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Tuesday,  Nov. 29, 2011    Vol 2790 - Reductio Ad Absurdum


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Cain - this time she's Black
Arrow Did we see a preview of 2012?
Sarah Palin Nude!!!
Arrow The Sherman Cain Mutiny
Arrow We're used to being screwed
Arrow Barney Frank to Retire
Arrow TV's angriest cop - Angie Harmon


"I'm not a perfect canididate but contends I'm a lot more conservative
  than Mitt Romney and a lot more electable than anybody else."
       --  Newt, pretending he's part-human again     Link

  Hey Newt, things  could change but right now, you and Mittens are
  arguing over which of you is going to get his ass kicked by the Black guy.

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Herman Cain - this time she's Black
Did Sherman have an 13-year affair?


In an explosive allegation, a Georgia woman said Monday she and Sherman Cain had a
13-year extramarital affair that lasted nearly until Pizza Boy announced his run for the White House.

"Here we go again. I didn't do anything wrong," Cain said in a pre-emptive denial that lumped
a detailed claim of a consensual affair in with earlier allegations of sexual harassment.

But the woman, Ginger White, said that over the years, Cain bought her airplane tickets
so she could join him in cities as far-flung as Palm Springs, Calif., and Atlanta.

"It was fun," White said. "It was something that took me away from my
sort of humdrum life at the time. And it was exciting."

So, he's going to claim he flew her to other cities - so she could be friends with him?
And Mrs. Sherman is OK with her husband flying dates in when he's on the road?

Sherman's getting worse with his denials.
Now he's saying, "This is private business."

Buh Bye, Sherman.

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Seeing the ads puts food on my family,
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Subject: what is rich?

Hi Bartman,

Repubs want no more taxes. Dems say they want to get rid of the Bush tax cuts.

The problem is twofold. Dems don't want to admit that the Bush cuts benefitted the lowest
income earners the most ( their taxes were cut from fifteen to ten percent ).  Horseshit!
Republicans want to define rich as those who make more than 400 thousand per year.

You act like the GOP is willing to raise taxes on those who make more than $400K a year.
Is you crazy?

Since it is a fact that a tax on those who make 250 thousand per year would hurt small business,
why do the Dems persist? I think it is because there are not that many people who make 400K
per year and raising their taxes wouldn't generate any revenue at all. It would harm the economy
and cost a few million jobs.

In short, the Repubs want a taxation that would benefit the small business owner,
the economy and the American people. The Dems want a political issue.
 Carson, Head Whip Counter on the Monkey Caucus

Carson, why are you fighting so hard for the rich to have more?
If you were rich, you would just be seen as greedy.
Since you're not, fighting so the super-rich can have more makes you crazy.

The lying Rethugs do this every time, and I'm ashamed to say after all these decades,
our braindead Democrats have NO CLUE how to counter their lies - isn't that a shame?

            "We get out-witted at every turn..."

Every election, the rethug says, "I think YOU should keep more of YOUR tax money."

Then they pass a bill that gives the average household a $300 tax break while the super-rich
pull in hundreds of thousands of extra dollars and that makes the super-rich very, very happy.

Was is 2006?

Bush LOANED every taxpayer $600 (to be paid back on April 15, 2007.)
This was another trillion dollars that went to the super-rich, but me and you got a f-ing $600 loan?

If that's your idea of fairness, no wonder you're a Republican.

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Did we see a preview of 2012?


Monday may have provided a potential preview of the general election, with Democrats and
Mittens engaged in an all-day food fight over Mitt's history of shifting positions.

The DNC started with “Mitt vs. Mitt,” focusing on his shifts on abortion and health care.
They also launched a website,, a longer web video that included more of his
greatest hits as well as footage of late night hosts mocking Romney’s consistency, and they
held conference calls to bash Romney on the issue further.

“The Republicans’ favorite straw man is to talk about uncertainty,” DNC boss Brad Woodhouse
told reporters. “If people are scared of uncertainty they should be terrified of Mitt Romney.”

Isn't is too early to go after Mittens?

Is the White House hoping to knock him out and get a different nominee?

Isn't a pro-life, pro-gay, flip-flopping gun-grabber from Massachusetts perfect for the Dems?


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: guitar players

Baby boomers really think that their generation is the only one, either in history or in culture. 
Personally, I think Hendrix belongs at the top of the list, but I am not of the “Clapton is God”
mentality that so many people who are older than me hold.

I don’t see how Pete Townsend or Keith Richards gets on the list, but Slash does not. 
Nor does the late Randy Rhodes, for that matter (think Ozzy’s original recording of Crazy Train).

Both of GNR’s Use Your Illusion albums feature some great Slash guitar music. 
The solos in Estranged are as good, if not better than anything Clapton has recorded.

I am technically a baby boomer by about 2 months (born in October of 1964), but grew up
mostly in the 70s and 80s, so I am not part of the age group usually considered to be the boomer generation. 
I get so sick of them.  They may have given us great music, but they also gave us Reagan, so f-them.
  Sue in Michigan

I, too, think Slash is one of the greats, Zappa's in there, too..

Subject: guitar players

BC, Can’t agree with you more than what you said.  I looked at the whole list and when
I saw Keef, Townsend, Eddie and Chuck Berry ahead of some of the greats like Chet Atkins,
Les Paul and of course Frank Zappa, I dismissed it out of hand.

Keep the hammer swinging.  Oh and be on the lookout for some Christmas cheer. 
I owe you big time for the laughs and rants you have inspired.

Subject: guitar players

Bart, Stevie Ray Vaughn is the best guitar player that ever lived.

Don't argue with me.

I won't, but Stevie played one style, didn't he?
Stevie Ray was King of what, the Texas Blues? 

Subject: guitar players


Subject: guitar players

Bart, the so-called “experts” who picked the list have so much of it wrong. First, where are people
like Django Reinhardt, Wes Montgomery, Andres Segovia... I mean, THEY were real innovators.
No jazz, no classical, not much blues... I mean EVER?? Puh-leeze. I’d have Brian May higher.
I didn’t see Erick Johnson’s name, and he is fantastic. Leo Kottke is a terrific guitarist and has
been for years! I’ve also been partial to Jeff Baxter of the Doobie Brothers and Jorma K of the
Jefferson Airplane for their solo work.
But if you are talking EVER, you cannot leave out Andres Segovia. The man was a guitar genius.

Subject: guitar players

Filling stadiums does not a great guitar player make, but Hendrix did fill both Fillmores.
Just listen to Hendrix on Band Of Gypsys and try to repeat that shit you wrote.
Did Band of Gypsies change since the last time I heard it?

And, have you tried to play note-for-note, the stuff Keith Richards plays?
By the way, what made Chuck Berry great was the way he could cut chords and
intersperse them with lead licks. That's a lesson Keith learned from Chuck.
I'd leave the list "as is" except take off Pete Townsend and replace him with Roy Buchanan
and take off Eddie Van Halen are replace him with Terry Kath (who Hendrix said played better than him).
All the modern masters (who did their best work in the sixties) learned from Robert Johnson
and the three Kings (B.B., Albert, and Freddie).
Oh hell, you're right, take off Duane Allman and replace him with SRV
(who used to play Albert King note-for-note).
Plus, if you want to hear slide playing at it's very best, check out Muddy Waters
on the Plantation sides and the early Chess sides.
  Regards, David G

Subject: guitar players

Number one on the list should be David Gilmour of Pink Floyd.
Just view his concert at Albert Hall and there will be no arguments.
1. Charlie Chaplin IS the greatest comic of all time!
2. Eric has gotten mellow in his old age, but he still gets out there to ply his craft. What has Page done lately?
3. Boring is in the ear of the beholder. I don't find Page interesting in the least.
4. No argument with Bart here.
5. Now there's a boring guitarist. All flash, no soul.
6. I can think of many Blues artists better than B.B., starting with Muddy Waters.
7. Without Chuck, there is no Jimmy Page. Deal with it, Bart.
8. For the kid's list, not for the adults.
9. Not to my taste. Good gutarist, though.
10. Definitely in the top 3.
Under-rated: George Harrison.
You talked about kids picking up a guitar because of Page.
I bet more were inspired by George than Jimmy.

Subject: i f-ing hate you

I agree that RS got it wrong. They get most things like this wrong. But so did you.
I agree with a few things you said in your little diatribe, but it is obvious that you
haven't delved any deeper on this subject than your FM radio dial.

You infer that only "hit songs" have great guitar playing on them. You infer that only
your idea of guitar riff "beauty" is valid. It doesn't have to be a tender ballad to be beautiful.
You graciously share your insight with us that Hendrix "opened some doors".
Hey...maybe you're on to something there. Players like Stevie Ray, Frank Marino, Gary Moore,
Joe Satriani and most of the top tier guitarists since, might just have realized the same thing.
And to think, they managed to do it without the benefit of your amazing powers of observation.
You readily admit that you don't play guitar, but somehow you're an expert on the instrument.
You're not a musician, but you possess some kind of inside knowledge of what should be
considered quality musicianship. What an ignorant, condescending jackass.
 Phil the expert

Phil, it goes without saying that if we disagree on guitar players, it's because I'm a
tin-eared Okie with shit for brains, besides being
an ignorant, condescending jackass.

Not sure what got into me, ...having opinions, that is.

Subject: guitar players

#1 (12 rs) Stevie Ray Vaughan-  His fluid power and flawless runs.
His sound that hits you in the gut. Eric bowed down to him.
His guitar was strung so heavy, he was the only one that could play it.

#2 (18 rs) Les Paul- He fuckin' invented and perfected the electric guitar.
He laid all the ground work for every technical innovation used today in recording.
He performed every week until his death at 94. Elegant, clean toned, fleet- fingered.

You are right. Rolling Stone is full of shit on their list.

Subject: guitar players

Bart, I agree with you about 90%.  Let’s talk about D. Allman. 
Sure, he’s best known amongst most casual radio listeners for his licks on Layla,
but anyone who is familiar with the ABB’s earlier material will agree that when it
comes to slide guitar, he was then and remains peerless. 

Listen to his work on Done Somebody Wrong, Statesboro Blues, Dreams,
and of course, No Way Out.  He had a very short career, but he belongs on the list.

I could make an argument for Frank Zappa, but I won’t.  His was an acquired taste. 
His son, however, has to be seen/heard to be believed (along with Steve Vai).
 Rick P

And why in the name of (deity of your choice) Jerry Garcia is not on that list is beyond me. 
Forget him as a member of the Grateful Dead for a moment, and you’re left with a man
who could pick up nearly any stringed instrument and master it in minutes.  Imagine a guy
with 4½ fingers on his picking hand playing the banjo.  Ever hear his work on the Peddle Steel?

I am not familair with Jerry's work.  As a rule, I don't think Americans
should try to play the guitar and Englishmen shouldn't try to be funny.

...but there are exceptions.

Subject: guitar players

Hey Bart,
For the most part I wholly agree with your assessment of Rolling Stone's supposed list of
the greatest guitar players.  I have been especially displeased with their overall treatment of
David Gilmour of Pink Floyd fame. 

Granted they moved him up quite a few spots (#82 to #14), but when you consider
the likes of Eddie Van Halen, B.B. King and Keith Richards in the top ten...come on!!! 

And if you want to talk about guitarists that have inspired others to pick up the instrument,
where on corporate industrialists' polluted earth are Sterling Morrison (?) and Scottie Moore (#29)? 
Where the hell are the jazz guitarists?  John McLaughlin (#68)????  No mention of Charlie Christian,
the godfather of electric guitar???  Barney Kessel???  Kenny Burrell???  Classical and Flamenco:
Andre Segovia, Al Di Meola and Paco de Lucia???  God, not even Dick Dale is Top 20!!!

Rolling Stone should just stick to what they know best:
Corporate "Music" created by industry pros for the ears of the masses!
  Greg in SLC, UT

You're right - any top ten guitar list without David Gilmour is a bad list.

Subject: guitar players

It's funny how all these 'Best Guitar Player' lists only look at rock and blues players. 
Pat Metheny, Joe Pass, John Scofield, George Benson, and any decent Jazz guitarist
could play circles around the best rockers in their sleep.
  Ed K

Possibly, but with Rolling Stone's list, I think it was understood
that they were talking about rock, or rock n roll guitar players.

Some people say Roy Clark (Foggy Mountain Breakdown) was as good as anybody,
but I wouldn't know.

Subject: guitar players

Richards and Townsend are basically rhythm guitarists and in my book, they are the best at that.
Richards is so funkily syncopated and Townsend has great tone and is always in the pocket.

I've been a bassist for over 50 years and still play and would give a nut to have either at guitar chair #2
 Bob, the Vietnam deserter to Sweden

Bob, thanks for that.
Can you come back to the states?
Or is it that you have the brains not to?  :)

Subject: guitar players

Jimi Hendrix #1 for SURE
#2 Duff McKagan,
#3 Michael Schenker, then
#4 Jimmy Page. 
Just my 2 cents   :)
  Robert in Seattle

Subject: guitar players

Anybody who wants to compare Page's slide technique on "In My Time of Dying"
to Duane's is also entitled to call Newt Gingrich "brilliant."

  Stu the Lawyer

"Anybody who wants to compare" is "entitled?"

I can tell you're a lawyer.

  Send e-mail to Bart

The Sherman Cain Mutiny
Does he make Newt seem ...more human?


There's only one thing that can actually make Newt's history of marital infidelity seem trite,
and its name is Herman Cain. The man who gave us bad pizza and an even cheesier tax plan
is once again at the center of a new sex scandal, accused of having a 13-year affair with Ginger White,
a single mother from Atlanta whom he me while running the National Restaurant Association
(clearly, his tenure as head of this trade organization in the 1990's has not served him well,
sexual-scandal-wise). Seems like women all over America are jumping off the Good Ship 999.

White said she came forward because of the way Cain's been disparaging
the various women who've accused him recently of sexual harassment.

"It bothered me that they were being demonized, sort of, they were treated as if they
were automatically lying, and the burden of proof was on them. I felt bad for them."

So, Sherman finally found room for a Black woman in his bed?

You single guys out there - if you're looking for some action,
you can't do any better than working at the National Restaurant Association.

POP Quiz:

They say Sherman's dropping out.

WHO will his followers flock to?


Send e-mail to Bart

This is from Doug, the engineer with a conscience.

If the Democrats could learn to speak f-ing English and
list the damn facts, they'd never lose another election.

Why can't Democrats learn?


  Rude Pundit has been bringing blankets to the OWS people in New York.
  Seems that oughta be good for a shot of Chinaco...

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Sarah Palin Nude


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Subject: My Brush with Greatness


I know I missed some.
Please re-send yours, I'll print them until they stop.

Send in YOUR brush with greatness

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TIME dumbs down for stupid Americans

We're used to being screwed
by Dan 'The Mistake" Rather


Jefferson trusted the press - not to stir up heat, but to deliver insight.
Of course freedom of the press and of speech both come with pitfalls. People can peddle opinions as if they were facts.
Those armed with the big, expensive megaphones drown out those blowing whistles.
But now, we see our fellow citizens taking to the streets. And, that my friends, is our cue to get back to work.
As the People of our nation begin rising up, they expect the business of news to be about inquiry and accountability.
And, luckily for us, we can still do that ... but it may not be within the confines of big corporate media.
As you know, we are living in an age when big money owns everything ... including the news.
That cash bought a lot of silence for a long time. Enough time for unchecked power to get this country tangled
into messes all around the world. We all know that money talks. But, so do the people. They tire of conflicts at
home and abroad ... conflicts that avert our eyes from the corruption and callowness that does little more than
spill our blood and misspend our treasure.
"We had fed the heart on fantasies," wrote William Butler Yeats,
"the heart's grown brutal from the fare."
In other words, we have gotten used to it.

Hey Dan, when you took over from Walter Cronkite,
you became arguably the most important newsperson in America.

What did you to with that power, Dan?
What did you do with that trust, Dan?

Why didn't you say something like this
back when people cared what you said?

Now that you're a retired nobody with a legacy of massive fuckups,
NOW you want to tell us what's wrong and how to fix it?

Send e-mail to Bart


"I don't think actually locking up (marijuana) users is a very good thing,"
-- Gingrich,                  Link

  So, is Gingrich to Obama's Right or Left on pot use?

 Will Obama join the majority of Americans in this coming election year?

  If so, why did he wait so long to do the right thing?

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Subject: Permanent Amazon link to help Bart

Hey BC, here is a better Amazon link for you:

  Brad in CA

Brad, thanks for that.
Anything that makes it easier to buy things will help a lot.

People write and say, "I bought a camera, did you get the credit?"
If you use Brad's link, I'll get the credit for true.

If you would, click on Brad's Link and then bookmark it.
Next time you go shopping, it's just a click away.

Every purchase you make thru this link really helps The Tequila Treehouse and costs you nothing.

I have to make what I can during the holiday season because,
thanks to Bush,
it's the only time of the year when people might spend some money.

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When they say, "traditional Biblical marriage," show them this.

Barney Frank to Retire


Barney Frank announced his retirement Monday effective at the end of next year,
closing out a congressional career of more than three decades capped by passage of
legislation imposing new regulations on Wall Street.

He said he intends to remain active in public policy issues, including defending the
so-called Dodd-Frank bill that he co-authored in the wake of the financial collapse of 2008.

"I think I will find my motives less impugned and I will be able to talk more about the merits,"
he said, 
no doubt referring to on-the-take slugs like Newt Gingrich.

I hate to see Barney go.
He was one of the few who wasn't afraid to fight.

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Subject: last issue's mystery city

Bart, Last Issue's Mystery City that photo was taken from atop the Palisades,
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I could be crass and say that the most important person
from Hoboken is Eli Manning, A-Rod or even Pia Zadora.  ha ha

But the honor has to go to The Chaiman of the Board, Ol’ Blue Eyes himself, Frank Sinatra.


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Subject: last issue's history mystery

What is last issue's History Mystery?

That's the Beatles, Ringo, Paul and George, at least, during their visit
to the guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in 1967 in order to learn all about
transcendental meditation, and to get laid.
 Doug J

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TV's angriest cop - Angie Harmon

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