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Weekend-Friday,  Dec 10-16, 2011    Vol 2796 - Deep shallowness


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow How the GOP Went Mad
Arrow Fracking may pollute water
Romney's Gamble doesn't pay off
Arrow Newt Gingrich?  Seriously? 
Arrow GOP Clown Car in Iowa
Arrow Screams for help - unanswered
Arrow Hottest Woman Ever -  Jen Aniston 


Check out  http://endof

"Those who know Gingrich fear—or hope—that he will be true to form in one respect:
  He will continue to lose to his No. 1 longtime foe, Newt Gingrich. He is a human hand
  grenade who walks around with his hand on the pin, saying, "Watch this!"
     -- Whore Street Journal Editorial,    Link


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How the GOP Went Completely Mad
by Bush speech writer David Frum

"What if Obama is so outside our comprehension
  that only if you understand Kenyan, anti-colonial
  behavior can you begin to piece together his actions?"  

This is why Frum think the GOP has lost their minds.


I’ve been a Republican all my adult life. But as I contemplate my party in 2011,
I see things I simply cannot support.

America desperately needs a responsible and compassionate alternative to Obama. And yet:
This past summer, the GOP nearly forced America to the verge of default just to score a point
in a budget debate. In the throes of the worst economic crisis since the Depression, Republican
politicians demand massive budget cuts and shrug off the concerns of the unemployed. In the face
of dwindling upward mobility and long-stagnating middle-class wages, my party’s economic ideas
seem to have shrunk to just one: more tax cuts for the very highest earners. When I entered GOP
politics, the movement got most of the big questions—crime, inflation, the Cold War—right.
This time, the party is getting the big questions disastrously wrong.

Everyone knows this is true and I give Frum props for being the first Republican to say it.
The GOP is going off the rails on a Crazy Train and Obama is going to win a second term.

This is why Romney had to reinvent himself - because sane can't get elected in this party.

Frum was on Reliable Sources with Howie the Whore yesterday and Kurtz f-ing reamed him
for saying Rush and FOX were the cause of the GOP losing their sanity - Kurtz defended
the Pigboy and FOX, cutting Frum off whenever he began to list their sins.

Right now, Obama's trying to save the middle class while the GOP front-runners say, "fuck 'em."
This is why Obama, with his dysmal record, is going to get another four years and Frum
is the only one, apparently, who sees the facts in front of his face.
Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Obama to women - Drop dead II

Last Thursday, President Obama defended the decision of his administration to override the scientific
decision of the FDA to make the contraceptive known as "Plan B" available to girls younger that 17.

Obama claims it is common sense that the medication might have an adverse effect on the health of
a 10 or 11 year old. Really? That's what you call common sense? Only if you ignore the adverse
effects that pregnancy would have on a 10 or 11 year old girl. I'd like to hear what his wife and
daughters have to say about this one.

 Marc Perkel

Wouldn't it have made more sense to allow the pill to be sold
to minors with an adult present, like with an R-rated movie?

If a 15 year old is forced to tell her parents she's had sex, she may
prefer to gamble with a back-alley abortion at some later date.

I realize Obama is a politician trying to get re-elected
but it's wrong to gamble with the lives of others, Barack.

Funny, gambling at poker is a terrible, horrible sin,
but gambling with the lives of young girls' is OK with our "Democratic' president.

Send e-mail to Bart

Seeing the ads puts food on my family,
PLEASE turn off your AdBlocker.

"Newt's got another endorsement - have you heard about this?
  Yes, Newt's just been endorsed by the voices in Glenn Beck's head."
     -- Letterman


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EPA: Fracking may pollute water


Drilling fluids from "fracking" likely polluted an aquifer in Wyoming, environmental regulators
said in a draft report that could blow apart industry claims the process has never led to water contamination.

The EPA's investigation into the polluted aquifer could have wide implications on a booming industry
that has promoted hydraulic fracturing as way to dramatically wean the United States off gas and oil imports.

The agency said "the best explanation" for the pollution in the wells in Pavillion, Wyoming
was that fluids from hydraulic fracturing contaminated the aquifer.

Notice how careful they're being with this subject?

There's a slight chance that the potential for alleged pollution may exist,
but only in this one spot in far-away Wyoming where nobody lives.

Watch the network news and you'll see stories of farmers who can light their tap water.

Yeah, that's kind of amazing - you turn on the tap and flick your Bic and BOOM!
You have liquid fire filling up your sink - but that's OK.

The super-rich oil bastards need more profits so just go ahead and drink
your methane-rich tap water - it probably won't cause cancer in your kids.


Send e-mail to Bart

"You know there’s something wrong in this country when gays can serve openly
  in the military but our kids can’t openly celebrate Christmas or pray in school..." 
     -- Rick Perry, lying in his Iowa ad,   Link

  Hey Shit-for-brains, why can't your kid celebrate Christmas in school?
  Doe he want to celebrate it in the middle of math class?

  Why can't your idiot kids figure out a way to pray in school?
  It's easy, you just start f-ing praying  - and nobody can stop you.

 The problem is, "praying" is not what you want.

 You want to stop the learning and force OTHERS to say YOUR stupid prayers,
 probably because you don't believe in prayer any more than I do but you feel
 the social constraints to adopt a religious facade for your neighbors and classmates.
Shit-for-brains, what if there's more Jews in that class than Christians?
 You want your kid confused with all that "Jesus was only a prophet" stuff?

  I know, let's learn while we're in school with a qualified teacher and
  we can handle the snakes ON SUNDAY when attendence isn't mandatory.

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject:  last issue, Row 3, fourth guy

Hi Bart,

The man in that picture is Ian Curtis of the influential but fairly underground and short-lived
Manchester, England band Joy Division, who hanged himself at age 23 while the band was still together. 

Bono actually stated that since Curtis was dead, he wanted to replace him
as he thought he was the greatest living frontman at the time.

Johnny in Dallas

P.S.  I really miss having a subscription.  If I can find a way to be
 employed again on any meaningful level I'll return to the ranks!

Johnny, that was nice - thanks.

Send e-mail to Bart

Romney's Gamble doesn't pay off


When Rick Perry lied in the dabate about Mittens, Mittens told him to put up $10K or shut up.
Perry backed down like a little bitch, but they're calling is an error on Romney's part.

Yahoo! readers watching the debate were not impressed by Mitt Romney's suggestion that Rick Perry
take a $10,000 bet on whether Mittens was really for individual health care mandates. Viewers expressed
strong disapproval in the comments of our live blog: "$10,000 is more than some people make in a year,"
wrote one commenter. When we asked, "Did you like seeing Mittens ask Perry to accept a $10,000 wager?,"
just 33 percent of the first 1,200 people who responded answered "yes."

By the time the question closed at 11 p.m. with just over 25,000 votes, 70 percent said "no,"
they did not like the wager.

Why was that out of line?
Mittens is a billionaire and Perry is a millionaire.
Those two betting $10K is like you and me betting $10.

Seems to me like Perry looked like a liar and a weekling - afraid to back up his lies with cash.

But speaking of gambling...

I say Newt is NOT going to be the 2012 GOP nominee - anybody want to challenge that?
I also say, as of today, Obama WILL win a second term - any gamblers out there?

We're talking small money, of course.

I'd hate for Obama to have his anti-fun goons raid Casa de Bart...

I have too much money, Bart

Brokeback Rick says Obama hates Christians

He's got $16M and he's running fifth - what else can he say?

Sarah Palin Nude


"Ask Osama bin Laden ...and the 22 of 30 top al Qaeda leaders that I’ve taken off
  the playing field whether I have engaged in appeasement...or whoever is left out there.”
     -- Obama, answering Rick Perry's charge that he's "soft" on terrorists,   Link

  Obama made Rick Perry look extra-stupid, which is damn hard to do


Send e-mail to Bart

Newt Gingrich?  Seriously?


If you scored it on points, the outcome of  Saturday night’s Republican presidential debate,
the second-to-last before the January 3 Iowa caucuses, was muddled.

And yet there was a clear winner: Newt Gingrich.

There are two reasons for this. The first is that Gingrich held up well under the spotlight and scrutiny
 — far better than Perry and Herman Cain did as newly minted front-runners. The attacks on Gingrich,
who has opened up double-digit leads in Iowa (and in South Carolina, Florida and national surveys),
started early and were leveled by all of his opponents. Romney, egged on by moderator Judas Maximus,
went first, reeling off a list of criticisms.

Gingrich’s poise was in sharp contrast to the botched attacks, missed opportunities, and general
awkwardness that marred Cain’s and Perry’s performances earlier this fall and helped end their surges.
And his response to Romney’s early attacks was the rule for the night. For every criticism from an
opponent Gingrich was ready with a snappy, confident explanation.

Yeah, but he's still Newt - and nobody likes Newt.

Oh sure, you might go with him now - out of desperation - but America doesn't like him
and you scared away whatever sane candidates might've gotten in this race months ago.

We might as well save the $200M this campaign will cost and just inaugurate Obama
but I have a sneaky suspicion the GOP will want to go ahead and play this out.

He's your Newt and you're stuck with him. 

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Obama to women: drop dead

Bart, that pill causes blood clotting in young girls.
I know this to be a fact.
Its very dangerous for girls under 17

I do not know this to be a fact.
I wish you had sent a link.

I wish he would do a better job of explaining his reasons for such action
and disagree with a lot of his decisions but this time he's right

Democrats have a phobia about listing the facts...

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Social Darwinism


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Christmas cards

Bart, this year, you could ask everyone to add you to their Christmas card list
and maybe put in a couple bucks for the kitties.
  Brad the Pillar

Brad, thanks for that.

I would love to get Christmas cards from my readers.
My PO Box doesn't get a lot of action these days...

PO Box 54466
Tulsa, OK  74155

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Subject: My Brush with Greatness


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GOP Clown Car in Iowa
Isn't it time they just drove away?




Get the hell out of Iowa.
Just pack up and leave. Tell it to the snake-handling hayshakers who make up your party's base
in that otherwise lovely state: So long, and thanks for all the corn dogs. Sneak out in the dead of night.
Sneak out in the dead of noon, with brass bands playing and fireworks bursting overhead. Just get
yourselves out of Ames. If Bachmann or Santorum want to stay out there and chase Jesus through
the dairy barns, let them. Get your party out of there before it loses what's left of its mind.
Just this morning, Chuck Todd had a panel on to discuss the state of play out there. He made the point
that the "evangelicals" who make up a substantial portion of the people who will be voting in the "crucial"
Iowa caucuses have their own networks within which they will make their decisions in three weeks, and
that they are untouched even by the blandishments "of Fox News." In other words, the first serious event
in the winnowing out of the GOP field will be largely in the hands of people who consider Sean Hannity
either too godless, or too intellectually challenging, or insufficiently conservative. The panel went on to
discuss this judiciously, as a matter of political reality. But, really, that in itself is an indication of something,
and it's not a healthy situation to find yourself in.

Hey, we sane people are loving this.

Nobody has less respect for the America voter then Ol' Bart, but Shirley
they're not stupid enough to elect Gingrich and his "the rich need more" minions.

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Let's argue more about Iran


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Concerning Your Question About the Bowl Game System

That is how the BCS (Bowl Championship Series) works. A lot of people hate it.
You see, by the rules only two SEC teams are allowed to be in a BCS bowl.

Alabama and LSU are already in so Arkansas is out.
It's not corruption exactly it's just a stupid system.

Most of the prestigious bowls are already designated for the winners of
certain conferences and that's why Arkansas didn't get into one of those.

The Orange Bowl is an at-large bowl and they can pick whoever they want
as long as their choice doesn't violate another rule such as the one against
having more than two SEC teams in the Bowl Championship Series.

The Orange Bowl would have picked Arkansas but they were not permitted to do so
and so they picked the two teams they thought would bring in the most money. Make sense?
Keep the Hammer Swinging,

So why bother to work hard and win more games if you're forced to settle
for $3.5M
when the teams that lost more games are getting a whopping $17M?

Virginia is UNRANKED and getting more than #6 Arkansas.

Maybe my buddy Wiseguy has a point:  He says "Real men play on Sunday."

LG 42-Inch 1080p LED-LCD HDTV

$499 (cheap)  with FREE shipping

Subject: Boise-State got screwed, too

I agree with you on Arkansas getting screwed, but they aren't alone.

Boise State lost one game to a ranked TCU team (bc they missed a field goal),
and they are relegated to Vegas Toilet Bowl for a $1M payout.

Would've loved to see Arkansas v BSU in the Orange Bowl
rather than undeserving Michigan and WVU.

It's all fucking rigged...
Hope you're well,
  Mike in really cold Idaho

Send e-mail to Bart

Thanks to His Rudeness for the graphic.

Obama swipes at GOP candidates
He got a little snippy - I like that from him




In making the case for his re-election, Obama is arguing that it doesn't matter who the Republicans
nominate to run against him because the core philosophy of the GOP candidates is the same and
will stand in sharp relief with his own.

The president laid out an argument for a second term on "60 Minutes" that aired Sunday,
bluntly saying that if voters believe in the Republican agenda of lower taxes, including for
the wealthy, and weaker regulations - then he will lose.

"I don't think that's where the American people are going to go," he added, "because I don't think
the American people believe that based on what they've seen before, that's going to work."

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Mom wants toys, too

KitchenAid Professional 6-Quart Stand Mixer

$279 (cheap)  with FREE shipping

Wells Fargo screwed my Friend
 by Jane Stillwater 


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Discovery Box Set: The Complete Studio Recordings
[Box set, Original recording remastered, Limited Edition]
16 CDs, 141 songs

Pink Floyd Box Sets

The Dark Side Of The Moon - Immersion Box Set
[Box set, Original recording plus Dark Side LIVE]
6 CDs, 253 minutes

Subject: My Brush with Greatness


Send in YOUR brush with greatness

Subject: Dogs vs Wives

Cowboys lose second straight heartbreaker
Their 12-point lead disappears in final five minutes

            That look on Jerry's face says it all,  "Not again..."


The last-second field goal was good - but this time the Giants called time out.

The final last-second field goal was blocked - another last-second Cowboy loss
and this one allowed the Giants to move into first place ahead of Dallas.

Subject: Permanent Amazon link to help Bart

Hey BC, here is a better Amazon link for you:

  Brad in CA

Brad, thanks for that.
Anything that makes it easier to buy things will help a lot.

Every purchase helps The Tequila Treehouse and costs you nothing.

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Screams for help went unanswered

"I'm a f-ing monster who
  belongs in a steel cage."


A scream for help from the basement of Jerry Sandusky’s home went unanswered,
even as Sandusky's wife was upstairs, according to testimony presented to the grand-jury.

That's probably the creepiest story of 2011.

Can you imagine that?

"Help me, somebody help me - Coach is raping me!  Help!! Help!!"

If it's true, and my gut says it is, can we put the wife in jail, too?

Isn't there some law about aggravated doing f-ing nothing?

Or does Penn State have an "exemption" law when it comes to child rape?

I've seen Sandusky's house - it's not that big.
And wouldn't she have had to intentionally ignored the child's cries?
What if he was screaming, "Coach is having a heart attack?"

BTW, some advice for Penn State:
Get all the Penn State clothing back from Mr. Child Rapist.

Do you want him wearing Penn State blue when he's arrested
the third, fourth and fifth time for raping defenseless little boys?

Last thing - Mrs. Rapist should probably move out of that house.
If that was MY son, that house would no longer be standing.

Mr. Rapist needs to spend the rest of his sad life in solitary.

His fellow inmates are most probably into "horseplay," too.

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Iran, you're wrong

Subject: fund-raising idea

Some organization collect dues from members in their birth month. 
  Karen in Indiana

Karen, thanks for that.

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Today's Mystery Car


Last issue's Mystery Car Revealed       

Bart, Last issue's Mystery Car  is a 1957 Oldsmobile Holiday. 
Loved those damned things.  Pontiac and Oldsmobile were my
all time favorite car lines... now they're gone, like just about
everything else the Wall Street leeches have sucked the life out of.
 Tom B


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Today's Mystery Celebrity


Last issue's Mystery Celebrity  Link 

Hi Bart – that's Leo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, looking a lot warmer floating on that
piece of Titanic than they ended up looking in the movie, and talking to James Cameron
in a wetsuit about how the scene is supposed to go.  Neat pic!

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Wildlife Close-up


Visiting our sponsors puts food on Bart's family...

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Today's Mystery City


Subject: last issue's mystery city

Bart, Last Issue's Mystery City is Green Bay, Wisconsin - Home of the Packers,
 Zeek, Tucson


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The way I undertand it, Trumps going to listen to their debate answers
and if he likes what he hears, he's going to then endorse one of them


he'll say, "You're all losers - I'm back in the race."

Wiuth any luck, he'll go down the line and say,
"You're fired, you're fired, you're fired..."

I'm going to watch.

BTW, Huntsman and Ron Paul have opted out.

If there was a God, (I know, I know...)
they'd both gain for not participating.

Today's History Mystery



Subject: last issue's history mystery

What is last issue's History Mystery?

Bart, that's Alain Delon, Brigitte Bardot, and Eddie Barclay.
Keep swinging that hammer!
  RCB in Wyoming

RCB, you did good - I only knew Bardot.

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: donation

Mr & Mrs Bartcop,

Hope the holidays find you healthy and happy.
We thought we would send cash because
the big corporations don't pay taxes.

 Mr & Mrs Grower

Hey guys, thanks for that.
(Grower is a top cartoon wrangler for the page )

We are very happy and surprisingly healthy.
I really have nothing to complain about
but that's never stopped me in the past :)

I'll fix you up with some BCR.

If you're shopping online,
it never hurts to check Amazon's prices.

We are Back on Holiday Road this week.

I know the timing is bad but I'm not driving the bus.

Next week will be a full week - I promise.

Hottest Woman of All-Time -  Jennifer Aniston
I didn't think she was the hottest woman on Friends

Just like those idiots at Rolling Stone, Mens (Who?) is trying to get some free publicity
by saying something everyone knows just isn't true - like that Pete Townsend is a great guitar player.

Check out
sexy and tasteful photos of Jennifer Aniston  in  BC Hotties

  Thanks to Blue in Seattle for helping me corral the hotties.

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Marty always has good stuff.

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