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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

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Wednesday,  Aug 24,  2011     Vol 2742 - Chasing ur losses


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Perry's Record Calls him a Liar
Arrow The GOP's Myopic Madness
Sarah Palin Nude!!!
Arrow Web older than college freshmen
Arrow To the Ramparts?  When?
Arrow Nancy Reagan falls but...
Arrow Spend the day w/ Joss Stone


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"Gadaffy won't be so lucky if he falls into the hands of the Libyan rebels.
  Then, the only read questions are how high a lamppost will h be strung up from,
  how many parts will his body be cut into and, perhaps, how long will he be dragged
  by his feet behind a pickup truck."
      --  Michael Rubin, an analyst at the American Enterprise Institute            USAToday

  Why don't dictators take their billions and retire in another country?
  Saddam, Mubarak and now Gadaffy - illogically chosing prison and death over billionaire retirement.


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Perry's Record Calls him a Liar

  by Dewayne Wickham


When Rick Perry said he’d “work to make Washington, D.C., as inconsequential in your life as I can,”
did he mean he wants the presidency to be as powerless as the job he now holds?

When Perry barked at Obama, “You can’t win the future by selling America off to foreign creditors,
was he thinking of his own failed attempt to use foreign investments and tolls to finance a controversial
$175 billion road project in Texas?

When he said that “the people are not subjects of government,” government “is subject to the people,”
was Perry channeling the rage of the Texas farmers who successfully fought off his effort to seize
their land to build that 4,000-mile Trans-Texas Corridor?

In Texas, the lieutenant governor and House speaker, arguably, have more control over the economy than
the governor.  If he wins the presidency, Perry wants us to believe he’ll strip that office of some of its power.
Don’t believe it. Perry wants us to think that if he wins, he’ll usher in an era of smaller government.

What’s more likely is that he’ll roll back those federal government roles he objects to and expand
authority in areas that will advance his right-wing agenda.

Perry has more flaws than Bush and Romney combined.
How can he possibly win?

He can only win if Obama lays down and surrenders - which is either possible or likely.

Will Obama run like the anti-Clinton?

That is, each time the Perry camp levels a bullshit charge,
Obama will instruct his team to turn the other cheek?

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This might be the biggest non-story of the year.

 Wolf the Whore treated this "hot scoop" like some damn presidential assassination.
He must've asked 20 people, "Where were you when it hit? What were your thoughts?"
but the big point was that this was a NON-story.

Poor MSNBC, they wanted to talk and talk and talk and talk about this "big event,"
but all they had for visuals was a pile of bricks near the epicenter,
so they played that stupid, boring clip over and over on a loop.

Had this happened in Oklahoma, the  news would've been,
"A medium sized quake in Oklahoma caused little damage
and no injuries, so we're moving on to sports."

But since it happened in DC and NY, it's the biggest story ever.
The bastards cut away from the taking of Gadaffy's palace - real f-ing news -
to ask people on the street where they were when the quake hit.

Gosh, it was even a bigger story than Kim Kardashian's wedding!!!

I hate the whores who run American news.

Nugget of gold in the giant pile of shit:
CNN's Sara Sidner has shown incredible courage under fire
and when I say "under fire" I mean real bullets.  She wears a combat
helmet and a bullet-proof best and she needs it - she's right there in
the crossfire, bringing REAL news to CNN's viewers - history, in fact.

She knows what happened to Lara Logan and still,
she's bravely bringing us the news from inside the war zone.

A double shot of Chinaco for Sara Sidner.


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The GOP's Myopic Madness
  by Lawrence Davidson


The United States suffers from the drawbacks of “natural localism” and sometimes the consequences are extreme.
You can see it in the periodic xenophobia that shapes the perceptions of local groups when it comes to migrant workers
and immigration in general. You can see it in the periodic episodes of resurgent racism, as in the present case of Islamophobia.
But perhaps the most startling extreme expression of this phenomenon is the full-blown fear, suspicion and even hatred
of the federal government by up to 20 percent of the American population. This extreme “natural localism” is expressed
by a demand that the federal government go away and leave everyone alone.
There should be no taxes, no regulatory agencies, no social programs, no IRS and the like.  In fact, within this scenario
the only federal government activities that are sacrosanct are the military and the courts. All other responsibilities can be jettisoned.
If all these myopic extremists, born and bred to “natural localism,” lived in one state, they would no doubt want to secede from the Union.

Like Texas!

Everyone who hates the government should move to f-ing Texas
so they can leave us and we can leave their Teabagging asses.

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Subject: I want action!
Remember. Jimmy Carter micro-managed his way out of office and we wound up with
King Ronald - the most indicted president in history (the Rethugs forget that part).

I which President Obama would look back and learn from this.
Who the hell is advising him, the Three Friggin' Stooges???

Robert, Obama doesn't look back.
If he did, he'd see Clinton's economic plan.

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See more at  http://mariopiperni.com

Web older than college freshmen
They don't know why OJ is famous


Remember when LBJ referred to President Lyndon B. Johnson?
Today, they make teenagers think of LeBron James.
These kids didn't want to be like Mike — they fawned over Shaq and Kobe.

In their lifetimes, every state has always observed Martin Luther King Day.
The "yadda, yadda, yadda" generation that's been quoting Seinfeld since they
were old enough to talk also has always seen women on the Supreme Court
and command U.S. Navy ships.

Then there's OJ Simpson.

"Hmm, I know there was some scandal about him," said Alex Keesey, 18.

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Sarah Palin Nude!!!


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"The defense asked me for help. Initially I said no, but then I started seeing media coverage
  and it made me angry. Casey Anthony needed to be tried in court, not in the press.
  I considered the media coverage biased, particularly some cable channels." 
      --  Kathy Reichs, the real-life "Bones" that the TV show is modeled after,
           taking about the disgraceful dirty-legged whore, Nancy Grace       USAToday

"I did not testify, but I did a 'full skeletal analysis" on the child. There was no indication of
  the manner of death and there was no indication of any kind of abuse. No old fractures or
  healing fractures. The dentation (teeth) was in good condition. It looked like a well-nourished
  child with no evidence of abuse."    
      --  Kathy Reichs       USAToday

  I don't like what the blood-thirsty state of Florida is doing to Casey Anthony.
  They're forcing this check-writing probation bullshit on her because
  they failed to make their murder case in court.

  They're doing this, I think, so some blood-thirsty Republican Nancy Grace fan
  can be in a position to "give that murdering bitch the 'justice' she deserves."

  Half of Florida wants her dead and the state is helping to set that up.

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Subject: Rick Perry's Dixie Flag

Hey Bart,
Who cares what flag a secessionist flies in his office?
He's a traitor just like John Calhoun.
Your friend,

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"Christ almighty, I fucking hate Mexicans."

This racist prick wants a soldier to come home from Iraq,
possibly legless,
to find his family was sent to Mexico while he was dodging bullets?

He compares that to robbing a bank and driving away safely.

He says, "Obama just lost my vote."
He is a liar - racists didn't vote for Obama in 2008

To the Ramparts?  When?
 by Steven Pizzo

He sounded like a fighter when he ran for President, but he turned out to be a wet-noodle-spine sap instead.
As things get worse and worse for average Americans, even as they get better and better for the top 2%,
it's only a matter of time, ya know.
That moment in time comes when a certain critical mass is reached -- when enough average Americans
no longer have anything left to lose, because they don't have much of anything left at all.
The bank took their home. The Chinese took their job. The repo-man keeps trying to take their last vehicle.
The health insurance companies took their premiums until they fell behind, then they dropped them without
so much as a howdy do. It's down to food and shelter. The food is basic, the shelter tenuous at best.

Yes, America is about to explode in anger.
When you have nothing, you have nothing to lose.

Think Obama has noticed?

I understand, 38 months into his presidency, he's coming up with "a jobs plan."

If Bitch & Boner don't like it, (they won't) he'll apologize and ask for their imput.

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"Pragmatism, the Dutch have long believed, is better than punitive prohibition — and they've got
  lots of data on their side.While 12% of Americans has smoked marijuana in the last month,
  for example, the same is true of only 5% of citizens of The Netherlands, where pot is legal."
      -- TIME Magazine   Link


"This practical attitude extends to teenage sex. Two-thirds of Dutch parents allow their
  15-to-17-year-old children to sleep with their partners in their homes. But rather than
  resulting in crazed teen orgies and pregnancy, abortion or STDs, the Dutch have far
  lower rates of these problems than the U.S.
-- Salon.com      Link

 America is so screwed.

 We send so much time trying to please some non-existent Invisible Cloud Being.
 We deny science and logic and common sense - to please Him.

 While other nations are teaching science. math and geometry,
 American kids are studying why Jesus rode dinosaurs to temple.

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: RE:  Big Eddie

Bart, I wouldn't pee on Ed Schiltz if he was on fire if only because of the profound disrespect he's shown
our mutual friend Mike Malloy over the years, calling him "insane" and "anti-semite," among other things.

I have a problem with anybody who has a problem with Mike Malloy.

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Nancy Reagan falls but...
Marco Rubio catches her before she hit the ground


I have a chance to saying something positive about Teabagger Mark Rubio.

Nice catch, Rube.

The GOP presidential field is such shit, they're talking about drafting Rubio.

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Last Issue's Mystery Car


  Michael has ID'd yesterday's Mystery Car.

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I agree (all sane people do) but couldn't he have also made the case that
it's Obama who's ignoring the Blueprint for Success that Clinton designed?

Obama could begin paying down the debt by making the super-rich pay
their fare share of taxes, but he has apparently bought into the GOP lie
that the poorest Americans need to pay more while the richest pay less.

Obama's refusal to act like a Democrat often disgusts me.

Astrocat strikes again.

Name that Song!


 It's Guitar Solo Week II

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Wildlife Close-up


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Today's Mystery City


 Can you guess the city?

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Subject: last issue's mystery city

Bart, Last Issue's Mystery City  remains unidentified.

Several people suggested it's "Clooney's Island on Lake Como," but no evidence was sent.


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Today's History Mystery


What is today's Historical Mystery? 

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Subject: last issue's history mystery

What is last issue's History Mystery?

Bart, thats the King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson.
He abdicated his throne to marry her. Too bad he couldn’t have waited eighty years.
It wouldn’t be a such a big deal today, although she was an American,
 Thomas M

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Subject: donation

Bart, although I don't agree with you all the time,
you are far more entertaining than a lot of the other sites.
I like the hammer you swing.

Jim, thanks for that.

I think people who disagree with me on something should state their case
so I can have the opportunity to browbeat them into submission  :)

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