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Wednesday,  Aug 31,  2011     Vol 2746 - Honeyboy


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow They HATE Govt - till they need it
Arrow Teabaggers on the take
Sarah Palin Nude!!!
Arrow Heartless Dick: Screw Detroit 
Arrow Ten painful lessons from 9/11
Arrow Illegal to turn on headlights?
Arrow Spend the day w/ Angelina Jolie


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Perry is the longest serving governor of them all.

Only Texas would elect that ignorant twinkie three times.

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Ain't it the truth?
Has labor/middle class ever been this powerless?

Poor people continue to vote for the super-rich
and Obama gave them a trillion dollars more.

They HATE Govt -
till they need it
  by Jesse Jackson 

Last week: We HATE the government

This week: Where the hell is our government?


Irene has hit, leaving destruction in its wake.  And now, states and localities,
despite the secessionist mumblings of  Rick Perry, cannot pay to repair the damage.

Representatives from North Carolina to Virginia to New Jersey, even those most
vocal about slashing government spending, now call on Washington for help.
Conservatives scorn government until they need it.

Teabaggers are like 19-year old teenagers.

They want freedom from their parents.
They want to come and go as they please.
They're TIRED of Mom & Dad's rules, so they move out.

Then, when they lose their job or get low on money, they come
crawling back, wanting Mommy & Daddy to bail them out - again.

Teabaggers have no f-ing idea what they want,


they could have everything and the world would be perfect,
if not for "that socialist nigger in the White House."
Everything was PERFECT - untill HE showed up.

Oh Lord, why can't they "take their nation back?"

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Teabaggers on the take
Freshman more corrupt than ever


Several House freshmen teabaggers who swept into power vowing to change Washington's ways
are pushing legislation that could benefit some of their most generous campaign contributors.

Rep. Stephen Fincher, a cotton farmer Tennessee, introduced a bill to mandate swift federal approval
of genetically modified crops for sale. Fincher has received more campaign money from agribusiness
than any other industry.

Two months after he filed the bill, Minnesota's Land O'Lakes' staged a $500-a-head fundraiser to
benefit the crook's re-election campaign. Land o' Lakes spent $740,000 on lobbying last year.

Other 'baggers who have crafted crooked legislation include Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Ariz. Duffy, who gets
a significant portion of his campaign funds from financial services companies, is the lead sponsor of a
measure that would dilute the powers of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Gosar would
end health insurance companies' protection from anti-trust provisions, a step applauded by health
professionals who donated nearly $74,000 to his campaign in the first six months of this year.

Meet the new crooks - same as the old crooks.

Subject: DuPage County Republican chairman's DUI
In the grand scheme of things Bart, this is small potatoes.
However, this D' Bag is from my Rethug viper's nest county.

 GOP douchebag gets DUI

Nothing worth publishing but I thought you'd find it interesting.
He wants to bring AZ style immigration laws to the Land of Lincoln.
Kind of ironic.

No rethug is too small to mock, denegrate or ridicule.

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My good friend Alan Bisbort has an exhibit
coming up Sept 1-23 in Hartford, CT.

Click Here for More Info

Heartless Dick: Screw Detroit
In his book, he's very clear


Cheney was strongly opposed to saving GM and Chrysler and tried to convince Bush not to approve
a proposed bailout of the floundering Detroit automakers. Ultimately, Bush approved a partial rescue.

“Although I understood the reasoning, I would have preferred that the government not get involved
and was disappointed when Obama significantly increased the government intervention,” the dick wrote.

While the heartless dick idn’t think the auto rescue was valid, he favored saving the banks – even though
most sane observers felt the greed of the banks precipitated the global economic meltdown.

“Providing sufficient support to avoid the collapse of our banking system was something only the
federal government could do. But, all things considered, companies in the private sector should be
judged in the marketplace. Having the government intervene was not, in my opinion, a good idea.”

Note that Cheney says saving Detroit was a BAD idea, even after they've paid their loans back
and currently employ tens of thousands of Americans while making a profit.

Saving American institutions and saving jobs and making a profit is bad?

Would Heartless Dick have saved the oil companies?

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Huntsman plays Reality card
I have to say thank you to presidential candidate Jon Huntsman who said,
"The minute that the Republican Party becomes the party -- the anti-science party, we have a huge problem".

Then - after standing up for science he went on to say, "people are crying out for us to get back to some level of sensibility."

Then he took it all the way saying, "We live in the real world. It's grounded in reality."

To a Realist like myself this was music to my ears. For mentioning concepts like science,
sensibility, the real world, and reality, I say to Jon Huntsman, thank you, thank you, thank you!
  Marc Perkel


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See more at  http://mariopiperni.com

Ten painful lessons from 9/11
 by Ralph fuck-the-Democrats Nader


1. Do not exaggerate our adversaries' strength to produce a climate of hysteria that represses civil liberties..

2. Do not allow our leaders to lie and exaggerate as when they told us there were al-Qaeda cells all over our country.

3. Do not create a climate of fear to silence dissent.

4. Do not tolerate presidents who violate our Constitution and start wars without congressional deliberation. 
   (Is that a dig at Obama for saving lives in Libya?  Do you realize that on Obama's watch, three dictators
    have fallem without America losing a single solider?   Assad will be next, then maybe Ahmahandjob.)

5. Do not have Congress write a blank check to fund undeclared wars.

6. Do not allow the executive branch to engage in unconstitutional and illegal recurrent practices such as wiretapping
    without judicial approval, in addition to torture and denial of habeas corpus and other due process rights.

7. Do not let the government hide the horrors of war from the people by prohibiting photographs of U.S. casualties;
    operating cruel, secret prisons and harassing reporters for telling the truth.

8. Do not allow leaders to violate American principles with torture and be above our laws and escape accountability.
    (In other words, screw that "looking forward" surrender of Obama's.)

9. Do not allow Congress to abdicate or transfer its own constitutional authorities to the president. 
    The Libyan war was decided by Obama without congressional approval.
     (This mad-dog congress would've said, "Let them die" to just spite Obama.)

10. Call out those in the news media who become a mouthpiece for a blood-lusting president.

Russert swore under oath that he traded access for "favorable coverage."
That's called selling out and being a whore, Tim.

Nader has/had some great ideas, but his ego, which is bigger than Nancy Grace, Dr Laura and
the vulgar Pigboy combined, felt his first job in politics should be the leader of Planet Earth.

Ralph, you could've been a contender.
Instead, you chose to help Bush steal the White House - twice.

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Sarah Palin Nude!!!


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Subject: Re: "a canny bureaucratic mandarin waging war?"

Yo, Dude... you wrote..
> "a canny bureaucratic mandarin waging war?"
> That looks like English, but what does it mean?
Ummmm... Warlord, maybe?

Subject: Re: "a canny bureaucratic mandarin waging war?"

A high level official, who may hold too much power.

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It's illegal to turn on headlights?
 It is in Fascist Florida


Florida is facing a class-action lawsuit from drivers who have been ticketed for attempting to warn
other motorists of hidden speed traps. Eric Campbell was recently cited for just that, despite the fact
that there is no law against using one's headlights to communicate with other drivers.

The officer who ticketed Campbell used Florida State Statute 316.2397, even though the courts ruled
that the police were wrongfully applying the law to crack down on vehicle-to-vehicle communication
in 2005. Now Campbell wants his $100 ticket refunded and $15,000 in damages.
Since 2005, over 10,429 drivers have been cited for flashing their high beams, and if Campbell wins
his case, Florida could be facing over $1 million in ticket refunds. But that's nothing compared to the
$156.4 million the state could have to pay out if each driver is awarded $15,000 each.n Hun

The flashing of headlights isn't the issue here.
The issue is out-of-control cops are fabricating reasons to arrest people/write tickets.

What's next? 
Being fined for illegally wearing a blue shirt?

I hope Florida loses the suit - and they need to fire these crooked cops.

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If Perry steals the White House
will be double America's unemployment

the way he doubled unemployment in Tejas?

Attention Little Rockians
We're in Little Rock this weekend (family reunion) and Mrs Bart has been watching the Food Channel
where they to try locate the "Best Burger" and the "Best Pizza," etc so I was wondering:

Who has the best char-burger in Little Rock?

Who has the best pizza in Little Rock?

At the last reunion, we ended up at some fancy, expensive-ish restaurant
and I'd rather have a $5 burger than a $40 steak.

Anybody remember eating great Bar B Q at Little Rock's The Shack?
There was a Shack right next to the State Capitol - Clinton loved The Shack.

When I got to Fayetteville in 1971, they had a Shack - with private booths.
You sat down and closed the curtain and that resulted in ... privacy.

It was so private, cops had no probable cause, so we could order a pitcher of beer.
(I was 17 when I reached Fayetteville.)  We even lit up a time or two.  (cough!)

Talk about good times....

Best Pizza, Best Burgers?

Obama's record on promises
  Kept      Broken

But when you go there, it says Obama kept 140 promises and he has
only broken one promise - to publish bills online 3 days before the vote.

Is Politifact on Obama's payroll?

True, the graphic says 46 promises broken, but when you go there, they list only one.

Plus, we've seen Obama "negotiate" so if we add "compromise" to "stalled" and "in the works"
it would seem to indicate Obama has broken 362 promises - is that how you read it?

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TV Stuff
Tonight is the second-last ever episode of Rescue Me, one of the best shows in TV history.
It's Tommy Gavin's daughter's wedding and every Irishman has promised to remain sober  :)

I expect a Blazing Saddles-type brawl.

Also, Survivor starts again Sept 14th - who wants to do weekly updates? 
Send e-mail to Bart

Anybody else want to do updates for Dancing With the Stars, maybe?  
Send e-mail to Bart

We could do commentray on Meet the Whore, Face the Whore etc
but I realize not everyone is into politics :)

Lastly, I've heard it three times, that MTV, (remember them?) got the highest ratings ever
for Sunday's VMAs "because people were curious about Beyonce's baby bump."

Unless I missed the "news" of Beyone's pregnancy, that's a flat-out lie.
IMO, viewers tuned into see Lady GaGa open the show.

The Beyonce pregnancy reveal was a surprise so how did
those extra million viewers know to tune in to be surprised?

It's no big thing - I could give a fuck about MTV's ratings - but
why does our whore media get together and conspire to lie for no reason?

Are they attacking GaGa's "gays are people, too" politics?

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Could be fun and you can't go broke because WE won't be gambling.

Who's in?

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Tomorrow we'll start taking  "purchases."

I can help you set that up, Bart

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BTW, I heard from Astrocat.
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ha ha

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Bart, Last Issue's Mystery City  is San Francisco, 1906, right after the earthquake.
Mary and Jack


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