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Tuesday,  Aug 23,  2011     Vol 2741 - Gadaffy buh bye


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Obama eager to cut S.S.
Arrow S & P's Boss steps Down
Sarah Palin Nude!!!
Arrow Why Ron Paul gets no Respect
Arrow Freeing Libya is WRONG?
Arrow Has Bachmann burned out?
Arrow Spend the day w/ Claudia Schiffer


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"I'm not afraid of anybody.  This is a tough game. You can't be intimidated.
  You can't be frightened. And as far as I'm concerned, the tea party can go straight to hell."
      --  Maxine Waters, giving them hell,                   Link


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Obama eager to cut S.S.

 ...says the Huffington Post


On his tour of the Midwest last week, Obama again indicated his interest in cutting Social Security.
He repeated a proposal that he raised in the debt ceiling negotiations: he wants to cut the annual cost
of living adjustment.

For an average retiree who can expect to get benefits for 20 years, Obama would cut their lifetime
Social Security benefits by roughly 3 percent. By comparison, his much feared tax increases on the rich
would reduce the after-tax income of someone earning $300,000 a year by just 0.5 percent.

In this case, a beneficiary who will be mostly dependent on their Social Security income in retirement
will take about six times as large a hit relative to their income under Obama's plan to cut Social
Security than a couple earning $300,000 would from his plan to raise their taxes.

So, Obama wants to do what we accuse the GOP of doing:
He's trying to balance the budget by cutting Social Security and giving the rich more money.

It's beyond me how Democrats can continue to defend Obama economic policy.

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Standard & Poor's Boss steps Down
Now that the damage is done...


The president of Standard & Poor's is stepping down, a decision coming only weeks after
the bastards' unprecedented move to strip the United States of its AAA credit rating.

Deven Sharma will stay on as an adviser to S&P's parent company, McGraw-Hill, until the
end of the year.  They say Sharma's move was in the works well before S&P downgraded
its rating on the U.S. to AA-plus on Aug. 5.   Sure, we all believe that.

They also said Sharma's decision to leave S&P was not due to the Justice Department
investigating whether the agency improperly rated dozens of mortgage securities in the years
leading up to the financial crisis in 2008. It said the move is the result of S&P splitting its data,
pricing and analytics business from its ratings business.

Too bad the Obama's people couldn't find a way to explain these Rethug contributors
downgraded America in an attempt to degrade Obama. You know what they'll say:
"America was credit gold until HE got in there and bought Cadillacs for every homeless
Black person and that's why America went broke."

If only this White House knew how to play defense - or offense.

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Subject: I want action!
I think I would vote for Mickey Mouse before any of the Republican loonies,
but I want Obama to get a backbone. 

Compromise is fine until you start giving away the store for fear of being robbed! 
I can't even imagine all of the things Obama deals with every single day, and I'm sure
it would drive most of us crazy, but he needs to focus, let some of his underlings handle
the mundane stuff and get this country going again. 

Ditto FDR's speach in the 1930s, when the situation was remarkably familiar
to what it is now.  It's time to do the grand things he promised.
 Doctor Dean


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See more at  http://mariopiperni.com

Why Ron Paul gets no Respect
  by Ivan Eland


Although Ron Paul placed second in the Iowa straw poll, most media commentators refused
to anoint him as one of the “big three” candidates remaining in the 2012 presidential contest.

Romney and Perry, both of whom did miserably in the poll, seem to have earned their place in
the elite candidates club merely on the basis of media conjecture as to their future viability
— based mostly on “political buzz” or fundraising potential.

 Check Link for Paul's position on a nuclear Iran.

Yet the reason Paul has such resonance with a certain segment of the American people,
despite the media’s derision, is because those people take the time to go beyond political slogans
and conventional wisdom and listen to Paul’s facts, analysis and cogent explanations of and
solutions to policy problems.

I agree it's unfair for the media to claim Paul has "no chance" of winning.
In a race between Perry, Bachmann and a Massachusetts liberal, why couldn't Paul win?

...at least the nomination.

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Sarah Palin Nude!!!


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"Imagine having dark skin and name recognition and the nerve
  to think that equaled knowing something about politics."
      --  E-mail sent to Carl Lewis (D-Fastest Man in the World) by Jennifer Delany,
           wife of NJ GOP lawmaker Pat Delany, who then resigned       Link

"Imagine being a racist Hollywood B actor who worked with chimps and
  having the nerve to think that equaled knowing something about politics."

      -- Bartcop

"Imagine being a Texas ANG deserter with cocaine and Jim Beam addictions,
  having the nerve to think that equaled knowing something about politics
  because your father once stole the White House with the help of terrorists."

      -- Bartcop

"Imagine being a pro-choice, anti-gun, pro-gay marriage Massachusetts Mormon
  running for president as a Rethug in today's far-right Rethug party."

      -- Bartcop

  ...I could do this all day.

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Freeing Libya is WRONG
 by Dennis Kucinich

Regardless of whether Muammar Gaddafi is ousted in coming days, the war against Libya
has seen countless violations of United Nations security council resolutions (UNSCRs) by
Nato and UN member states. The funnelling of weapons (now being air-dropped) to Libyan
rebels was, from the beginning of the conflict, in clear violation of UNSCR 1970.

The use of military force on behalf of the rebels, in an attempt to impose regime change,
has undermined international law and damaged the credibility of the United Nations.
Countless innocent civilians have been killed, and Nato air strikes continue to place many at great risk.

Is Dennis Kucinich crazy?

Gadaffy vowed to turn his guns on unarmed cities and "show them no mercy." The Arab League
begged the UN for help and Dennis thinks helping the helpless Arabs was a bad thing to do?

Using my previous scenario, if Kucinich's hot wife was being threatened by some teen thugs,
threatened with rape or worse, Dennis would find it outrageous if a nearby linebacker and
his lineman friends helped her out by disarming and chasing away the teen punks?

Either I'm missing something HUGE or this proves why many voters can't trust Democrats.
How can voters trust the White House to a Commander in Chief who's afraid to act?
Many Democrats have the crazy idea that "violence is always wrong" - until it touches THEM.

Would Kucinich rather his wife be raped and killed than have some linebackers "illegally"
intervene and save her life?

Is Dennis Kucinich the Rick Perry of the Left?
Is his goal to be the most radically Leftist Democrat in America?

...or is he just crazy?

I would really like to hear from someone who agrees with Dennis, hopefully,
someone who can explain why saving entire cities from certain death is a bad idea.

It cost us no lives, but in dollars it was what, $800M spent?
A free Libya could pay us back with $40 a barrel oil - so we lost nothing.

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How large is the Dixie flag in Rick Perry's office?


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: RE: Does Obama surrender too fast, too often?

You know Obama didn't grow up in Chicago, right? 
Hawaii is where he spent most of his childhood. 

Be that as it may, you are 100%  correct (as usual)
in your observations of his unwillingness to fight. 

There's no amount of spin or soaring rhetoric that can negate his obvious shortcomings. 
It seems like most everyone knows it now and has given up the "hope" they once had.
  Richard in New Braunfels

I was talking about his dabble-in-drugs days.

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Sent in by a racist in Savannah, Georgis

The Eagle Is Gone!

The skunk has replaced the Eagle as
our symbol of the American Presidency.

It is half black, half white
and everything it does stinks.

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  Manhattan hotel suite, New York cops discovered the, um, DNA of FOUR guys on the
  room's carpet and wallpaper. So imagine what was in that Motel 6 you stayed in last month."
      --  The Smoking Gun       Link

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Has Bachmann burned out?
GOP like the new Perry flavor better

It appears Michele Bachmann's moment has come and gone.

When Bachmann jumped in the presidential fight, more than a few pundits predicted she had a real shot
at the nomination thanks to their view of a Republican Party more likely to pull another Christine O'Donnell
next year than pick a real threat to President Obama.

Those pundits may still prove prescient, but the numbers show it's becoming less and less likely.
The reason? Texas Gov. Rick Perry. He seems to be Bachmann's problem.

Polls have shown a sharp decline for Bachmann, despite winning the Ames Straw Poll.
And the reason is Perry.

Perry has jumped ahead (33%) in the new Rasmussen survey, with Bachmann at 13 percent.

My good friend Gene Lyons predicted this.
The racist, sexist, homophobic cave people cannot trust a woman.
The cave people see a vagina as a disqualifier for their leader so Perry now leads.

So will it be Obama vs Perry?  I would give Obama a grade of D- for political sklills,
but that should be enough to beat Perry, who's described as "Bush without the brains."

But then again, Obama might tell his team they must be nice to Perry.

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Bart, Last Issue's Mystery City  is NEW YORK, around 1968.
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Bart, thats the Duke of Windsor, formerly King Edward VIII, who abdicated
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