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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

  BCR Show 169 is up
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 April 8-11, 2011     Vol 2673 - Brick on the turn

Quote of the Day

 "Carbon dioxide is not a harmful gas,
   it is a harmless gas. Carbon dioxide is
   natural. It is not harmful. It is part of
   Earth’s life cycle.”

-- Batshit Bachmann,    Link   Facts  


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Obama - the Threat Within
Arrow Double shot of Monkey Mail
This Week in Holy Crimes
Arrow What I want in a POTUS
Arrow GOP memo released
Arrow Still fighting the Civil War
Arrow Carmen Electra - dumb blonde?

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"Why on earth did the Democrat speaking for the Democrats just now on Hardball say it was
  "courageous" but "politically stupid" for Paul Ryan to put up a plan to abolish Medicare
  and other federal social programs? That's the best he can do? "Courageous"? That's amazing.
  If ordinary people who look forward to being able to rely on Medicare once they retire can't
  even get advocates who don't think it's "courageous" to try to abolish Medicare, why are
  Democrats even in this game?

-- Josh Marshall,   Link

  Why did the democrat call the Medicare-abolishing Rethugs "courageous?
  That's easy to answer - liberals can't f-ing think.

  You'd think Josh would know that by now...

  Democrats exist to "play fair" and compliment the GOP.
  It's what they do best.   

They have zero desire to win and the GOP wants to win any any cost.

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Obama - the Threat Within
  by Paul Krugman


In 2005, the de facto Democratic leader was Nancy Pelosi. And she never bought into either the
crisis-mongering or the Beltway desire to prove oneself “serious” by courageously agreeing to hurt
ordinary Americans to make the nation safe for high-end tax cuts. She maintained a steely resolve:
this privatization shall not pass.
Obama is now the party’s leader.  Obama still, after all that has happened, seems devoted to the
dream of transcending partisanship, a dream he tries to serve by being nice to Republican ideas
no matter how terrible those ideas are.
The great danger now is that Obama will kill Medicare in the name of civility and outreach.
I’m sorry, I have no confidence in Obama's willingness to do the right thing,
even when it’s also politically smart.

Obama has proven he'll do ANYTHING to get re-elected.
If that means sacrificing Medicare, well, he's all in - fuck those old folks.

I remember back in the summer of 2008, the far Left said Hillary wanted it too much.

Do you think Hillary would deny heating oil to the poor so she could borrow
a trillion dollars from China to give to the super-rich? 

Not on your life.

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"If I were them, I’d be really careful riding that birther horse too much. Everyone knows it’s ludicrous.
 Questioning Obama’s birthplace might attract some conservative voters, but a very different America
 votes in presidential elections than in midterm congressional elections."
    -- Big Dog, warning that idiot Trump that he's headed off a cliff with that birther nonsense    Link

 Republicans are so stupid and so easy to fool.

 I coulda been rich if I didn't have a conscience.

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Subject: Jeff Beck on Leno?

Bart, you wrote:

> Rumor: 
> Jeff Beck on Leno Thurs nite
I had some small respect left for Beck, but if he finds
professional integrity fawning on Jay Leno, then count me out.
And you think such an appearance is what, wonderful?
 Richard the idiot

Richard, why would you ask such a dumb question?
What's next, "Do you like Shirley, poker and fine tequila?"

You're saying when I posted that alert, I should have known then
that Jeff Beck was going to fawn over Leno?

(That was written BEFORE I saw the tape)

Richard, you idiot, that was Gary Busey fawning over Leno.

All Jeff Beck said to him was "Thanks" and then Busey came over
and acted like he was going to punch Jeff and then my DVR ran out.

It's still a young year, but so far you're winning "Stupidest e-mail of 2011."

BTW, that song Jeff Beck did?
Anybody remember Steven Tyler's version of that?

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This Week in Holy Crimes
These 'men of God' are here to molest and steal


Over the last seven days...

Alabama: Pastor Barry Albert Cook charged with sexual abuse and torture of a child.
South Carolina: Pastor Jonathan Roberts charged with felonious theft of church money.
New York: Father Thomas Kreiser charged with using $25K in church donations for online gambling.
Wisconsin: Pastor Philip Caminiti charged with eight felony counts of child abuse for beating children.
Oklahoma: Pastor Vincent Brookfield charged with seven felony counts of molesting a seven year-old girl.
North Carolina: Pastor Paul Burke Johnson charged with sexual battery on a mentally impaired woman.
Iowa: Pastor Patrick Edouard charged with raping three women in his congregation.
Utah: Pastor Aaron Witcher sentenced to five years to life on two counts of rape of a minor.
Pennsylvania: Father Ralph Johnson sentenced to four years in prison for child molestation.
New York: Rabbi Saul Kassin confesses to scheme involving sales of human organs and counterfeit handbags.
Florida: Teacher at private Christian school charged with beating a 12 year-old boy unconscious
Wisconsin: Father Joseph Gibbs charged with fondling a teenage girl.
Illinois: Imprisoned child molester Father Donald McGuire reveals his parish knew of his crimes and did nothing.

And think of the thousands of kids who were raped last week and didn't tell...
After all, this is God's representative and he said it was OK.

Religion - what is it good for?
Absolutely nothing, say it again.

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: bad wig?

Hi Bartcop,
I don't think Trump has a wig - it's a bad comb over.
This should be a treat:
"Donald Trump will lead 33 cars to the green flag as driver
  of the pace car at this year's Indianapolis 500 on May 29."
The pace car is a convertable. Picture all that hair blowing in the wind.
 Jack G

ha ha
I can't wait for that.

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For more of Astrocat's work, Go Here

Subject: Much love to Sally for her recap


I just wanted to give a shout-out to Sally for her great American Idol re-cap.
I’m not quite as disgusted as she was with last week's show but I respect where she was coming from.
I cringed throughout the covers of Janis Joplin and Aretha Franklin. Those are two singers you don’t
go anywhere near unless you have world-class pipes and the power to drive them. There’s a reason
those two women are legends. Merely hitting the notes isn’t enough when singing their songs.
It’s embarrassing watching these mere children thrash around in city-block-sized shoes they will never, ever fit into.

I don’t hate Pia, but the favoritism showed her by the judges and having Christian Slater’s daughter
cheer for her is disturbing. The outfit was stupid but I enjoyed looking at her ample round parts
doing their ample round best to give it shape.

The judges seemed trapped by their overly effusive praise when they started out and seemed unwilling
to offer real criticism. I was in my chair thinking, “Weak…weak…oh, Jesus, why’d you pick THAT song?

Steven Tyler has been the main reason to watch the show. He needs to get the edge back that he had
during auditions though, when he asked that guy, “Did you eat paint chips when you were a kid?”

Anyway, nice work. Thanks to Sally for writing it, and bless the BartCop for printing it. 


Roy, I'm 100% with you in that the judges should criticize the kids for their stupid choice of songs.
So many of them pick a song because "I always loved that song" as opposed to singing a song that
would showcase their singing talent in the best light.

Jennifer Lopez has gotten a hueueueuge career boost by joining Idol but Tyler is the BIG winner.
He's now a household name and after a 40-year career, he's suddenly loved by fans of all ages.

Send e-mail to Bart


What I want in a POTUS
 by Tally 


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: hey crotch sniffer

I've been following your certifiably insane, defensive, adolescent outbursts in defense of your corporate whore, Hillary.
You are the most pathetic excuse for a blogger in the "liberal" blogging community.

Am not.

You linger on the edges of the big time but will always be nothing but a weird also ran because of your
laughable and moronic positions on such things as the Israeli/Palestine problem and your ludicrous,
hero worshipping idolization of the corrupt Cllntons.

So, I could hit the big time if I took a side in a 4,000 year old illogic contest?
Can you name someone on this planet who has followed your plan and succeeded?

I've seen people time after time specifically list the bills that Boobba signed which together made for
the greatest deregulation of corporate whoredom in history, and you blithely and blitheringly ignore it all
and continue in your pathetic folly. 

Clinton was the best president of our lifetimes and YOU can't name a more successful president
so in youir frustration, you throw your feces at the Clintons and call yourself "enlightened."

Your site is often quite funny but it's marred by so many truly asinine blindspots that,
in the end, the only lasting joke is you.
  Ruprecht the Hater

Monkey, YOU can't name a better president than Clinton.
That means you agree with me, so why did you bother to write?

Send e-mail to Bart

This guy sounds like me,
...if I had a brain and believed.

Eldrick Quotes
"This year, we know exactly what to expect from Eldrick Woods: not much.
  He's been rocky at best, disastrous at worst, in his events in 2011. He hasn't
  won a tournament since before anyone knew what a Justin Bieber was."
    -- Jay Busbee, after Day One of the Masters       Link

"What’s the matter with you? Are you crazy?  You need to get your head examined!
  You’re ruining your life!  You NEVER change! It’s time for you to grow up!
  If your father knew, he’d be turning in his grave.”
    -- Kultida Woods, to her disgraced son for dating a 22-year old party girl,       Link

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: leaving Obama

Hey Bart,

I am one of those who is -- and has been -- fed up with Obama.
I will not vote for him, and will in fact, actively campaign against him.

In the primary.

But when it comes down to the ugly reality, I guess I would HAVE to
vote for the lesser of two evils. Yep, it's still an evil; but it's the lesser.

Had the electorate only listened to us last time around, we would have that
evil-murdering-collusionist bitch in the White House and I think we'd all be
better off for it. At least she doesn't forfeit the game prior to it starting.

Keep Swingin', Okie.

P.S. That evil bitch business? That's supposed to be humor.

Send e-mail to Bart

GOP memo released
Dear Americans Who Are Not Rich,

Can't afford health care? Screw you.
Want the food you eat to be safe? How quaint.
Deficit reduction? Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!
Want Social Security to be preserved? You're an idiot.
In foreclosure hell? La la la we can't hear you!
Concerned about the environment? Crybaby.
You want stronger unions? Good luck with that, commie.
Unemployment benefits running out? Quit whining.
Muslim? Latino? Gay? Un-American.
Looking for fresh new ideas? Move to Scandinavia.
Think you can count on us to stimulate job growth? Hell no you can't!
Reproductive freedom? We own your private parts, little lady.
Don’t want the government to default on its debts? Too bad!
Want the rich to be taxed more? In a pig's eye.
Wish we'd put America's interests above our own? Keep dreaming.

Love and Freedom Fries,
The New Republican House Majority
   P.S. Like cake? Eat all you want.

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Subject: I want to survive
Bart, I read about your fund-raising problems and I'm here to help.
I will add 50% to any donation you get up to $1,000.

If a reader sends in $50, instead of giving them 6 months of Bartcop Radio
please give them 9 months and I'll send you $25.

You've kept me sane in some crazy times,
Midnight Avenger


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We are currently at
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Thanks to all who have contributed

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Trump/Busey 2012  


"Goddammit...motherf-er...goddam it!"    
    -- Eldrick, yesterday, after missing a easy putt on 15

Did you think of me when Eldrick missed that putt?
I was screaming "Hex on thee!" as the ball rolled past the cup.

Note: My main quote and toon man is out sick.

Get well soon, Jamie - Your country needs you!

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: the Barry Bonds trial

Now the jury has the case.
The Federal prosecutor mentioned in his closing arguments, "all he to do was tell the truth."
Since so much in this trial was about shrunken testicles, perhaps Bonds did not have the balls to tell the truth?

News: Today, jurors deciding Barry Bonds' fate will hear for a second time the testimony
of a woman who said she saw baseball's Home Run King inject himself with a syringe.
What's the point?
She can't testify as to what was in the syringe.

I am very much against this stupid, time-wasting, money-wasting trial.

Bush, Cheney, Rummy and Powell lied 5,000 soldiers into their graves

               "This is proof that Saddam has WMDs..."

...and they are treated like f-ing heroes by our lying whore media.

Who cares if Bonds "cheated" in baseball?
How many soldiers did Bonds kill?

Why is Bonds on trial - for being Black?

Send e-mail to Bart

On Wednesday, is he going to announce Medicare "reform?"
If so, he's selling us out to Bitch & Boner.

How much power is in a bottle of water?
  The answer will surprise you


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: American Idol

Dear Bart:
I’m one of those very, very proud people who’ve never seen AMERICAN IDOL.
 Stu the New York lawyer

Stu, you didn't say why, so I'll have to guess:

My friend Wiseguy hates Americal Idol even tho he's never seen it.
Why does he hate it?  Because everyone's always talking about it.
You can't open a TV Guide or a USA Today without getting someone's opinion.

And I don't care if people watch or not, I just think it's funny that it's the
biggest television show in the world but there are almost no liberals in America
who are willing to admit they watch it and that makes me wonder why.

Don't you think there's some major drama in a live show that changes people's lives?
Each week now, those kids stand in line and they're either told to go home or to
prepare for next week as they take a step closer to being the next Carrie Underwood.

Some may become mega-millionaires and live in mansions and become superstars
while most of them will return to the hardware store where they worked in 2010.

So, you're not a fan of drama?
Or are you like Wiseguy, hating things because others like them?

Send e-mail to Bart

Check out the toons and stuff

 bart blog

 on the Bart Blog!

"These budget negotiations were a giant win for the GOP.  Obama initially cut $40 billion from
  his own budget proposal -- and he got absolutely no credit for that. It was a very typical
  preemptive concession by the president. It was so typical, you wonder if he recognizes what
  an indisputably terrible strategy it is or if he has a different agenda.

-- Cent Uygur,      Link

  Obama is a big fan of capitulation negotiations.

  That way he can say "We worked together..."

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Wildlife Picture of the Day


Put your pet's picture on for just $10.
 - Connecting Global Buyers with China suppliers.

"Giving me this Johnny Carson award is the equivalent of NASA
  giving the Neil Armstrong award to Balloon Boy."

-- Letterman

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4 ways we're still fighting the Civil War
  Ans the disappearance of the political center

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Closing Gitmo

The US Senate voted 90/6 to deny President Obama funds to close Guantanamo.
Russ Feingold and Bernie Sanders voted against the President and for McConnell's bill.

The progressives managed to organize a protest with zero people. There was no coverage.
And still it's President Obama's fault? He let us down? He broke a promise? Why is it that
nobody seems to know about this vote and the ones that followed?

A little Devil's advocate here...

If he had no power to close down Gitmo
maybe he shouldn't have promised he would.

Send e-mail to Bart

Keef Olbermann runs down the GOP field
rhetorically, of course.

TV Stuff

Tonight on House, Thirteen returns - from prison.
Can she still be a doctor with a prison record?

Law & Order: Los Angeles,
they're killing a major star.

...unless they're flat-out lying, like American Idol lied about Jeff Beck.

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bart blog

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Guess the City


 I don't know, either, so send proof.

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 and your friends will wonder why you didn't recognize it.

Subject: last issue's mystery city

Last issue's mystery city  is St Louis, Bart, home of the Cardinals. 
You are probably in the Arch looking down on "Old Busch Stadium",
demolished in 2006 for "New Busch Stadium". (Always remember the "c" in this Busch.)

There used to be a joke about what do the Cubs and Cardinals have in common?
They both have as yet to win a World Series in their new stadium.
(Wrigley Field was built in 1914)

Except the Cards won that very opening year, so we only
had about 9 months where we could tell it.

Have a great Spring,
 Josh in Illinois

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Julianne Moore as Hillary Clinton?

No, but almost.

Today's History Mystery


Do YOU, the reader, have a not-too-obscure History Mystery picture?

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: last issue's history mystery

What is last issue's History Mystery?

Bart, that curly-haired fellow would be Victor 'Bobby Levine' Rodman Thomson.

Inscription on the bottom right hand corner reads:
“To Alice, a fine Chick, from Bobby”
  Don the Pillar, Shingle Springs

Don, I think you're the only one who got that.

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: donation

hanks to Sam in Wayne, PA


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Carmen Electra - more than a dumb blonde?

  Link to Story

Check out several hot  Carmen Electra  photos  at  BC Hotties

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Marty always has good stuff.

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Dr. Drew Pinsky beat up a confused drunk with
lies while the whole country was piling on.
Didn't seem fair.

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