldn't work.
Enjoying the new shows - keep it up.
 Wes in Jakarta


Huffington Post writers on strike
They work, Arianna gets the $315M?


Send e-mail to Bart

Raping Charlie Sheen
 I used to be a big fan of Dr Drew, the celebrity addiction "expert" but no more.
  Drew and VH-1 hastily put together a one-hour "expose" of Charlie Sheen that
beyond disgusting, which caused me to lose all respect for the man. It was
FOX News
meets BatBoy meets Glenn Beck - and I'm ashamed to say I once
thought that Drew
was a real doctor.
 In this VH-1 show, the breathless announcer would say ever so salaciously,
 "Charlie Sheen, .... claims ....he has tiger blood!"
The implication was that Charlie is so insane, he thinks his parents were tigers
 and he supernaturally achieved human form so he could mix with us mere mortals, like Jesus.
Obviously, all Charlie was saying is that he's a fighter who's determined to win, but Drew
 and the need-to-make-a-dollar whores at VH-1 figured it was time to pile on and ridicule
every word Sheen was saying and that makes me wonder what kind of jackal Drew
(I won't
call him Dr anymore) Drew is that he would be involved in ridiculing
someone he's trying
to convince us is going through a mental breakdown.
Over and over, again and again, the most ridiculous claims were made that soon
led me to believe that between the two, I'd say Charlie was more sane.
 So I hit the 'record' button and thought, "That might make for some fun radio"
 because I was looking to list and ridicule their wild-ass lies and assumptions.
When Sarah Palin says, "I'm a Mama Grizzley bear," nobody in America
claimed Palin actually thought was was a f-ing bear - No, Sarah Palin gets a free pass.
Every pundit in America immediately understood her protect-the-kids metaphor but
Charlie Sheen?  No, we can't let that bastard get away with any of that bullshit.
But then I remembered that my listeners and my readers have been very consistent
over the years about HATING to talk about the subject that all of America was talking about. 
I continue to find that most peculiar.

  I often mention that I wish I could get more radio feedback to get a clue about how I'm doing,
  but I'm pretty sure if I battled with Drew I would have a record-setting amount of feedback
  and most of it would be, "Who gives a fuck about that cokehead drunk?" which, of course
  misses the point about how our whore media descends on people and tries to destroy them
  for the entertainment value.
  During the VH-1 massacre, Drew mentions again and again that he's never met Charlie
  but then he goes on to tell us what Charlie's thinking and why he's thinking it, which reminded me
  of Robert Parry explaining Hillary's most intimate thoughts during the summer of 2008.
  Sure, it's fine to have an opinion or to make a guess about strangers, which is what I
  do every day, but to stand there on TV and say, "I'm an expert and Charlie Sheen is
  an insane man who thinks his parents were tigers" was enough to make my blood boil.
  So, it's time to vote.
  Would you like BCR 168 to be a "regular" show?
  Or would you like to hear me unmask "doctor" Drew?
  Send e-mail to Bart

  Subject: defending Marc Perkel
  Bart, I went to an excellent public school district in West Michigan.  The vast majority of the
  teachers I had deserved every penny and benefit paid to them.  However, the tenure system
  protected the 3 or 4 bad teachers I had in 12 years.  This is about the worst of those 3 or 4 teachers.
  My 8th grade science teacher used to make the girls in his class give him neck rubs.  I refused and
  was given a B instead of the A grade that I earned in the class.  I complained to my parents and
  my guidance counselor, all of whom told me that he had tenure and I just had to take it.  The one
  incident in which I remember him humiliating a girl involved a girl from a poor family, of which
  there were few in my school district.  We had a rule against wearing coats or jackets in class. 
  She wore hers one day, and he asked her to rub his neck.  She refused.  He told her that she
  had to take her jacket off, she said that the only shirt she had to wear that day was too small
  and she was embarrassed by it.  He told her if she didn't take her jacket off, she could go home
  and change her clothes.  She started crying and said that she didn't have another clean shirt at
  home to wear, and her mother would ground her for getting sent home.  He told her if she
  rubbed his neck, he wouldn't send her home.  So, she rubbed his neck, even though once she
  started crying, her best friend offered to rub his neck instead (she did it whenever he asked her to,
  and although she was a C student, she got an A in that class).  He said no, it had to be the other girl.
  This teacher was never reprimanded, retired and received a pension for his service. 
  He should have been kicked out of the profession and prosecuted for his treatment of the
  12-14 year old girls in his classroom.  He was protected by his union and by the tenure system.
  Some of my former classmates laugh it off now, like it was some kind of rite of passage.
  So, I'm with Perkel on this one and I'm a union member. 
  I don't expect my union to protect people who engage in that type of behavior,
  and the AFT and NEA shouldn't protect any teacher who acts like this.
  Sue in Detroit
  Contrary to what some might think, I'm not a "violence first" kind of guy.
  But if that teacher coerced my 12 year old daughter to rub his neck, well,
  let's just say I'm smart enough to avoid doing any time over his punishment.
  Send e-mail to Bart

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"It was recently reported that sales of the Aerosmith's 'Greatest Hits' collections have
  increased by 250 per cent since Steven Tyler began judging on American Idol."

       --,     Link

  Looks like Kid Rock was wrong when he said Idol was a bad career move for Tyler.


 Kids will line up by the tens of thousands to watch "that American Idol guy"
 and his band to see of there really as good as their parents said they were.

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So, these religiously insane handjobs have a right to scream
"God hates fags" at a soldier's funeral, but a cameraman has
NO RIGHT to film the Supreme Court while they're in session?

Subject: Clintons vs. Obama

You're right, Bart.  I liked Hilary but I thought that we didn't need anymore dynasties
like we had with the Bushes and the Kennedys.  Besides, I was seduced by all that
Obama charm and "Hope and Change" rhetoric.  Man, do I have buyer's remorse now. 

I thought, erroneously, that Obama would be the ass-kicker we needed to change things. 
Instead, it's all about compromise (i.e., we give the store away while the Repugs give nothing back). 

I don't know if Hillary would have been the pit bull we need to fight the Repugs
but I believe she'd do a better job than Obama.  It's all very sad.

I love your site.  You tell it like it is. 
Many, many thanks.

To be honest, Hillary might've been just as bad.
It's possible she might've ordered Bradley Manning stripped and tortured.

But we know for a fact those were Obama's orders.

Send e-mail to Bart

Inspection- You're Lying
by my good friend Ken Carman


Michael Moore wrote an essay claiming America isn't broke.
The rich have our money. Why, yes, they do. But we don't even have to go there.
If we have enough money for Afghanistan and Iraq, or some no fly zone over Libya, or fences on
our border in Texas: we have enough money for what they laughingly refer to as "entitlement programs"
All programs, any program, anything the government funds can be called an "entitlement program."
What, you think you're entitled to the benefits of serving in public office, like great health care
and being paid something for the rest of your life for your "service?"
Certainly that's a much "entitlement" as anything else they use that phrase for.
Education benefits for soldiers? Health care? Hospitals? Why you should just buck up
and be grateful you had a chance to serve your country.
Entitlement programs one and all.

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Obama

Hey Bart,

I know Barack makes us all nuts because he plays nice with the snarling dogs. 
Is it possible he's doing what he needs to do in order to retain the WH (through
corporate donations) so in his next term he can move more to the left? 
He knows SCOTUS nominees hang in the balance.

 With the right armed with Citizens United decision, couldn't they flush him out of office
on a wave of soft money if he really pisses them off?

I can't really believe he doesn't want to do the right thing.  I imagine he feels he can't. 
Once the pressure of reelection is off his back, maybe we'll see a liberal president?
In any case, keep hammerin'

David, it would be great if you were right.
But why not show a sliver of balls now and then release THE BEAST in Term 2?


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Weird Picture of the Day

  Link     This will stun you...

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Obama: "Torture Bradley Manning"
by Medea Benjamin


Bradley Manning is accused of humiliating the political establishment by revealing the complicity
of top U.S. officials in carrying out and covering up war crimes. In return for his act of conscience,
the U.S. government (That would be on Obama's orders) is holding him in abusive solitary confinement,
humiliating him (by taking his clothes) and trying to keep him behind bars for life.
And if you're thinking Obama's not a nice guy, he's taken the death penalty off the table.

The lesson is clear, and soldiers take note:
You're better off committing a war crime than exposing one.
An Army intelligence officer stationed in Kuwait, the 23-year-old Manning – outraged at what he saw
– allegedly leaked tens of thousands of State Department cables to WikiLeaks. These cables show U.S.
officials covering up everything from U.S. tax dollars funding child rape in Afghanistan to illegal,
unauthorized bombings in Yemen. Manning is also accused of leaking video evidence of U.S. pilots
gunning down more than a dozen Iraqis in Baghdad, including two journalists for Reuters, and then
killing a father of two who stopped to help them.

None of the soldiers who carried out that war crime have been punished, nor have any of the high-ranking
officials who authorized it. Indeed, committing war crimes is more likely to get a solider a medal than a
prison term. And authorizing them? Well, that'll get you a book deal and a six-digit speaking fee.
Just ask Bush. Or Cheney, Rumsfeld or Condoleezza Rice. Or the inexplicably “respectable” Colin Powell.

This kid is 22 years old and it's likely he'll never see the sun again.
He could live the next 60 years in solitary confinement, rendering his brain a pile of mush.

This is Pepper, hitting that Bud Light

Put your pet's picture on for just $10.
 - Connecting Global Buyers with China suppliers.

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Subject: last issue's mystery city

Last issue's mystery city  is Mexico City.
 Harry Marsh

You're right - isn't that sad?
It's a neighboring state but it looks like another world.

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Today's History Mystery

If we move on beforer solving yesterday's mystery, we'll get confused.

Do YOU, the reader, have a not-too-obscure History Mystery picture?

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Subject: last issue's history mystery

What is last issue's History Mystery?

Bart, I don’t know who these guys are. 
I guess it would take an Einstein to figure it out!

In the e-mails that I've read, everyone says "Einstein and some other guy,"
but I don't see Einstein there and it was sent to me as two other dudes who
created the first moving picture machine.

Anybody got proof?
Or perhaps the original e-mail will write again?

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Subject: donation

Keep swinging, Bart.
Thanks for your patriotic efforts.
 The Shuler Family

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Megan Fox's Undercrackers

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