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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

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Weekend-Friday,  July 30-Aug 5,  2011     Vol 2730 - Party of Mice


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Teabagger's Tail Wag 
Arrow Obama - Weak on Jobs?
Sarah Palin Nude!!!
Arrow Teabaggers hate Manatees
Arrow Gov Perry slams Obama
Arrow Obsession With Compromise
Arrow Spend the day - w/Miley Cyrus 


"So I made the decision not to jump up immediately and leave the classroom.
  I didn't want to rattle the kids. I wanted to project a sense of calm.  I had been in
  enough crises to know that the first thing a leader has to do is to project calm,"
      --  Bush, still lying about freezing up on 9-11 at the Florida school,    Link
  "Osama bin Laden's attack is underway, Mr President."

 Yeah, that's what ALL great leaders do when told they're under attack - they freeze
 and think of the thirty people cloest to them, instead of the 311 million citizens who
 would like to have their government respond and defend against the on-going attacks.

 I guess hiding on Air Force One until a clean pair of pants could be found
 is another example of how a president should react during wartime.

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Teabagger's Tail Wag
 Boehner the poster child for all that is wrong

When Boehner took the gavel from Pelosi in January, Republicans cheered a new era in Washington,
inaugurated by an all-out assault on women's reproductive rights, the healthcare bill and a series of
negotiations intended to bring government spending to heel. But though the speaker sets the agenda,
he quite clearly took his cues from a boisterous set of backseat drivers: his new Tea Party members.
Fast forward to July, and the dewy-eyed freshman class (and their more tenured conservative
coattail-riding colleagues) are threatening to take the wheel from Boehner altogether, over what
they view as his stubborn willingness to compromise one iota with the administration over raising
the debt ceiling to avoid a default by the US government.

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 "We're very close to a deal on the debt limit. We had a very good day yesterday."
  The two sides "made dramatic progress.  I think I can pretty confidently say that
  the current plan under discussion will provide a debt ceiling increase to avoid default..."

     -- Mitch the Bitch, Sunday, scaring everyone who's wondering what Obama gave him       CNN

  Obama gave them everything they asked for - then they said, "We want more."

 There's no telling what Obama gave them.

 BTW, a giant "screw you" to every moron who has said, "Both sides need to stop fighting and agree."
 One side wants to protect SS and Medicare, the other sides wants more millions for billionaires.

 If an eighth-grader keeps beating up a fifth-grader, saying, "You boys should stop fighting"
 makes no sense at all - but our president sees great wisdom in those words.

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Obama - Weak on Jobs?

This isn't a White House that knows how to look ahead.

Why hasn't the White House been sending a "Job-stimulus" bill
to the House at least twice a month for the Teabaggers to veto?

Doesn't matter what it cost or what it said, this House of Handjobs would veto
whatever they sent over - and they've missed that blank check alllllllll this time.

Next summer, he COULD be saying, "I sent 30 jobs bills to the House because
I know how much you need jobs, but John Beohner and those Republicans
ALL THIRTY of my job bills, and that's why you're still out of work."

And if they smelled a trap and passed it, we'd have more stimulus for the economy.
Sending bills weekly to the House is a great idea - what didn't they think of that?

Why can't Democrats think?

Obama tried a stimulus, most experts say it wasn't big enough to have the desired effect,
but what has Obama done since for people who need work?

Can't he SHOW the people that he's working on jobs?

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Obama’s approval number hits 40, an all-time low

Why does he act like a mouse all the time?
Why can't he act like a president?

From: info@barackobama.com

Subject: Obama birthday house meeting in Tulsa
Friend -- Obama's entire career has revolved around the idea that
ordinary people working together can do extraordinary things.

Oh, Christ!
Did John Kerry help write this claptrap?

So I hope you can take part in marking his 50th birthday next week in the way he would
appreciate most: with a solid showing of grassroots action in every corner of the country.

This Wednesday, August 3rd, campaign volunteers will get together for house meetings in all 50 states.
We'll plan local events, strategize about how to grow the campaign in our communities, and talk about
how to spread the word about the President's accomplishments to our friends and neighbors.

I assume we won't be listing a litany of his surrenders? Just this week, he surrendered on
Social Security, Medicare, raising taxes on the super-rich
and he proposed DEEPER cuts
than the chainsaw-weilding Teabaggers - who turned him down.

Best of all, folks will also have the chance to join an exclusive live video conference with President Obama at their house meeting.
Can you attend a house meeting in Tulsa? Here are the details:
What: House meeting for President Obama's 50th birthday
Where: 4302 East Pine Street
Tulsa, OK 74115

So, I went to Google Earf - here's where the meeting is:


I assume we can buy some meth at this place?

It appears to be a broke-dick, no-sign-having tavern called "Ladies First" which makies me think it's a lesbian bar.

Nothing wrong with that, but this is in a part of town in which I'm not comfortable
and I damn sure wouldn't bring Mrs. Bart to a place like this unless I had the Baby with me,

I assume all the poor-side-of-town Motel 6's were sold out?
This was the BEST place in Tulsa our Democrats could find?

I get that it's Oklahoma and it's mostly insane Teabaggers who live here,
but if they're not even going to try - why bother?

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Gov Perry Slams Obama
but he's afraid to commit to the race


Rick Perry urged conservatives Friday to “push more liberals into the private sector” in the 2012 election
— including the president — but the oft-mentioned potential presidential candidate declined to say whether
he had decided to enter the race himself.

Speaking to a packed house at the Western Conservative Summit, Perry continued to leave his supporters
guessing as to his political future, although he did refer repeatedly to the importance of the 2012 election.
At one point, he suggested that Obama should take up a career on the Sunday morning talk shows.

“The mixture of arrogance and audacity that guides the Obama administration is an affront to every
freedom-loving American and a threat to every job in the private sector,” bullshitted Mr. Perry.

You know what I'm getting sick of hearing?
How Obama "spent all this money" which rings of racism to me.

Bush left the house in flames, and Obama is in trouble for renting the fire trucks and
buying hoses and axes and hiring extra firefighters to try to get Bush's blaze under control?

They want people to think Obama spent that money friviously.
To hear the Rethugs tell it, Obama bought new Cadillacs for Black Americans.

"Yeah, Obama took our hard-earned White money and bought Cadillacs for the niggers."

From my point of view, he saved Detriot (which is now making a profit)
and he saved the American banking sysyetm which, I think, is kinda important.

Too bad the Democrats can't figure a way to list these facts.

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: fed up with Obama

I am so fed up!  Didn't you call Moron the Surrender Monkey? 
I think that title now belongs to Obama. 
Is there anything he won't surrender without even trying to fight?!

He's NEVER coming to work.  He's NEVER going to fight for us. 
People keep saying that we have to vote for him in 2012 because the Republicans will be worse. 

I think, like LIEberman, that he ought to go on and change parties. 
He couldn't be any more of a Rethuglican.  The hell with him!
  Linda  >^..^<

Obama is not the best negotiator.

His first offer is to give his opponents everything they want.
The GOP has learned to say no to everything, knowing Obama
will just keep piling on one concession after another
If Obama had come to work in the summer of 2009, when the Teabaggers
were starting to make headlines, things might've turned out different.

He chose to fiddle, instead.

Check this out:

Sen. Bernie Sanders spoke on the Senate floor about the public's strong belief that
additional revenue from the wealthy should be part of any package to reduce red ink.
He cited a new Washington Post poll that found 72 percent favor raising taxes on those
who make more than $250,000 year. Despite those overwhelming numbers, he said,
"We are doing exactly opposite of what the American people want."    Link

Obama can't push legislation thru that has the backing of 72% of the people?

We have a weak president.

Send e-mail to Bart


"Tea Bagger Joe Walsh has said many times that he doesn't want to burden
  his kids with this country's debt. Little did we know that he is a deadbeat dad.
  Apparently he doesn't want to burden his kids with income either.

     --  The Angry Liberal    Link

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Sarah Palin Nude!!!
Exclusive pics only on  bartcop.com


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That Mystery Car.....
Damn, this is a nice car - what is it?


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Teabaggers hate Manatees
"because the Bible said to hate them..."


A Florida tea party has taken another step in its effort to protect the citizens of the United States.
While its current list of enemies of the state is expansive — including taxes, high-speed rail, and
socialized medicine — it has not yet expanded into the realm of wildlife. While all three species
of manatees are listed by the World Conservation Organization as vulnerable to extinction,
the Citrus County Tea Party Patriots have declared the mammal “dangerous.”
The Florida political group recently announced its plan to fight U.S. Fish and Wildlife restrictions
on boating and other human activities.
True quote from a Tea Party leader:

“We cannot elevate nature above people,” said Edna Mattos, Citrus County Tea Party Patriots.
“That’s against the Bible and the Bill of Rights.”

Wouldn't it be cool if the half-sane Republicans realized what they were losing?

Wouldn't it be cool if they joined us to stop the Teabagging Menace?

Wouldn't it be cool if kitties pooped gold bars?

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Obama's Obsession With Compromise
...Has Compromised His Presidency by Buzzflash


Obama has positioned himself as a mediator between the Democrats and the Republicans,
not as an unwavering leader for a specific agenda or vision. Since his presidency began,
he has been primarily on the defensive, caught on the Republican side of the football field
with has back to the goal line.
This is where his emphasis on "compromise" may have compromised his presidency.
The Republicans, in general, value strength in politics over concession. They tend to look at
a man who is frequently backing away from his positions, whatever his lofty rhetoric, as weak
and as someone who can be pushed around.
What Obama may not understand is that most Americans want strong leadership standing up
to bullies and thugs, as Gary Cooper did as the sheriff in "High Noon" (popular culture drives
our image making, after all). They didn't elect a mediator in 2008; they elected a leader who
would break the DC logjam not by showing weakness, but by showing resolve and an ability
to forcefully exercise the power of the presidency.

Maybe it's time somebody said the obvious: The president is a bit of a mouse.

Bush did anything he f-ing wanted and he dared the Party of Mice to stop him.
Of course, they were too scared to act. so Bush got everything he wanted even if what he wanted was illegal.

Obama, on the other hand, is CONSTANTLY begging Bitch & Boner for permission to act and every time, 
their reply is a qucik "Up yours, Nigger" and Obama smiles and says, "Thank you for agreeing to speak with me."

Each time they tell Obama to go fuck himself, he offers them more.
Why would they compromise with someone who's giving them everything they want?

For eight years we've watched Democrats grovel at the feet of these lawless thugs and
now Obama is a blank check for the GOP to write on.

How did I get stuck in a Party of Mice?

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