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Monday,  Nov. 28, 2011    Vol 2789 - Tartest


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Will the Right let Romney win?
Arrow Penn State rapes/Catholic rapes
Sarah Palin Nude!!!
Arrow Priests Raping in Helena, MT
Arrow Did you eat Sharia Turkey?
Arrow Hendrix best guitarist ever?
Arrow Spend it w/ Evan Rachel Wood


"The pepper the cops are using on the Occupiers is like a
  derivative of real pepper. It's a food product essentially."
       --  Megyn Kelly, lying streetwalker on FOX News    Link

  Hey Megyn, I'll fly to wherever you are if you agree
  to let me squirt that "food product" to your face.

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More proof how racist the Teabaggers are.

Will the Right let Romney win?
Or will they run a third-party handjob?


Leading social conservative groups in Iowa held a secret meeting Monday as part of an effort
with one main goal: find and support a religiously-insane handjob who can stop Mitt Romney in Iowa.

According to CNN, the two dozen or so attendees at the meeting are considering four R-I-H's:
Rootin Tootin Perry, Man-on-dog Santorum, Batshit Bachman and Three Wives Gingrich.

Roney could place second or even WIN Iowa because the vote is split four ways between him,
Three Wives, The Serial Harrasser and No-troops-overseas Ron Paul.

If Romney does good in Iowa - they say -  he   could   go   all   the   way
because coming up next is New Hamster (then super-racist Carolina) then Florida.

If they're going to stop Romney, they have to do it now.

Shirley they know that running a R-I-H in November will hand the contest to Obama...

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Seeing the ads puts food on my family,
PLEASE turn off your AdBlocker.

Subject: Cost of Occupy Wall Street?

I'm getting tired of the news reports talking about Occupy Wall Street costing cities millions
when they don't talk about the Wall Street crash of 2008 costing the cities billions.

I don't see law enforcement pepper spraying bank executives.

If they enforced bank regulation the way they do park rules
we would not be in this mess in the first place.
  Marc Perkel, in a letter to 1,000-plus newspaper editors

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Penn State rapes/Catholic rapes
Are they different or the same?


Joe Paterno is out in the sex scandal, and comparisons to the Catholic Church’s scandals are in.
“The parallels are too striking to ignore. A suspected predator who exploits his position to take
advantage of his young charges. The trusting colleagues who don’t want to believe it—and so don’t,”
author Jonathan Mahler wrote in The New York Times.
“This was the dynamic that pervaded the Catholic clerical culture during its sexual abuse scandals,
and it seems to have been no less pervasive at Penn State.”
The analogy is popular. But does it hold up to scrutiny? Yes, and no. Here are three ways
in which the twin abuse scandals are similar, and three ways they are different.

If there was a Hell, the Penn State rapists and the raping priests would both be going to it.


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: terrorists grab congress

A driver was stuck in a traffic jam on the highway outside Washington, DC.
Nothing was moving. Suddenly, a man knocks on the window.
The driver rolls down the window and asks, "What's going on?"

"Terrorists have kidnapped Congress, and they're asking for a $100 million
dollar ransom. Otherwise, they are going to douse them all in gasoline and
set them on fire. We are going from car to car, collecting donations."

"How much is everyone giving, on average?" the driver asks.

The man replies, "Roughly a gallon."

Thanks to Susan W

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Priests Raping in Helena, MT


You will not believe this.

"Bart, you're kiling us here - can't you write about other stuff?
  Tell you what - I'll give you $100,000 for your little dot-com.
  That's a lot of money Bart, you think about it, OK?"

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Did you eat Sharia Turkey on Thanksgiving?

  TPM Wants to Know

A citizen activist and reader of my website wrote to Butterball,
asking them if their turkeys were halal. Wendy Howze, a Butterball Representative,
responded: "Our whole turkeys are certified halal."
"In a little-known strike against freedom, yet again, we are being forced into consuming
meat slaughtered by means of a torturous method: Islamic slaughter," Geller writes.
She continues that if you like freedom and hate sharia, you should boycott Butterball
and ask them to stop selling these nefarious birds:


Send e-mail to Bart

Sarah Palin Nude


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Did Joe Scarborough kill that intern?

The disgraced, imported coroner says
she died standing up, then fell and hit Joe's desk.

Subject: My Brush with Greatness


Send in YOUR brush with greatness

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Hendrix named best guitar player ever
Says the mag that named Backstreet Boys "best band"


1. Jimi Hendrix
2. Eric Clapton
3. Jimmy Page
4. Keith Richards
5. Jeff Beck
6. B.B. King
7. Chuck Berry
8. Eddie Van Halen
9. Duane Allman
10. Pete Townshend

What a bunch of hooey.  Let's run thru the list.

1. I can see Hendrix winning, but he's been gone for 40 years.
    He was great in his time and he opened some doors, but isn't that like saying
    Charlie Chaplin and Groucho Marx were the funniest comics in history? 
2. Clapton is clean and polished and he's a great guitar player if you're

    looking for clean and polished - like your guitar teacher.  Boring as hell...
3. Page is so exciting, he packed stadiums and caused riots at the ticket office.
    Zeppelin was so in-demand, they change the way the business worked.
    Page caused multi-millions of guitars to be sold. If you can name a rocker
    who doesn't cite Page as an inspiration, he's probably as boring as Clapton.
4. Keith Richards?  Seriously?   I'll give Keef props for writing catchy songs
    on a guitar, but nobody wants to grow up and play guitar like Keef.
    Keef's solos sound a lot like mine - and I don't play guitar.
5. Jeff Beck, probably the greatest ever, but he's never had a hit song
    and last time I saw him it was in a venue with 2500 seats. In 40 years,
    he hasn't built more of a fan base?  Most guitar players rank him #1.

6. B.B. King, historic, but guaranteed to put you to sleep. We saw him years
and every song sounded exactly the same. Plus, he knows no chords.
7. Chuck Berry should be given props for moving rock n roll along
    but we lost Chuck back in the fifties and even he understands that.
8. Eddie - monster riffer - if you enjoy that particular style of hammering.
    Have you ever heard Eddie play something beautiful?   No.
9. Duane Allman, besides the killer riff on Layla, what's he done?
    Name three songs with that Duane "magic" - please.
10. Townsend is like Richards - he's knows enough guitar to write a song
    but no kid in history ever said he wanted to grow up and play like Pete,
    but he sure jumped high and we love his windmill power chord playing   :)     


Note: Rolling Stone has always hated Led Zeppelin with a passion.
Check out their album reviews:

"Jimmy Page a very limited producer and a writer of weak,
unimaginative songs,
and the Zeppelin album suffers from
his having both produced it and written most of it."

"On Zeppelin III, Bobby Plant's double-tracked wordless vocal
croonings echo behind the main vocal like some cannibal chorus
wailing in the infernal light of a savage fertility rite. "

"Houses of the Holy is one of the dullest and most confusing albums..."

They've been as nice to Zeppelin as the vulgar Pigboy was to Chelsea Clinton.
Many, many years went by before Rolling Stone put rock's biggest act on their cover.

Business-wise, that was suicide, but when Jann Wenner hates a band...

Rolling Stone is such a whore (but you knew that.)
Eddie Van Halen was ranked #70 in their 2003 poll - now he's # 8?
Without releasing any new music since he was #70, he's now in the Top Ten?

What the...  Oh, Van Halen has a new album and surely Rolling Stone
wants an exclusive interview so they whore Eddie 62 slots up the ladder.

Rolling Stone, thy name is whore.

Send e-mail to Bart

Whore CNN

I hate being lied to, don't you?
This story meant nothing to me, I just hate being lied to.

Last Wednesday, just as I was hitting "Send" on the big Turkey Day issue, Brooke Baldwin, said,
"Remember that deadly Sugerland concert last August where seven people died and 50 were hurt when
  the stage skelton collapsed?  Some of the victims have now filed suit against Sugarland, the concert
  promotor and the stage riggers. When we come back, I'll tell you what Sugarland's response was."

I'm busy getting the last page up, and I was only half-listening but when she said Sugarland responded,
I wondered how that response would read.  Several minutes after the break, after they do 3-4 more stories,
Brooke Baldwin finally "returns to the tease" and she said, "Sugarland ...had no response."

Goddamit, I hate being lied to.
And even tho Brooke Baldwin is very attractive, I wasn't in the mood for a handjob.

I doubt she has control over her own copy, so some producer was the lying sack of shit.

I think EVERY piece of new a network broadcasts should have the name of the producer
so we know exactly who the lying piece of shit is.

FOX lies with the intention of misleading you to effect Nazi change in America.
CNN lies just because they're whores without the skill to dress up a clumsy lie.

We deserve better news in America, our once-great country.
We get candy-coated shit read by models instead of real fucking news.

They took Ted Turner's dream and put in a short skirt with high-heels and sheer, black stockings
dressed it up in 6-inch "fuck me" pumps and that's what we get instead of news these days..

Shame on whore CNN, the tartest name in news.


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: re: Police brutality

While it's important to address the police brutality...
People need to keep their 'eye on the prize' so to speak...

The original protest in Davis was regarding skyrocketing College tuition...
That's almost now been forgotten...
The 'Occupiers' are battling over turf...That's what gangs do...

How about putting tons of energy into making sure ALL the better people
running for Reps. like Elizabeth Warren, Sherrod Brown etc. do get into office...

You know how much the Repubs. hate people like Ms. Warren...
(She's actually smart, cares and is likeable)...And how much money
is going to be used to fight against ALL of them...

Let's focus, and use the elbow grease to get out the vote, vote, vote...
That's what is required to keep a decent Representative Republic...
Take care,

And maybe we could get Obama to say, "We'll have gridlock in Washington as long
the GOP has the numbers to stop our progress - so vote Democrat for congress."

Maybe we could get him to say that?

Send e-mail to Bart

Six Year Project To Tweet WWII Has Begun
It's a day by day diary of WWII...

But didn't somebody already do that?

That's right, - WE did, Dave Friedrich wrote it and I published it.

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Subject: Permanent Amazon link to help Bart

Hey BC, here is a better Amazon link for you:

  Brad in CA

Brad, thanks for that.
Anything that makes it easier to buy things will help a lot.

People write and say, "I bought a camera, did you get the credit?"
If you use Brad's link, I'll get the credit for true.

If you would, click on Brad's Link and then bookmark it.
Next time you go shopping, it's just a click away.

Every purchase you make thru this link really helps The Tequila Treehouse and costs you nothing.

I have to make what I can during the holiday season because,
thanks to Bush,
it's the only time of the year when people might spend some money.

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Stupid sports...

...but damn, the turkey was great.

We had mashed potatos* and fresh-made stuffing and rice cassarole-something
and cranberry jam-whatever and gods flowers and when Arkansas went up 14 points
on top-ranked L.S.U.,    ...I did half a shot of the best stuff on Earth.


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St Paul lights up the season

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Today's Mystery Car


Last issue's Mystery Car Revealed       

Bart, Last issue's Mystery Car  is maybe a 1905 Mercedes?
several people

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Today's Mystery Celebrity


Last issue's Mystery Celebrity  Link 

Hi Bart, that's
Clarence Leo Fender, holder of US Patent No. 2741146, among others.
Fender '146 is for the Strat tremolo device. But yeah, Leo Fender.
  Mark Taylor



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Wildlife Close-up


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FOX has the most Dems on, but they're racist,
Obama-hating Zell Miller, Pat Gadell, Kissyface,
Susan Estrich-type "democrat" backstabbers .

Subject: political crimes

Bart, I'm trying to find a reputable, unbiased source online
that can give me information about which party (Dems or Repubs)
commits more crimes and has more scandals.  Can you help me?

Craig, I don't know - maybe someone will write in
but I have $25 that says it's those scumbag Rethuglicans.

Democrats don't have the initiative to commit crimes.

If booty falls into their lap, they'll take it but they won't
work for it and they damn sure won't steal for it.

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Today's Mystery City


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: last issue's mystery city

Bart, Last Issue's Mystery City that's quite easy since I live here. It's Oslo, Norway.

Your photo is quite similar to a digital painting I did for Taxitop:




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Today's History Mystery


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Subject: last issue's history mystery

What is last issue's History Mystery?

Bart, that's the ancient Mayan city of Tikal in the Peten Basin of northern Guatemala.
It was the center of one of the most powerful Maya kingdoms in the Classic Period (200-900 CE).

The temple pyramid on the right is called Temple I, with the Great Plaza before it.
The view is southeasterly from the North Acropolis across the Great Plaza toward the Central Acropolis.
 JimB In Oregon

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True Blood vamp - Evan Rachel Wood

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