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Wed-Weekend,  Dec 21-25, 2011    Vol 2799 - Iowa Tyranny


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow GOP House to Middle Class: 'FU'
Arrow Boehner channels Karl Wallenda
Newt Meets his Biggest Fan
Arrow What do the Monkeys want? 
Arrow Will Obama arrest Banksters?
Arrow GOP Crackup bad for America?
Arrow The Heart of Dixie's Rachel Bilson  


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"How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?"
     -- John Kerry, 1971     

His name is David Hickman, only 23

 Hang your head and cry. Such a waste.


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GOP House has a message for the Middle Class
"We don't want your votes, we don't need your votes, Fuck you."


The House of Representatives completed its business for the day and left for a holiday break,
leaving unresolved the fate of a payroll tax cut extension that could mean $1,000-$1,500 to
the average struggling American family when it expires on December 31.

The Republican-controlled House on Tuesday voted to call for the Senate to return from its holiday
recess for further talks on the bill it passed with overwhelming bipartisan support on Saturday that
would extend the cuts for two months. Spineless Harry Reid negotiated the bill with Mitch the Bitch
to allow more time to reach a deal on a longer extension while avoiding a lapse in the cuts.

John Boehner wanted a direct vote on the Senate plan on Monday but his Teabagger Overlords
canceled it and called for a resolution stating House Republicans' disagreement with the two-month
extension and calling for the Senate to return for a conference committee. Reid has said the Senate
won't return until the House votes on the Senate's plan.

Boehner later went public with a letter to Obama urging him order a "no fly" zone over the House GOP.

But Obama said at the daily White House news briefing and accused Republicans of trying to
"wring concessions from Democrats on issues that have nothing to do with the payroll tax cut."

The payroll tax cuts affect about 160 million Americans - and those angry bnastards vote.
The Senate bill also extended emergency unemployment benefits and delayed scheduled pay cuts
to Medicare physicians for two months.

Remember, they were like this during impeachment:
A full seventy percent of voters didn't want Clinton impeached but often times a rapist
can't see what he's done until he's gotten that poison sperm completly out of his body.

Like a suicide bomber, they're going to screw the middle class
and they don't care what the consequences are - obviously.

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"Most political figures spend their careers chasing their electorate. 
  Ron Paul has been standing in one place with the same message
  for decades now and the electorate has come to him."
     --  David Fisher, Ron Paul's man in Iowa,     Link

 OK, so here's what Iowa looks like now:
 In Romney wins, he  could  go  all  the  way.

 If Ron Paul wins, that means Newt loses, so
Romney   could  go  all  the  way.
 But also if Paul wins, expect the GOP  to line up and sing, "Iowa means nothing."

 They can't afford to have Paul's "Stop all wars" message get traction.

 Apparently, guessing that Romney would eventually get the nonination
 is the first thing this White House has gotten right in a looooooooooong time.

 Another rumor - this White House gives good math.
 They are working on a way for Obama to win even if he loses Ohio and Florida.

  It's still Obama's race to lose.

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Politifact written by Big Fat Liars 

Please read Rude Pundit's article.
I was going to write about this but I ran out of time, so I was happy to see RP do it.

Politifact claims to be some "fair truth-tellers", but they are lying sons of bitches.
They've written about allllllll the big lies of 2011 and what was the Number One Lie?

It was Obama saying, "The GOP wants to kill medicare."

That's a lie?
No, that's the goddamn truth and everyone, especially aold people, know it.

Politifact has never heard of Paul Ryans plans to "fix" Medicare?

When a Republican talk s about "fixing" a rpogram, that means they want to
privitize it and turn it over to the Big Bansters who will them steal all the money.

So remember, you cannot use Politifact as a referee in a debate because they'll side with the GOP

Fuck Politifact

They also screamed "Pants on Fire" at Jon Stewart because he said FOX viewers were more stupid than others.
That's a fact and when Politifact says it's not, they just re-prove they are lying sons of bitches.

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Whittier Hills Oil Watch
Working together to Preserve our Hills
We are a Non-Partisan Organization

Big Oil lackey to voters on oil fracking:

You must obey your Masters.

 “Residents of Whittier are not sophisticated or intelligent enough

to review the environmental impact report.”

See letter (October 19, 2011)

Seeing the ads puts food on my family,
PLEASE turn off your AdBlocker.

Newt Meets his Biggest Fan


When a man in a camouflage coat grabs your hand in an Iowa grocery store and calls you
‘a fucking asshole’ to your face, it might be time to take stock of your position in the state.

For Newt Gingrich, who got that greeting Tuesday, it was a sign that his campaign is
returning to earth after having rocketed since Herman Cain’s collapse.

Back in May, Gingrich — who was then persona non grata in the GOP after he tolf the truth
about Paul Ryan’s plan to eliminate Medicare — was similarly accosted by a regular Iowan
when he took a trip through the state. At a stop in Dubuque, a man stopped Gingrich,
shook his hand and said “you’re an embarrassment to our party.”

Poor Newt - I was hoping we'd get to kick him around for a few more months,
but then he said "We should arrest judges who don't rule right-wing-enough"
and screwed the perverbial pooch.

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Boehner channels Karl Wallenda

  Link    Result of Channelling

The issue over how long to extend the payroll tax cut - and how to fund it - has set the stage
for a last major political battle in Washington for 2011.

Republicans are now arguing that Senate-passed legislation to extend the cut for two months
beyond its scheduled expiration on Dec. 31 is insufficient, and simply "kicks the can down the road,"
in the words of  John Boehner (R-Wallenda). And to express their disapproval formally, House Repubs
elected to bypass a vote Tuesday on the Senate's plan, calling instead for the House and Senate to form
conference committees to reconcile the chambers' dueling versions.

(Forming a conference committee means they kill the bill without voting to kill it.
 The result is 160M people are getting their taxes raised by the Party of Greed.)

But is this fight worth it for the Republican party?

"I'm honestly speechless about the whole thing," Republican consultant Matt Mackowiack
wrote in an email to Yahoo News Tuesday. "I think that many people agree that the politics
are extremely dangerous," said Ron Bonjean, Republican strategist and former House advisor.

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Marty always has good stuff.

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Subject: My Brush with Greatness


Send in YOUR brush with greatness

What do the Monkeys want?
by Carter Eskew


I was at dinner the other night with a bunch of smart political people and I asked them to predict
the Republican presidential nominee. Everyone chose Mitt Romney. In fact, they quickly went on
to speculate on who would be his running mate.

The race is down to Romney and Newt Gingrich, but I would add Ron Paul, who will play an important
role in extending the time frame necessary for Romney or Gingrich to put the nomination in the bag.

Republicans are most motivated by antipathy to Obama and a desire to win. These two drivers seem
to split pretty well between the two front-runners with the most staying power. Gingrich would seem
the best anti-Obama, the best vehicle for releasing anger at the president’s various apostasies. Romney
would seem to have the best chance of winning because he has none of Gingrich’s personal baggage.

My experience in primaries is that as they proceed, voters’ desire to protest
is gradually replaced by their desire to win. Another plus for Romney.

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Subject: Obama asking for drone back

OK, I’ll bite, Bart.  What should he do?  Declare war? 
I don’t think we have options with our drone in their territory, do we?

This should've been prevented.

If we have super-secret, dangerous-if-it-gets-out technology flying over Iran,

why didn't we have the thing wired to explode when something went wrong?

Terrorists can find a way to put a bomb in a copy machine ink cartridge,
but our trillion dollar Pentagon can't wire drones to explode?

Think how funny it would be if we lost a drone and then Ahmahandjob puts the drone
on live Iranian TV and then we blew the sombitch up while he was bragging that they had it?

But that's not Obama's fault, that's the fault of the military pinheads who can't think.

On the other hand, if anyone at Langley had a brain, they could've wired the drone with
tiny mics and cameras so we'd learn about their techmology when they took our drone
to their secret technology centers to inspect it - but that would mean thinking-in-advance
and if there's one thing we know about America it's that we can't fucking think.

World politics is just like the yard where kids play at recess.

When the 8th grader loses a toy and he finds out the 5th grader has it,
begging for it back just makes the 8th grader look weak and stupid.

That's Obama's crime.
Notice the other 8th graders (Russia, China) don't fuck with us - they know better.
So when the 5th graders kick and taunt us and we just take it, we look weak and stupid.

I'm not saying the 8th graders should be bullies, but when the 5th grader dumps his
Coke over the 8th grader's head and the 8th grader says, "That was not very mature,"
it sends the signal that anyone can fuck with us at anytime and we'll do nothing to respond.

That's dangerous and Obama should know better.

Can you see Hillary asking for the drone back?

Subject: Obama asking for drone back

Bart, look on the bright side: at least Obama didn't have to ask if it had any bibles to read.
    --dave, in Portland OR

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Sarah Palin Nude


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Will Obama ever arrest the Banksters?
  by Richard Eskow


Obama has adopted the language of the 99%, and it's paying off for him. He's surged from a position
slightly behind Romney to a 52%-45% lead against the Republican this week. His new rhetoric about
income inequality and forcing everybody to "play by the same rules" resonated especially well with voters
who have seen their government enforce one rule of conduct for Wall Street and another for the rest of us.

Unfortunately, he hasn't backed up that rhetoric with action. It has steadfastly refused to investigate and
prosecute the bank crimes who brought this economy to its knees. So have the local law enforcement officials.
Instead they're trying to cut sweetheart deals that would let crooked bankers go with a slap on the wrist.
People are getting fed up.

Grassroots outrage against the lack of prosecutions is giving rise to organized citizen action who are
protesting these injustices under a "fair settlement" banner. Will this public backlash become strong
enough to finally force national and state governments to enforce the law and protect the economy?

These bastards robbed regular American families of their homes, their jobs, their savings and
their goddamn futures while Obama is aggressively going after poker players and pot smokers.

Where is Obama's sense of proportion?
Where is his common sense?
He's arresting people for spitting on the sidewalk while the Banksters loot away.

"If you don't like it, vote for Romney."

Barack, if we had ANYWHERE else to go...

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Hillary hypocrisy


While I support you in most things, I find your disregard of the hypocrisy of HIllary Clinton's
statements on protestors and government brutality in other countries unbelievable. 

The truth is "When people ignore the facts in one case, you can no longer believe their statements in other cases." 
I too supported and would rather have had Hillary as president, but I do not support her utter hypocrisy concerning protestors.
Best regards,
 Billy in Cypress

Billy I have no idea what charge you're making.

Why not include a link to information about Hillary's hypocrisy?
Why not quote me where I said her hypocrisy was OK?

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Football humor

Recently a teacher in San Diego asked the kids, "Who here is a Charger's fan?"

One little girl yelled "Hell no!! I am a Broncos fan and proud of it!"

The teacher asked, "Mary, why would you be a Broncos fan when you live in San Diego?"

Mary said "My mom is a Broncos fan and so is my dad, so I am a Broncos fan too!"

"Well." said the teacher, "that's no reason for you to be a Broncos fan. What if your mom
was a prostitute and your dad was a drug addict and a car thief, what would you be then?"

Mary said, "A Cowboys fan."

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Subject: My Brush with Greatness

Bart, brushes with greatest are nice to read about,
but I'd love to hear about people's brushes with slime.
 Tim in Muldraugh

We seem to have almost exhausted our incoming brushes with greatness
 so maybe we'll try that next - do you have a brush with slime?

Send in YOUR brush with greatness

GOP Crackup bad for America?
  by Robert Reich


Two weeks before Iowa, the Republican crackup threatens the future of the GOP
more profoundly than at any time since the GOP's eclipse in 1932. That's bad for America.

The crackup isn't just Romney the smooth versus Gingrich the bomb-thrower.

It's no coincidence that the most Teabaggers are from former members of the Confederacy.
Of the Tea Party caucus, twelve hail from Texas, seven from Florida, five from Louisiana,
and five from Georgia, and three each from South Carolina, Tennessee, and Missouri.

Nearly six in ten Baggers say global warming isn't a proven fact; most other Republicans say it is.
Six in ten Baggers say evolution is wrong; other Republicans are split on the issue. Baggers are twice
as likely to say abortion should be illegal in all circumstances, and half as likely to support gay marriage.


But we only have to worry if the Baggers take down the GOP establishment, right?

The GOP establishment is BIG oil, BIG cancer, BIG rifles, BIG banks and BIG Pharm.

Who thinks those trillionaires are going to let the hayseeds drive the bus?

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Just a reminder to remember to hate Paris Hilton this Christmas.
She thinks she's so smart...

Subject: pre-paid Lowes cards

Bart,  genius move, on your part, suggesting the donation to Habitat for Humanity.
I think it's long past time you upgraded your IQ from that 64.
(In fact, one more idea like that donation notion of yours, and I'm putting you in for a MacArthur grant.)
 Alex in Oregon

To make sure you know:  I wasn't taking potshots at you for the Mystery Car pic-file mixup the other day.
As a mere human, I get stuff wrong allll the time, and am painfully aware of my shortcomings. 

Truly:  I really can't imagine how you get so much RIGHT, day after day, making it all work, given all the
bits and puzzle pieces -- on TOP of the daily time-tunnel mysteries of responses, lag times, and what-not.

So, good on ya!
Happy Hollandaise.


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  Brad in CA

Brad, thanks for that.
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Last issue's Mystery Car Revealed

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Subject: last issue's history mystery

What is last issue's History Mystery?

OMG - that's the dreaded Newtster. 
Nobody else has a head that huge.


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  Linda in Chantilly, VA

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