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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

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Weekend-Monday,  Aug 15,  2011     Vol 2736 - Preaching thru lunch


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Perry: Soc Sec 'unconstitutional'
Arrow Unelectables win big in Iowa
Sarah Palin Nude!!!
Arrow Hero worship of slimebags 
Arrow Bachmann: "Screw the jobless"
Arrow Damn, Eldrick misses the cut
Arrow Spend the day - w/ Angie Harmon


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"Looks to me like Perry's your GOP nominee. Bachmann's holy rollers will defect to a man.
  Perry's Tommy Lee Jones impression will make Mitt look like a feckless dude from back east.
  They won't be able to help themselves. I also don't think it's a given Obama beats him, either.
  The cowboy archetype transcends even GW Bush; millions yearn to be disciplined."
      --  Gene Lyons, on Facebook,    Link

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Perry: Soc Sec 'unconstitutional'
Go ahead, America - elect this "Taken" loon


Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R-Insane) thinks Texas should be able to opt out of Social Security,
and he believes that everything from federal public school programs to clean air laws are unconstitutional.
Now, Perry makes his most outlandish claim to date — Social Security and Medicare are unconstitutional.

"I don’t think our founding fathers when they were putting the term “general welfare” in there
were thinking
about a federally operated program of pensions nor a federally operated program
of health care. What they
clearly said was that those were issues that the states need to address.
Not the federal government. I syand bery clear on that."

I say no way America is going to elect another bragging, religiously-insane Texas Governor.

Perry looks to good to the GOP right now for one reason: Their current candidates are shit.

Remember 2008?
Rudy Giuliani was the second coming of Christ - but he couldn't win a single state in the primaries.
Fred Thompson was the second coming of Christ - but he couldn't win a single state in the primaries.
The GOP field was so bad in 2008, they had to settle for cranky, old John McCain, who nobody liked.

This year the  GOP is in the same position - their candidates are shit.

They have McCain's swimsuit model, Batshit-crazy Bachmann, and Obama-clone Romney
with his magic underpants - and now Rick Take-me-Jesus Perry.

Obama could win this election.

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Marty always has good stuff.

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My good friend Alan Bisbort has an exhibit
coming up Sept 1-23 in Hartford, CT.

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Just to be sure...

It's wrong to play in a $2 online poker tournament because gambling is BAD.

But putting your life savings in the stock market is smart and legal.

Just making sure...


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Unelectables win big in Iowa
  Iowa loves candidates who can't win


The Crazy Party took a step closer to nominating a presidential candidate who makes
even moderate Republicans' skin crawl.

In that great political bastion of Ames, Iowa this weekend a microscopic percentage of that state's
Tea Party faithful ran to the ballot box to officially anoint Michelle Bachmann their Great White Hope.
Less than 24 hours later Tim Pawlenty, the sanest next to Jon Huntsman, tossed in the towel.

Intelligence, sanity and moderation are not qualifications for Republicans these days.

In last Thursday's debate, each candidate was given a chance to show their sanity - none did.
The moderator asked, "If given a ten-to-one cut in spending, who would refuse to
raise taxes
to balance the budget? That is, for every ten dollars in spending reduction,
ONE dollar in taxes
would be raised. Who would veto that deal?"

And, like little sheep, EVERY candidate raised their hands to  slap that deal down.   Link

That proves balancing the budget is NOT the goal of these wacked-out handjobs.
Their goal is to blow the rich - and they do that every minute of every day.

Unfortunately, our president and his team have NO IDEA how to capitalize on that.

*I* could've capitalized on that when I was back in fourth grade, but our crack team in Washington
doesn't have the slightest clue how to fight back, even tho Clinton left them the blueprints


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Subject: hero worship of slimebags
Mr. Barcop,
You have received list after verifiable list of the specific legislation that Clinton signed handing over
control of the country to the corporations. Yet you mindlessly continue your adolescent hero worship
and infatuation with these slimebags. No one can get through to you no matter how may times they
give you easily digestible facts.

The Telecommunications Act which gave more power to corporations to consolidate media under their
power...repeal of Glass Steagal which made the big meltdown possible and several other disastrous acts.

Your childishness is legendary in this regard and has made you a standing joke amongst real leftists
who pay attention. You have only ignorant groupies and people who read for the humor.
Why would anyone bother with you again?
  Albrecht Lagersfontaine Hanspaiker, an immigrant who knows much more than you about American politics...

btw, the way your looney bin is imploding, I'm about to return to the Motherland...and largely because
pseudo-Democrats like Mr. Hillary Clinton and her wife, Bill, have turned the Democratic Potty over
tho the corpso-rats and destroyed all chance at opposition. 
Your head is obviously comfortable up your ass ...keep it there for all Hanspaiker cares.

Handspanker, you make a really bad first impression,
but I'm sure you've been told that before.

I don't worship the Clintons and I never said they were perfect.

What I've said 1,000 times
is that YOU can't name a better Democratic president since FDR.
You compare Bill Clinton to some mythical "perfect" president that your Teutonic brain invented,
but when you compare him to other real Democratic presidents, he looks pretty damn good.

How does ignoring the facts make your case stronger?

You chose to ignore the actual words I've written and instead, you substitute your own
drunken ramblings and then you somehow convince yourself that *I* must have written them.

BTW, people who send lists are the people who can't think for themselves.
When I ask "What's wrong with NAFTA?" instead of an answer, people send 40 links.

That tells me they have no f-ing idea what's wrong with NAFTA, but they heard
Kucinich or Nader say it was bad so they jumped on that bandwagon short of the facts.

My childishness is legendary?  Again, compared to whom?  If you had 6,000-8,000 pages online,
we could compare my work to yours, but Google and Yahoo say you are a non-entity.

...yet you claim to speak for the "real Leftists."

If you were someone to be taken seriously, would you be throwing
your Monkey poop at people who are on the same side as you?

You could have written and challenged me like an adult,
but you chose the poop-throwing route, instead. 

That's what makes you a Monkey.

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See more at  http://mariopiperni.com

CNN Breaking News

Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R-Secede) will announce Saturday in Charleston South Carolina
that he
is running for president, Republicans familiar with the plans told CNN.

Well of course he's announcing in South Carolina.

He's sending code to the Carolinian Teabaggers and the religiously-insane
to let them know that he thinks Blacks should be returned to slavery.

We must assume Philadelphia, Mississippi was busy that day?

Question - did he use the "N-word" in his announcement?

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"I pledge to you I’m not a talker. I’m a doer…  And I guarantee you the EPA
  will have doors locked and lights turned off and they will only be about conservation,”
      --  Michelle Bachman, saying clean water and clean air were "for pussies and fags."     Link


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Subject: Downgrade?


I wonder how much money the insiders at Standard and Poor's made by selling stuff short
knowing that on Monday the Market would fall 600 points.  I bet they made a bundle. 

To bad we don't have anyone to look into that. 

Wolf, our job is not to judge.

Our job is to "look forward," no matter how many billions they steal.

"I made a bundle my betting on
  America to fail, then blocking
  Obama's plan to save the market."

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Batshit's husband, acting like he's never had a
long, smooth cylindrical object in his mouth.

Trust me, it's clearer than Lake Concha:

When you run a cure-the-gays clinic, it's because you have
experience fighting those awful, everyday gay feelings
that are so darn difficult to overcome ...every day.

Sarah Palin Nude!!!

Think they'll talk about this one?


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Bachmann: "Screw the jobless"
She went whore-to-whore with David Gregory


GREGORY: What about extending jobless benefits for people who are out of work?
BACHMANN: We frankly don’t have the money.

GREGORY: So no on extending jobless benefits.
BACHMANN: Right now I don’t think we can afford it.

We can't afford it because the super-rich aren't paying taxes.
We can't afford it because our wealthiest corporations aren't paying taxes.

Pretty soon, the GOP will be telling our disabled soldiers, "
We frankly don’t have the money."

New shipment in - details below

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Eldrick misses the cut
He can't play with the big boys


Eldrick continues to insist he still know how to play golf, (cough!) but following one of the worst major
championship weeks of his career, it's hard to see any positives in the direction his swing, and career, are headed.

"Even the short ones fail to fall."

The stats for Woods weren't pretty this week. Aside from finishing a full six shots outside the cut line,
his missed cut also marked only the fourth time in his career that he won't be around for major championship.

Poor Eldrick - what's he going to do?

They say he's 35 and nearly broke, paying alimony
and child-support - and he's got no marketable skills.

...maybe Walmart greeter, along with Der Monkey Fuhrer?

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Subject: Computer Repair Testimonial


Needed the services of a computer tech, and contacted the folks you recommend.

Best move I've made in a long time.

Jordan had things cleaned up, tuned up and back in order in an hour.
It was well worth it!

Thank you, and CAT9 Productions.
 Palmetto Yankee

Jordan is the best!

Why turn your computer over to a possibly-competent stranger
when you can have a trusted expert who I've known for six years?

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"...to avoid the threat that southern sheriffs will completely disable public transportation,
  we've agreed to a commission that will decide if the negro will sit in the back or the middle of the bus..."
      --  If Martin Luther King had adopted the Obama approach      Link


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Subject: Chinaco Anejo

Bartcop's wrong - Chinaco Silver IS really fucking good!

Look - I love Chinaco Añejo as much as the next guy
And the Reposado is really good stuff too

But the Plata
It's pretty fucking good

They grow nice Blue Agave plants
 Taverner as seen on DU

Hey, if you like the Plata, more power to you.

The Silver is pure agave juice, and the Anejo has
the artistry of the fruits marrying the pure agave juice.

Marriage works for me.

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Dallas Cowboys win meaningless game
 I hope they win every pre-season game


 I hear they're Superbowl bound again this year...

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Bart, Last Issue's Mystery City was
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 Stan in Durant.

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Bart, yesterday's History Mystery was Valentina Tereshkova, first woman in space

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Bart, too bad common sense has to be subversive and
dissenting in this supposedly "developed" country.

Thank you for being a redemptive voice.

Laura, that was nice - thanks.

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