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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

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Weekend-Monday,  Aug 6-8,  2011     Vol 2732 - False bottom


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow What Happened to Obama?
Arrow Standard & Poor's can Kiss my Ass 
Sarah Palin Nude!!!
Arrow Would Hillary have done better?
Arrow Gov. Perry's Insanity Rally
Arrow Credit Drop - GOP Sabotage?
Arrow Spend the day - w/ Taylor Swift


"Sharia law has nothing to do with this at all. It's crazy. It's crazy. The guy's an American citizen
  who has been an admitted lawyer to practice in the state of New Jersey, swearing an oath to uphold
  the laws of New Jersey, and the Constitution of the United States of America . . . .This Sharia law
  business is crap. It's just crazy. And I'm tired of dealing with the crazies."
      --  NJ Gov Chris Christie, getting heat for appointing a Muslim judge,     Link
Christie is showing why he can't be the GOP nominee,

  He can't run as a Rethug because he has a sane streak.
  Sanity will NOT be tolerated in today's Republican Party

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What Happened to Obama?
  by Drew Westen


When Dr. King spoke of the great arc bending toward justice, he did not mean that we should
wait for it to bend. He exhorted others to put their full weight behind it, and he gave his life
speaking with a voice that cut through the blistering force of water cannons and the gnashing
teeth of police dogs. He preached the gospel of nonviolence, but he knew that whether a bully
hid behind a club or a poll tax, the only effective response was to face the bully down, and to
make the bully show his true and repugnant face in public.

IN contrast, when faced with the greatest economic crisis, Obama stared into the eyes of history
and chose to avert his gaze. Instead of indicting the people whose recklessness wrecked the
economy, he put them in charge of it.

Maybe we should have known Obama's mantra to "look forward"
really meant "always surrender and do it before they ask."

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Standard & Poor's can Kiss my Ass
  by Robert Reich


hy did S&P do it?
Not because America failed to pay its creditors on time.
As you may have noticed, we avoided a default.
And not because we might fail to pay our bills at the end
of 2012 if tea-party Republicans again hold the nation hostage
when their votes will next be needed to raise the debt ceiling.
This is a legitimate worry and might have been grounds for a
downgrade, but it's not S&P's rationale.
S&P has downgraded the US because it doesn't think we're on
track to reduce the nation's debt enough to satisfy S&P
 - and we're not doing it in a way S&P prefers.
Pardon me for asking, but who gave Standard & Poor's the authority
to tell America how much debt it has to shed, and how?

Subject: America Downgraded

Everyone is saying the the credit rating company Standard and Poors downgraded America,
but they didn't downgrade America. The Republicans and the Tea Party downgraded America.

Standard and Poors just reported what the Republicans did to our nations credibility.
  Marc Perkel

I have two things to say about that:
Screw S&P - who cares what they think?
   During the Great Bush Crash of 2008, they loved all those worthless real estate bundles.
   They rated those turds AAA, so who cares what they say now?
You don't want to invest in America?  Where you going to invest?  Greece?  Spain?  China?

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Gov. Perry's Insanity Rally
A seven hour event outside in 110 degree heat?


I was disappointed that CNN didn't cover this live.
I wanted to watch the insane Teabaggers melt in the Houston sun, but nooooo.

I found out later the "religious channels" (whatever that is) covered the rally
and it was allegedly "on the Internet."

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Subject:  Obama isn't "surrendering"
Hey, Bartcop.

The mistake people make when they declare that Obama "caved" on something is this:
they assume that he has democratic values.  This just isn't the case.  Obama is, in fact, very conservative. 
All his posturing otherwise during his candidacy was a charade designed to fool liberals into supporting him.

David Sirota recently wrote a piece on this subject entitled "Obama isn't weak (he just isn't a liberal)"

Obama is, simply put, a "ringer."  I find myself changing the station when another one of his meaningless
"speeches" is played because, well, I know he's just lying.  It's sad that I'm reacting to Obama today in
the same way I reacted to Bush.  But, let's face it.  We are living bush's third term through Obama and,
unless we manage to get a worthwhile candidate to win the 2012 primary and general election, we'll be
forced to endure bush's fourth term regardless of who ultimately gets elected.

Even the dying gasps of "don't forget the supreme court" from the waning number of hardcore
Obama-bots rings more hollow as this charlatan continues to reveal himself.

All the best.  I miss you when you're gone!
 - S

S, thanks for that.
I find it hard to believe anything David Sirota writes.

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Joe Conason's new web site


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I hope to have a Trip Report ready tomorrow.

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Would Hillary have done better?
  by Salon's Joan Walsh


honestly have no idea – and I have no desire to refight the bruising battles of the 2008 Democratic primary.
I'm firmly on record questioning the notion that Obama was the clear progressive, compared to Clinton.
There was absolutely no evidence that was true. One advantage to Clinton, I thought, was that she knew
the extent to which the right wing would go to sabotage a Democratic president.

And we have no way to know that Clinton's history with right-wing saboteurs would have enabled her
to fight more effectively.

That last sentence is pure poppycock.

There's no way in hell Hillary would've wasted the first 2.5 years of her presidency trying to get
approval from the Bitch and the Boner and the right-wing bastards who want the middle class destroyed.

Obama thinks he's dealing with patriots who might govern differently than Democrats.
Hillary knows exactly what the GOP is made of.

Just now, Obama made another totally useless speech.

As the markets are crashing, he's at the podium saying,
"It's important that both sides work together," which is about as effective
 as saying "Stop, thief" when some scumbag steals your wallet or purse.

Why can't our president think?
Why can't our president learn?
Why can't he get it thru his head that they WANT the country to fail so they can say,
"This is what happens when you let a Black guy in the White House."

Why can't Obama's brain grasp what everyone else knows for sure?

I think before his (single) term ends, "President Mouse"
might end up being the least offensive name Obama has acquired.

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Puppet of the teabaggers?

No.  He's a puppet of the privileged elite. 
Obama's doing the job he's paid to do and he's doing it wonderfully. 
The problem, dear Bartus, is YOU don't understand his job description.
YOU probably think he should be acting in accordance with the Constitution, right? 
Admit it, I'm right, right?  Oh, silly, naive you.
NOBODY runs for President who does not first meet with the approval of Wall Street. 
(They ALL pass in review and Wall Street dictates which, from each party, is most acceptable. 
Then, the people get to "vote".  Our choice in the LAST election was between the Republican
who proved most acceptable to Wall Street and the Democrat who proved most acceptable to Wall Street.
Heads they win, tails we lose.
Had Wall Street had the slightest inkling a candidate might do what's best for the masses, that candidate
had no chance.  (Perhaps that explains the way Hilary was "handled", suddenly turning "racist" and all...)
When a hypothesis gathers enough evidence to become predictive, it becomes a theory.  You can predict
the final outcome of any question before Congress (or President Puppet) in which the wealth hoarders
have an interest simply by deciding which action most benefits said wealth hoarders.
But Randi Rhodes is crazy...
 Mark in Santa Rosa

I wish I had a dime for every time someone accused me of being naive...

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Sarah Palin Nude!!!
Exclusive pics only on  bartcop.com


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Subject: Presidential Daily Briefing 2001

Today we commemorate another of the many milestones marking the decline of  America. 
(I think history will remember his appointment by the Supreme Court as THE milestone.) 

Today is the 10th anniversary of one of the biggest fuck-ups performed by George W. Bush. 
(There are so many, it’s impossible to choose the biggest.) 
Ignoring the PDB that Osama bin Laden was ‘determined to strike in U.S.’  while on vacation in Texas.


Of course, the whore press forgave Bush for that.
Had it been something serious, like a BJ from an intern, they would've stayed on it.
But it was only America's worst disaster with 8,000 dead, counting soldiers.

And, of course, the Dems are too nice to remind people - so history forgets...

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Today's Mystery Car
I'll bet you've never seen this car before


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: crossing my line :(

Hey Bart

I have been a loyal reader for many years and for a time, when I could afford it, a loyal listen.
Not anymore.

You have never gotten over your anger at Randi for supporting Obama and your support of Hilary
and all things Clinton has lead me to believe that you will never get over the fact that Obama won
the presidency and not Hillary.

I am excellent at accepting the facts.
I've often said the biggest crime is lying to yourself.

I am not angry at Randi for supporting Obama.
If that were the case, I'd be angry with most Democrats.

I am angry with Randi for telling f-ing lies to people who believe her every word.
I am forced to assume you bought into Randi's big-ass lie that if she told the "truth"
about Hillary she would then be murdered.

If you really believe Hillary murders her enemies, you have no business reading  bartcop.com
If you really believe Hillary murders her enemies, you need to buy Jerry Falwell's "Clinton Chronicles"
and wallow in that utter horseshit instead of reading what I'm writing at  bartcop.com

Even Kenneth Starr was forced to admit the Clintons never killed anyone.
If you're to the right of Kenneth Starr, no wonder you don't like bartcop.com

Too bad because you and I do agree on about 75% of the issues but when it comes to Randi Rhodes
I will pit her knowledge and research against yours any day. I would bet that the time you spend
researching an issue pales big time in comparison to the time that Randi spends.

What good is doing research if you're going to conclude Hillary is a murderer?
Since February of 1996, I've never once said anything that stupid.

Randi didn't use what Limpballs said to prove her point she used facts and figures to back up
what she said and merely pointed out that if Limpballs was pissed than Obama must have done
something right in the debt deal.

Do you even listen to her show anymore? I think the fact that we had a moron in our WH for 8 years
lowered your expectations of the role of the President and you can't bring yourself to look at the big
picture and the longer term objectives, which is a shame because Obama needs people like you on
his side and so do I and I am not ready to give up on Obama.

I'm happy for you that you and Randi see Obama's presidency as a success.
BTW, the Dow is down another 550 as I write this and we lost 30 Seals over the weekend

If Obama is a success, what does failure look like to you?

Several years ago I wrote an article for my website entitle "My Heart, My Mind, and My Mouth."
My heart is Mike Malloy who I know is harsh on Obama but I cut Mike some slack because he is
off the charts to the left as in Democratic Socialist. Randi is my mind because she pushes me to
think harder and learn more. And you my friend are my mouth because I love the way you express
yourself on your podcast and could relate to you in some ways.

Well Bart it has been a slice.
Best of luck to you in the future, have a shot for me and swing that hammer in the right direction.
(Pun intended). This Grandma is signing out.
  Maria S in Northern WI

It would appear you want to be lied to.
You want me to be Obama's biggest cheerleader and, no matter how bad things get,
you want me to mimic Randi and say, "Obama's doing a great job."

I'm just not that good of a liar.

Send e-mail to Bart

Pee-wee Herman the Dallas Cowboys
Who looks goofier - Pee-wee or Tony Romo?


It's almost Cowboy-hating season again.

Few things in life are as fun as watching Dallas lose.
Watching Dallas lose is even more fun than watching Eldrick miss a two-foot putt.

"Mother-f-ing goddamn bullshit!"

Of course, the whore sports writers will give us their Nancy Grace Guarantee
that Romo and the Cowboys are Superbowl-bound like they do every f-ing year
but we know that Dallas will watch the Superbowl on TV like always.

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: OMG, I'm sounding like Tony DiNozo from NCIS

This reminds me of a bit from the end of Kill Bill II where Bill and Bea are discussing the fact
that Bill put a cap in Bea’s crow because he’s a murdering bastard, and that’s what murdering bastards do.
To which Bea responds

“Could you do what you did? Of course you could.
  I just never believed you could or would do it to me.”

The people who went along with the Tea Peeple are now realizing
that they followed the scapegoats into the slaughter pen.

Send e-mail to Bart

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Credit Drop - GOP Sabotage?
Everyone sees it but Obama


It has long been obvious to all observers -- to economists, to politicians, to anti-deficit groups, to the
ratings agencies  -- that closing fiscal gaps will require tax increases, or the closure of big tax loopholes,
or significant tax reform that will raise significantly larger sums of tax revenue than the system does now.

It's been obvious to everyone but Obama.

Why can't he think?  Why can't he learn?

Obama deserves some of the blame. Several months ago, he agreed to extend the Bush tax cuts
for two more years and enacting a temporary cut in the payroll tax.

And what did he get for agreeing with the crazies? 
Absolutely NOTHING.
Our president surrenders at every opportinuty.

But Congressional Republicans deserve much more of the blame. For this calamity was man-made -- even intentional.
The contemporary Republican Party is fixated on taxes. It possesses an iron-clad belief that the existing tax rates should
never go up, that loopholes shouldn't be closed unless they're offset by other tax reductions, that the fact that hedge fund
managers pay lower tax rates than school teachers makes complete sense, that a reversion to the tax rates of the prosperous
1990's or 1980's would be unacceptable.

For the GOP, prosperity is unacceptable.
They want to kill this economy so they can say, "Obama did this"
and, of course, Democrats will refuse to fight back and they will refuse to list the facts.

America is under attack by the crazy Teabaggers.
And Obama, as always, is singing Kumbaya instead of fighting.

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"Good thing we're trashing the safety net to avoid
  the downgrade of US debt--happened anyway. Idiots.
      --  Ted Rall, in a tweet

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Name that Celebrity


 Can you name the Dude?

Subject: last issue's celebrity

Bart, that would be Billy Drago, played Frank Nitti in DePalma's "The Untouchables", amongst other roles

  Alan S

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Name that Song!


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Wildlife Close-up


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Why did Obama sign off on screwing the poor?

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Today's Mystery City


 Can you guess the city?

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Subject: last issue's mystery city

Bart, Last Issue's Mystery City was my very own Dallas, TX.

Thanksgiving Square in the foreground and the old Mercantile
Bank building with the clock tower in the background.

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Today's History Mystery


Who is today's Mystery Person? 

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Subject: last issue's history mystery

What is last issue's History Mystery?

It's Yves Montand, Bart!
Simone Signoret was not happy!!! ;-}

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Subject: donation

Bart, keep hammerin'
 Jay in Castro Valley, CA

Jay, thanks for that.
I hope you like your stickers

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