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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

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Weekend-Monday  July 9-11,  2011     Vol 2719 - Transonic


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Budget cuts Killing the Economy
Arrow GOP Liars: "Taxes strangling us"
O'Reilly: Screw that Florida Jury
Arrow Perry, eager to kill, just like W
Arrow Social Security on the Table?
Arrow Perry's 'balanced budget' tricks
Arrow Spend all day -  Emma Watson


"...America will continue the dream..."
     --  NASA's shuttle launch narrator, apparently lying his ass off

 Truth is, the dream just died.

 Why did Obama kill the space program?
 Because he wants Rethugs to like him and they want billionaires
 to have an even smoother ride than they have now?

 America is NOT broke.

 The super-rich are hogging all the money we used to pay to teachers, astronauts and cops.

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Budget cuts Killing the Economy
Why doesn't Obama follow Clinton's blueprint?


Warning that today’s focus on budget cuts are clearly harming the economy, the Campaign for America’s Future
said today that today’s rising unemployment rate (9.2 percent) is the result of public spending cuts and the
abandonment of efforts to spur economic growth by both political parties in Washington.

Our unemployment rate is up this month to 9.2 percent.  This dismal total is the result of both weak private sector
jobs growth and the reality that is that state governments are laying off employees. According to the BLS, 39,000
government jobs were cut, after 48,000 government workers lost their jobs in May.

Roger Hickey, co-director of Campaign for America’s Future, reacted to this morning’s unemployment numbers.

“These numbers are terrible, and they show that budget austerity is crippling the recovery. After the worst recession
since the great depression, the federal government made an effort to stimulate growth and to help state and local
governments prevent layoffs, but after unrelenting conservative pressure, those recovery efforts were abandoned,
and Republicans and the President turned to premature deficit reduction. These numbers show dramatically that
this is not the time for additional budget cuts."

What can we do?
Obama wants to be friends with those who hate old, poor people.

...and he wants to be re-elected.

Obama is going exactly the wrong way - he's taking money out of the hands of
the middle class which means purchases are down and layoffs will continue.

Obama needs to raise taxes on the super-rich and them implement the Bartcop tax Plan.

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"It was a local, Florida trial that probably would have taken three days
  had it not been for the slavering vultures like Nancy Grace who humped
  Caylee Anthony's skeleton like it was made of ratings dildos..."
   --  The Rude Pundit          Link


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Subject: Pigboy the asshole
Rush Limbaugh went to Joplin, Missouri, with a truckload of tea to congratulate the citizens
of Joplin for rebuilding the town. This shows him to be an asshole for two reasons:

(1) The Joplin citizens surely need more substantial nourishment than tea.
     Certainly, children won't be drinking any caffeine-laden beverage.

(2) Why in tarnation does a person have to be a member of the Tea Party to be invested
     in rebuilding the city? It's just like Rush to politicize this tragedy.

Rush continues to be a blight on the airwaves and a pimple on the republic's butt.
  Eckhard Festag

Plus, he went to Joplin to hawk his new line of Tea.

He doesn't care about Joplin.
He wanted free publicity for his product - not help the locals rebuild.

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  Jeff The Cat: Merchant of Darkness.
    The Most Evil Cat in the World.


GOP Liars: "Taxes strangling us"
Only Iceland pays less corporate taxes

Republicans have defended tax loopholes for corporations, claiming that America has a high corporate tax rate
that is stifling economic growth and job creation. But the Center for Tax Justice (CTJ) has crunched the most
recent data from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the OMB, and the
Census Bureau, and finds that “the U.S. is one of the least taxed countries for corporations in the world.”

It's worse than that - so many US coporations pay NO FEDERAL TAXES AT ALL.

If only we had a president who wanted to save the middle class.

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Mountain Mystery City
I ain't buying the Mystery City was the Transfagarasan in Romania.
I still believe it to be Stelvio Pass, Italy because of the following web pages.
  Bob G
See Third picture under Stelvio Pass, Italy on link below.

Bob, I think you're right.

Send e-mail to Bart

O'Reilly: Screw that Florida Jury
Pure pandering from the Prince of Poppycock


O'Reilly began by saying "it would not be fair to disparage the jury in the Casey Anthony acquittal
without first hearing from them," then he went on a spree of disparagement, taking shots at the jury,
the defendant, O.J. Simpson's jury and America as a whole.
O'Reilly condemned the U.S.A., its justice system and the Americans who did their civic duty by
serving on the jury. He has nothing but judgmental questions about all of them but strangely no
condemnation of the prosecutors who failed to convince the jury beyond a reasonable doubt that
the lying and erratic Anthony was the killer.
"Have we become a nation that does not make judgments any more about behavior? Is there always
an excuse for everything?" O'Reilly asked.

Hey Bill, when you were sued for sexual harassment, you had plenty of excuses, remember?

"Reasonable doubt was not raised by Ms. Anthony's lawyers.  They ran around concocting a lot
of bull they couldn't prove," he editorialized, concluding that "the Casey Anthony verdict is a dark,
dark day in American history, no question."

Pure horseshit.
O'Reilly didn't watch that entire trial, but even if he did, he saw LOTS of stuff that
the jury never saw, so how does het get off condemning them?

I'll tell you why - because there's more money to be made from "Casey the Monster"
than there is from "those idiot prosecutors."

It's the only side a network or media whore CAN take.
If one thinks Casey Anthony got a fair trial, that means they're pro-child-murder.

You see, all of the "decent" people wanted the bitch to fry - guilty or not.
Me, I don't have a strong opinion because I don't have enough facts.

Plus, a whole lot of people are pissed that their daytime serial has been cancelled.
Now they might have to go back to their daily lives.

Send e-mail to Bart

CNN Breaking News...
Former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown has accused journalists from across Rupert Murdoch's
News International media group of trying to illegally obtain private medical information about his family,
details of his bank accounts and his phone messages, a source close to Brown told CNN.

Monday's allegation broadens a scandal that brought down Murdoch's News of the World newspaper.

Journalists from The Sun, Murdoch's daily British tabloid, obtained details about Brown's seriously ill son
and published a story about him, while people working for the upmarket Murdoch Sunday Times
tricked Brown's accountants 
into handing over financial details, the former prime minister alleges.

Do they punish criminals in England?
Or do they "look forward" like we do here?

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Perry "balanced" TX budget on tricks


According to the Whore AP, Gov perry and the Tejas GOP legislature largely
balanced the state’s budget through flimsy accounting gimmicks.

The self-professed "fiscal conservatives" resorted to tactics like delaying a $2.3 billion payment
to schools by one day to technically push it into the next fiscal year and keep it off the books of
this year's budget. They also “found” $800 million by ordering the state’s accountants to forecast
a faster increase in land values to show more property tax income:

Gov. Rick Perry signed a budget that was balanced only through accounting maneuvers,
rewriting school funding laws and delaying payments on bills coming due in 2013.

...and this son of a bitch wants to be president?

Of course, the Democrats are immune from listing the facts
so the cheating-as-always Rethugs will get away with this bullshit.

I wish I was in a party that wasn't afraid to list the facts.

Send e-mail to Bart

Social Security Should Be Off the Table
Why is Obama choosing to screw the middle class?

Reacting to news reports that Obama has put Social Security cuts on the table in deficit reduction negotiations,
Roger Hickey, co-director of the Campaign for America’s Future issued the following statement:

“Social Security should not be on the table for deficit reduction. Social Security has its own dedicated source
of revenue and it contributes not a dime to the deficit. It is the most successful program in the history of
government -- protecting people who have worked their whole lives and deserve to retire in dignity.

Y'know, if Obama didn't have a history of folding early and out of turn,
it would be nice to consider this a masterful trick he's playing on the GOP.

If Obama KNOWS Bitch & Boner will certainly say "No" to every tax increase,
Obama could offer up SocSec and Medicare just so he could tell the voters,
"I offered to cut my favorite programs but they refused to cut theirs
 - so we ended up without a deal."

That would show even the most braindead Teabaggers that Obama tried,
but America went broke because the Cavemen refused to meet him halfway.

End result?

SocSec and Medicare stay the same, GOP loses 16 senate seats and 60 House seats.
The Obama has the army he needs to move the country forward for the next four years.

Of course, I don't believe that for a minute...

Obama isn't a "Here's what you're getting" negotiator.
He's more of a "What would you be willing to accept?" negotiator.

Send e-mail to Bart


"It makes me sick to know my husband is in jail for five years for driving without
  a license and this murdering [expletive] is going to be out and walking free?
  This is exactly what's wrong with the system. Criminals walk free and innocents
  rot in prison. What's wrong with our government?"
   --  Mary Roberts, angry Florida Teabagger, probably,    Link

  Mary, tell the truth - is your husband REALLY doing 5 years in prison for no-license driving?

Or was this his third DWI conviction with, say, aggravating circumstances?

Send e-mail to Bart

Pelosi: Hands off Medicare, Obama!

Somebody's got to act like a Democrat...

Pelosi has so far played a minor, background role over the debt ceiling. But she changed that Friday.

"We do not support cuts in benefits for Social Security and Medicare," Pelosi said. "Any discussion of
Medicare or Social Security should be on its own table. You want to take a look at Social Security?
Then look at it on its own table. But do not consider Social Security a piggy bank for giving
tax cuts
to the wealthiest people in our country."

Thank you, Nancy Pelosi.

...or is this just Kabuke Theater for our benefit?

Obama had to know Pelosi might stand up to him.
Are we getting "good cop, bad cop?"

If so, why is Obama eager to play the bad cop?
Surely Pelosi's 2012 seat is safer than Obama's...


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: flag talk

I'd like to say... You NEED a history lesson before you post a picture
asking if there's a difference between a Nazi flag and a Confederate flag!

Peggy, I give up - what's the difference?

Both flags repesent the enslavement (or killing) of minorities.

...were you talking about the flag colors?

Send e-mail to Bart

Joe Buck regains voice
...in time to ruin the All-Star game

Subject: Idea to get more clicks

Bart, you could add a "Liars page" to your site.

On your liars page you name the link something like 'Sarah Palin NUDE!" and have a really
shocking funny picture on the linked page. (like the nasty rear end of a big dog in heat)

Many would click through just to see what goofy shit you have posted.
Take the time to create a few dozen in advance and watch the raves and requests fly in!  lol!
 Tim Welsh

Tim, years ago we tried something like that.
It was called "This Day in History" and there was goofy stuff like
"On this date, George Washington flew on the first flight with the Wright Brothers."

Absolutely ZERO percent of the people got the joke.

The mail came roaring in:

"Bart, George Washington never flew with the Wright Brothers."
"Bart, Clinton didn't give the speech at Gettysburg, that was Lincoln."
"Bart, Galileo was never a Pope, you got that all wrong!"

I assumed people would see it as a joke...

Apparently, my readers aren't big on that kind of humor.

Send e-mail to Bart

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Precious Gem, bi-colored corn

Perry, eager to kill, just like W
Leal executed "because we want to"


Blood-thirsty Texas executed Mexican national Humberto Leal on Thursday despite complaints
from the White House and diplomats around the world that the execution violated U.S. treaty obligations.

The Supreme Court yesterday denied Leal’s objection to the execution because the for-sale
sons of bitches always sides with bloody-thirsty Republicans.

I'm getting so tired of fighting a fight that's fixed.
Not only is it fixed, our side doesn't f-ing care that it's fixed.

It's like our side sees the other fighter hiding metal in his boxing gloves but they
don't bother to mention it because they know the crooked referee will allow it. 

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Casey Anthony trial

I’m not particularly fond of Nancy Grace either, but let me say this: there have been people who
have been found guilty of murder with similar circumstantial evidence as was had against Casey Anthony.

You mean that super-cheesy "death sniffer" machine?
That's the dumbest thing I've ever seen at a criminal trial.
Shame on the judge for allowing that junk science into a capital case.

I happen to believe she was guilty. I also happen to believe she opted to throw her family under the bus
to confuse this jury and win sympathy by claiming sexual abuse. Most women who are sexually abused,
when they have their own children do not leave their female children in the hands of the person who abused them. 
Nor do those women have the tendency to murder their children.

I agree.
This jury was not supposed to consider punishment at this phase of deliberations. They were only
supposed to consider guilty or not guilty during their deliberations. What they did not understand is
that once they reached the punishment phase of the trial, they could decide against the death penalty
and opt for life in prison. For these idiot jurors (yes I said it) to believe that if they convicted her of
first degree murder that their only option was an automatic death penalty proves that they did not
understand how the law works in Florida. 

In this case, the judge should have instructed the jury that they were not to consider punishment
during the deliberations, only guilt. If he did, then what Vincent Bugliosi said about selecting jurors
during the Manson trial is true: that while prosecutors want dumb juries, defense attorneys want them
to be so dumb they’re walking into walls.
  Dee in NJ

One of America's biggest problems is we have 50 sets of laws.
We're not the United Sates, we're the 50 states North of Mexico.

I heard the talking heads critocize the prosecution for not allowing
the jury to consider a lesser punishment, like 40 years to life.

But for me, and the limited exposure I had to this trial, the biggest problem was prosecutorial verbosity.
It would take them 1,000 words to say, "She turned on the computer."

I can say,
"She turned on the computer." in five words.
The fact they they couldn't do the same cost them the verdict, IMO.

Every prosecutor in the US should watch the Anthony trial for tips on what not to do.
Then they should watch a tape of Marcia Clark's 9-day final summation for further tips.

Prosecutors - they LOVE to hear the sound of their own voice.

Send e-mail to Bart

So who's going to screw who?
Maybe Ted wants to snort some meth off Mr. Batshit?

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 I'll bet you're stumped this time...

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"Both sides must cut back on their favorite sacred cows
  because we just can't afford them anymore."
   --  Obama press conference, 10:30 Central  

  Barack, you sound more like a Rethug every day.
  OF COURSE we can afford Social Security and Medicare.
  The super-rich just need to pat their fair share of taxes - that's all.

  A-Rod makes $25M a year.
  He pays FICA on the first $115,000 and not on the remaining $24,9M

  If you closed those loopholes for the super-rich, we could afford
lots of things.

  Besides, the two aren't the same.
  Their sacred cow is more money for billionaires.
  Our sacred cow is being sure Grandma has medicine and food to eat.

  Stop pretending they're the same - aren't you smarter than that?

  You've lost your way, Barack, and it might cost you the election.
  One other thing - that you seem incapable of grasping:
  No matter how much or how often you sell us out,
  The Bitch and The Boner are never going to accept you.

  You're Black, remember?

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Fearless or Fearful "Leader"


I have to say, after more than 2 1/2 years of the Obama Presidency, I am very troubled by his leadership.
No, wait – I’m  mad as hell and I use the term’ leadership’ very loosely!

Take the recent negotiations to raise the debt ceiling.
In my opinion, this is a “Waterloo” moment for Obama and the Democratic Party.
If Obama blinks, if he caves, that’s it.  Change his name to Napoleon.
The GOP will be even more emboldened (if that’s possible).
We think their demands are outrageous now? Just wait, if they get their way on this.

I appreciate this is a tough position for Obama, but if ever there was a time to be firm,
to use the bully pulpit, to STOP begging for non attainable bi-partisanship, it’s NOW.

I have often wondered, during these weeks of angst, if Obama is acting on his own beliefs,
or he is getting (and taking) some bad advice?

Maybe, deep inside, he really does NOT want a second term.
If he throws in Social Security and Medicare into the pot of things to be cut, he may not get it.

As a very middle class Progressive Democratic and woman of a certain age,
I am tired of appearing to get the one fingered salute from this Administration.
So, will this be Obama’s Waterloo???
 Mary Lou

If Obama cuts $4 trillion from SocSec and Medicare, as he's proposing,
old people will stay home on Election day and that would be the end of Obama's career.

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Subject: Idea to get more clicks

Bart, I just realized I wasn’t even seeing your ads. I use “AdBlock Plus
and didn’t even notice the ads weren’t there since until I just looked for them.

Adblocker does a pretty seamless job of removing the ads without screwing up
the rest of the page and most people probably just install it and don’t think about it afterwards.

I just disable adblock for bartcop.com.
Maybe you can put a request that readers disable adblockers for your site;
I’m sure other people will disable them if they realize what’s happening.
 Bill the Pillar

Bill, thanks for that.

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U2, Beautiful Day in Montreal

Who's going to see U2 in St Louis next Sunday?

Wet Wildlife Close-up


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Obama lets Wall Street off the hook

Bart's Law # 2 is absolutely correct: 
"Any time a person or entity makes a "mistake" that puts extra money (or power)
  in their pocket, expect them to make that "mistake" again and again and again."

Again, I'll say, this "Democratic" President does not deserve my vote, and many others who he's betrayed. 
It's almost like he doesn't want our vote.  It's easy to see whose vote he's after.

I don't think The Bitch or The Boner are going to vote for Obama...

Send e-mail to Bart

William Day New York Gay Marriage Art for sale

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Subject: getting people to visit the sub-pages

Bart, figure out a way to have the people click on a song and then
return to your page after the song is over so you get a second click.

If you can't do it electronically, ask people to click directly on the link
to the youtube page and then hit the BACK button to return to your page
for the next video on the list instead of hitting "open link in a new tab."

This could get huge if people start posting replies and other songs.
It could go on forever with subpages.
 Rude Rich


Why didn't I think of that?

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bart blog

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Today's Mystery City


 Calling you world travelers...

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: last issue's mystery city

Bart, last issue's mystery city is Beijing, again.

I cheated.
However, it's ugly.
  Bob C

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Today's History Mystery


Send proof because I don't know either...

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: last issue's history mystery

What is last issue's History Mystery? is...

Nobody got last issue's historic celebrities?

They're brothers, but not the Marx Brothers
and only two of these brothers got famous
and they died broke.

Wait, Burt just got it!
It's Moe and Shemp of the Three Stooges.

Yvette got that, too!

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: donations

According to the stats, four percent of my readers visit the sub-pages

Only one in 25 people visit the sub-pages?

The fate of  bartcop.com  is in your hands.
The next report is due July 27 or so.

If I can get even ten percent of you to visit the sub-pages I can survive but I
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If you'd like to see bartcop.com  continue, please vote with your mouse.

Subject: donation

Bart, I know it is a drop in a bucket pal, but
I am living on a GA State Retiree's pay, so...
I'll send more by and by,
 Cliff in Plainville, GA

Cliff, that was very nice - thanks for that.

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