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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

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Wednesday,  May 11, 2011     Vol 2689 - Mike Franks

Quote of the Day

 "Oh lovely, White House..."
     -- Sarah Palin, upset that the Obamas invited
        a Black man (Common) to entertain ...in a tweet


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow GOP to kill insurance for 44M
Arrow Trump falls to 8 percent
$49 billion unpaid by uninsured
Arrow Tax the poor, middle class
Arrow Boner demands trillions in cuts
Arrow NASCAR drivers are athletes?
Arrow Work out with Brooke Burke

"Gingrich is presenting himself as a family man who has embraced Catholicism and found God,
  with his third wife as a kind of character witness. Depending on one's point of view, she is a
  reminder of his complicated past, or his secret political weapon."
     -- Teagan Goddard     Link


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GOP to kill insurance for 44 Million more
They HATE poor people - they want them dead


The House Republican budget would leave up to 44 million more low-income people uninsured
as the federal government cuts states' Medicaid funding by about one-third over the next 10 years,
nonpartisan groups said in a report issued Tuesday.

The analysis concluded that Medicaid's role would be "significantly compromised
... with no obvious alternative to take its place," if the GOP budget is adopted.

Now that Obama has put two in OBL,
do you think he'll be a better negotiator?

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Subject: the vulgar Pigboy

Rush Limbaugh is the self proclaimed leader of the Republican Party and
the voice of conservatism. The Jiggling Junkie is also a hysterical hypocrite.

When AWOLBush was president, one of PigBoy’s callers called the Bush administration a “regime”.
Well, Limbaugh fell into a genuine, sissified, bed wetting hissy fit, screaming at his caller that
“this is America, not some third world country. We don’t have regimes.” Then he cut off his caller.

Yet, every day, El Lardass calls the Obama Administration a “regime”.
Every day, multiple times a day.

Look up hypocrisy in the dictionary, there’s probably a picture
of that fat, drug addled, Nazi prick next to it.
 Nick in Nevada

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"We maintain that arbitrary killing is not a solution to political problems,"
-- the sons of OBL, with straight faces, we assume?       Link

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Trump falls to 8 percent


He went all in on that birther horseshit and now his bubble has popped.

Will he lose his empire after donning the big floppy shoes and red nose?

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"Shawn Christy admitted in court to having threatened to rape Sarah Palin but has denied
  her allegations he menaced her daughters.  He also admitted sending Palin numerous
  e-mails and gifts, and to traveling to Anchorage earlier this year.
      -- Yareth Rosen for Reuters                Link

 Looks like McCain's swimsuit model might actually be the victim, this time.

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$49 billion unpaid by uninsured


This is why they fought so hard to keep everyone from getting insurance.
If everyone had insurance, they couldn't charge you $80 for an aspirin.

Since 40M people have no insurance, they charge you $80 for the aspirin
and say, "We have to make up for the uninsured losses," which they caused.

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Who's holding the Bartcop sticker?

Last issue's sticker mystery...

Bart, that's Clive James... Australian TV personality and
raconteur embedded in the U.K. for some reason.

My fave quote from him goes something like this, "In the U.S., they're
going to have an election in November whether the governing party wants
it or not. They have a different system over there... it's called democracy."
Keep on swinging,
Marty in London

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NASCAR drivers - influential athletes?


How is sitting on your butt while going in circles considered "athletic?"

If driving is a sport, then poker is a sport.

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Subject: Honest preachers in America?

No Bart there aren't any.

The last preacher who publicly preached the real Christian message
of the real Jesus Christ, was Martin Luther King, and they shot him.

Ever since, no preacher has dared to open his mouth on behalf of the poor against the rich.
They've all started mouthing the Nazi gospel, we're against abortion and gays.

Much safer to pick on the weakest in society, gays and poor desperate pregnant women.

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Saw it on whatnowtoons.com

Forget the Rich
Tax the poor and the middle class


Boner demands trillions in cuts

First, give back that trillion you stole for the super-rich.
Second, make GE and Exxon and Bank of America pay some goddamn taxes.
Third, I'm the little guy - get off my back with this "tax the poor" talk.

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I think it's a mistake to portray the forests this way.
Thuth is, much of the West is now brown, not green.

Global warming is causing  some beetle to eat
our trees and there are giant globs of brown on
the sides of most mountains now.

Subject: Obama didn't shoot anybody

Bart, you wrote:

> When Obama puts a bullet in your head, your brain shuts off and it's lights out.

Have you gone insane with patriotic fervor?
Who the hell did Obama shoot in the head?
He no more pointed at gun at bin Laden than I did.

Get a grip, please. I don't want to lose one of my favorite sites of the last 12-plus years.
 Dan in Montgomery

You'd quit reading because of that?

Let me ask you a few questions: 
Did Truman bomb Hiroshima?
Did Hitler invade France?
Did OBL change the skyline in New York?


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Things are so bad, millionaire Bruce Wayne
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Wildlife Picture of the Day

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Subject: Newt's problems

Hey Bart, don't forget the 84 ethics violations that finally
were reduced to one - but put him on the street....
  Zeek in Tucson, AZ

True, but the Democrats would never use the facts against an opponent.

Wouldn't be polite...

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Turkey is more backwards than America.
Everyone else is more science-based than us.

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$64 to fill up my little Toyota?
So you SUV owners are paying what, $100 a tank?

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 It's a tiny snippet from an old song.
  Do you recognize it?

  Plus, yesterday's answer.

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Obama mocks GOP on immigration


In search of Hispanic votes and a long-shot immigration overhaul, Obama on Tuesday
stood at the U.S.-Mexico border for the first time since winning the White House and
declared it more secure than ever. He mocked Republican lawmakers for blocking
immigration over border security alone, saying they won't be happy until they get
a moat with alligators along the border.

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Subject: last issue's mystery city

Last issue's mystery city is the All England Lawn
Tennis Club in London,
better known as Wimbledon.
 Big Orange Jeff


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"Bin Laden's dead, so who cares
about those Bush bastards?
They got off scot-free!"

Today's History Mystery


Do YOU, the reader, have a not-too-obscure History Mystery picture?

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Subject: last issue's history mystery

What is last issue's History Mystery?

Bart, that's
Alan Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac, two of my personal heroes,
for whom I grabbed the online persona of "Daddy-O" and "Beatnik Bob".

They were giants, but not in their own lifetimes...


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As a reminder to the monkeys now going to great lengths to emphasize
it was the MILITARY and not the PRESIDENT who took out Bin Laden
as well as those who accuse the current (elected) President of milking the situation...  
Chicago Jim

Subject: donation

Bart, here's for a shot!
A toast to President Obama

We don't need to spike the football!

 Brian in Canyon Country

Brian, thanks for that.
Obama handled that perfectly.


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Work out with Brooke Burke


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