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Thurs-Friday  July 7-8,  2011     Vol 2718 - Captain Cave-in


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Murdoch in serious trouble?
Arrow Obama caves in early
TBs sell "I'm a racist" shirts
Arrow Obama lets WS off the hook
Arrow Nancy Grace helped 'Tot Mom?'
Arrow Perry's Texas "worse than Iran"
Arrow Spend all day -  w/ Classic Angels


"Republicans are using the debt limit measure as a gun against the heads of Americans
  to retain breaks for corporate jet owners or oil and gas companies."

     --  Obama, who sounds like he's been reading  bartcop.com       Link

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Murdoch breaks, kills tabloid
The whole world it watching, you goon!


Murdoch in serious trouble?
Advertisers bailing, government involved...


The UK Guardian reported Tuesday that News reporters targeted Milly Dowler, the 13-year-old who
went missing in 2002 and was later found dead. (According to the Guardian, News of the World reporters
deleted messages on Dowler's phone to "free up space," giving her family the false hope she might still be alive.)

"I can't think of any jam that Murdoch has gotten into that's tighter than this one," Slate's Jack Shafer wrote.
"As long as the victims of the phone-hacking were rich people and big shots, Murdoch didn't have to worry
too much about public opinion. But Dowler's parents are neither rich nor big shots. "

But the news has gotten even worse for Murdoch--with reports that the paper may have engineered
payoffs to police authorities. Vanity Fair reported that Andy Coulson, the paper's editor from 2003 to 2006,
admitted that "he condoned payments from members of his staff at the News of the World to Scotland Yard,"
according to e-mails the company has handed over to the police.

So, as long as this billionaire bastard was stealing from celebs it was OK.
but now he's fucked with the family of a dead 13-year old so it's a crime?

Murdoch is a billionaire many times over.
Why does he have to break the law to make a few more dollars?

Greedy Rethugs - all the money in the world isn't enough for them.

Maybe Murdoch needs a few years in a slimy Brit prison to reflect on his life of crime?

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"I did not say she was innocent, I just said there was not enough evidence."
 If you cannot prove what the crime was, you cannot determine what the punishment should be..."
   --  Juror in the Florida murder trial where Nancy Grace got the child killer off,          Link

I didn't follow this closely, but really, if you're going to execute someone,
  your evidence really has to be rock-solid and in this case it wasn't.
  My guess is next to Texas, Florida enjoy executions the most.

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Subject: Cantor hypocrite
Ohen the Bush/Cheney REGIME (thanks, PigBoy) was in power,
Eric Cantor and the Republicans voted SEVEN TIMES to increase the Debt Ceiling,
while Bush and company was borrowing and spending like drunken draft dodgers.

Can we say HYPOCRISY?
 Nick in Nevada

Nick, that's what we call listing the facts.

Too bad the Dems don't believe in it.

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  Jeff The Cat: Merchant of Darkness.
    The Most Evil Cat in the World.


As expected, Obama caves in early
Offers to cut Medicare, Social Security and anything else Bitch and Boner don't like

Obama, in seeking $4 trillion in spending cuts in a debt limit deal, has put major changes to Social Security
and Medicare on the table if Republicans agree to increased tax revenues.

The offer caters to both sides in the debt limit negotiations and Obama will urge congressional leaders to seize
the opportunity to act. The compromise, however, still puts both Republicans and Democrats in tough spots.

Democrats have vowed to protect Medicare and Social Security, ...but Obama is no Democrat.
While Republicans still argue that tax increases are not realistic legislative proposals. If leadership from both
parties agree to Obama’s cave-in, the next move will be to sell the plan to the idiot Teabaggers.

But Thursday’s meetings at the White House will reveal just how many concessions Obama is willing to make.

The president has reportedly already privately discussed his plan with The Boner, Michael Tom Steel,
a spokesperson for Boehner, told the Washington Post “there are no tax increases on the table.”

So, Obama's pattern repeats.
He offers to sell out the foundation of the Democratic Party while the GOP tells him, "Go fuck yourself."

I was hoping the death of OBL would give Obama a little courage.

I was wrong.

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Nancy Grace
I told my Other Half weeks ago that if this case ended with a dismissal, Nancy Grace would be toast.

She built a career on casting guilt and whipping her base into an emotional lynch mob.
I'll bet you a buck that within a year the Anthony family and their
lawyers will sue Grace and her whore employer into oblivion.
 Jim from Indiana

Grace seems to have failed upwards.
Since Bush, America rewards the biggest morons and losers.

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TBs sell "I'm a racist" shirts
Probably doing great business, too


OH YEEHAW THA FORF OF JULY, time for the awful racist slobs of Lexington, Kentucky to put on
their best “warding off the coloreds and the Muslins” finery in honor of Jesus, Hitler and Thomas Jefferson.

Do you like seeing the hate-bomb that is puking all over the American flag, on this man’s t-shirt?
Does it capture your patriotic spirit? He will sell you another, to wear to the parade!  This is how serious
the birth control situation is in Kentucky, because broken condoms result in tragedies like this man,
selling apparel to people who want to honor America’s founding dressed like hobo Klansmen.

Damn, why didn't I think of that?
Next Teabagger rally, I should print 500 "I'm a racist pig" shirts and sell them tor $60 each.

That's a quick $30,000 - want to be my partner?

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Obama lets Wall Street off the hook


Even now, on the heels of Bank of America’s reluctant $8.5 billion settlement with investors who held its
mortgage-backed securities, the Obama administration may be handing it and its peers new get-out-of-jail-free cards.

With the Department of Justice’s blessing, the Iowa attorney general, Tom Miller, is pushing the 49 other states
to sign on to a national financial settlement ending their investigations of the biggest mortgage lenders. What some
call a settlement others may find a cover-up. Time reported in April that the lawyer negotiating with Miller for
Moynihan’s Bank of America just happened to be a contributor to his 2010 Iowa reelection campaign. If the deal
is struck, any truly aggressive state attorneys general, like Eric Schneiderman of New York, will be shut down
before they can dig into the full and still mostly uninvestigated daisy chain of get-rich-quick rackets practiced
by banks as they repackaged junk mortgages into junk securities.

How often do we quote Bart's Law #2?

Any time a person or entity makes a "mistake" that puts extra money (or power) in their pocket, 
expect them to make that "mistake" again and again and again.

Wall Street and America's biggest banks made "mistakes" that put BILLIONS in their pockets.

Since Obama wants to "look forward" on everything put pot and poker, we can expect
Wall Street and
America's big banks to make more "mistakes" that will put more BILLIONS in their pockets.

Why is it, time and again, Obama seems unable to learn?

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"Dude's going to play some guitar"
   Biggest band in the world has a moment

A blind man from Arizona had a lifelong dream come true when he was invited by Bono to jam with U2 on stage.

Adam Bevell, who started losing his sight at the age of 14, caught Bono's attention at a U2 concert in Nashville over the long weekend.

As the band was preparing to leave the stage after the last encore, Bono spotted Bevell holding a sign
declaring "blind guitar player," indicating that the fan wanted to play and dedicate a song to his wife.

"Bono said 'C'mon up here. Get this dude a guitar,' and I thought no way this is happening," Bevell recalled.

"Dude's gonna play some guitar," Bono told the crowd.
With some help from Bono, Bevell performed his favorite song “All I Want Is You.”

"It was the greatest feeling knowing that I was playing with the greatest rock star in the world but he
didn't make me feel like that at all, he made me feel like we were in our living room," Bevell said,
adding that playing with U2 was something he had on his bucket list.

Bono even let Bevell keep the guitar.


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Obama commits political suicide

"I cut Social Security and Medicare with the help of my Republican buddies.
Please vote for me anyway. Hey, I'm not ALL bad."

Is there still time to primary this alleged Democrat?
I know of one person who could maybe pull it off...


"So Casey Anthony knew the kid drowned and got scared - so she went to parties?
  She went by the old adage 'When in doubt, do an 8-ball.'"
   --  David Spade in a tweet


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Perry's Texas "worse than Iran"

He's even crazier than Der Monkey Fuhrer

Gov Rick Perry (R-Secede) is endangering every American traveling abroad
by refusing to halt a Texan execution after the guilty man was refused his rights.

In 1994, Humberto Garcia. was convicted of rape and murder and sentenced to death.
Byt an omission in the handling of his case may make things tough for American citizens
arrested abroad:  Leal wasn't told that he could contact the Mexican Consulate.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has rejected requests from the United Nations high commissioner
for human rights, diplomats, judges, former President Monkey Fuhrer, retired military officials
and now, President Obama, to stay the execution.

Perry wants to look tough for his Teabaggers, but he's endangering every American abroad.
If Texas executes Garcia without allowing him to talk to the Mexican embassy, why should
foreign counmtries allow jailed Americans to contact the US embassy?

As noted in the article, even IRAN allows jailed foreigners to contact their embassy, but that
holds no weight in Tejas where executing darkies is their #1 source of entertainment.


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The toonist is saying Democrats are bullies
who run roughshod over the weak?

In what universe does that happen?

Our Democrats refuse to REQUEST what's already OURS!

What horseshit we see from Marcia Clark, the failure...

To hear her tell it, our prisons are EMPTY because the
system is sooo stacked in favor of the defendant.

Why can't she tell the truth?

They had a lacking-evidence case
and winning was always a long shot

Nancy Grace helped 'Tot Mom?'
She might've lost, if not for crazy Grace


Casey Anthony’s acquittal wouldn’t have been possible without Nancy Grace.

No journalist (He's kidding, right?) did more to make Casey Anthony the poster girl for bad
mothers everywhere, and even when what began as her own personal crusade grew into an
international phenomenon, Grace remained at the center of the feeding frenzy, hurling bloody
chunks of revelation and conjecture to an ever-growing audience of voyeurs, amateur sleuths,
and deranged conspiracy theorists.

Grace’s only function was to conjure a media event sufficiently hot and bright to attract a
competent legal team. The lawyers did the rest, coolly drawing attention to all the gaps in
the prosecution’s narrative.

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1 minute video, SFW

Subject: CNN Headline News

Casey Anthony will be released from jail next Wednesday.

Earlier today, she was sentenced to four years for four
misdemeanor counts of lying to cops.
She has been in jail for almost three years and is being given time off for good behavior.

So where does she go now?

Her own show on FOX?

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Speilberg's Super 8, Movie Review

I was disappointed.

My expectations were high - I was hoping for another E.T. or Raiders or Poltergeist
and what I got, instead, was a cookie-cutter monster movie about how evil the military is.

J.J. Abrams directed, so I was hoping it might be as good as the last Star Trek film,
which I thought was done really, really well, but this latest offering just floundered.

Plus, true to J.J. Abrams, there were so many unanswered questions.
Why did the monster relocate every dog in town 30-50 miles away?

They never say - Abrams always does that - give you a clue about a mystery
but then he never explains why he wasted the time and film to include that.

Turns out Elle Fanning can act - who knew?
Last time I saw her, she was a annoying, giggling six year-old on the American Idol finale,
but she was good in this movie, as was the never-acted-before newbie, Joel Counrtney.

Critics gave the movie a B.
I think they were being polite.

They had the makings of a great film here - it just never got out.

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NOBODY would want to read their mail, right?
How can American engineers and web designers be so goddamn stupid?

This is what the "new and improved" Yahoo is like.
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...and those Yahoo hookers continue to bother me.
Can we have Yahoo arrested for running hookers?

Does America make anything that f-ing works?
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Wildlife Close-up


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Today's Mystery City



Subject: last issue's mystery city

Bart, last issue's mystery city is Beijing.

I don't recognize that building, but I sure as hell recognize the taxis.

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Today's History Mystery


This is another good one...

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Subject: last issue's history mystery

What is last issue's History Mystery? is the Manhattan Bridge.

The big giveaway is the photo's clue - a building in the foreground in named - "Catherine Ferry"

So many people guessed Brooklyn Bridge.

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