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Wednesday,  June 8,  2011     Vol 2703 - Spook louder

Quote of the Day

 "The media says 'Breitbart lies, Breitbart lies.'
   Give me one example of a provable lie. One.
   Journalists? Put your reputation on the line here."
     -- Andrew Breitbart,

      Andrew, how 'bout we give you TEN?     Link


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Weiner finally comes clean
Arrow Global Energy Crisis Deepens
Sex slaves in the United States
Arrow Can Ted Rall be saved? 
Arrow U2 rocks the Space Station
Arrow What now for Mrs. Weiner?
Arrow Marilyn Monroe Dress for Sale


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"If you are a member of the elite media, like you are Chuck Todd or Bob Schieffer or Jake Tapper
or George Will, please take a moment to pop over to Memeorandum and check out the reaction of
various media outlets to the Anthony Weiner scandal.  Then, come back here and answer me this:
why didn't you assholes treat David Vitter or, especially, John Ensign this way? Why did David Vitter
have an easy time getting reelected without having to listen to you guys question his morals 24/7?
And why wasn't Ensign run out of the village on a rail for making a mess of the place? Aren't senators
more than four times as powerful as congressmen? Isn't it a juicer story when the sex-scandal involves
hypocrisy as well as lying?
     --  BooMan         Link

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Weiner finally comes clean
  by Hendrik Hertzberg


Sex scandals are an increasingly prominent, increasingly frequent, and increasingly varied
part of American political life. They come in all flavors and orientations. If what the protagonist
of the latest one said during his remarkable press conference this afternoon is true, if it’s essentially
the whole story, then Weinergate breaks new ground: it’s the first entirely virtual political sex scandal,
the first to have been conducted entirely via e-mail, and online social media. 

Prominent politicians like Gary Hart, Bill Clinton, and Anthony Weiner make speeches by the hundred,
give media interviews constantly, and have extensively documented public records. If the politician is a
habitual or characterological liar, the public record will show it and the lying-about-sex is redundant.

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Rick (I hate America) Perry -The Pixie From Dixie

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Sex slaves in the United States

When you ask the average American what they think of sex trafficking and where it originates,
you will most likely hear, “Thailand, Philippines, Eastern Europe.” The majority of Americans
don’t believe that most sex trafficking occurs within our own borders. Many victims are regular kids
and young women who aren’t runaways or have been abandoned. They are lured by clever predators.

FBI Deputy Assistant Director, Chip Burrus, who started the Lost Innocence Project, which specializes
in child and teen sex trafficking stated, “What you can see time and time again, is that the predators will
adapt their means to whatever the young people are doing—whether it’s malls, whether it’s ski slopes,
whether it’s beaches…predators are going to do everything in their power to try to convince young girls,
young boys, to come with them and enter this particular lifestyle.”

We mentioned those Texas child brides recently.
We have no idea how many thousands of women are trapped in these religious rape cults.

We know about Jaycee Dugard and Elizabeth Smart, but there may be a million more.

We could free those women, but that might involve "the heavy hand of government" and the
GOP would rather see a million women raped daily than have the government could save them.


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Snippet from Bartcop Radio Show 172

Thanks to Horace Zachary for the edit

Global Energy Crisis Deepens

"If we don't abandon a belief that unrestricted growth is our inalienable birthright and
embrace the genuine promise of renewable energy (with the necessary effort and
investment that would make such a commitment meaningful), the future is likely to
prove grim indeed. Then, the history of energy, as taught in some late twenty-first-century
university, will be labeled: How to Wreck the Planet 101."

We have the capability to harness wind and solar energy - but we have no leader.
The GOP wants BIG OIL to continue to pollute and Obama refuses to fight for the future.

I'd like to put solar panels on the roof here at Casa de Bart, but they cost too much.
If the government would get involved the price would drop like crazy.

My first VCR cost $2200 in 1982.
Today, if you can find one, they're about $50.
Same for solar panels - once they are mass-produced, they'll be cheap as hell.

Solar panels could be everywhere but we have no leader.

"I like solar energy and wind power,
  but McConnell and Boehner said no."

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Subject: Who cares about politicians lying about sex?

Why are people surprised when someone lies about sex?
We live in a society that is in denial about the realities of sexual desire.

If not for this instinct humanity would have gone extinct millions of years ago.
But because we human animals choose the path of denial, lying about sex is the
socially correct thing to do. I'm sure if Mr. Wiener told the whole truth no one
would really want to know it. Too much information!

How important is it that the news media cover these sex scandals? And - which
ones are scandals as opposed to people experiencing the powers of Darwin?

If a Republican does it then it is automatically a scandal because Republicans are
in bed with the religious right who believe that all sex outside of marriage is immoral.
This is especially true of politicians like Senator David Vitter who publicly criticized
Clinton before Vitter was discovered to have been having relationships with prostitutes.

It is also a scandal when Republicans are caught with underage boys as it was with
Congressman Mark Foley, or when an evangelical preacher like Ted Haggard was
caught having gay sex with male prostitutes while taking drugs. Some Democrats are
also legitimate targets like Eliot Spitzer because he was caught with a prostitute after
making a political career out of prosecuting prostitutes. John Edwards is also fair game
because he used campaign money to hide his affair from the voters while running for President.

However when there is no abuse of money or hypocrisy involved I don't consider a
sex scandal that interesting. Bill Clinton has always been "a hard dog to keep on the porch",
as Hillary put it. And then there's Arnold Schwarzenegger. Is anyone really surprised?

Now we have a liberal Democrat who is sexting. Who cares?
In my opinion the only thing that make Wiener's scandal interesting is his name.
Other than that I'd rather see Congress focusing on creating jobs and doing the job
they were elected to do. We can save the sex scandals for Hollywood.
 Marc Perkel

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Subject: Clinton


Clinton was charged with civil contempt, and fined $90k for giving false testimony.
Seriously, dude.
 Jason the sometimes friendly/antagonist 

Wait, Clinton was "charged and fined?"
There was no justice involved?

You could've said, "Allegations were made by partisn sons of bitches."

If I remember right, he agreed to the fine to end the never-ending, $100M GOP Cock Hunt.
Bill Clinton is the most investigated man in Earth's history - and all they found was a little tongue.

What if they spent $100M looking into your personal life, Jason?
Would you end up as clean as Clinton did?


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Obama - when he was a Democrat

Mystery Auto - identified
Have you ever seen a car this sexy?


It's from the past.

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Subject: The Japanese Surrender


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U2 rocks the Space Station
With a shout-out to Gabby Giffords

  Watch the video

At U2‘s show in Seattle on Saturday, Space Shuttle Commander Mark Kelly
paid tribute to his wife, Gabrielle Giffords, in a video from the Space Station
during the introduction of ‘Beautiful Day.’

Prior to Kelly’s video message, Bono had dedicated the song to the astronaut’s wife,
Gabrielle Giffords.  He introduced Kelly’s video with the words, “Imagine a man looking
down on us from
200 miles up. Looking down at our beautiful crowded planet."

Then Kelly appeared on the giant video screen, saying “Hello Seattle, from the
International Space Station.”  
He then proceeded to hold up a series of inspirational
words that floated around him. He ended the clip by speaking a line from Bowie’s
‘Space Oddity’: “Tell my wife I love her very much, she knows.”

Watch the video - you might get goose bumps.
For a few minutes, Bono made Commander Kelly the coolest guy on the planet.
Do other bands get Space Station priviliges?
Or is U2 the only band that's big enough?

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Clearly, Bush's tax cuts for the rich is our biggest problem.

Saw it on http://www.liquiddaddy.blogspot.com/

Hype and nonsense: the Osama error
by my good friend Marton Radkai


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Subject: Obama's approval ratings


Yes, Obama’s approval ratings are once again in the area of 47%, but this is by no means a disaster;
I figure a lot of those folks (like me) who have mixed feelings about Obama will still vote for him in 2012,
as they won’t be able to bring themselves to vote for the Republican candidate, whomever that might be;
the gag factor will work in Obama’s favor at election time.
 Dave In La Verne

I saw a poll Tuesday - Magicpants over Obama by three.

Means nothing.

Obama will either be up against a Republican who loves socialized medicine
or some crazy handjob who swears that Jesus road dinasours to temple.

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Wildlife Photo of the Day

This one is guaranteed to blow your mind.

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Subject: James Randi, Judy Wood and the 9-11 CTs


What now for Mrs. Weiner?
Does she stand by her man like The Good Wife?


These are squirm-inducing days for the wives and daughters of male politicos who can't keep their pants zipped.

On Friday, brave daughter Cate Edwards trudged alongside her dad, John, as the former presidential candidate
was indicted for allegedly misusing campaign money to keep his pregnant mistress hidden.

Last month, Maria Shriver got a standing ovation when she appeared on stage with Oprah show just 24 hours
after hubby Gov. Musclehead publicly acknowledged that he'd fathered a son with their former housekeeper.

And then there's Huma Abedin, Rep. Weiner's exceptionally accomplished and elegant bride, whom those
outside the Beltway are just learning about. Weiner and Abedin were married by Hillary Clinton,

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How to Unleash the Booze-Inhaling, Animal-Slaughtering, War-Glorifying,
Hairy-Chested, Retro-Sexual Legend Within... Just Like Papa!

Subject: Trouble for Ted Rall

Hi Bart.

I know that the current times have been rough on you as a blogger, and that revenues have been bad.

Didn't know if you were aware that the GREAT American political cartoonist of our times, Ted Rall,
has fallen upon hard times because he too has been critical of Obama. In fact, he's been dropped from
a lot of papers - uh, progressive ones - because he is, uh, perhaps a bit too honest about how fucking
painful and terrifying life is for many Americans.

Progressive media thinks he needs to tone it down a bit, as he writes in the following article

He's auctioning off cartoons on Ebay, just to stay alive. Here's his website: http://www.rall.com/rallblog/

For me, he is one of the few remaining persons who dare to speak the truth about how terribly fucking
bad it is, one of the few who is truly connected to the pain many Americans who are struggling to merely
survive. (He also has an extraordinary knowledge of Afghanistan, having lived there, and been the one
fucking journalist after 9/11 who wasn't "embedded" and someone's fucking stenographer. He does
great cartoons, but his articles about what's really going on there are important.)

Ted has done a few cruel cartoons - as truth is cruel. Here is one from 2009 you might have missed.

Sure the hell says what I feel, terrified, every day, about losing every fucking thing my family has forever.
Obama does not give a fuck - fuck him!

hammer on, hammer on,

chookie, I like Ted, I almost always run his toons, but sometimes he goes too far.

The morning of the Sunday OBL died, NATO bombed a building in Libya
where a child died and Ted tweeted, "Now Obama is a child-murderer."

Not sure how that makes Obama a child murderer, but Ted goes to extremes, sometimes.

Still, he's funny and talented so I hope he stays in comedy.
It would be sad for a man of his talents to work in a "civilian" job.

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The View out my Window

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Subject: Re: Subject: Return to Hiroshima

Bart, hey.

Øyvind's take on this Hiroshima/Nagasaki nuke-bombing issue, I wish I'd written that. 
It certainly echoes my thoughts on the subject, scattered as my thoughts may be. 
Kudos your way then, for publishing what he has to say.

For anyone interested in another approach to Japan's attack on the States in the 40's,
Tokyo Station by Martin Cruz Smith comes highly recommended. 

Tokyo Station is the Brit publication title, it's called December 6th in the States,
for whatever marketing reasons, I guess.  It's a noirish fictionalized account,
maybe the Casablanca of the Pacific.  It takes place primarily in Tokyo a few days prior
to the Pearl Harbor attack and in Shanghai a few years earlier in a flashback incident that
gives more background detail on its anti-hero, an expat Yank who grew up in Japan and
runs a bar in the city. 

Smith is one of my absolutely favorite writers.  His Russian homicide detective Arkady Renko
(Gorky Park) might just be my favorite fictional (book-wise, anyway) character.  Renko is
featured in a whole string of novels that covers the history of Russia from the days that
Gorky Park takes place during the USSR to the more-or-less present day. 

Actually, Gorky Park is one of the only Renko books I haven't read; saw the flick with
William Hurt as Renko and also starring Lee Marvin and Brian Dennehy.  Another great
"period piece" by Smith is his Rose, which takes place in a 19th C. English mining town.

Anyway, throwing up an advert for Tokyo Station/December 6th with a link to your
Amazon account may lead others to find this wonderful piece of writing and the other
works of Martin Cruz Smith, especially in light of this discussion on the "virtues" or
lack of them of nuking Japan under Truman.

Hammer on,
Doug the ex-pat Yank aka Iago in Taiwan
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Subject: Obama's popularity


I am afraid we are in between a rock and a hard place. 
Obama promised hope and change that failed to materialize. 

While he had big majorities in the House and the House did produce some really
good legislation but the reptilian GOP in the Senate killed everything and O was
too fucking timid to fight them.  They filibustered every damn thing under the sun. 
They killed everything in its crib. 

The stupid fucking voters then turned the House over to a bunch of damned spoiled
2nd grade WATB's and that killed any hope for change.  Now Obama's ratings are
going down the toilet and he just might lose, yeah even to a bimbo grifter like Sarah.

A poll out today indicates even Mitt would beat him. The stupid voters are so fucking
pissed at the GOP in the house for doing exactly nothing except curbing women's rights
they just might turn the House back to the Dems.  Wouldn't that be just dandy? 

A GOP president and a democratic House so anything they might pass would be vetoed. 
The voters look like they will turn out or recall the idiots they just elected at the state level
so at least there is that slim hope but if we continue in this fashion we are toast. 

Seems all Obama has to say to the voters is this:
"I know you're hurting and we all want jobs to come back faster
 - but don't let
pain and frustration push you into voting for the party that
 caused you to lose your job,
your savings and your home in the first damn place."

Simple talk - people understand that.

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Name that Song!

    same link as yesterday

Nobody got yesterday's Mystery Song, which kills me.

You guys have been consistently cracking the most obscure half-second snippets
from the early sixties but when I do a seven-second snippet of the best song on a
2009 release by the biggest band in the world you come up dry?   Really?

We cannot move forward until someone gets this song.

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Delta slams Soldiers with $2800 Baggage Fees
 And they refuse to reimburse them


Shame on we-don't-like-soldiers Delta Airlines.

They can't do a small favor for someone coming back from fighting our wars?

They way I understand it, the military dumps you wherever, say in Miami or New York.
But if you live in Seattle or San Diego, it's up to you to find a way home.

Delta, and every airline, should be flying these guys home FREE
if there's an empty seat on the plane.

Shame on greedy Delta Airlines.

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Guess the City


Subject: last issue's mystery city

Bart, last issue's mystery city is ________

Nobody got yesterday's Mystery City, either, but tons of you knew that Mystery Automobile.

What happened to all you "That's too easy" guys?

I guess most people never get to Cartagena, Columbia.

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Today's History Mystery


Send me your History Mystery pictures

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Subject: last issue's history mystery

What is last issue's History Mystery?

Bart, that's William S. Burroughs on the left, Jack Kerouac on the right.

Our next scene is prompted by the image of Burroughs besting Kerouac in a fight,
which appears on the jacket of the U.S. edition of Hippos. This is historically confusing,
however, since the scene takes place not in the mid-1940s, when they wrote Hippos
together, but in autumn 1953 in Ginsberg’s lower East Side apartment.
  Geoff Carver

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They found porn on bin Laden's computer.

OBL had sex with goats - just like the vulgar Pigboy.


Subject: donation

Bart, glad you found a printer for your corporate welfare bumper sticker;
I gotta have one. Here's ten bucks. More to come your way.
Keep swinging that hammer!

Ben, thanks for the business.
I paid extra for 5-day shipping so they should got out in a week or so.


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Marilyn Monroe's Iconic 'Subway Dress'
It's for sale for a cool $2 million

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