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Wednesday, Sept 28,  2011     Vol 2760 - A titanic struggle


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Bipartisanship dead till 2013
Arrow Real Estate crashes - in Hawaii? 
Sarah Palin Nude!!!
Arrow Coaxing Obama to appeasement
Arrow Bristol Palin's Bar Fight
Arrow Time running out for GOP
Arrow Spend the day w/ Emma Watson


Better than Communism...definitely better than Reaganomics:


A regulated free market economic system for democracy


"It's working."
--  the doctor of Irv Rosenfeild, who uses pot to fight his painful bone tumors,
           in a letter to the over-reaching feds who asked the Doc for an update       Link

"There was no scientific value to medicinal marijuana."
--  Our lying federal government under a Demo president   Link

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Bipartisanship dead till 2013
Will Obama stop trying to make friends?


The two parties in Congress don’t agree on much of anything. It’s hard to see the FEMA funding fight
as anything but a debate on principle given the paltry amount of money at stake.

Both parties are waiting until the 2012 election for a sign from voters. Politicians are a reactive species.
(While most people deride pols for being reactive, any job in which your career is entirely dependent on
the will of the people would probably make anyone reactive.) And, politicians can be forgiven for
wondering just what the heck the American public wants right now.

It's such bullshit when people say, "Both sides need to work together."

One side is bending over backwards to concede to the other and

one side won't agree to anything - even if they've agreed with it all along.

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"We’re lucky it didn’t drift to the south, to a public beach,
  You'd never know who would have found it.”
-- Lt. John Mellick, a spokesman for the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office,
         after 55 pounds of cocaine washed up on a Florida beach            Link


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The Decline of America under George W. Bush
by James P. Huchthausen
Discount code for 20% off: WZLH6SD


Real Estate crashes - in Hawaii?


Ambling into the warm embrace of Kukui'ula's clubhouse on Kauai's pristine south shore
is to catch a fleeting glimpse into how the other half lives. Or, more accurately, the other 0.1%.

But with the global economy in turmoil and real-estate wounds still festering across the country,
there's trouble in paradise.

"We broke ground on the club in 2008 and a month later, Lehman Brothers went down,"
said Brent Herrington, Kukui'ula president.

Becky Supon, real-estate agent, said she currently has eight clients trying to unload their property.
One customer who bought for $1 million just sold his piece of land for about $550,000.

"It's one of the most unique and beautiful developments in all of Hawaii," Supon added.
"But it's just tough to market it right now and banks aren't really loaning on second homes."

I realize I have a small brain but I don't get it.

The super-rich have money and the banks have money.
If pristine property is going for half price in Hawaii, why aren't the super-rich buying?

If I have $50M, why not take $11M of that and buy 20 beachfront properties in f-ing Kauai?

Are they waiting a second crash so they can buy for half of half price?

Sarah Palin Nude


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Subject: never-ending wars


There's an article in this month's Scientific American about the many many billions of dollars
of precious and rare earth metals that can be mined in Afghanistan as soon as we get that pesky
Taliban out of the way.   Here's a decent summary

And just like their military, the local geologists also need training: "Over the long term,
Afghanistan’s geologists will have to take charge. The U.S. Geological Survey is nearly done training them"

I think the Afghanistan war will continue until Haliburton has complete control over these mineral deposits.


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Subject: Mystery stuff

My vote.. Keep History Mystery.
  John in OH

John, thanks for that.

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bart blog

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2 min video, OK for work - funny

Time running out for GOP
Deadline to file is Halloween


The deadline for New Hampshire is November 21, but the real deadline is Halloween.
Even though the Florida GOP has yet to agree on a final date for the primary election,
a spokesman told TPM that candidates will still need to file their request to participate
no later than October 31.

Given that Florida is rapidly shaping up to be a crucial, perhaps decisive, contest,
it’s pretty unlikely anyone would join the race without being able to compete there.
The next day is also the filing deadline for South Carolina.

So, what's a Publicity Whore to do?
If she doesn't jump in, the media will lose interest and Sarah can't have that.

And what's up with Christie?  Two days after he said,
"Do I have to commit suicide to get you guys to believe I'm not running?"
his brother says he's thinking about getting in.

Truth is, the GOP needs a Teabagger-free reboot - but there's no time.
Every candidate they have now is seen as a sure loser - every f-ing one of them.

The GOP is such shit that they can't even beat a Black guy with 15% unemployment.

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Coaxing Obama to appeasement
What good is bipartisanship?


Whatever Perry’s fate, his lightning ascent is final proof that a bipartisanship in America is unachievable.
This is the harsh reality Obama has been way too slow to recognize. But in his post–Labor Day
“Pass this jobs plan!” speech before Congress, the lip service he characteristically paid to both Republican
and Democratic ideas gave way to an unmistakable preference for Democratic ideas. Soon to come were
his “Buffett rule” for addressing the inequities of the Bush tax cuts and a threat to veto any budget without
new tax revenues to go with spending cuts. When he tied it all up in a Rose Garden mini-tantrum pushing
back against the usual cries of “class warfare,” it was enough to give one hope. No, not 2008 fired-up hope,
but at least the trace memory of it. Should Obama not cavealways a big if with this president—he might
have a serious shot to win reelection.

Hasn't that been true since Day One?

Obama could win if he would just stop surrendering early.

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Bristol Palin's Bar Fight
They even have video...


Bristol Palin was riding the mechanical bull at a Hollywood bar (of course she was...)
in front of a throng of paparazzi and reality TV cameras,
(of course she was...) when a
bar patron yelled, "Your mother's a whore!"   Bristol marched up to the man,
jutted out her new chin, and got into a heated confrontation:  
(of course they did...)

Bristol's job is to get as much publicity as possible.

If she can get into a bar fight, that's just more proof that the media hates her Mom.

Thank you, God, for giving me a normal Mom.

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Today's Mystery Car


Last issue's Mystery Car Revealed


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Today's Mystery Celebrity


Last issue's Mystery Celebrity  Link 

Bart, that's Veronica Mars herself, the delectable Kristen Bell.

Loved that show!
Never stop swinging

You are correct, it was a great show.
Amazon is selling seasons for around $10.

That's 22 hours of top-shelf TV.
Pretty good deal in a recession....

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More magic from Astrocat 

Name that Song!


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Wildlife Close-up


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Today's Mystery City


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Subject: last issue's mystery city

Bart, Last Issue's Mystery City is The Church of Gibraltar
to ward off Muslims from entering the Mediterranean.


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Today's History Mystery


What is today's History Mystery? 

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Subject: last issue's history mystery

What is last issue's History Mystery?

Bart, that's Bill Hewlett and David Packard in their Garage, in Palo Alto CA.
Working on their first product: the 200A Audio Oscillator. 

The first customer of HP was the Walt Disney company.
They needed the accuracy of the 101B to test equipment and processes for "Fantasia".
I think they bought 7 or so of them.

I worked at HP for 18 years, and it was the greatest place for the first 10.
You could go to any executive, and talk to them, substantively.
You could say: "I think we're making a big mistake.." they say: "Sit down, tell me where we're going wrong."

I met the President of HP, John Young.(1980-1990?) Smart, clever, again, mixed it up
with a bunch of sales and technical people, drinking cocktails and eating snacks.

In turn, we treated our customers as the greatest people in the world.

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Subject: donation

Bart, I've been reading your site for years.
Its time to give back.

Keep swinging.
 Keith in Uncasville

Keith, that was nice - I'll fix you up.

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