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Wednesday,  Oct 26,  2011    Vol 2775 - Unauthorized


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Pat Robertson: GOP "too extreme"
Arrow Occupy Oakland tear gassed
Sarah Palin Nude!!!
Arrow Georgia's tax lein on Cain 
Arrow Clinton's budget had debt paid off  
Arrow Mittens/Solyndra, sitting in a tree...
Arrow Spend time w/ Kristin Kreuk


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"Lindsey Lohan is posing for playboy. She's getting $850k if she's fully nude
  and a million if she keeps her mouth shut."
       --  David Spade, in a tweet

  Have you heard?
  The once possibly the best-looking woman in Hollywood has lost her teeth.
  Does that mean she's been doing meth?
  Her teeth have begun to rot and it makes me think she's the next Amy Winehouse.
  Too bad nobody's been able to reach out to her - to save her life.
  It's sad to watch somebody commit slow-motion suicide.

  Tox tests prove Winehouse was super, super drunk when she died.
  The Coroner said Amy had a blood alcohol level more than five times the drunk-drive limit,
  which gives us abso-fucking-lutely zero idea how much alcohol she had in her system.

  Today's reporters have no idea about the who, why, when, what and hows of a story.
  They just write whatever their Republican bosses tell them to write.

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Pat Robertson: GOP "too extreme"
So even the loons know they're crazy


Pat Robertson expressed worry that Republican front runners are going to alienate voters
during the general election by catering to a narrow base:
I believe it was Lyndon Johnson that said, "I doubt these people realize if they push me over
to an extreme position that I'll lose the election. And I'm the one who will be supporting what
they want, but they're going to make it so I can't win."

Those people in the Republican primary have got to lay off of this stuff. They're forcing
their leaders, the front runners, into positions that will mean they lose the general election.
Now whether this did it to Cain, I don't know, but nevertheless, you know, you appeal to the
narrow base and they'll applaud the daylights out of what you're saying, and then you hit the
general election and they say "no way" and then the Democrat, whoever it is, is going to just
play these statements to the hilt. They've got to stop this! It's just so counterproductive!

Well. If they want to lose, this is the game for losers.

Pat, don't tell them yet - wait a few more months.

...and then nominate rootin' tootin' Perry.

Send e-mail to Bart

"These debates are set up for nothing more than to tear down the candidates. It's pretty hard
  to be able to sit and lay out your ideas and your concepts with a one-minute response.
  So if there was a mistake made, it was probably ever (participating in the debates),
        --  Rick Perry making excuses as to why he's such a failure,                Link

 Hey Rick, the playing field was level - you were just unable to compete.

 They say Perry refused to debate his opponents in Texas - now we know why.
 Any idiot, even Der Monkey Fuhrer, can read words on a teleprompter that were
 written by a smart person, but when it come to thinking on your feet, you suck.

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So all Bart's ads run, the pennies trickle in, and the pie gets higher.
 Johnny Mack

Johnny, thanks for that.

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...and that would be masturbating to Gitmo videos?

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Occupy Oakland Tear Gassed

What's next - Zyklon B?

Dozens of police in riot gear and hundreds of protesters supporting the Occupy Wall Street movement
 engaged in a game of cat-and-mouse in downtown Oakland on Tuesday, with authorities using tear gas
to respond to demonstrators' repeated agitations.

The latest such skirmish came around 11:15 PDT in front of City Hall, where a haze of chemical smoke
still hung in the air following several similar clashes at the site over the course of the night.

It was the fifth time in about three hours that police a fired a volley of tear gas to disperse a crowd
at the scene where ongoing tension has erupted into conflict throughout the day.

Do we have any guarantee that the cops won't open up on these people a la Kent State?
I wonder if Obama would have a comment of they did?

Not sure which city it was, maybe New York, they were chanting, "Who are you protecting?"
and "The whole world is watching." That was so well-organized and the words were so well-written
I'm surpised the Democrats were able to pull it off.

Do those ready-to-break-some-skulls cops know that the protectors are fighting for them, too?
What does a cop make these days?  Maybe $45K in NY and LA but maybe $25K in smaller cities?

Do the cops realize they're protecting the thieves who stole hundreds of billions in 2008?


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Will Bank of America learn from Netflix Mistake?

In the last few months Netflix decided to drastically increase prices and their customers got angry.
They lost 800,000 customers in the last few months. Their stock dropped from $300/share in July
to about $75/share now. Bank of America is doing the same thing with their plan to add a $5/month fee
for debit cards and Bank of America customers are very angry about that.

Making customers angry is bad for business as Netflix found out.
I wonder if the folks at Bank of America are paying attention and
might want to rethink their $5 fee in light of what happened to Netflix.
  Marc Perkel

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Imperialism, Corporatism, Militarism: An American Tragedy
by James P. Huchthausen

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 be sure and dine at Springs Orleans

Sarah Palin Nude


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New Feature

Subject: My Brush with Greatness



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Georgia's Tax Lein on Cain's house  
No wonder he wants to pay only nine percent


Herman Cain, the multimillionaire businessman who has made tax fairness a central part of his
surging presidential campaign, missed paying his state income taxes for 2006 while undergoing
treatment for cancer, prompting Georgia to file a tax lien against him that wasn’t settled until
late 2008, according to documents reviewed by The Daily Beast.

The Republican’s campaign late Tuesday confirmed the lien, portraying the unpaid taxes as an
oversight while Cain was undergoing cancer treatment and the state’s lien as an excessive response
that shows the need for tax reform.

Big surprise - another millionaire is tired of paying his taxes.

Why should the super-rich pay their fair share when the homeless
and the dying people aren't paying very much?

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Obama supports the forthcoming bill

How in the hell can this be explained away????

This country has made it perfectly clear that we don't want any more 'bipartisan' deals handed to the GOP!!
I've seen Obama speak on the matter! He knows already!!! And he still plays the same losing game.

Are you STILL buying his bullshit, Bart???
 Tim in Muldraugh

White House Hands GOP Victory In Jobs Bill

Tim, I expect Obama to cave in on every issue.

Why are you surprised that it happened again?
I expect him to surrender again and again for the next 51 months.


Send e-mail to Bart

Clinton's budget had debt paid off
  Published June 27, 2000


Clinton said Monday he wants to use the staggering surpluses to pay off the national debt by 2012.

The White House estimates the total surpluses at $1.87 trillion over the next 10 years.  The new estimate
 - which is more than double the $746 billion forecast just four months ago - pours massive new sums of
money into this year's budget fight.

Clinton wants to spend part of the surplus to pay for prescription drugs for the elderly.

To quote Adell "I can't help feeling - we could've had it all."

But Gore refused to fight and the Democrats rolled over at every opportunity.
Clinton had the plan, he showed us the blueprint - and we told him to GFY.

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: GOP nominee does not have to win

Hi Bart,
I saw your encouraging point about how President Obama will beat whichever GOP dirty joke runs.

That much is true, except like DMF, the Supreme Court could just appoint whatever GOP joke
in some bullshit ruling Clarence, Roberts, Scalia et al drum up, be afraid, very afraid.

That is why I prefer Mr Magic Underpants, at least he isn't openly ignorant,
and anti-science, cold comfort that it is.

You have a point.

We're naturally closer to the gay-loving, gun-grabbing,
socialist, pro-choicer than the rest of those GOP loons.

Send e-mail to Bart

Check out the news and toons at

        bart blog

Occupy Venice, CA Report

  on the Bart Blog!

Cops Raid Occupy Atlanta
Too bad Obama has chosen not to lead


With helicopters hovering overhead, police moved into a downtown Atlanta park and arrested
around 50 Occupy Wall Street protesters who had been encamped there for about two weeks.
Before police moved in, protesters were warned to vacate the park or risk arrest.
Inside the park, the warnings were drowned out by drumbeats and chants of "Our park!"
Organizers had instructed participants to be peaceful if arrests came, and most were.
Many gathered in the center of the park, locking arms, and sang "We Shall Overcome,"
until police led them out, one-by-one to waiting buses. Some were dragged out while
others left on foot, handcuffed with plastic ties.
Police included SWAT teams in riot gear, dozens of officers on motorcycles and horseback.
By about 1:30 a.m. Wednesday the park was mostly cleared of protesters American citizens
with a Constitutionally guaranteed right to assemble peaceably, but I guess Obama is busy
dealing with the "poker threat" and the "Marijuana emergency" to get involved in civil rights.

Send e-mail to Bart

I don't get it...
If you watch sports, you know DirecTV is spending many millions of dollars
on non-stop TV ads for their "Watch TV in any room that you have a TV" technology.

Who is this service for?

People who suddenly get so hungry they can't wait until that scene is over?
People who suddenly get the urge to pee and can't wait 90 seconds?

You know that scene in Pulp Fiction where Samuel L. Jackson says,
"Do you know what English is?  Do you speak it?
  Say 'What?' one more time, Mother-Effer, I double dare you!"

...can you imagine watching that scene while walking room-to-room in your home?

All those millions spent to let you know that,  if you suddenly need to leave, you can
watch a robot throw another robot into your stove as you stroll thru your home.

I don't get it.

By the way... do
DirecTV remotes have pause buttons?

  Send e-mail to Bart

Made-in-China.com - Connecting Global Buyers with China suppliers

Subject: fund-raising idea

I once belonged to an organization that collected dues from members in the members' birth months. 
From the members' viewpoints, there were no random pay-up dates to remember. 

Thanks for doing what you do,
 Karen in Indiana

Karen, thanks for that.
I'll try that and see if I get any donations from October-born readers.

So far, no October-born donations, but that could change.

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Mittens and Solyndra, sitting in a tree...
He's Fundraising With A Solyndra Lobbyist after
attacking Obama for trying to create green jobs



Among the well-placed Washington crowd feting Mittens on Wednesday is a former lobbyist for Solyndra,
the now-defunct solar energy company that Republicans have criticized as emblematic of Obama corruption.

Romney is holding a fundraiser with nearly two dozen members of Congress on Wednesday.
The list of attendees revealed by POLITICO includes Alex Mistri, managing director of The Glover Park Group.

Despite working at a predominantly Democratic lobbying firm, Mistri is a reliable GOP donor and Romney supporter.
He has donated $2,500 to his presidential bid so far this cycle, on top of the $1,000 he gave to Romney's PAC.
But work he did at Glover Park as a lobbyist for Solyndra seems a touch discordant with the views of many in
the Republican Party, who have worked to portray the company's failure as a referendum on alternative energy
development and the administration's embrace of it.

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Today's Mystery Car


Last issue's Mystery Car Revealed       

Bart, last issue's Mystery Car  is yet another concept car, the 1959 Cadillac Cyclone. 
The nose cones of the car were equipped with radar (crash avoidance), the exhaust was
emitted in front of the FRONT wheels, the interior was covered by a one-piece plastic canopy
...and on and on and on.

The car is still owned by General Motors.

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Today's Mystery Celebrity


Last issue's Mystery Celebrity  Link 

Bart, that's Ringo Starr and Eric Clapton from the Concert for Bangladesh at MSG in NYC in 1971.
 Stuart the Lawyer

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Wildlife Close-up


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Subject: Obama's foreclosure solution

Yeah, 33 months. And what nobody is talking about is that it’s a qualified plan:
you must have good credit and be in good standing on your mortgage, in order
to qualify for help in getting a refinancing deal.

How many people who are facing foreclosure have good credit?
How many are in good standing with their lender?

So how many people in need of help will actually qualify to actually get any?

It’s a middle-class aid plan (which is okay, as far as it goes),
but leave the most at-risk families out in the cold.

Feh. This is not a bold initiative designed to solve a problem, it’s yet another lip-service plan.

Nic, I'm sure Obama will turn his attention to homes and jobs
just as soon as he finished saving us from the pot and poker menace.

Send e-mail to Bart

Today's Mystery City


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: last issue's mystery city

Bart, Last Issue's Mystery City that God is smiting is Dallas.

Maybe God is punishing Texas for their racism and gay-bashing?


I was SO disgusted to see DMF get a big round of applause from his Texas sheepat the World Series.
The sick bastard lied 4500 soldiers into their graves - but that's OK with Texas.
They'd elect that sick fuck again if they could - and watch that loser kill another 4500 soldiers

But eighteen soldiers died while Clinton was president and that they cannot forgive.
You see, he had sex and they hate his f-ing guts for that.

Am I just in a bad mood or does America really suck?


Send e-mail to Bart

Today's History Mystery


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: last issue's history mystery

What is last issue's History Mystery?

Bart, that's a painting, not a man.
The guy who painted it (and the subject of the self-portrait) is Vincent van Gogh.

In October of 1998, in Washington DC., I stood two feet from "Wheatfield with Crows" - the original, not a print.
Tears were streaming down my face as I took it in.  (Trip Report - warning, this was my Blue Period)

I wasn't crying like Bob Dole at Nixon's funeral,
it was like-watching-Jimmy-Page-play-guitar tears.

It was wonderful.

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: donation

Bart, here is a donation.
Awhile back you gave me a subscription because I was unemployed.

Keep swingin that hammer. I thank you for your earlier actions.
They were kind.
 Tim M

Tim, thanks for that.
I'll fix you up with some more BCR.

If you're shopping online,
it never hurts to check Amazon's prices.

Spend time w/ Kristen Kreuk


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