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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

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Tuesday,  May 10, 2011     Vol 2688 - Duck soup

Quote of the Day

 "Can't get over bin Laden having
  pot plants - when he rolled, he'd say
  "I'm gonna twist up a fatwa."
     -- Bill Maher in a tweet


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Newt applies for ass-kicking
Arrow Kucinich moving to WA State?
Meanwhile in America...
Arrow Lotto nation Confirmed
Arrow Shriver dumps Musclehead
Arrow Bush/Bin Laden Symbiosis
Arrow Cheryl Cole joins 'X-Factor'

"Bin Laden's dying words: "On the plus side, this is going to totally screw Trump."
     -- Andy Borowitz in a tweet


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Newt applies for ass-kicking
He's officially a candidate for president


Which will hurt him more?
Obama getting OBL or his "cancer" divorce?

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Subject: out of Afghanistan

Bart, you wrote:

> I want to get out too, but what about the Afghani women?
> If we leave they're in for a lifetime of sexual and actual slavery.

Bart, I hate to say it but women around the globe are in deep *hit! 

Here in America our own legislature recently redefined rape!
Abortion rights are all but denuded and the health care system has been dismantled. 

It is time to wake up and smell the roses. American women are in grave danger as well! 
There is no need to unnecessarily kill or maim troops and innocent civilians. 
Bring the troops home and then focus on human rights. 

It has been my experience that the human rights issues
are seldom solved by the guns and bombs!

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Marty always has good stuff.

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Vatican Beatifies John Paul II As Patron
 Saint Of Ignoring Problem Until You Die

I think Benny the Rat got this ball rolling to hint
that his child-raping ass should also be beatified.

Saint Benny the Rat?

"Glenn Beck calls Obama "shameless" and Bill O'Reilly a "pansy."
-- Roger Ebert in a tweet

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Kucinich moving to Washington State?


How's he going to do that?
Does Washington have easy residency requirememts?

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"Betting on a horse race is perfectly legal and moral
  but betting on your poker skills is a crime?   WTF?"

      -- Bartcop, pissed in Tulsa

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Meanwhile in America...
by William Rivers Smith


I tried to post a quote from the article by my browser refuses to copy so I can paste.
Is this something Truthout is doing?

Or is my American-made browser not worth a shit?

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Tech-gadget writer needed

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Lotto nation Confirmed
by Keef Olbermann


Many poor people support policies that hurt their interests while helping
the wealthy because that they believe they will one day be wealthy.

Conclusion: Poor people are ignorant

If the Democrats could educate them...

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Subject: News from the Middle East

Latest News from Middle East…

نور اگر رفت سایه پیدا نیست نقش دیوار و چشم خیره ما نقش سایه دگر نمی دان نور
اگر رفت سایه. ر رفت سایه پیدا  holy shit!  دیوار و چشم خیره ما نقش سایه دگر
دان نور اگر رفت سایه پیدا نیست نقش دیوار و چشم خیره ما

If I hear anything else I'll let you know.

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Saw it on whatnowtoons.com

Shriver dumps Gov Musclehead
She waited until his term was over to walk out


Maybe she got tired of "da tiddies and da dope."

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Subject: Re: hey from bart - thanks

Hey Bart, you're welcome for the subscription donation. I'm glad to help you put food on your family.

For that matter, I always make a point of clicking on the random Google ads that show up (that so many
people complain about, as if you choose the ads.) So the paranoid gold-hoarders and religious software
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I had some music to buy recently, so I hope it helped.

I get four cents every time you download a song.
Also, I find Amazom TONS better than iTunes when it comes to downloading music.

Hey, I made a YouTube video with pictures from my visit to White Sands in New Mexico.
I would be honored if you wanted to include it on the page (I think it's pretty good):

Thanks for all you do. I'm pretty much a page fan rather than a radio fan--just my personal preference,
as I'm a more visual person and like peace and quiet rather than talking. But I'm glad you're getting into
a groove with the radio and having a good time with it. Meanwhile, I find myself laughing hysterically
frequently over things I see on your page (the Bin Laden "Pet Goat" cartoon was awesome!)
Keep swinging that hammer.

Love you like a brother,
 Tina the Pillar

Tina, nice video.
We've never been to White Sands - your video makes me want to go.


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Wildlife Picture of the Day

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Subject: what about Afghan women?

Hey Bart,

The TIME cover of the noseless girl seems to have had an effect.
Of course, her disfigurement occurred during the US occupation.
And the writer's husband turned out to be a beneficiary of megamillion defense contracts.
(Looking that up, I got a laugh out of his company "Digistan," though.)

I guess until we inculcate into the next generation of Afghan men such values
as women's rights that took so long to develop in the post-Enlightenment West,
we'll just have to stay there and protect half of the population from the other half.

Loved how you ripped into Jimmy Kimmel in BCR 171, though.

In BCR 171, I played the first reaction
of a few talk show hosts to OBL.

Jimmy Kimmel opened with a 3 minute commercial for Verizon.

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 Yesterday's snippet was "Daydream Believer" by The Monkees
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 But Shirley, kids today had no idea what that was, right?
 Was it just the alive-in-the-sixties e-mailers?

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The Curious Bush/Bin Laden Symbiosis
 by Robert Parry

Almost no attention has focused on the curious symbiotic relationship that has existed
since 9/11 between Osama bin Laden and George W. Bush – and even longer between
the bin Laden family and the Bush family.

At nearly every turn, W. acted – presumably with incompetence, not complicity – in ways
that enabled bin Laden to remain free, and the terrorist leader repaid the favor by surfacing
at key political moments to scare the American people back into Bush’s arms.

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Seattle Slew, Jean Cruguet,
and Billy Turner on a quiet morning at Belmont.

Seattle Slew was our second-last Triple Crown winner.
Can Animal Kingdom beat the odds and join him?

Photo by Pat Rich Turner

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Subject: last issue's mystery city

Last issue's mystery city is Casablanca
  Burt, the miracle worker

Burt, once again, the only one who got it.


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Subject: last issue's history mystery

What is last issue's History Mystery?

Bart, that's
Natalia Nikolaevna Zakharenko
who later became Natalie Wood, New York City, 1961


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Cheryl Cole joins 'X-Factor'

She might be the best-looking woman on TV


  Link to Story

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We'll have some Cheryl Cole pics up soon!

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